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April 20, 2017, Thursday

Strongman Competition

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Caber tossing. Fun fun.

Thank the stars that tax season has ended! This is the first quiet morning I've gotten to tend to online stuff. I've been getting four or five broken hours of sleep for a month now 'cause the baby wants to go to bed at one o'clock, have a romp a three o'clock, and get up at six o'clock! She'd previously been waking up just enough to get something to eat. I don't know what sparked this energetic streak.

Lots of interesting people this year. A few beautiful accents too. Some folks from the Pacific Islands, Europe, the Mediterranean, and of course the ones from below the border. A few new Northerners too. Ohio! I'm used to seeing folks from Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois, with the occasional Californian or New Yorker, but Ohio was unexpected. I tease that we have some citizen swap work program or something in our little vertical swath of the USA. But, man, do I feel for them when August rolls around! Especially if they're from way up north, like a stone's throw from the Canadian border. The muggy heat is bad enough when you grow up in it, I imagine it's twice as bad when you're not used to it.

Anywho, still playing King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare. Come join me in Kingdom 232 if ya want. Free to play. Emotie: =P
And of course, there is an Android emulator for a real computer in case you are understandably frustrated with being limited to a 4" screen.

My other stress reliever and coping mechanism these past few months has been, and also comes with recommendations. Try the recipes. The peanut butter cow patties were delicious. Yeah, yeah, "no-bake breakfast protein bars", but, let's face it, they are peanut butter cow patties. Especially if you use sweetened condensed milk instead of coconut milk, and throw in a few chocolate chip morsels. Emotie: :D

In other news, found a home we like. Quiet, secluded, out in the country away from all the noise of the city and sorta-suburbs. You'd think being surrounded by three cow pastures and a horse pasture would make for a quieter life, but it doesn't. Now we just need another job to be able to pick up a mortgage payment, and we're gone. I look forward to being able to have my own yard again where I'm not being watched or scolded if I go into my yard. I feel stalked most of the time. I guess I kind of am. Emotie: :|

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