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April 27, 2017, Thursday


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I tried to keep my research strictly to traditional strongman events and not all the resulting broken or crushed bones, snapped tendons, and other nasties that very likely came with any accidents. Emotie: O_O;

Another new book up in the Tarot books section. PRS Foli's Fortune-Telling by Cards. And I do believe I may have created one of the only legible versions of the Grand Star spread to be found online! I looked everywhere for a readable version and couldn't find it. After a lot of squinting and over-analyzing the paragraphs and patterns, I think I've got it right.

I have gotten the mountain of laundry folded! Yay! One of the many things I had to let go during tax season. Took about six hours, what with breaks to tend to kids and pups, but I got it done. Also got some wee marigolds put out. I don't have a yard to make a proper little flower garden yet, but I have some pots! $2 for a little color around the porch ain't bad. The fancier plants of course are much higher and require more growing room, but these little things suit me (and my budget) just fine.

And saw Tim Burton's Coraline for the first time. Yikes, that was one creepy movie...

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