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August 22, 2017 Tuesday

JAD Update

Chapter 37 is finally over and chapter 38 has started.

So very sorry this is taking forever. Lots of bad health in the house lately and they're all taking turns so there's always something to deal with around the clock. Emotie: >_<

On the bright side, Sweetpea is walking great. She's even running. She'll be a year old next month. And I'm still maintaining a BMI of 21. Woohoo! When Mischief was the same age, I was BMI 16. I'd still rather deal with the tired of being run into the ground rather than the tired of run into the ground and underweight.


August 10, 2017 Thursday

JAD Update: Chapter 38 Complete

Chapter 38 is done! Yay!

A few pages of chapter 39 are being worked on after receiving a fresh cup o' coffee. Emotie: =P

These past two weeks... Oh my goodness... A funeral, a few medical emergencies, and a few rounds of frustrating paperwork with my "promotion". Celebrating my nephew's birthday was a welcome break in the middle of all that. On the bright side, Mischief is doing well with his homework and Sweetpea's walking is coming along nicely.


July 23, 2017 Sunday

OC Meme

An OC Meme

1. Your first OC ever?
I made her when I was six years old. Emotie: :/
2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?
Bloody hell, there are over a thousand of them. I can't pick one.
3. Have you ever adopted a character from anyone?
Nope. I've got enough of them bouncing around my noggin without taking on somebody else's.
4. A character you rarely talk about?
The majority of them.
5. If you could make any of your OCs popular, who would it be?
Eh, none.
6. Two OCs that look alike despite not being related?
A lot of my early ones favored very strongly, so probably most of them.
7. Are your OCs part of any stories?
They're all in at least one story.
8. Do you RP as one of your OCs? If so, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
Some of them got their start that way. Like Ashenflame, Charlie Hawkins, Scirei, Firestorm, Drake, Rukor, Ruon, and a few others.
9. Would you ever be willing to give your OCs to someone else?
10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design!
Define "complicated design".
11. Is there an OC you'd describe as a 'sunshine'?
12. Name an OC that isn't yours that you like a lot!
...Kenshin Himura? Technically, he is an original character belonging to somebody.
13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?
Shanku is definitely one of them.
14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory!
Shanku got exiled, does that count? I killed off little Kadin's mother... Murdered a handful of kinfolk and friends of various characters over the years.
15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with others?
Not really. I pretty much just post stories and stuff to my site and don't bring them up to much of anybody.
16. Which of your OCs will be the best at biology?
I guess Doctor Newbury?
17. Any OC OTPs?
WTF is an OTP?
18. Any OC crackships?
WTH is a crackship?
19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why!)
I'm pretty fond of Shanku. She's a spunky little rebel.
20. Your most artistic OC?
...I don't know if I've ever made any character artistic beside a few musicians here and there. Emotie: O_O;
21. Do any of your OCs sing? If so, name their favorite songs, share their headcanon voice and stuff!
Just about all of them sing. I don't have a specific voice in mind for them.
22. Is there any OCs of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?
Shanku's gotten a reputation for being stupid and malevolent. Emotie: :/
23. Introduce an OC that has changed since they were first made.
Katari, I guess. He's more mature and reserved these days. Or maybe he was always that way?
24. If you could meet any one of your OCs, who would it be, and why?
Hilael, I guess. He's quiet.
25. The OC that resembles you the most.
In what way? Hilael is an INTJ like me, Shanku embodies my ENTP wild side, Scirei is also an INTJ and is my dark side, and then I have an author "avatar" that looks just like me.
26. Have you ever had to change something about your OC against your own will?
...Yes, I do believe so. I had a winged monster named Tristan that I made a "bacon loving monster" and completely Disneyed him because the people I was around at the time wouldn't be able to handle him as he was meant to be. I do like the bacon aspect, but, he's a monster. Not a cuddle monster.
27. Any OCs inspired by a certain song?
I did make a little metalhead named Axl once after listening to Guns N Roses. Hey, I was a young teenager with minimal internet access! I didn't know about things like "copyright" back then.
28. Your most dangerous OC?
Scirei. She's an assassin. Not the tortured, angsty type begging to be saved with a kiss in the rain either.
29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone?
All the curious and troublemaking ones.
30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
Good question. Never thought of that before.
31. Your shyest OC?
Heh, can I pick Zeke the troll since he has a horrible case of social anxiety?
32. Do you have any twin characters?
Yes, but it's been ages since they saw the light of day.
33. Pick one of your OCs and explain what their tumblr blog would be like!
Not SJW.
34. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable as a horror game protagonist and why?
Scirei. Kind of already did a horror story with her.
35. Any sibling characters?
So many. So, so many...
36. Do you have OC pairs where the other character belongs to someone else?
A few of the trashy ones.
37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human!
Shanku, and a sluagh more.
38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?
Shalu would be one of them considering that's part of how she earns her living.
39. Introduce any character you want!
Meet Fancy Clancy. He's a swordsmen skilled mostly in fencing and has a very gentlemanly/chivalrous side.
40. Any fond memories of your characters?
Lots of late nights working on their stories.
41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? Share some here!
Knock yerself out.
42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek Gods?
Probably Doctor Newbury, again, since he has a fascination with cultural studies.
43. Do you have a certain type when you create your OCs? Do you favor certain types or looks? Time to confess!
Long, wild hair pulled back in a ponytail.
44. Something you like about your OCs in general!
...They're mine? I dunno. I don't really make any characters that are vulgar on par with annoying shows like Beevis and Butthead, American Dad, Family Guy, South Park, and the like.
45. A character you no longer use?
Eh, just cause some o' them are on the backburner doesn't mean they'll never be used again.
46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?
Nope. But I'm sure if they met some of my more private OCs, they'd definitely think that.
47. Has anyone ever endearingly called your characters their children?
Good golly, I hope not! Emotie: o_o These are my brain children!
48. OC who is too pure for this world?
I'm sure I have some but I can't think of any right off the bat.
49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes?
Probably Shanku.
50. Give me the good ol' OC talk here. Talk about anything!


July 20, 2017 Thursday

Webcomic Questionnaire

Needless to say I am in the same boat (technically, I am re-starting but that's another story). Just curious how others in the same situation are doing?

A few guide questions but feel free to elaborate more if you want:

  • What's your story about?
  • Where do you plan to host your comic?
  • What software do you use?
  • Where are you at with regards of the process?
  • What do you think is the main challenge you're having or going to have?
  • Any pics you want to share?


Mine started in 2009, so it's not new anymore.

What's your story about?
A mischievous kid that likes to roam. It's set in a fantasy world and was originally meant to just be an adventure/safari with various biomes and creatures, and then story happened. So now I'm dealing with a stupid war and politics. As soon as that is over and done with, back out to explore again!
Where do you plan to host your comic?
I started out on Comic Dish and then moved to my own site. I have a few mirrors out there like DrunkDuck, Smackjeeves, ToonsUP, and Tapastic, but I don't update them as regularly as I do my site.
What software do you use?
The pages are done with regular mechanical pencils. I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for the general stuff, like nice margins, panel borders, text, copyright note, and the like.
For hosting software, I use my own! Emotie: happy OvO
I couldn't find any straightforward and simple software. They were all bloated, slow, and full of useless "widgets". WordPress was the worst. So I brushed up on my PHP and made a good webcomic engine for my needs. My most complex on is 26KB, and my generic one for less important stories is 19KB. There's no control panel or database. It's all .html, .txt, and uploaded by FTP. As soon as I get it a bit more refined (such as a better character page file), I intend to put it up for download should anybody else want a simple system.
Where are you at with regards of the process?
The story is 74% finished. I'm debating on a sequel. As for general process, I broke it down first by the two main halves, then the general arcs, the chapters, and then finally thumbnailing the individual pages on notebook paper. My pacing still didn't turn out very well though. Emotie: XD
What do you think is the main challenge you're having or going to have?
TIME. Oh goodness gracious, time. Way back when I first started, I could add digital color, and thus make it tradigital. Then school got heavy, so I dropped to pure pencil and did tradigital chapter covers. And then two years ago, I had a really bad customer at my day job that required a ridiculous amount of time, and I dropped to just linework. She ended up putting me so far behind, I switched to a story mode with a single illustration to keep the story on schedule. Now I've got two kids and I have to run two businesses to keep the house afloat. I don't know if I'll ever get to do this as a webcomic again, and that bothers me. Especially since my writing is so dry and technical.
Any pics you want to share?
Shanku Perching
The kind of illustrations a lack of proper time has reduced me to. They're bigger than the comic panels, but still. One picture per page. Emotie: ;__;


July 17, 2017 Monday

JAD Update

Chapter 37 is sloooowly being uploaded, amidst some very embarrassing grammatical and spelling issues due to trying to make pages while very frazzled. At least it finally has a chapter cover.

Artwork section has been reworked a bit.


June 20, 2017 Tuesday

JAD Update: Chapter 37; Short Stories; New Webpages

Pages 261 through 264 are up.

New stories up in the short stories section! I cleaned out the folder on my hard drive and posted them, including the ones that eventually got worked in properly. Some of them aren't purely canon by this point. (It would seem Arloda's original last name was "shimshiner". Good golly...)

The page for missing pages was missing. Found it! There is now a proper Error 404 placeholder again.

The search key phrases are weird. How does my site pop up with "hanging chew toys for guinea pigs"??? I get some really weird URL requests too. Like "tiki-calendar.php". Lots of requests for tiki calendars. Should I make a JAD tiki calendar? Gobs of various links ending in ".rar" and ".zip". A few requests for a guestbook, scarbook, or gastenboek. Some boring "cgi" requests. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't use CGI. Nor are there any admin, administrator, user, or member folders. No hacking for you. That goes doubly for the bots seeking to break into WordPress sites. I find those the most insulting. I do not use WordPress. The only thing of WordPress I willingly deal with is my newsletter blog since it's a way for me to cheat the CAN-SPAM act and offer email updates without putting my home address out there.

And seeing as how I have so many helpful people trying to access various "admin" files, and so far I have had 333 hits on the WordPress login page, I made sure to leave a personalized message for the lovelies! Emotie: ;D


June 5, 2017 Monday

JAD Update: Images Compressed

Chapter 37 is being drawn.

I downloaded Batch Picture Resizer and it seems to have done the trick nicely without completely destroying the image quality. Hopefully it'll help the site load a bit faster. 20 MB was shaved off the comic pages alone.


