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December 1, 2016, Thursday

Sparring Practice

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These two could really raise some hell if left alone together for too long. And make for some very bitter enemies if they ever had a falling out. What with her being a free spirit and him dreaming of being a captain someday. Very much a rogue and a knight relationship.

Speaking of two mischievous young'uns, we have two new puppies! A relative had a beautiful stray come up (presumably dumped off, it's a favorite area for quietly discarding dogs, so I reckon in a way this makes mama a "rescue dog" without the shelter middleman) that looks to be a Siberian husky and German shepherd mix, although the husky is very prominent and we're hoping she doesn't end up getting shot by a stranger since she looks almost exactly like a coyote. Well, she had pups. We got the two web-footed ones that very likely sired by a black lab and are the only "twins" of the litter. And were the most energetic. And the male was kinda about to get in some serious trouble since he wouldn't stop picking on his fluffball sister who was possibly sired by a malamute or other giant wad of hair. Funnily enough, he's taken up with me more than he has anybody else that's offered to take him. I always attract trouble, it seems. Emotie: =P

And we FINALLY got some rain! For the past two months, all we've gotten is two or three quick five-minute spritzes that just left the thinnest layer of mud on the powdery dust. It's the worst I've ever seen in my lifetime. Some of those ponds that always had water in previous droughts were showing some cracked mud in places that haven't been exposed in years. Granted, when the rain came, it came with 20-30 mph winds, gusts of 40 mph, thunderstorms, and flash flood warnings. And a tornado watch, of course! Such is the nature of the weather down here, I reckon. Except for the random wildfire in Tennesee living up to the name "Great Smoky Mountains". What da heck? Must be from the drought that gave us all the fire hazard warnings.

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