How does magic work?

Shaman Onami
A gift from the spirits to us mortals.

Demons made it.

It's a part of dance and comes from doing what you love.

Force of will!

A gift from the fae.

What me lesser beings be sayin' is that it is an energy that courses through our world and reacts differently to what it encounters. Now, magic behaves a bit like water. It gathers in some places and others not so much. We each generate a set amount every day, probably like our strength in the sense it's based on what we eat, so in the barren areas we are severely limited on what all we're able to do.

Can anybody learn magic?

Some beings are born purely of magic, like the elemental air and tree spirits Onami knows. Most of us are "gifted", meaning we have another sense that let's us feel it and/or use it. A few, such as the Kurach, are "fae touched", where their abilities wouldn't be here if a fairy type hadn't enhanced them. With fauna, it manifests in quick or slightly elemental creatures.

Like that dang rabbit in Mruha... Emotie: :|

With flora, it may be a plant with extra seductive properties in the benefit of the flower being pollinated or seeds being distributed, and believe me, the sentient ones love using it as an aphrodesiac. It could be a powerful thorn or other poison that lingers longer and strikes harder, a favorite of assassins. Just little enhancements to the original plant.

Some Kurach have elemental shaping abilities like Shaman Onami's smoke shaping. How common are these and how do they work?

Sigrid was partially right about force of will. You feel out the magical energies inside or nearby, imagine what you wish it to be, and depending on your discipline and strength, you may succeed. Most aren't able to do more than use it for small activities like shape shifting, casting fire, or making pretty lights. Very few, like Kikeru the minocentaur that attacked Port Tephras, are able to strengthen their abilities to a point they can do harder tasks, like summoning stubborn nether monsters of another plane to eat people. It is even rare for the spirits to become so powerful. He surely spent many decades acquiring that strength.

Are there human wizards and/or alchemists?

Oh, there be magical men runnin' about, obsessed with making gold and other shiny things, or better ways to blow each other up. Dwarves and gnomes be just as bad. It's frightening when the three work together. Sometimes we dragons run interference so the only transmutin' they achieve is a pink beard and green willy.

Are there any magical items?

Relics of a bygone era. None alive today possess the strength it takes to create one. Creatures like myself can create mundane things like glass goblets, but to create a goblet who makes the drinker invisible is stuff of legend. From time to time we have somebody pass through seeking a legendary item, but I'm not sure if they ever succeed in finding it.

How many intelligent races are there in the world?

Dr. Newbury

Research is still being conducted. It is easier to name their categories.

There is the fae, like the fairies, nymphs, and elementals.

The dragons, like the fire, silver, and glasscraft.

The taurs, such as the centaur, minocentaur, and leotaur.

Flying beasts such as gryphons, pegasi, and dragons.

Monsters as the sphinx, chimera, and basilisk.

Water creatures like the merfolk, grindylow, and scylla.

Goblinoids such as the goblins and hobgoblins.

And other bipedals like the dwarf, giant, ogre, orc, and troll.

Some can talk, some cannot, but that doesn't lesson their ability to build or lay traps or possibly con you out of your lunch. Or turn you into lunch!

Long time ago, Kurach live in west. Man live in east.
They roamed. They meet! They smoochy. They no like kissy. Say it icky!
Cubs killed. Killers killed. Killers' killers killed.
Then notice numbers low. Much loss. Much pain.
Plains make Man and Sylvan make truce.
Sylvan blame "wanderlust". Never leave forest.
Man blame "monsters". Never let Kurach close.
Shoulda ate bugs. More fun than war!
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