May 26, 2017 Friday

Paypal Invoices

Supposedly starting October 19th, 2017, Paypal is going to start requiring invoices. Whether it's just for digital goods or all goods, it really is in the best interest of the seller to use them. Paypal has a history of siding with the buyer unconditionally, which can be pretty frustrating if you get a bad buyer who wants to get art for free. It's lead to some interesting stories like the encouraged destruction of musical instruments.

The good news is that you don't have to have a Paypal account to receive an invoice! (I tested it.) For simplicity's sake, I am going to start using Paypal invoices for every commission outside of a third-party platform like Etsy. Besides, it's extra protection for my buyers should one of these tornadoes decide to pluck me off the Highway to Hell and drop me on the Yellow Brick Road!


May 24, 2017 Wednesday

JAD Update and Newsletter Fixin'

All of chapter 36 is now up and ready to read! Read it here or here.

The artwork section has gotten tweaked, three categories added, and has some new art.

I also managed to get all my newsletters written and ready to go until April 2018. Woohoo! You can subscribe to the site RSS feed, LiveJournal posts or RSS feed, or the WordPress posts by email or RSS feed. Yes, yes, not a big fan of WordPress, but they've cleaned up their coding enough I can use them as a bloggish services without crashing my browser.

Multi-Artist eXchange is now on deviantArt! If you're an artist with at least one original character (or fan character, I reckon), care to join us? We're always looking for new members and welcome artists of any level!

And in random news, Verizon is buying out Yahoo!, which I find to be a somewhat exciting since that's one site the Google blackhole won't be sucking down. Yet. Maybe Verizon will be able to fix some of the awful security settings. Accessing my account has become quite difficult.


May 19, 2017 Friday

Etsy Fees Increase

Etsy has made it is mandatory to enable "Etsy Payments", which means I will be upping my prices on Etsy to offset the double in fees that they are charging me. A total of 6.5% + 55¢, ugh. Including Paypal, that is now 9.4% + 75¢. Still better than eBay's 10% + Paypal and Artists&Clients 15%, I guess. As always, my site is the cheapest way to order from me, and I can use Paypal Invoices to make them "more legit" if you want the added security. Plus they make such lovely invoices!


April 24, 2017 Monday

Tentative Updates

Tax season ended last week, and I took the rest of the week to rest, spend time with family, and put myself back together.

I will tentatively be returning to updating the comic and doing commissions. I recently got some ginormous paper, so I'm good for 18"⨯24" orders now. Anything above 14"⨯17" gets shipped in a tube, although I'm seriously tempted to put anything 11"⨯14" and above in a tube.

Also, it would seem my 4"⨯6" Character Cards were a mild success. So they are now permanent.


March 19, 2017 Sunday

Jumping Around

Now that they've calmed down, they're saying I haven't lost my job or home. Still moving though. I need to get away from this. I'm tired of these threats and explosive tantrums. The threats, blackmail, and guilt trips are a bit much too.

JAD will be on hiatus until I can get things somewhat back to normal. And hopefully on the way to getting a new home.


March 17, 2017 Friday

Oh, Stress, how familiar thy face...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'll be spending today wishing I didn't have a policy against drinking while stressed because I think I've lost my job, probably lost my home, but after thirteen years of being done this way, I have definitely had enough of being in a toxic and abusive relationship with two people who last year put my son's life in danger and this year put me at risk as well. And thus, my daughter, since I'm her food source. Shouldn't come as a surprise since they like to side with a pedophile, but, eh. And I do mean pedophile. Not the "oh, one month from 18 don't count" nobody cares about, the "toddlers and children are sooo sexy" kind of pedophile that's done a good bit of damage to others and only the particularly sick and twisted would think is an alright human being.

JAD will be on temporary hiatus while I job hunt. Unless I get some spare time to direct my frustrations into story illustrations.

This conclude's Friday's edition of TMI.


February 4, 2017 Saturday

Workin', workin'...

I hit 60 hours this week. I'm tired. Next week looks just as long. Emotie: x_x

Did two of my hardest returns this week. Two widows, back to back. Not that the forms themselves are difficult, but they were the widows of people I had become quite attached to. I'm really not looking forward to doing their final tax returns in the future either.


January 1, 2017 Sunday

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a great 2017!

Can't say I'm going to make any New Years' resolutions, aside from the usual where I resolve to try my best to keep the family healthy and the bills paid. Emotie: =P

My New Year's Day is off to a fabulous start. No sarcasm. This morning was beautifully foggy and misty, and the afternoon had a good rain. Emotie: :)


December 21, 2016 Wednesday

Happy holidays!

It's officially winter! Today is the winter solstice. Happy solstice!

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And other cheery wishings of your preferred holiday.


November 11, 2016 Friday

Food and family are coming!

Annual family holidays are upon us again, and soon so will be the season where we're most expected to be kind and seek unity. Many people have instead lost their little cotton-pickin' minds. Let's bury the hatchet, and not in each other's heads. Besides, the parties have been alternating for a few decades. And JAD ain't supposed to mirror current events where brother is against brother, so how about everybody settle down, eh? Ask yourself, what would Mike Rowe do? Emotie: =P
Like, seriously. If you're gloating or shrieking in fear, click the link. Us INTJs ain't got much patience for emotionally unstable situations.

I know what I'll be doing. Holding a cooing baby and thanking the creators of Minecraft for sparing my feet of lost Legos as my eldest scratches his building itch. And thinking about what to add to the cookbook section since I finally got it fixed. The tastiest of seasons is upon us, after all! Emotie: :D


October 19, 2016 Wednesday

Site Tweakings

Done a bit of work on the site. Tweaked the backend a bit more in every section. Except for the cookbook, which I really need to get online...

Added a World and Bonus Stories section to the Extras on JAD. I started out with a bestiary back when the comic was launched on Comic Dish, but it seems to have gotten lost along the way. I'll try to add a few more people and critters to it soon.

On an amusing note, a contractor in Manhattan, New York, somehow had my number listed in place of one of the houses he's working on right now. Or maybe that would be an apartment? He said "roll tide" when we got it straightened out where he was calling. I just giggled. I didn't have the heart to tell him I lean Auburn. Or that I'm fairly oblivious to sports. But it would seem there are 57 teams. 'Tis a shame Hawaii and Alaska aren't on there, but I guess that would make it a bit difficult for fans to follow their teams around if they did. It would also seem that keeping your nose cleans leads to a better record all around. But, anywho, I'm glad he finally left a number on my voice mail so I could stop unintentionally getting in the way of his work. It kept coming up as "private number". I'm sure it's been frustrating that his "tenant" hasn't been too cooperative with repairs this past week. Emotie: XD


October 1, 2016 Saturday

I'm back! Welcome, Little Sweetpea!

I'm back! Emotie: :D

Little Sweetpea is doing fine and is just as stout as her brother. In fact, she was so eager for some elbow room she arrived early at home without the midwife! That was a helluva lot easier than it was made out to be. They say your second is a little faster, but, dang. That kind of statement is on par with "this might cause some discomfort". Maybe that was the result of walking over thirty minutes a day and a month of false labor? Both are said to help on D-Day. We didn't have the first problem, except for the usual stuff like changing a newborn's tar poop diaper and all the blasted paperwork. Our pediatrician was a blessing too and I will happily brag about them.

Oh, and ladies? (And gentleman.) Witch hazel. Magical stuff. I haven't tested its cosmetic or home care abilities, but good golly, put that thing in your first aid kit! While I bought it for after birth care and it did very well, it has primarily been assigned to taking a bite out of fire ant bites/stings and it does a pretty good job at reducing bleeding from shaving nicks too. Or the bleeding from when your rambunctious little boy gets scrapes, scratches, cuts, and stubs. You don't have to special order online either, you can get a decent bottle from the pharmacy.

I will be slowly returning to artwork and commissions over the next few weeks. While bouncing back from a home birth is turning out to be significantly quicker and easier for all of us than with the modern alternative, I have an adorable little girl to snuggle with before the holiday and tax seasons hit. Gotta get my rest and cuddles in while I can. Emotie: ;D


September 15, 2016 Thursday

JAD Update: Chapter 35 | Leave of Absence

The cover and ten pages of chapter 35 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. We're clear until New Year!

The character pages have gotten a bit of a face lift. I also added back the page appearances for each character and I've got that semi-automated now so I don't have to edit each individual character page. It's also a little more thorough since it links to the exact page the character appeared on rather than just the chapter they were in. Shanku's, of course, is a mile long. Emotie: XD
I think my coding has come a long way this year. Emotie: :)

I'm gonna be offline for a few weeks. If all goes well, I'll be back at the beginning of October! If not, well, I reckon this is the last chapter to be posted of JAD as I'll be gone on a wee trip I won't be returning from. Of course, there's only about a 0.006%-4% chance of me not returning. But between almost-daily driving on the Highway to Hell (or in Alabama in general) and living in a tornado alley, I say the odds are ever in my favour of dying of something else. Emotie: ^,^


September 6, 2016 Tuesday

PS3 for sale. Excellent condition!

PS3 Console, 500GB Hard Drive, Super Slim, Classic White. CECH-4001 LW, NTSC-U/C.

Listed on eBay.

Comes with:

  • PS3 Console, 500GB Hard Drive, Super Slim, Classic White. CECH-4001 LW, NTSC-U/C.
  • DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless PS3 Controller, Classic White
  • AC Power Cord
  • AC Cable
  • USB Cable
  • PS3 Move Motion Controller
  • PS3 Move Navigation Controller
  • PS3 Eye Camera
  • HDMI Cable, 10 ft
  • Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
  • LittleBigPlanet 2
  • inFAMOUS 2
  • Sports Champions, with game booklet
  • And original box!

Sports Champions on disk. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, LittleBigPlanet 2, and inFAMOUS 2 are still pre-installed but need to have their license renewed through the PlayStation store before anybody else can play them. Part of their anti-gamesharing policy and all when you buy a new console with a software bundle.

We're more XBOX than Playstation people and decided it's time to let it move on to greener pastures where it will get some proper attention. This was the first time in over a year that we turned on the PS3 and that was only to prep it for sale. It's been well taken care of and kept tucked safely away though. Emotie: :)


August 18, 2016 Thursday

JAD Update: Pages 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340

Page 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, and the cover to Chapter 35 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

We are clear until mid-October! Emotie: ^.^


August 4, 2016 Thursday

JAD Update: Pages 331, 332, and Chapter 34 Cover

Page 331, 332, and the cover to Chapter 34 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. I have a one week buffer! Yay! Emotie: :D

I better chug at it, 'cause next month I'm gonna have a big hiccup in free time! A very welcomed hiccup though.

