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February 9, 2017, Thursday

Thou art a glutton!

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I was thinking about the seven deadly sins, namely gluttony, while working on this page, and decided Kurach religion has one rule: No stealin'. Short, sweet, covers everything. No stealin':

  • Somebody else's reputation.
  • Somebody else's stuff.
  • Somebody else's food.
  • Somebody else's home.
  • Somebody else's mate.
  • Somebody else's health.
  • Somebody else's life.

Self defense, of course, is excused in regards to health and life. Taking food will be potentially excused if you're starving to death. In the "Golden Rule" form that can be found in virtually every culture, that would be "No taking what you don't want took from you." Doesn't mention anything about self care, 'cause, well, it's assumed a fellow has enough sense to take care of themself. Emotie: =P

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