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January 26, 2017, Thursday

The Cubs' Pageant

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The little firecracker got to be a little lady. Emotie: :)

Sweetpea has been trying to sit up for a while and now she acts like she's teething. My baby girl is growing up so fast... You wouldn't believe her last checkup. 95th percentile in height, and off the chart on weight. She's the same size her brother was at nine months, and she's only four months old! She's proportionate though. Her pediatrician isn't worried, and says it's impossible to overfeed a nursing baby and thinks she'll hit a growth plateau soon. I dunno. I was always 95th percentile in height. Weight was... eheh. 5th percentile. 2015 was my first year to break the underweight barrier and stay above it.

I feel like I'm cheating on my computer. 8-11 hours a day at work, and then I might get 30 minutes to my computer when I come home at night.

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