In other news, got a RSS feed up for commission announcments. Severely tempted to switch entirely to the RSS feed because there isn't any stupid law requiring my address on an RSS feed.


July 22, 2016 Friday

Broke the website. Again.

Had some unresolvable issues this past month with DreamHost (like a complete lack of raw access log files), but I think I've got most of them fixed. I wont be able to tell until Charter gets off their lazy butt and lets me see my website from my computer. Why do DNS refreshes take so long with an ISP? Kind of hard to troubleshoot with a little 1.5"x1.75" flip phone screen.


July 14, 2016 Thursday

JAD Update: Pages 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330

Pages 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. Which brings the story back up to date.

Thank you to the person with brilliant observation skills who listed JAD as "has not updated in six months" on Belfry two days ago. The date on the page displayed two days ago was May 24, 2016.


July 4, 2016 Monday

Tinkering finished...?

I think I have everything sorted out. Had to do some major reconstruction to some of the folders due to how weird the server is laid out. And DreamHost keeps putting blank favicons in my folders. Hopefully that will stop soon.

So, if y'all don't mind, do a refresh or hard refresh (ctrl+F5, I think) to update the browser caches, and everything should display correctly now.

I will be absent online this first week of July. Commissions and art will resume Monday, July 11th. I am fine, and while I have little interest in divulging the reasons at the moment, suffice it to say it is not due to bickering, pettiness, or other such trivial stupidity. See y'all soon.


June 29, 2016 Wednesday

Switched to New Host has switched hosts from Hosting24 to DreamHost. Hosting24 was a good starter service, but as a professional running a business I need to be able to send newsletters, and as an artist I need to be able to know I can post a bare breast to my site without somebody panicking over "adult content". Both of which are prohibited on Hosting24.

What a headache this has been! Pardon any hiccups as I straighten everything out. Emotie: @_@


June 12, 2016 Sunday

JAD Update: Page 316, 317, 318, 319

Pages 316, 317, 318, and 319 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Apparently TopWebComics trashed their site two days ago. Time will tell if I ever update the vote incentive again since they're not sending me a password reset link. And, no, there is nothing in the spam folder. Emotie: :|


June 5, 2016 Sunday

JAD Update: Page 313, 314, 315

Pages 313, 314, and 315 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.


May 28, 2016 Saturday

New JAD Site Coding

btPHP was a great system, but from the beginning I'd much rather have had my own demented creation running the site. In the process of getting the site blog up and going, I finally figured out a couple of the scripts I needed to make that a possibility. And came across a few others along the way to tune it up just a bit more.

So, goodbye login page! Goodbye databases! And goodbye Smarty!

The new system is Smarty-ish with the way I have the tags designed, but, it doesn't take a content file, a template file, and a display file for each and every page, like how btPHP had it set up. I'm reusing the same template and display file for every page in a directory, so roughly a third or less of what Smarty and btPHP was taking up.

Still got a couple of loose strings to tie up, but I'm happy to announce the new coding is now live. Yay! Emotie: ^.^

...And that's where I've been for four days. Nonstop building, tweaking, and testing. It's not pretty when obsession strikes. Emotie: ^_^;
(With one day devoted to Little Mischief's birthday party over this weekend. Happy birthday, Mischief!)


May 27, 2016 Friday

JAD Coding Continues

My celebration a few days ago with the navigation was a bit premature, but I got that sucker pretty squared away now. The archive is now done!

So the whole archive has been converted, along with all comic pages themselves now JPEGs. Still need to finish updating the file sizes so it's consistent from start to finish. And then the official Archive page is now automated, so no more manual updating for me every few months!

Currently working through the cast pages. At present, there are 114 character pages. Ugh... But worth it. The new system I'm making will take a huge load off of me because now the character list page is automated as well. All I gotta do is upload a new character to the directory and it'll pop up in the appropriate place on the Characters page. I also intend to edit the archive pages somehow so whenever I tag a character in a chapter it'll pop up on that character's page. But that's going to be one of the last things I goof off with.

The news section is at the bottom of my list, quite honestly. Most news is assigned to the notes below the comic page and people could always come here if they're that curious.

In a weird way, it's all kinda like the Smarty system the way I'm tagging data on the webpages. But without needing three files to display one page. I just need two. The page that holds the actual content and then the "engine", rather than use an "engine", a template, and then the actual content file. That's one thing I always found frustrating about Smarty. I don't know why they couldn't combine the template file with the "engine" file. Not to mention there was then a bunch of extra files and scripts included on the main file for parsing various things. I found a way to cheat a bit with btPHP (which uses Smarty), but it was still tedious and awkward.

Current Progress List

  • Homepage: In progress. Shows latest comic. Need News.
  • Archive: Done!
  • Characters: In progress. Display code finished. Converting old pages.
  • Extras: In progress.
    • Artwork & Fanart: Pending
    • Bonus Comics: Done!
    • Dollmaker: Done! Er, sorta. Still need to finish pictures for it...
    • Fan Questions: Pending.
    • Novel: Pending.
    • Polls: Pending.
    • Quotes: Removed.
    • Tutorials: Pending.
  • News: Pending. To pull from main blog.
  • Store: Pending. Undecided.
  • World: Pending. Need to add map, creatures, and history.
  • FAQ: Done!
  • About: Done!
  • Links: Done!


May 24, 2016 Tuesday

JAD CMS Coming Along

I have made a lovely breakthrough tonight for navigation! Which means now the most basic part of the new comic coding is done. The only thing I have left to do is make an automated archive and the basic CMS for JAD will be complete!

Annnnd of course I have to put all the page data into the new system, so that's a few hundred pages of work right there. I would like to say the new coding will be live within a month.

I'm pretty antsy to leave behind btPHP. It's been an awesome system and I do highly recommend it to people wanting something quick and lightwieght, but it's last release was March 2004. That even makes me uneasy. And the less passwords I have to remember, the better.

...Can I even call this a "content management system" when there is no login or online content editor? All the editing and management parts are handled through FTP and Notepad++. Emotie: :/

Oh well, new system on the way! Emotie: ^w^


May 22, 2016 Sunday

JAD Update: Pages 311, 312, Chapter 32 Cover

Pages 311, 312, and the Chapter 32 cover have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Not much for this Sunday's doodling, but the story is continuing. Emotie: :)

312 was due on March 24, so I am almost exactly two months behind. Gah! I'll be glad when I can finally shake this "two months behind" irritation!


May 7, 2016 Saturday

JAD Update: Pages 309 & 310

Just Another Day
Illustrated pages 309 and 310 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Eight pages and a chapter cover to go before I'm back on track!

Since I, quite surprisingly, haven't lost many readers over having to transition to this illustrated format (and quite honestly, those who left were more likely due to this frustrating hiatus), I think what I'll do is finish the year this way. After the entire year is drawn and uploaded, I'll start where I had to leave off and start making actual comic pages. Then, as the buffer starts getting used up, keep adding illustrated chapters so as to keep the story moving.

Found a way to get better titles displayed on the archive pages. Just gotta implement the tags across all the pages. All... 690... pages... [Scratch that, apparently it displays incorrectly elsewhere now!] I gotta figure out a good way to make a simple template so I can just update it instead of all the pages and the pages can just hold the basic data. No includes, requires, or anything like that on the individual pages. And if it works smooth enough, I might use it across the rest of the site. It'd eliminate the need for specifying a filetype in the URL too.

I am this close... thiiiiiss clooooose... to making a good template. Just one or two more things to hammer out...

A neat show playing in the house right now is Highway to Hell. Tow truck drivers operating in Canada somewhere above Washington and Oregon. I think I find the weather one of the most fascinating parts. One thing you'll never hear in Alabama is "avalanche!!" We may have the odd and rare earthquake, but an avalanche ain't gonna happen unless the weather takes a pretty crazy turn. Rock slides, yes. Mud slides, yes. Snow slides, no.

I could do without half the effects though. I enjoy these "dirty jobs" reality shows, but the drama gets really old. Yes, it's dangerous work. People get maimed and killed semi-regular. That's reality. It comes with the territory. Cut the tense music and creepy narrator already! Sometimes I wish I these shows would hire the guys from the animal documentaries. "And here we see the avalanche patrol looking for a good cornice to target with their explosives so as to control the avalanche slides to protect the motorists from a massive collapse of snow and rock. Ah, a near miss. It will be a long day for this patrol, for sure." And then some beautiful slow motion when it comes crashing down as planned. Emotie: =P

Paypal has now made that ugly new design standard on their site. No more option for the Classic version. So I've had to zoom out a few times to be able to see and read what I'm doing. Why is everything using a huge font and so horribly spaced out these days!? I sure hope whatever design fad comes next is nowhere near as bad as this eyesore everybody is obsessed with in the 2010s. And they said the 1990s were bad? Yeesh! All those people who used the marquee have obviously upgraded to those slider/carousel nuisances too. I'll be glad when those are gone as well. How many times does design ettiquette have to say "no moving parts" before these idiots figure it out? I may allow animated ads at the bottom of JAD, but at least it's away from the main content!


May 4, 2016 Wednesday

Update and sale!

Illustrated pages 307 and 308 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Got two pages up! Which concludes all the pages that were due in February. Yay! 10 more and a chapter cover to go until I'm back on track. For this week. Emotie: @w@

Also added a little section on the front page to show newest art I've drawn of the characters and received as well.

And then of course repeating the announcement onto the JAD section:

In the midst of all the chaos and frustration of winter and early spring, I've gotten some good news! We'll have a new member of the family at the end of summer, so I am celebrating (and fundraising) by offering a sale on commissions until August.

The sale will combine with my newsletter discount and any holiday discounts I'm offering. So if you time it right, you could get a custom artwork for 45% off.

Also offering $5 Character Sketches. If you've got an OC, or I reckon even one of my characters, I'll do a sketch for ya for $5. $1 S&H if you want it in hand, $3 S&H if you live outside the USA.

Yes, soon to be assimilating all the JAD news posts, and then trying to figure out how to fuse these two places into one. Mwahahaha! Emotie: =3

Kiddie Shows
Netflix is great to have around for my toddler. Some of the shows he watches are pretty neat.

I'm fond of the undersea adventures of Octonauts and all the neat footage they get of sea critters. Some of the creatures they feature are fairly newly discovered, like that mimic octopus, and some of the really deep sea creatures. It's kind of cute when he bounces through the house saying "go Popeye, go Popeye, go Popeye" since he also likes watching the old Popeye cartoons I have on DVD.

