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November 10, 2016, Thursday

Fishing Plans

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Been ages since I went to a good fish fry too. Maybe next summer?

I am horrible at fishing. The last time I went was with my husband last year for our son's first fishing trip and I got more bites from fire ants than I did from fish. One reason why I prefer to be in a boat than on a bank. My biggest problem is setting the hook. I got quite a few nibbles from the bass, but I ended up only being able to catch one. Little Mischief ended up with a bass and a bluegill. The last time I went fishing for bass I was 4 or 5. I was only slightly worse then than I am now. I was getting hung on every rock, stick, log, and leaf in the river. And the last time I asked my dad to help me get it unstuck from the bottom again, it turned out I had the biggest bass of the day hooked. And was the only fish I hooked. Emotie: XD

That was my last bass trip before I married, although I still remember vividly how he used to skip the lure across the water to entice bass. Since then I've gone on mostly bluegill and catfish runs. Tasty little things, but my mom never cared much for a fish fry since my dad always cleaned the fish next to the porch rather than out in the yard. I will never fish for snapping turtles, especially not alligator snapping turtles, no matter how mouth-watering tasty they are. (Intentionally, anyway. I've got three while catfishing before.) I am far too clumsy for such a beast and I rather enjoy having fingers and toes. I've known a couple of experienced fellows who were missing digits, and their dogs were too! Never been fishing out in the sea before, but I bet I could find a stick out there too! I am still quite the talented stick catcher and the unrivaled Debris Master. Emotie: :)

And thank goodness the election is finally over. Emotie: :)

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