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May 11, 2017, Thursday

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Being the dweeb I am, I added a progress bar to the archive. It tracks how much story has been completed and how many pages I have left to make.

So for good or ill, I'm combing through to salvage what I can find of since they seem to have gone down in July 2016 and haven't come back up. Doesn't look like they're going to come back either. While adding stuff to Mythicpedia, I came across an interesting tidbit on Sleipnir: "Sleipnir, the eight-legged steed of Odin, is the child of the shape-shifting god Loki (in the form of a white mare) and a giant grey stallion, Svadilfari." ...Learn somethin' new every day.

My other website salvage project of keeping ComicDish going kinda petered out and I never could get a good line of communication going enough to resurrect it. At least MAX survived in some form, even if I couldn't rescue the gallery of the rounds that happened over the past decade. Speaking of which, if you've got some original characters and you're wanting art, we're always open to new participants!

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