There's some little show called Sarah and Duck that he really likes right now, and I must say I'm enjoying how calm and cheerful it is. It's cartoony in all the fun ways, like the heavenly bodies coming down out of the sky to spend a day at the art gallery before going back to "work" of glowing in the night sky. The soft music is nice too. It's rather charming over all. Scarf Lady is pretty cool too.

He loves tools and trucks, so Handy Manny, Bob the Builder, and various car shows play regularly. Me and my husband both want to bop Mr. Lopart on the head and we keep wondering why Manny hasn't married the hardware store clerk yet. Emotie: ^,^

And there are a handful that just really grate on my nerves that Little Mischief's banned from watching. Either he starts acting badly after watching them, or the voice actors or execution drives me up the wall.

What's funny is that some of the stuff on the Kid's Channel of Netflix that my husband and I like to watch, Little Mischief won't because "that's daddy's/mommy's show". It's cute. Emotie: =3
He's welcome to watch "daddy's/mommy's shows" when he wants to, but he'll probably be a good bit older when that comes. I reckon Avengers, Spiderman, and the like are a bit over his head right now. He likes the old Superman cartoons though. Odd.


April 22, 2016 Friday

Healed! Or healing?

Sooooo... Cold turned into a sinus infection, along with the pinkeye. Sheesh, what a rude and inconsiderate little bug! Four weeks of torture by mucus and microorganisms. Bleh.

BUT, I am about over all this nastiness and free to get back to artwork! In honor of some good news I got back in the winter, and out of need to fundraise, I'm having a sale on commissions until August. Also revamped that section of my website, and even added a nifty little price estimate script.

Since I seem to be a weekend warrior with the comic for nearly a year now, I reckon Saturdays and Sundays will be my days to try to draw if nothing is going on. Here's to hoping I can get the story back on track!


April 9, 2016 Saturday

Where's Ashe?

Two relatives diagnosed with cancer within a week of each other, the kid's got pink eye or something with similar symptoms, I was down with a bad cold for two weeks where I lost my voice and some weight I really didn't need to lose, and there's one week and a day left of tax season. And a few other illnesses and problems floating about, including the usual fights, insults, and threats at the office from my coworkers. I'm just too dang tired and stressed out to work on the comic. Er, story. Didn't even get to post the silly April Fool's sketch I did of Shanku in the first outfit she was ever drawn wearing. I'll try to remember to put it up in the Extras some time.


March 6, 2016 Sunday

Volume 7 and Chapter 31

Three months late, this year's story finally begins!

There is now a functional jumpbox below the comic, and to reiterate previous news, JAD now has a functional RSS feed at

And the seasonal and holiday CSS themes should be a little better integrated for this year. Emotie: :)

Only six weeks left of tax season and thank goodness for that!


February 27, 2016 Saturday


With a wee bit of prompting, I have finally been able to get an RSS feed programmed! Even checks out through

The feed is at

You know that saying "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses and not zebras"? Well, had a wee issue with the feed displaying every single comic page ever posted. Forget the zebras, I was thinking quaggas! Trying a bunch of long, complicated, and ultimately broken PHP methods of trying to limit the feed to the last ten pages. And all it took was adding "limit 10" to the MySQL query part of the code. Oops... In my defense, that MySQL class was five years ago!

...It really shouldn't have taken four years for me to figure out how to make an RSS feed for JAD. I've been poking at this since 2012. Emotie: -_-;


February 21, 2016 Sunday

Some kind of update!

Here I am, at 8 o'clock on a Sunday, knocking out some weird kinda update. Emotie: :)
(Ended up knocking out four "pages".)

And, boy, can I tell I haven't been able to work on the comic lately! My hand got sore and tired rather quickly.

This strange single illustration story idea idea came from a Lion King fanfic I was reading. (Don't ask me how I got sucked into that, I still don't know.) At one point, life exploded for her too. More normal stuff for comic artists though. Boyfriend, college, first real job, and whatnot. So she started posting written snippets to get the story finished since comic days were fairly over. For that comic. She moved on to reptiles. Eh, most fanfic artists move on to original characters and settings at some point in time. It wasn't unexpected.

Shanku has been with me since 2004 and we've done stories together since 2006, so the odds of her going away any time soon is pretty slim. The odds of this strange type of update, however, might last a while longer than I'd like. But at least it has more to it than just linework!

Annnnnnd time for another Star Trek binge while doing artwork! Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, or Voyager? Hrm... I want more familiar folk like Worf and O'Brian, so Voyager is out. And I am NOT in the mood for Q, so Deep Space Nine it is! Piccard is awesome, but sometimes I wish he'd just sock Q a good one like Sisko did. Drove that nut right off the station.

In other happy news, I have my Courage pendant again! I feel complete and balanced once more. Heheh, might have been some subconscious longing to get it back (or replaced with an almost exact duplicate, rather) these past few years since Shanku, Hilael, and Katari all have their own pendants they're never seen without.


November 26, 2015 Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy and Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have had a wonderful time with loved ones whether or not you celebrate the holiday. Emotie: :)

The leafy theme is up for the holiday, as some may have noticed.

Chapter 30 will begin next week.

The Characters page has been reworked. A few new profiles are up. Some older profiles have been filled out a bit.

There are over one hundred pieces of artwork up on the Extras page from 2004 to the present. Yeah, some really old stuff over there.


November 16, 2015 Monday

Updates and New Forum!

Got all of September's updates up! Woohoo! Now to do October and November... *Gah!*

**Quick Edit** And now all of chapter 29 is up! Woo!

And JAD has a forum! Again. Tried it once three or four years ago, but I deleted it after a week. I'm going to TRY to leave it alone this time. The Raven-Wing forums aren't just for the comic either. I got a few different subforums up so hopefully we can chat about nearly anything. There IS a section called "fanfics", but only because I can't figure out how to rename the mod to "writings". So if you like to write stories, go write almost whatever story you want.

Tweaked the layout a bit here. Kinda liked some of the modifications I had to make to the theme to get the JAD section in the forum to look nice.


November 5, 2015 Thursday

JAD Updating Again

As promised, I have updates up in the archive. Which ended up being just five pages. Bah. Back-dated, as always, so I know just have how far off-track I've gotten. Still further back than I like. Just now realized JAD hit its sixth anniversary while I was down too... Explains the niggling thought in the back of my head on October 20th.

I got some very sweet messages and letters while I was down and I greatly appreciate every one of them. Emotie: :)

I think the paper explosion at work coupled with the nasty summer heat and humidity combination is what knocked me to my knees, in addition to the usual stresses I'm not quite at liberty to mention due to the nature of them, since I've got halfway decent coping measures for all the other stresses that I can grumble about. Now that cooler weather is finally on the way I'm starting to feel somewhat human again. Maybe someday I'll have a summer home made in the American southwest or Canada. Emotie: ^,^


October 16, 2015 Friday

Pages in Progress

I'm still plumb tired, but I am working on pages again. JAD will resume on November 5th. Whatever pages I can get made between now and then will go up and I'll try to get out an update once a week again.


September 17, 2015 Thursday


I had my appointment today! Emotie: :)
She was a very nice CRNP lady. Strict, but nice. It's very reassuring. I don't want a pushover any more than I want somebody that will have one foot out the door the whole time. Our future together looks very promising.

Things are getting in place to take care of this stupid thyroid or whatever else is dragging me down to the pace of a hibernating turtle. JAD's hiatus will NOT be permanent by any means! And as soon as I have some energy back to focus on more than just my day job and commissions, by golly, this comic is going to be brought back up to date!


September 5, 2015 Saturday


I'm going to have to announce an official hiatus. Between my health and a person in my life giving me even more problems, I don't have the time or energy to spare for the comic. Emotie: :(


August 3, 2015 Monday

Linework Pages

I've had a wee explosion at the day job. Two different people dropped off six months worth of bookkeeping. ACK!

Soooooo... a lot of the pages for about a week or so are ending up being just line work in an attempt to keep the comic on track. I get them shaded in the end, so this isn't a permanent change or anything. Just coping with a massive work load.


June 16, 2015 Tuesday

How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet - Pencil

I'm a bit prone to overwhelming myself. How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet fell victim to that and is quite overdue being finished. At long last, I have the pencil version done! Goodness knows how long it'll be before I can get all the images colored...

I'm going to bundle the PDF and epub files together into a zip file. More bang for the buck, as the saying goes.

Also, I have added an audio recording of me reading Jakko's Debt Repaid. Don't judge me too harshly, I have a lot of trouble talking. I have a bit of a stutter sometimes, but I think I kept most of it under control.

Anybody notice a bunch of the dogs from Lady and the Tramp appeared in 101 Dalmations during Twilight Bark? Emotie: ^,^


June 1, 2015 Monday

Chapter Four Updated

Chapter four has been updated. I think going back over the older, plainer chapters with what I've learned and become patient to do suits it pretty good. And allows me to keep the old artwork yet maintain a somewhat consistent art style throughout the comic. Emotie: :)

You can compare old and new here.


March 26, 2015 Thursday

Back on track!

And we are back on schedule! Woohoo! Now to go let my wrist rest. It's a little warm and sore right now. Six pages and 20,000 words in two weeks will do that to ya. I'm not going to be too disappointed when this creative streak ends. Emotie: @w@
3000 of those words are up as an excerpt on the novel page. (Jumping the gun a bit, it's a scene that happens a bit later in our current chapter.) Part of the current rough draft, so it may be smoother by the time I'm done.

It'd certainly be nice to be able to update twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Get out two volumes/arcs a year. Cover pages on Sundays! I'll keep dreamin'. I don't think my wrist could handle it. Or my sanity.


March 22, 2015 Sunday

On to Chapter 27!

Chapter 26 has finally wrapped up. Still a week behind, but I'm catching up!


March 19, 2015 Thursday

Down to March

All of February's updates are caught up! Down to March.

I put Jakko's Debt Repaid up as an epub in the store. A good testing ground to cut my teeth.

I've also been doing some massive work on the book. Nearly up to 80,000 words now with 300+ pages as a 6x9. (Don't act surprised, you all know I talk too much!) Polished off some rough edges, figured up which chapters are done and which need to be written. Got some work done on the short stories and additional scenes. I'll have to put a few more teasers up on the Novel page. Heh, the first chapters will always be rough and choppy though. I kinda like it like that. JAD is not a professional work, not by a long shot. And I've had a few readers voice that they enjoy marks of progress and improvement like that. And I am quite appreciative and very, very grateful that I am accepted, warts and all. Emotie: :)

Now I'm down to my last formatting hurdle. Have a space show between paragraphs or not? Silly thing to fuss over. I say an ebook should be like a book and have no defined spaces between paragraphs, only a text indent. But it doesn't display like that on some devices, like mine. I'll likely leave the space, but still fuss with myself over it.


