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January 5, 2017, Thursday

Fire Dance

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Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a good start. Emotie: :)

Heard of a new kind of music during my Christmas break. Throat singing. Historically a part of Mongolia, Tuva, and the Inuit. And with it popular in various chants (and quite a few high fantasy games and movies), guess what I've been binging on? Batzorig Vaanchig has some particularly lovely stuff. Heh, and while looking up videos, apparently Sheldon Cooper had a little clip or two, sans whistling.

As soon as I can get this dang conflict in JAD taken care of, I need to kick Shanku back out onto the road. While so far badly demonstrated, JAD is more of a world and cultural exploration than a typical Good vs. Evil story. And figure out some way to integrate music into this thing someday... Until then, enjoy what little exploration I've been able to elaborate on in the written area of the site. After arguing with myself for three years, I'm posting the story's written counterpart. It'll also make the future epubs easier to throw together since the content will already be formatted and ready to go.

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