Just Another Day has existed as a graphic novel, illustrated novel, and a plain ol' novel. Some stories below will be webcomics, others will be webbooks.

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Completed or Officially Ended
Bardsworth Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire Dreamless Inverloch Just Another Day, by Kanra Mom's Cancer, by Brian Fies Misfile No Need for Bushido The Other Grey Meat Star Power Tall Tails The Phoenix Requiem Wicked Alchemy Link Banner: With the Roc's Divine Protection Wooden Rose
Currently in Progress
Africa the Leopard Alien Dice Chakra, Battle of the Titans Code Name: Hunter Culture Shock Darths and Droids Deer Me by Sheryl Schopfer Disney High School by Morloth88 Dominic Deegan: The Legacy of Dominic Deegan E-Depth Angel Egoraven Ennui GO! Everblue Fawna's Quest Lackadaisy Lion King Fanfic by AlbinoRaven666Fanart Malakhim Misfile: Hell High MoonSlayer Oranges. Love + Kitties, by Sebastian Oaches Root and Branch Sharpclaw by Sheryl Schopfer Snow by Night Tall Tails Thistl Mistl Kistl Tigress Queen Unsounded The Way to Your Heart

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On Hiatus

I give an artist five years to pick back up again before I move a story to the Abandoned list.

The Cat and the Fiddle The Lounge, by John Joseco and Jamie MacKenzie Manly Guys Doing Manly Things Master the Tiger Shooting Stars Collection - A Gundam Wing Fansite Wingless

If you are a webcomic creator, please consider having a mirror on a stable host such as Drunk Duck, Tapastic, or WebToon. The Internet Archive doesn't always have a complete record. Some of your fans may still want to read your story again for old times' sake or check for (highly unlikely) updates.

7 Eldest 936.why? Adrastus Asianosity A.RTIFICIAL T.IME X.S. (by AOD and raocow) A.RTIFICIAL T.IME X.S. Season 2 (by AOD and raocow) BadBlood Black Magic Building 12 Candide Captain Ahole! Link Banner: Care Killed the Cat The Chronicles of Wyrden Court of Miracles Crow Feathers Culric's Chronicles Dead Metaphor Desperate Angels Dungeons and Denizens The Dungeons and Dragons Archive Elysion Age Hatpire Head in the Clouds The Last of the Polar Bears The Gifted Path Grayling Hexagon Death Squad Hybrid Genesis Jacked Up Juathuur Juathuur: Gatecrash Lakewood The Legend of the Knyghtmare Legendary Beings Ara and Celi The Locked Maze Lusus Naturae MacRatLove Made of Stone: The Epic of Medusa Mad-Gic Science Malakhim Maniacally Challenged Mediocriosity My Brother the Angel Nil Points Off White One Question Pink Parts by Skipper the Stripper Planes of Eldlor The Princess of Windmills Reincrownation Requiem's Gate Roza: The Cursed Mage Samurai Pride Saturnalia Shadow Girls A Skewed Paradise Skyborne Skyfall Manga Strange Fruit Tales of the Galli Terinu Tomb of the King Tomb with a View Vanadys: Tales of a Fallen Goddess Wayfarer's Moon Witch and Cat Xylia: A Faery Tale

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