March 4, 2015 Wednesday


February is half caught-up. Still chugging away at getting back on schedule. Emotie: :)

Also, I am back to experimenting with epubs. Since they are practically a website in a zip file with the extension renamed, it's right up my alley. And much easier for me to program than to fight Open/Libre Office or Microsoft Office. Soon I'll be re-releasing Jakko's Debt Repaid to the store as an epub in addition to the PDF already there. If all goes well, I may switch permanently to them. I don't feel as though I'll be isolating those without ereaders since there are various desktop applications that let you read epubs straight off the computer. Firefox, no surprise, has an add-on for it:

Which I like soooo much better than Ice Cream. Ice Cream completely ignored the stylesheets, which made it kinda awkward to edit on my part.


February 20, 2015 Friday


Only got one page up right now, but 254 is finally up. Which concludes all of January's updates. Working on February's missed updates!

The Deadzone has begun at work. Next rush is due around mid- to late-March. Expect a potential short hiatus then too.


February 13, 2015 Friday

2015 Rush #1 Update

After two weeks of getting slammed, my work load has begun to slack off. After I catch up on some bookkeeping a lady dropped off in the middle of all that, I should be able to resume working on the comic. If all goes well, by next Thursday you should see at least one new page.

Thank you again for reading and being patient. Emotie: :)

Minor site update: Going back to the homepage layout. A little thrown together at the moment, but I'll make it all nice and pretty in time. Also means the min-width of the site is going up. Everybody who comes here uses 1024x768 or higher. Very rarely do I get a 300x200 visit.


February 2, 2015 Monday

2015 Rush #1

Okie dokie folks, it is now time for a brief hiatus. Maybe a week or two. Or three.

As I probably mentioned somewhere, my day job is seasonal. And the season is in. And the first rush is hitting. So I'm doing 50+ hours at work, on top of normal commission duty, mom duty, and wife duty. No comic time.

But have no fear! Once the rush dies down, I'll probably have oodles of free time, and we can get the update schedule back on track. Always have in the past, and bureaucratic bull**** willing, I always will. Emotie: :)


December 29, 2014 Monday

Part one is finished!

Huzzah! Five years of working on JAD, and the first half is finished! Now that we've got The Early Years put behind us, on to The Nyre! Emotie: :)

I also have a tentative part three and four in the works. So the comic likely won't end in five years. Er, life events permitting. So far the comic has survived me going from single, jobless, and living at home, to attempting college, getting married, starting a family, moving seven times, and now working 2-3 jobs depending on how lucky I get. I haven't been brought down by life yet, but who knows what the future holds? But you can bet I'll do my best to keep coming back. Here's to another 5-15 years! Minimum. Emotie: ^_~


December 11, 2014 Thursday

Still Alive

I am aware that as of this Thursday I am three weeks behind. I terribly apologize. I don't like it any more than you do. I have a lot more responsibilities now than when I first started the comic. I intend to have this chapter completed before the end of the month, and doggone it, I'm gonna try! 247 is well on the way, I hope to finish it before Friday morning. With any luck, maybe I can also get 248 out.


September 30, 2014 Tuesday

OC Meme - Shanku

The Rules::..

~1~ Choose one of your own characters (OC).
~2~ Make them answer the following questions.
~3~ Then tag three people.
~4~ Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Shanku Ravenwing

What gender are you?

What is your age?

Do you want a hug?

What is your job, if you have one?
I roam around and do odd jobs. Mostly hunting and gathering.

What is your favorite food?

Have you killed anyone?
...I don't want to talk about it.

Do you hate anyone?

Do you have any secrets?
Not really.

What is your favorite season?
Autumn! They have the best festivals then.

Who is your best friend(s)?

What are your hobbies?

What is your favorite drink?
I like fruit juices.

When is your birthday?

Are you nice or mean?
I like to think I'm nice.

What do you think of your parents?
I miss them.

What's your weakness?

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
Love? Yes. Romantically? Ew, NO!

When was the last time you wet yourself?
...Huh? Well, I did get a little messy the last time I used a cup, I think I have a hole in my mouth.

Good. But I still have to punish you.

What's your favorite band?
Eh? Band of what?

Ever worn a dress?


I know you have...
It was never willing.

What do you consider fun during the day?
Eating, flying, running, rolling in the grass, watching the clouds.

At night?
Eating, flying, sleeping, rolling in the grass, watching the stars.

...Of the same gender?
About the same. Eat together, fly together, watch the clouds and stars.

Does anyone love you?
I guess so.

What's your favorite color(s)?
Blue and black.

Do you have a pet?
Well there's this little fairy dragon that won't leave me alone...

Are you crazy?
I don't think so.

What's your nickname?

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

Favorite movie?

What is your current occupation?
How is an occupation different from a job?

Who do you know that bugs you?

Ever think about getting married?


August 19, 2014 Tuesday

Archive Retouching

While converting all my old print-ready files from ComiXpress to Ka-Blam formatting, I'm touching up some of the old pages, like adding GRASS. The first chapter didn't need much other than a few girth straps. I started digitally coloring the pages around chapter two. Chapters two, three, and four were just outlines with shadows rather than full details like the current pages. Made for some nice effects when I colored them, but I had to give that up before chapter five when I got busy with college. And work. And a boyfriend. Then a husband. And a kid. And moving seven times. Gah, moving... That actually succeeded in knocking out updates for a few weeks a couple of times, and that didn't even happen when I was working two jobs, going to college, and planning a wedding. Moving is rough. The bloody paperwork was more time consuming than packing the boxes. Bleh.

Anywho, yes, older pages are getting a shiny new coat of paint (figuratively speaking).


May 12, 2014 Monday

First short story!

Jakko's Debt Repaid is now available for download and as a hard copy on IndyPlanet!
Ka-Blam won't let me disable the PDF download on IndyPlanet and their prices are ridiculous. I recommend downloading it here instead.

Still working out some issues with Ka-Blam, like them giving me another guy's proof copy and labeling the story with the series name (Just Another Day) rather than its actual name (Jakko's Debt Repaid). Hopefully all will be good within the next few weeks and I can put more of the short stories up, and eventually the comic itself.


May 6, 2014 Tuesday

Still here!

Still around. Scarce, but still around. I know the comic updates have been kind of erratic, but at least I'm maintaining the once-a-week thing. Or rather "50 pages a year" thing. Doing the full-sized pages lets me take a vacation every Christmas, life permitting.

Tax season may be over, but my job with the firm is not. Still have a few bookkeeping accounts to tend to. Those are more erratic than my comic updates, I never know when they're going to drop off a new batch. Those may take a night or two or a weekend to tend to whenever they pop up.
And I have a semi-related job as a receptionist/bookkeeper at heating and cooling place. At least it's part-time. I'm not sure I could handle a full-time job along with the other two.

As far as commissions go, I have a few large projects and every so often I'll get something quick and simple. I call those my "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" commissions. Not very professional of me, but it makes me giggle. Emotie: ^,^

In other artsy news, I have a short story that has gone to print and I should get the proof copy in any day now. I'm sure it'll look good, but I'd like to have one to look over first before I put it up on the site. It'll be with Ka-Blam, the print-on-demand comic place. I'm pretty excited because I've never had any of my work printed before!

So there. I'm working three jobs and keeping a hobby. The comic is NOT a job, even if it may potentially earn some money, because if I was officially working FOUR jobs, I'd go nuts! And I'd have to start stressing out over the art quality being perfect like I do with commissions, and I really need the comic to be what it's always been: a place to relax and have fun.

And please don't think I'm rich because I'm working myself to death with very little to show for it.


May 6, 2014 Tuesday

JAD's History

Ten years ago, I had just started reading webcomics and was active on a horror comic's forum. My username was Shanku. Slowly, it morphed into a character and I was still hiding on my bench. Back then, I also was an animal artist still trying to figure out humans. Years before I learned about furries and anthros, I started humanizing my critters to break myself slowly into people. Shanku was one of them, and half the reason she has wings is because of that horror comic having angels. Shanku was not the only username-turned-chara, a few of my other usernames across forums developed personalities. All but one were female. Within the next few years I got the idea to make them interact and started JAD's first rendition. Which will now never see the light of day, because I was coming out of a heavy anime stage at that time and a Werewolf vs. Vampire RPG. That first go was set in modern times in our world. Between high school and my first job, it was killed. Around the same time the first time JAD ran, I was toying with making a kind of "choose your adventure" browser game with a bunch of handmade HTML pages and MS Paint. Dai was who the user explored as and Ryoichi was his guide. There were a few cross-over pics of Shanku goofing off with Dai and Ryoichi, but they were all adults then. Took a few years break, wanted to stay in MAX, so I dragged Shanku out of storage and decided to work on her backstory. And chunk her into a medieval setting because I'm not that fond of modern settings and it's the period Dai's from. Took all of the JAD and game cast, tweaked them a bit, and then threw them into the world I had made for the werewolf RPG.


April 9, 2014 Wednesday

Preparing for Off Season on the Horizon

Yup. Tax season will be over by this time next week and I'm gearing up for some free time. Or rather, trying to get rid of free time. I have a few listings up on eBay, one on Etsy, a new one on Artists&Clients, and I've got some supplies to make a small portfolio for when I visit the gym. Long story short, I made a friend there who said I can set up a booth from time to time like some of the other businesses. I think it'd be pretty cool. I've never been in a gym. I might get lucky, I might not. Maybe I'll learn how to do fast caricatures? That would be interesting. $5-$10 for a sketch of them working out and picking it up before they leave.

Commissions aside, I have done a TON of writing these past two weeks. The JAD book was 15,000 words before I started and right now it's sitting at over 64,000. Yup, lots of new material to read when I get the book ready to go. I'm hoping to have it finished by New Years. I'd love it to be done sooner, but, it covers chapters 1-25 of the comic, plus the prologue, and it has some short stories in it I haven't been able to release yet. Including a chance to meet the full crew of the Meriweather! And I expanded on some of the sadder parts of the comic, and it was hard to write one of them involving Grubber. Poor Grubber.

