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November 24, 2016, Thursday

Picking and Carding

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

It's been fun doing a crash course on spinning wool. Emotie: :)

No tax seminar this year. I've had to do it online since it's next to impossible to find anything in this damn country that's friendly toward working mothers. If it's her stupid idea to have a kid, make her stay at home where she belongs unless she wants to pay out the nose for formula and a babysitter, right? Oh well, joke's on them. It's less than half the price this way, and while I may have to study a lot more to pass a test now to graduate from the online course, I won't have a busting headache for several days this year!

Up to my ears in finalizing paperwork for my main job. Lawdy, lawdy, if I don't literally scream in frustration, it'll be a wonder! Getting fingerprinted for my new responsibilities was sorta easy. And highly amusing. I had to go to jail and get taken to booking. My one phone call before getting taken away was to find out where the heck the jail was in the first place. Emotie: XD

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