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February 23, 2017, Thursday

Kirshani Quilts

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While kirshani never made real quilts, I've always thought they were pretty cool. Not the wholecloth ones or the big fancy ones that look like some kind of strange mosaic painting, although they are nice to look at too, but I prefer the old scrap quilts.

The kirshani were a race I made for my D&D campaign I'd put together. Kind of like little monkey chameleons, and admittedly, why I gave Innugati her buggy eyes and prehensile striped tail. Never got to run the campaign all the way through. Never got to go past two or three sessions each time I tried to run it either. In a desperate last ditch effort to salvage the story I prepped, I started scripting it out as a potential webcomic. I was very attached to my two characters I played in it, a wizard gnoll and hobgoblin monk. There are only so many times you can make a character with the standard human, elf, half-elf, half-orc, halfing, gnome, or dwarf options before you go nuts and have to branch out into the Monster Manual!

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