Speaking of short stories, I currently have one printing up over at Ka-Blam. I hope to have it in hand around May (hopefully sooner!) and if it looks good, it'll be sent to IndyPlanet. Maybe. I haven't decided yet if I'll be selling them myself or not. It would be cool to sign the covers or something. I may do that... Wonder if I can find a good company to print bookmarks?

So, yes, keep an eye out on the JAD store in a couple of months for some of the short stories, and within a year, the first book!


March 22, 2014 Saturday

Redoing the pages. AGAIN.

With any luck, this will be one of the LAST times I go through and re-do all the comic pages.

So the original plan was to use ComixPress and have the comic printed there when I was able to make up my mind on how much stuff I wanted included in the printed version. Simple enough. Was gonna go with a custom size of 7"x8", had my pages all cut as needed, and went on about my business.

Then ComixPress stopped taking on new orders. Drat.

So, on to Kablam! Hadn't decided on a page size for a while. Got myself on up to the 22nd chapter, took a good long look at the pages and the sizes offered and realized I needed to go bigger. The "magazine" size is close the actual size of what I draw the pages at and it's quite comfy. The drawback? Need to resize the pages and save them as TIFFs, not PNGs or JPGs. Oi... So that's about 240 pages for me to remake, including chapter and volume covers. Oi... I am SO glad I scan the pages in at 600dpi!

The hard part will be remembering how to save the image files. TIFF, no layers, LZW compression. I'm not used to TIFFs, I hope I don't just forget and click on through to later have Kablam send my files back to me for editing. That would be rather embarrassing. Of course, since I've gone through a few different scanners over the course of the comic, it probably wouldn't hurt to go ahead and re-scan the whole comic. The early pages are kind of faded compared to the current stuff. Maybe I can get that straightened out? And if I go ahead and save the scans as TIFFs, I won't be as prone to forget to save the print-ready version as TIFFs.

Probably I will save the old Photoshop and PNG files to a CD and delete them off my hard drive. The comic takes up a fair bit of space by this point.

After I get done, I may go back through and resave all the small resolution pages as GIFs to cut down on loading time for the readers. PNGs take longer to load.


March 19, 2014 Wednesday

One month to go!

One month left of tax season, woohoo! Then I can properly get back to the comic and commissions. I don't like it that I can't devote the time and attention to you guys that I want to, but, this is the bulk of my income for the year. It may be 50-60 hours a week for three and a half months, but it's only for three and a half months. The rest of the year it will be bookkeeping and commissions. More time to spend with my family, more time for my freelance work, and more time to spend on my hobby!

Hope to see you guys about a month from now! I'm working on some new content and I hope to goodness I can deliver it soon. You can check out some of it on the bonus comics page and on the Ask the Cast page.


February 11, 2014 Tuesday

Snow Day

Just what I needed!

+ I got Sunday's laundry folded. Usually that has to wait until next Sunday because I'm working six days a week and the dryer is messed up. I adore my wonderful clothesline but it takes a long time to dry during the winter.

+ Did dishes that had been sitting there for three days. I can see that I need to further train my househusband before I start chasing him with one of the dirty knives. Yes, yes.

+ Got most of one commission finished.

+ Did my MAX submission.

+ Got some work on the comic done.

+ Did some rearranging on the comic's site.

+ Worked on my get rich eventually scheme getting the site's hosting paid for next summer through my InboxDollars account. I like InboxDollars, but I do NOT like Toluna.

+ Had lunch with my baby! Emotie: :D

+ And ate some snow. Because snow is delicious.


January 22, 2014 Wednesday

Print to PDF

Probably one of the best digital features is being able to "print to PDF". I'm trying to get into the habit of "printing" off all my correspondence with patrons when I do commissions, but a lot of the time I forget and have to do it later. I think I'm averaging about 5-10 "prints" each time I do it. Emotie: XD

Pretty useful at work too. If I think I might need a report later on, I can save it to the computer and have it waiting. Sometimes I need a lot of copies, sometimes I don't need any.

Also use it on the comic. Highlight all the pages going into a chapter, modify the "printer" settings to accommodate for page size, and voila! JAD PDFs. Emotie: :)


December 27, 2013 Friday

New Store!

Revamped the JAD store. Changed the payment options from Lulu to Paypal. Cheaper, but like Lulu, the fees are outrageous. Oh well. All those cents add up and pay for the hosting. Emotie: :)

Keep an eye out, eventually I'll start putting the short stories in there! (If I can ever finish them. WHY DOES THE BABY NEVER SLEEP!?)


December 27, 2013 Friday

Almost caught up!

One more page and I'll have us back up to date! Woohoo!

My seasonal job kicks in sometime in January. Really depends on when the IRS says tax season starts. So if updates are slow and erratic, never fear, I'll still knock out five chapters next year like I have in the past four. Emotie: :)


December 10, 2013 Tuesday

JAD Update: Page 20-08

Got 20-08 up, along with the accompanying half pages, so now I'm only a week behind! Yay!

Likely I'll be back to two weeks behind here soon. Finals are this week. Yay.


December 7, 2013 Saturday

JAD Update: 20-07

Finally got 20-07 drawn and uploaded. Now I'm only two weeks behind! *dies*

Three pages left guys! Let's hope I can get them all done this year. And as always, I'll be taking a break as soon as the last page of this volume is done. Time to prep for next year's volume.

And I finally caught Drunk Duck up. Twelve half-pages worth of behind. I don't claim full fault for that. Their long downtime here recently really messed up my uploading schedule with them for a while. Emotie: XD


November 29, 2013 Friday

Slow Updates

Comic is going to be slow to update for a little while. Right now, I'm in such a tight financial situation that any unpaid work MUST take a back-burner to paid work so I can keep the power on and food on the table.
So, um, if you have some extra change, want to commission some artwork? If you think I'm a psycho stalker, I can email the large resolution copy to you. If you don't think I'm a psycho stalker, I can mail the original pencil work to you.

...Some of you are now thinking I'm a psycho stalker because I brought it up, aren't you? Emotie: XD


November 14, 2013 Thursday

Possible hiatus?

One of the perks to moving: back to a router that allows me to login to the comic's control panel! Yay! (Tried that whole "port opening" thing on the router at the old place. No luck.)


I may have to announce a hiatus. I really, really, really, really don't want to. There's a recurring trend among webcomickers who have to get so caught up in life to survive that they come back years later to a project they once loved and no longer have a passion for it. So I'm going to fight that hiatus tooth and nail. Last week's update is drawn, but not uploaded, and I don't have this week's page even sketched. All my spare time is going to commissions and I've dropped out of school to spend more time drawing. Moving two months early is really turning out to be more problematic than we thought and my husband hasn't gotten any callbacks yet. Considering he's very charismatic and usually hired quickly, I'm concerned. My seasonal job starts in January, but there's still that month and a half stretch of very likely no income outside of what I can drag in. Not much in savings to rely on, that's already gone to moving and bills. Thank goodness for overdraft protection.

So here's to hoping to many commissions and no hiatus! Emotie: =S


November 7, 2013 Thursday

Late Page Update

Yes, late, I know. I'll get to it this weekend. Last week I got swamped with commissions (Bless you who commissioned me! I really need the work!), I'm behind in school because of the move, and today and tomorrow I have an income tax seminar to go to.

So I will get it this weekend and get a JAD update made.

I have commission slots up on eBay and Artists&Clients, so if you want a portrait or fantasy drawing or just about any drawing, and want me to do it, feel free to drop me a line! I'm still two months away from my seasonal job.


October 22, 2013 Tuesday


Finally, finally, got moved. Despite the best efforts of paperwork and penalties for wanting heat at night, we have moved. Water's on, power's on, the change of address forms are in the mail, internet is due to be installed Friday. (I'm at a relative's right now to check on commissions.) So all messages and notes and commissions I hope to start working on this weekend.

This Thursday's update on the main site is drawn, but is not scanned and definitely not uploaded. Might be Friday or Saturday before it goes up, but it's on its way.

Gotta admit, camping out in the new place without power was fun. I adore using oil lamps at night, and we're thick blankets for weather in the 30s and 40s. No noise beyond the tick-tick of the kitchen clock. Only thing I really missed was central heating first thing in the morning! Hard to get up when that cold floor is giving you the evil eye.


October 15, 2013 Tuesday

JAD Update: 85 | MNG Update: 2

Just Another Day
Page 85 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 2 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.


Bah, I hate having a cold! Stupid, stupid cold. Ya know, I never get sick. But I can catch a damn cold anytime. Grr!

Still in happy denial though. I don't know what I did to deserve the guy I did, but it must have been something major. Or I'm just the luckiest girl in the world! Emotie: ^.^
He makes me feel so mellow and calm. Big change from the usual aggressive and feisty dispositions I have to keep.


October 7, 2013 Monday


Toons Up is a little comic place introduced to me by Jack of Captain Ahole. It's mostly based out of Germany, I think. Or started there or something, because a lot of banners and webcomics are in German. (If I start participating in the forums, I might can learn the language faster! It is on my list of "languages to learn", in the fantastical World of Tomorrow where all of human accomplishment resides.)

I don't remember how long ago I first started uploading Just Another Day there, but I do remember I originally was putting it up in the half-page format. About a year or two ago I replaced all those with the full pages. And the past few days I've finished catching it up to the recent update, and I'm rearranging the sections by volume rather than by chapter. And it's teeeediiiious. I can only move one page at a time. Still the reason why I love Comic Dish's massive page of text-fields so much: easy to mass-upload and mass-edit!

In other JAD news, currently I have the list of short stories at the bottom of the home page. Eventually I will figure out if I want to put their links on the Archive or the Extra page.

And speaking of Extras, new wallpaper pack! All the Volume 4 covers, ready for your desktop. It probably wouldn't hurt for me to start a poll and ask the phone people if they want a background cut for their mobile devices. Not that I'd take offense if nobody wanted them. I don't even have JAD wallpapers on my desktop! Granted, my desktop is pictures of my family, but still. Even if I was single, I probably wouldn't have the chapter covers on my desktop.

If I get a steady stream of commissions one day, I'm going to put up a poll asking people if they keep getting timeout errors on the main site. I have a feeling I was lied to by Hosting24 about "unlimited bandwidth". There certainly seems to be a limit if I keep getting a page that says "service temporarily unavailable to pages that fetch a high number of page views". The fact they have not replied back to my email asking why that keeps happening is even more incriminating. I've heard that the VPN is one of the best routes for truly unlimited bandwidth at a good price. Right now the site I'm looking at switching to charges about three times what I'm currently paying ($150/year for VPN instead of $60/year for shared hosting). But it'd be worth it! I've been intending to upgrade to a higher grade site when I started getting serious about this site thing anyway, so it's not like I'm going out of my way for this or anything.


