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December 8, 2016, Thursday

Plans of Pageants

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While drawing this page, I couldn't help but finally draw Banhi as a wee Sailor Scout. I've done Shanku a couple of times. It was Banhi's turn. I think she's less likely to skin me alive for it than her sister is too! Emotie: :)

One of the stranger things I learned this past year is that apparently beauty pageants are rampant in the South and a bit more scaled back elsewhere. I was only vaguely aware they existed outside of Miss America. I was at least aware of the craziness that is cheerleaders and football. But, I'm a tomboy from the sticks. Frills and lace are about as appealing to me as mud to a cat, and I suspect pageants are more for suburbanites anyway (but I say some of that sh%t too [if you clicked the link], and I recommend the fried chicken shape-up video Emotie: ;D).

Naturally, I never spent much time looking into pageants. Or mirrors, for that matter. Shoot, I skipped my one chance of a prom during highschool so I could go to my first karate tournament and watch how they competed in the hopes I could do it some day. Had to drop out of class and thus didn't get a chance to compete in a tournament during those days, but I'll be back in it eventually and hopefully in the top five or top three if I keep competing enough. Heh, could you imagine me at a pageant back then? "And here is Miss Ashe, demonstrating the Seisan kata!" Anything to get out of shoes and especially heels, eh?

...It's been raining for about a week straight and I'm lovin' it. It's hovering around the 30's and 40's too, so it's good coffee and hot chocolate weather. A bit rough on Mischief and the pups since it limits their time outside, but warm weather will be here again before they know it.

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