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btPHP was a great system, but from the beginning I'd much rather have had my own demented creation running the site. In the process of getting the site blog up and going, I finally figured out a couple of the scripts I needed to make that a possibility. And came across a few others along the way to tune it up just a bit more.

So, goodbye login page! Goodbye databases! And goodbye Smarty!

The new system is Smarty-ish with the way I have the tags designed, but, it doesn't take a content file, a template file, and a display file for each and every page, like how btPHP had it set up. I'm reusing the same template and display file for every page in a directory, so roughly a third or less of what Smarty and btPHP was taking up.

Still got a couple of loose strings to tie up, but I'm happy to announce the new coding is now live. Yay! ^.^

May 28, 2016

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March 24, 2016, Thursday

Flight of the Storm Crows

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I could not get the soundtrack of Disney's Mulan outta my head while drawing this page. The scene with the Huns coming over a snowbank with the dramatic music. I've also got Gandalf's nickname repeating itself. "Storm crow". Well, the Sylvans are corvids! And there's quite a storm a brewin', as evidenced by this page. Which also brought to mind the famous Flight of the Valkeries song. Which then devolved into hearing Elmer Fudd chant "kill da waaaabit, kill da waaaabit, kill da waaaabbit!"

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