Commission me!

All prices listed are for private commissions only. I do not yet do commercial work. I can ship the original drawing if you want it!

My characters, however, are free! Just make a request. I keep those originals though.

4"⨯6" Character Cards

Illustration: Character Sketches

$10 — Shaded Pencil Sketch

Illustration: Character Sketches

$15 — Shaded Pencil Drawing

Illustration: Character Sketches

$20 — Coloured Pencil Drawing, with Inked Outlines

Same ol' principles, policies, and limitations as my other commissions. No copyrighted fanart kinda stuff. No hateful things or excessive gore. Adult works limited to nudity and consensual vanilla NSFW. Sales and discounts also don't apply to these things 'cause they're pretty cheap as is. Emotie: =P

View full details on the listing for character sketches.

View more examples in the character sketch gallery.


Illustration: Portrait Examples

View further examples and full details on the portrait page.

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