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February 2, 2017, Thursday

Feather dye?

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I've been mildly obsessed with survival stuff lately. Eh, more so than usual. Finally getting to act on it a bit. I've got a palm-sized signal mirror now, a compass with a built in whistle, thermometer, and magnifying glass (for splinters, examination obviously, and can double as a fair weather fire starter if I am really, really patient), and an Altoids tin to hold the mirror, a button compass, some bobby pins, pins and needles (mostly for digging out splinters), a couple of hair ties, a comb, some tweezers, nail clippers, a spare pocket knife, bandaids, a measuring tape, and any other small "dammit, I wish I had..." items I keep finding myself wanting while away from home. Purses of any size or shape are frustrating for me, so pocket-sized it must be! I still want to add one or two more things to it, like a list of emergency contacts, small safety pins, and some spare cash. But this is just EDC stuff in addition to the lighter and pocket knife I already carry, and not a proper survival tin. My wallet came in a nice sized tin that I may designate as a proper survial kit. My goal for several years now is to get decent full out Uh-Oh bag to keep on hand should my stupid car break down somewhere or I just get a wild hair to go camping. The latter being highly unlikely without taking the family with me, so I should just focus on a break down. Emotie: =P

I'm not a doomsday prepper though. If the shit hits the fan and it's the end of the world as we know it, I probably won't last long. Not with my vision. I gotta get some just-in-case glasses. Besides, I've always had a fascination for keeping things small and light for travel purposes, and then over-stuffing the container. My poor, poor bags as a kid...

To see some really cool Altoid kits, check out More Than Just Surviving, Gray Wolf Survival, and of course Instructables always has something nifty. Pinterest will give you anything from art to first aid to games to whatever you can think of. I will definintely be making one for entertainment as the kids get older. Did you know you can print your own custom deck of cards? I'm so gonna make some mini cards someday!

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