October 4, 2013 Friday

JAD Update: Cast Page Redo!

Yup. Redid the cast page. Individual pages are a bit much for me to maintain because of all the images. Still need to do the thumbnails for the new cast page, but at least all the missing characters are up now.

Getting well into chapter twenty. Nineteen full chapters have already come and gone. I honestly never expected to make it past chapter four. And good golly has the cast page grown!


September 26, 2013 Thursday

Moving again!

Commissions will be paused for the month of October so I can get all that blasted paperwork taken care of and will resume in November, if not a bit earlier to help offset incurred moving expenses.

The comic currently has two more updates uploaded. I have two updates drawn that I need to scan in before the move. With any luck, there won't be a drastic lapse in updates like the last time when I moved four hours away.

Commissions will be paused for the month of October so I can get all that blasted paperwork taken care of and will resume in November, if not a bit earlier to help offset incurred moving expenses.

Moving is such a pill, no? Deposit at the power company, deposit at the water company, find out the garbage rules (garbage pickup is mandatory where we're going, I think), turn off utilities and services at the old address, update all your addresses for your bills and insurance and bank accounts and sites like Paypal, potentially required to take out insurance on the place you'll be living at, and this time I gotta get a mailbox. Which I'm excited about, because I've never bought my own mailbox before. Yay! New mailbox!
But bah to all that paperwork!

What I don't understand is how some junk mail keeps better track of my addresses than my bills. I made the mistake once of requesting information from Globe Life Insurance. Ya know, that company that spams everybody with several pieces of mail a month on top of all the inserts in coupon bundles? That was the only time I gave them my address and it was before I knew anything about them. Biiiig mistake. I went from mail every other week to two pieces a week. And they followed me through three moves. Not just with the standard junk, they had my correct name with my correct address each time before even my bills had a chance to fully transfer deliveries. Is that creepy or what? After five phone calls, a few threats, and tearing their advertisements up into little pieces and stuffing it back into the return envelope along with random paper and garbage so as to run up their postage costs, they finally left me alone.

*** Update 10/13/2013 ***

Hoping for this week. Been one delay after another. Two and a half weeks of bloody paperwork and red tape holding everything up. If I ever move again, it will NOT be in city limits! I wouldn't be surprised if there is a permit required before you can poop in your own toilet, preceded by a permit required for buying said toilet and then a permit to have it placed in your house.


September 13, 2013 Friday

JAD Update: Cover, 20-01

Just Another Day
The cover to chapter twenty and page 20-01 (half pages 381 and 382) have been drawn and scanned. 20-01 is uploaded.
Half of 20-02 is drawn.

I'll try to have the cover colored and uploaded before I move. If not, it'll be up after the move.

So this puts me in the clear to about mid-October.


Have I announced this yet? I don't really know by this point.
I am moving! For the last time for many years. Likely I'll be gone in about two weeks.

I have one commission I've sold on eBay and been waiting two days to hear back from the guy so I can start, and that'll likely be the last one until after the move. Tentative schedule is to reopen commissions in November. Hopefully sooner.


September 10, 2013 Tuesday

JAD Update: 19-05, 19-06, 19-07, 19-08, 19-09, 19-10

Just Another Day
Pages 19-05, 19-06, 19-07, 19-08, 19-09, and 19-10 have been drawn, scanned, edited, and uploaded.
For those of you that still read the half pages, that is 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 378, 379, and 380.

Which concludes chapter 19! And now available on Lulu if you want to read the updates early. A bit late this go around since the PDF went up on page 5 instead of page 6, but I've been a bit busy. My husband had a back injury and then got a staph infection. I've been fussing and fretting over him the past three weeks. Not that it made him heal faster.

New short story partially written. It's about Koru, the Kurach that met with the fairies and had the whole race altered. Mostly trying to write it in the style of children's books and old folklore, but it gets dark at the end I'm struggling with it a bit. I guess I should worry about it too much, considering how Disney likes to drop characters off of cliffs and have them trampled, crushed, or strangled, with a few stabbings, poisonings, and beatings to other characters along the way, and Disney still gets considered a children's company. Nobody dies or even gets seriously hurt in Koru's story! There is some poking and smacking with a stick (I love the goblins!), but that's the worst of it.

Current written list of short stories:
- Shanku's mother checking on her daughter soon after exile.
- Shanku's parents coming to terms with her being gone.
- Jakko attempting to repay his rabbit debt.
- An incident on an island while she was sailing on the Meriweather.

These won't be presented in comic form when I can finally get them finished. Each will have at least one illustration, and if the story spans multiple pages I hope to have many illustrations. Some that take up a full page, some that are the length of a paragraph.

One of these eons, I'll finish drawing the prologue. That WILL be in comic form! It's been fully written out too, but I want it to be released as a separate issue when I start putting the comic up on Ka-Blam. (ComiXpress has gone bye-bye. Too bad, they looked like a great service.)

Prints and Postcards
Also, prints up in my Zazzle shop! I've taken a lot of photographs of flowers and bugs the past few years and want to do something with them. Right now there are options for 8"x10" prints and postcards of some of them. I hope to add prints and postcards of all of my favorites, and maybe a few other card types. Some of the best bugs and flowers will likely go up as keychains at some point.

And, of course, some artwork is up in my Zazzle shop. Just the phoenix chicken and the English bulldog for now, but give me time, I'll eventually make more chickens and dogs. And someday expand it to horses, cats, and wild animals. The plan after getting some good animal art made is to make a few themed journals on Lulu. First will be a chicken journal. Because I love chickens and I want a chicken journal. Emotie: :D

Why This is Late
First my husband was down with a back injury. About the time he heals from that, he comes down with some kind of infection in his leg that has him limping and unable to put much weight on his leg. And now he's between jobs. Luckily, I've got a bit of work doing some bookkeeping and helping with audits and late-filing tax returns. I also have an art trade and a commission I'm tending to.

A note to any other artists reading this that takes commissions: try eBay if you're not having much luck. I put a listing up for a custom portrait and let the bid run for a week. I got four bids. Happy hunting!


May 13, 2013 Monday

JAD Update: 17-00, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330 | School

Just Another Day
Chapter 17 cover and pages 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, and 329 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 330 has been drawn.

Starting back this summer going to a local college. Still going to do online classes, but I've transferred just in case I have to run to campus every other week because they confuse "online" with "hybrid".

I may be changing my degree from Computer Science to Business Administration. What few classes I've been able to do last year are required for both degrees. Reason why I'm changing is because my husband is heavily considering making a living from income tax preparation. Yeah, evil stuff, I hate it too. But I've worked in a tax office for six years, I know what we're getting into and it's not too difficult. The biggest difficulty for me is remembering where the program puts data onto the forms.

For the actual tax laws themselves, we have two options: take a class, or order the publications from the IRS to study those throughout the summer and attend the update seminar in the autumn. Most income tax classes don't start until at least July, so we have three months to finish mulling it over. I have a feeling we'll be making a go for it, so this summer and autumn I'll be taking the other cross-compatible classes I'll need like Accounting I & II, Business Statistics I & II, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and the second Microcomputer Applications class. Although I really don't know if this college has accounting as part of the CS degree... I'll have to double check.

He's thinking about taking up bookkeeping (and payroll is sure to follow) during the off-seasons. I'll definitely need the accounting classes.


April 19, 2013 Friday

New store idea!

I quite like, but I'm not happy with the prices for my PDFs.

There's a minimum price of $0.99 for server and storage costs. Anything above that is your share. Sorta. Lulu gets a share of your share at 10%. So while the chapters are currently selling for $1.25 on Lulu, I only get $0.23. The volumes are $3.50 and only $2.21 comes back to me. And that all seems too high for too little. The minimum threshold for retrieving your revenue is $5. Not much for some, but it takes me a while to get up that much.

So what I'm thinkin' of doin' is this: re-do the store page to sell the PDFs directly using Paypal's "Buy Now" buttons. After they do their transaction on Paypal, it redirects them to a Thankie page with a link to the zip file holding the PDF.
Chapters would cost $0.25 each. (New releases would cost $0.50 each until the update schedule had the whole thing aired.)
Volumes would cost $1. ($2 until the whole thing was up.)

Cheaper for the reader, no payment delay for me. Win-win for everybody!

Now if I can get one more person to download a PDF from Lulu so I can meet the $5 minimum, I can implement my new idea. Emotie: :D


April 17, 2013 Wednesday

JAD Update: 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340

Pages 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, and 340 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

The script for chapter 18 is being written.

And I'm out of those plastic covers I store the comic pages in. Drat.

Layout on and Just Another Day have been updated to a blue-jean theme. Eh, my name for it anyway. Finally got the subdomain working, but the page still flashes white before displaying. No clue what's causing that just yet.


April 13, 2013 Saturday


I've made PDFs out of all the chapters and put them up on Lulu for anybody who wants them. No secret content, what you see on the site is what you get.

Someday I'll release editions with all the short stories and stuff.


April 10, 2013 Wednesday

JAD Update: 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340

Page 330 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Pages 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, and 340 have been drawn.

So I've roughly drawn a chapter in a month. Not too bad, it usually takes a bit over two months. Tomorrow I'll be scanning and editing in the second half of this chapter.

I'd ran out of story ideas around 800 pages. Thought I was out in the clear and was going to let the story end quietly. But, nope. Old storyline that never got finished elsewhere worked its way into Shanku's life. Fun. Looks like her adult life has room for adventure too. Kind of excited about it, there were a couple of characters and a new species I was quite fond of.


April 5, 2013 Friday

Character Exercise


I've grown quite fond of Shanku over the years. Why not do a quiz on her to see how she's grown?

