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Done a bit of work on the site. Tweaked the backend a bit more in every section. Except for the cookbook, which I really need to get online...

Added a World and Bonus Stories section to the Extras on JAD. I started out with a bestiary back when the comic was launched on Comic Dish, but it seems to have gotten lost along the way. I'll try to add a few more people and critters to it soon.

On an amusing note, a contractor in Manhattan, New York, somehow had my number listed in place of one of the houses he's working on right now. Or maybe that would be an apartment? He said "roll tide" when we got it straightened out where he was calling. I just giggled. I didn't have the heart to tell him I lean Auburn. Or that I'm fairly oblivious to sports. But it would seem there are 57 teams. 'Tis a shame Hawaii and Alaska aren't on there, but I guess that would make it a bit difficult for fans to follow their teams around if they did. It would also seem that keeping your nose cleans leads to a better record all around. But, anywho, I'm glad he finally left a number on my voice mail so I could stop unintentionally getting in the way of his work. It kept coming up as "private number". I'm sure it's been frustrating that his "tenant" hasn't been too cooperative with repairs this past week. XD

October 19, 2016

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October 20, 2016, Thursday

The Game Plan

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More curved architecture to torture myself with. XD

Today is JAD's sixth anniversary online! And some of the characters have been around for twelve years. Good times, good times. Four more years to go until this story is complete. If nothing too crazy happens. Two kids in school by then, probably still running two businesses, how busy could I be? ;)

I was feeling good about the anniversary until I realized it's been an entire year since I was able to draw a comic page. Goody golly... At least I've about got all those old linework pages replaced with proper comic pages, eh? Now to replace all the illustrated pages... That's gonna take a while.

Sweetpea had her one month checkup. Healthy as a horse. And has gained four pounds instead of the average two. Which is probably why I'm sleeping 10-12 hours a day right now. It's a lot of work making that much food for a baby!

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