Frequently Asked Questions

Not to be confused with Ask the Cast, these are things asked more specifically to me.

What do you use to create Just Another Day?

The comic pages used 8.5"x11" plain paper, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, 0.7mm mechanical pencil, Sharpie Ultra Fine Point pen, and a ruler. The illustrations are done on 4"x6" index cards with 0.5mm and 0.7mm mechanical pencils. After it's scanned in, I touch up the contrast in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and add the text.

Can I send you my story ideas for Just Another Day?

No, thank you. Just Another Day is pretty much written from beginning to end, and I'm already working on the sequel. Also, since I plan to print this in the far off future, taking your suggestions would then put me up for copyright lawsuits.

How was Just Another Day born?

Boredom and silliness. The original cast all began as usernames on various forums. I had a different personality under each and rather than admit to a possible psychiatric issue, I instead took the creative/story route. Later on I became attached to Shanku and placed her in a more proper story. The title remains the same under both renditions.

Why the PG rating?

Most of the stuff is pretty tame in the first two volumes, but there are some folks out there that don't take kindly to things like a dead rabbit tug-of-war between two hungry animals, naked fairies, blood, violence, conjured monsters getting stabbed in the chest or their throats slashed, alcohol references, or "suggestive" scenes.

Why is there a pronunciation guide for everything on the character pages?

Too many complaints on "weird" names. Haven't had a complaint since.

What's up with the kurach's multi-coloured hair?

Dog and cat fur. I noticed from my pets and a few wilder species that often the hair changed colour based on proximity to the skin, so the kurach having different coloured hair tips is in reference to that. Also loosely based on naturally layered horse manes.

Why do you draw every single feather!?

It makes me happy! Emotie: :D

How could you have built a paywall?? Emotie: T___T

Technically, it's more of a paycurtain than a paywall. None of the extras hidden inside the tip jar stay there forever. As soon as I have a new one up, the old ones are released to the gallery or short story sections. JAD always has been and always will be free in the end.

It was put up 'cause some people want to support the website financially without having to buy a commission. Being a low-income mama, I'll take all the help my pride will allow. (Which ain't very much and requires a good bit of arguing with myself.) In this instance, it means routinely making little extra bits of art and story since I can't in good conscience take a donation without giving something back. Back in the days before Kickstarter and Patreon took over, webcomics would often have pins and wallpapers made for those who would donate any amount through a Paypal donation button. I don't have the time to make wallpapers for the oldschool donation incentives, I'm not keen on Patreon's subscription idea, but I do like Ko-fi.

Wouldn't exclusive content only for supporters be better than a paycurtain?

Perhaps, but a lot of stories these days that used to be free to read are getting locked behind more and more doors, or even available only with an active subscription. I'm sure I'm not the only one starting to lose interest in trying to pick up a new series due to that.

Like the story and want to help support it?

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