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November 17, 2016, Thursday

Gone Fishin'

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I kind of picture Shanku to be like Chance from the movie Homeward Bound. It did deviate from the book a good bit with switching genders and breeds and whatnot, as usual for Hollywood, but the book and movie both are still some of my favorites.

Fishing was rather awkward to research. Spears, nets, and hand fishing were all easy enough to find, but despite line fishing being around for a long time there wasn't much I could find on it. Enter the cane pole with hemp twine and a bone hook. It'll have to do. Emotie: >:(

Speaking of spears, I haven't forgotten about Shanku's time at sea. Neither has she. It's part of the reason why she is so excited to fish in the Nyre because she felt she did a fairly good job out on the ocean. And she gets to try a new method. The novelty of that alone is having her curiosity eat her alive. Emotie: =P

In other happy news, I finally have a copy of Sweetpea's birth certificate and social security card! I've been teasing her by saying she is no longer a figment of our imaginations since she is legal and documented now. I forget how long it took for us to get Mischief's. Two or three weeks?

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