Read up on the characters, their personalities, and histories. Also has quick links to each characters' first appearance in the comic and all the artwork made for them.
World Map
View the map of Centra.
Where the heck is Shanku!?
See where Shanku has travelled!
Ask the Cast!
Ask the various characters whatever question you want or read the answers already given. Mundane, thoughtful, weird, disturbing. All are pretty normal in the mailbox.
Making Just Another Day
From a blank piece of paper to what appears on your screen, see how a Just Another Day page is made.

JAD is being converted into a book. Also includes new short stories. Take a look at what's coming up!
Bonus Comics
Not everything makes it into the comics and sometimes non-JAD things are drawn. There are even some hand-lettered strips in there! May or may not be canon.

She-Kurach Dollmaker
Make your own lovely Kurach lady! Male version hopefully coming soon. No flash involved. Javascript is required, so if yours is off, you better turn it on if you want to play with the dollmaker.

Want JAD art on your desktop? You've come to the right place!
Fan Art Gallery
Look at all the awesome things JAD fans have drawn!

Gifts and Fan Art
Sketches by Mercedes Shaman Onami by Apocrypha-Requiem Unfinished Shaman Onami Sketch by Apocrypha-Requiem Sketches by Mercedes Sketches by Mercedes Sketches by Mercedes Sketches by Mercedes Shanku by Jack of CaptainAholeComic.com Shanku at Play by Clemon Shanku by Clemon Faun Guardian by Robotwin.com Shanku by BJC Shanku by BJC Sack People by Hawk Bara by Hawk (thelaserhawk.deviantart.com) Dai by Hawk (thelaserhawk.deviantart.com) Meleé by Vigistry MAX Anniversary by Gazzatude Jakko by Xavria (xavria.deviantart.com) Jakko Sketch by Tozoku Shanku and Doctor Newbury by glowinbright Jenna in Shanku Costume by Draxenn Ashe by wtia (wtia.comicdish.com) Ashe by AOD (qt75rx1.deviantart.com)
Art Exchanges
Dragon by WindMagician Magician by WindMagician La Petit Morte by Apocrypha-Requiem Shanku by King of Snake Kadin by TantzAerine Jakko by Sinako777
Multi-Artist eXchange
Shanku by Hawk Wabbit Hunt by Roo Peaceful Pasture by Modesty Where Do You Want Your ANTELOPE by AOD Shanku by Apocrypha-Requiem Critters and Creatures by A Twu Gallop! by Apocrypha-Requiem Patience, Friend by TRALLT Running by Gazzatude Just Another Evening by A Twu Raje by Hinode Two Upright Young Ladies by Tozoku Shaman Onami by WingedWorchael Spinning by Stareyes A Walk on the Plains by PureNightShade Taut by Xenterex The Far Way by Raocow Gramps the Flirt by Draxenn Squirt by Margo Funkytown by Aphex Crow by Roo Fly by Mystiqeres Raje by Hitotsumami Fireflies by Animetor Lily Why is the sky blue? by BJC Night Ranger by Apocrypha-Requiem Shanku by Cheeko Raje by Hawk Emerald Assassin by Tozoku The Artist, with Magical Ears! by A Twu Daianne by Gazzatude Grubber and Gremmy by HPKomic Zihna, Dai, and Shanku by clemon Grubber by Droakir Snow Angels by PureNightShade Shalu by WingedWorchael Moving Forward by Tozoku Right of Way by glowinbright Anoki by Hawk Uncomfortable Companions by clemon Caravan by Modesty Courtship Dance by hpkomic The Meriweather vs. The Brelland Seacat by A Twu Lessons by Tozoku Shanku And Horse by gazzatude Kurach City by A Twu Toasty by glowinbright Sharlet Dancer by purenightshade It's an old MANatee by acorncap More like DESCEND by clemon Kadin by gazzatude Shanku by gazzatude Ryoichi by Hawk Shanku, Innugati and Doctor Newbury by glowinbright Shanku, Innugati, Dakota, and Huata by glowinbright Huata and Yeti by glowinbright Zihna by Hawk Captain Dodger by A Twu Moment of Silence by acorncap Shanku, Pencil Breaker by glowinbright Ryoichi by Roo Weather Report by A Twu
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