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March 16, 2017, Thursday

Race Day

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One to make ready,
  And two to prepare;
Good luck to the rider,
  And away goes the mare.

Off work for a few days. I guess you'd call it a "mental health sick day". Sounds so sissified. And honestly, I'd love to open up and properly vent about it, but after thirteen years of being done this way, I don't even know where to begin, as well as feeling like a pathetic whiny twat for even admitting to it happening. And the more I stand up to them, the worse it gets. But, hey, I've got six planets in Capricorn, a loving Aries that backs me up, and a Leo and fellow Capricorn that did not raise a victim. They can take their aggression and shove it. Rebel born and rebel bred, I'll be a rebel 'til the day I'm dead. Eh, it's in my blood. Emotie: :D

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