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JAD Update: Chapter 35 | Leave of Absence

The cover and ten pages of chapter 35 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. We're clear until New Year!

The character pages have gotten a bit of a face lift. I also added back the page appearances for each character and I've got that semi-automated now so I don't have to edit each individual character page. It's also a little more thorough since it links to the exact page the character appeared on rather than just the chapter they were in. Shanku's, of course, is a mile long. XD
I think my coding has come a long way this year. :)

I'm gonna be offline for a few weeks. If all goes well, I'll be back at the beginning of October! If not, well, I reckon this is the last chapter to be posted of JAD as I'll be gone on a wee trip I won't be returning from. Of course, there's only about a 0.006%-4% chance of me not returning. But between almost-daily driving on the Highway to Hell (or in Alabama in general) and living in a tornado alley, I say the odds are ever in my favour of dying of something else. ^,^

September 15, 2016

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September 22, 2016, Thursday

It was a fun trip!

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So perhaps Hilael has good cause to be concerned?

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