Kurach Flight & Feathers

We shall not speak of such horrors, thank you. Emotie: :|


Oh, silly Shanku! It's a natural process, not a nightmare. Emotie: :)

We gather oil from the glands on our shoulders, and pinch our claws together to zip the barbules back together. I do mine every morning.

Moulting isn't too rough. One pair at a time per row and region, every two years for six weeks. Usually around autumn when food is quite plentiful. It keeps our feathers fresh and is hungry work!

The horror... Emotie: Gah!

Kurach have wings, but they don't have deep chests like birds where the wing muscles would be, so how do they fly?

In our lesser form, we mostly glide when we're up in the air. Our chests may not be deep enough to support the kind of heart and lungs needed for powerful flight, but we do have a sort of double-muscle system. One set of chest muscles for our arms, another atop that for our wings. One reason our males have such lovely, muscled chests.

Shanku... Emotie: o.o

It's enough to get us airborn, but not much more than that. In our feral form, we actually do have deeper chests to support more powerful flight. Not that our dang artist shows that like she should.

Oh, bite me, Shanku. Emotie: :|

How far can Kurach fly without rest?

My people are gliders. We can stay airborn for hours and hours.

We don't fly much, so I'm not sure. I don't stay up for more than an hour or so, usually just to get a lay of the land. I prefer to walk or ride.

I don't go up for long. Usually less than an hour. It's not wise to stay aloft long or wind yourself with aggressive gryphons and dragons nearby.

I guess I'm a midgrade. I can last longer than an hour when I have to, provided I do a lot of coasting in my lesser form, but I need a few minutes to rest between each flight.

The Arctic are about the same as the Sylvan. We fly for a bit, but need ample rest later.

How do Kurach navigate when flying?

Electromagnetic sensory. Like most animals, we're a bit sensitive to the magnetic poles. Really sucks when we hit a deadzone. Our world isn't as complicated as Ashe's, so there's not that serious a need for precise navigation. And like some of our four-footed friends, each clan has a broad territory. If we're visiting other Kurach, we use our noses. If we're visiting, say, a dwarf or centaur, we get a good description of the mountain or forest they live in and any special landmarks we need. A bit like old treasure maps.

If we're just out roaming, hey, who needs a map? Emotie: :D

Is flying over the open ocean out of sight of land or a ship considered dangerous?

Not at all! We're pretty good swimmers. Besides, just follow the gulls. Emotie: ^o^

Unlike you lady, I'm not good at killing sharks. I stay close to solid ground, even if that means a creaky wooden box. Emotie: :|

Is wind an issue when flying?

No Kurach with good sense flies in high winds and will land until better winds come. A gentle breeze is fine but strong gusts can blow you dangerously off course. This can be lethal at sea or near jagged rocks.
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