This exercise helps you to learn more about your character through food preference--which can actually be useful in your story--and through casual conversation. Your main character has invited you to lunch. Where does she meet you?
In her world, probably at a tavern. The universal food serving joint. In my world, we'd hit a grocery store, go shopping, and go home to cook.
What is ordered?
Well, this is Shanku. She loves to eat. Main dish will be a reminder from home. Meat. Stewed, preferrably. Maybe deer or pork. With onions and mushrooms cooked in the same pot.
Side dishes will be influenced by her travels, so likely steamed pototoes or carrots, boiled peas or beans, or other kind of vegetable.
Dessert will be a pudding.
She'll have water to drink and if it's a special occasion it'll be muscadine wine.
What do you talk about?
Assuming we're friends and I won't get jumped for the hell I put her through, likely we'll talk about recipes. She's eating, her mind will be largely on food. Come to think of it, mine will too.
This exercise gives you valuable insight into the way your characters think about and describe themselves. Your protagonist and antagonist are each required to write a letter of introduction for your reader, describing themselves, their goals, and motivations, and you.
I'm not sure if I have an antagonist... Shanku has a strong hate of the Elders in her home clan. They'll do for now.
Shanku: "'ello. Name's Shanku. I have wings and I shapeshift. I love food. Not fat, don't got a chance to be. Every time I turn around somebody is making me scrub a floor or something. Love to travel too. Ask me about the time I held my own against a pack of gryphons. It's a great story."
Elders: "It is our duty to protect our clan and uphold traditions, whatever it may take to do so."
This exercise gives you a deeper knowledge of your character through hobbies/leisure time activities. It's a Sunday afternoon and your character's responsibilities are complete. What does he/she do to relax for the rest of the day?
Sleep, eat, and sunbathe. Maybe write a letter to a friend.
This exercise helps you gain insight into how your characters view their opposition. Your protagonist and antagonist each write a letter to a friend or family member (or you!) about the other.
Shanku: "These pompous featherheads are getting on my last nerve. There's nothing wrong with wanting to explore!"
Elders: "This pup is a menance to the clan and must be dealt with before she finds a terrible threat to bring home."
This exercise helps you to learn more about your characters through handling adversity--which can be very telling! Your two main characters have to change a flat tire, in the rain.
The secondary main character changes from volume to volume, sometimes chapter to chapter. I'll pick Dai since he was the first.
Shanku: "I'll be the umbrella if you change the tire. Deal?"
Dai: "Sure."
Shanku uses her wings to cover their heads as the tire is changed.
This exercise gives you insight via detailed description of your character's home environment-- which can be useful in your story--family, food preference, and any other details you work into it. Your main character invites you to her place for dinner. What sort of home does she have?
This one will be difficult because she doesn't HAVE a home... yet. It's small, largely made of wood. Well kept lawn, if you're not picky about dandelions. She thinks they're tasty and doesn't mind them growing.
How is it furnished?
Uncluttered. Stools for chairs, one table to eat at, lots of open space in the middle for her wings. Bookshelves line the walls with books, paper, and writing utensils. Kitchen is the main attraction.
Any family, roommates, pets?
Nope. She's fairly solitary.
What is served?
The same meal we had earlier.
Your main character decides to put up a personal homepage. How does she go about it?

Computers don't exist in her world. But, under the assumption she lived her, we'll continue. Newbury's passion for learning coupled with her own love of exploring will lead her to build an informational site about the things she's seen, with a daily blog to chronicle her adventures until she can organize them later.
Does she have the skills to start building one, or will assistance be necessary?

Shouldn't this have been the first question? She's pretty headstrong about being independent, so likely she'll learn what she has to to do it herself. Since it's been establish we are friends, she'll probably ask me for help on things she has trouble finding the answer to on the offchance I'd know it.
What sort of information will she want on it?

Not much about her. Mostly about her travels and discoveries.


February 25, 2013 Monday

Posty Post

Nothing really on the topic list, just want to post for the heck of it. Emotie: =P

Working on the next chapter of Just Another Day. 321, 322, and 323 are done. 17 pages to go! I intend to have them done within two weeks and release Chapter 17 on Lulu the same time the chapter starts. I'd love to make a habit of that. No perks or other bonuses per chapter, just something for those that don't want to wait a few months to see the ending.

Still working on the short stories. Got a couple of them written. Still drawing the prologue. Only 12 pages, but I keep forgetting about it. Emotie: XD

Baby's got all four of his beaver teeth and the two extended beaver teeth on top are coming in. Right now I'm watching my topless husband hold the baby and the baby is... well, I'm not sure if he's trying to nurse, but he's leaning forward and mouthing on my husband. Not sure which is funnier, the puzzled expression on the baby or the matching raised eyebrows on the parents.

He's FINALLY crawling. Started a few days after his eight month milemark. And a week after that started pulling up on everything. Time to install a shelving system around the house reminiscent of the catwalks installed in the houses of dedicated cat owners.

We came across a new game that's quite fun to play. Minecraft. Apparently it can be played on both the PC and 360. Dunno what else it works on. I like it! You can build nearly anything because of how heavily "pixelated" it is. It's like Legos, without the knobs on top. My first map I generated had only one town on the whole map. ONE TOWN. And over half the people died because I am a magnet for Splodey Zombie! (Official name is "Creeper".) So I made a new one. Got a few towns and some dramatic landscapes. The new map is wicked! Got this huge mountains and coves with huge overhangs. Only notable thing about my first map was a big mountain in the corner made of mycelium that had three huge mushrooms growing on them. And I mean HUGE mushrooms. Like 15-20 block tall mushrooms. In comparison, a character is about 2 blocks tall. Had cows with mushrooms growing on them roaming this mountain. Haven't finished exploring the new map yet to see if there are Mooshrooms there.

Anywho, signing off. The baby is trying to grab the laptop.


February 21, 2013 Thursday

It worked??

Strange way to title this post I'm sure, but, it worked??

A week or so ago I finally put all the JAD chapters up on Lulu as individuals and by volume, including the current chapter as a bit of a sneak peak for whoever wanted it for a buck twenty-five. I am very, very surprised to see somebody actually downloaded some!

So many thanks, whoever you are!

Now I'm off to go get my jaw off the floor and fix something to eat. I'm hungry. I'm always hungry. Maybe Mom's right, maybe they'll find a recordbreaking tapeworm in me some day. Emotie: XD


February 6, 2013 Wednesday

JAD Update: 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 318, 319, 320

Just Another Day
Pages 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 318, 319, and 320 have been drawn and scanned.
Pages 311 and 312 have been uploaded.

Journal Updates
Yup, back to LiveJournal page updates. Really weird port problem that the internet company won't fix. Every other internet service I've had has let me log into the CMS on my site, with the exception of a hotel. Whatever configuratin the hotel had, this private company decided to adopt. Quite annoying. I can edit the database entries directly through the control panel on Hosting24, thank goodness.

While I COULD edit the news updates through the control panel too, it's a royal pain in the butt. The page dates are simple. Enter a calendar date. News? Complicated thing. Remember the "leave of absence" news update? Shows as "December 7, 2012, 11:06am CST" on the site. Database version? "1354900000". I don't understand it enough to get it close to the day's date without punching in numbers and seeing what dates comes up next. There's not even a set amount of digits in a day! I'm so confused... Probably understand it someday, but not today!

Anywho, yes, updates. I get up at six in the morning to fix my husband's breakfast, prepare lunch, and see him out the door. Then I get a few hours now to draw before the baby wakes up. Been using this time to get ahead. The drawing part is fun. The editing isn't so much fun. I've made the comic too complicated. Half page and full page, easy enough. Half page as you guys see it, a full page at print-ready resolution, then a scaled down full page for what goes on the site. But SmackJeeves doesn't appreciate the full page as a PNG. Has to be a GIF. Okay, four versions. Not so bad. Then I got a note the font was too small on both from a regular reader. I don't condone eyestrain, and I like my readers, so a larger half-page for those who need it (and someday I'll remember to link to it off the main site).
Why must I make things so complicated? Where does the need to tweak and experiment come from??


November 13, 2012 Tuesday

Donation Button

I've added a donation button. I'm none too fond of the idea of accepting donations, but I'm concerned about keeping the family fed and I will be offering something in return for each donation. Sketches, drawings, and crocheted items depending on the amount.

So if you want to lend a hand with hosting fees, bills, and groceries, just click on Jakko above. Don't forget to specify what you'd like in return!


November 7, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 15-03

Page 15-03 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 285 and 286.)


November 1, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 15-02

Page 15-02 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 283 and 284.)


October 29, 2012 Monday

Comic Inspiration

My first comic was kicked off after excessive reading of Garfield, BC, Peanuts, Narnia, and a few Black Stallion books. Anime found its way in after Ronin Warriors, YuYu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and Dragon Ball Z. I did that comic from the ages of 10 to 14. Expectedly, it was goofy, violent, and had some very strange animals.

Took a two year break, and delved into JAD's first run where I poked fun at college comics, anime personalities, and badly stereotyped monsters. Thankfully, that was hosted on GeoCities and none ever knew it existed.

JAD's second run came about because I wanted to stay in MAX. The comic I was collaborating on tanked once because I made fan art for Spider and the writer thought I was giving away story secrets. He calmed down, we tried again, I joined MAX, and then it tanked a second time because I switched to pencil work to keep to the update schedule. Something about pencil-work being "cheap" and therefore vastly inferior to digital coloring. So I dug up JAD, dusted it off, tweaked it a bit (or a LOT), and put it back online so I could stay in MAX.

And that's how JAD came to be. Artwise, Nobuhiro Watsuki and Ruth Thompson.

What all first got me into comics and storytelling were Garfield, BC, Peanuts, Narnia, a few Black Stallion books, G-Force: Guardians of Space, Ronin Warriors, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and DragonBall Z. Maybe some Sailor Moon. Definitely folklore and Dungeons ∓ Dragons at a later time.

Art... Feathered hair-do has heavy Nobuhiro Watsuki (Rurouni Kenshin) influence. The bushy hair of the Sylvan Kurach came from DragonBall Z and Yu Yu Hakusho. Wing shading came from Ruth Thompson. General muscle build came from DragonBall Z. General shading I picked up from Andrew Loomis. The canines had a lot of influence from Balto.

For venturing into the world of webcomics, that would be Malakhim, Tall Tails, Inverloch, Saturnalia, BadBlood, and 936•Why?, even though that last one never made it online.


October 22, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: Chapter 15 Cover, 15-01

The cover to chapter 15 and page 15-01 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 281 and 282.)


October 20, 2012 Saturday

Three years already?? Just Another Day turns three years old!

That's right folks! My webcomic has turned three years old! I almost can't believe it's been three years already. A wallpaper is available for download on my site.

Today marks the comic's third year of being online. I almost can't believe it. It didn't sneak up on me as badly as it did last year, so you guys are getting a better wallpaper. I may not be a webcomic monolith with a hundred thousand fans, but I've got a wonderful bunch of readers. Not all of you give feedback, and that's fine. I'm flattered you're reading at all!

Wow... three years. At least I've finally gotten into a rhythm. A volume each year, pencil work, no inking, and sadly no coloring aside from chapter covers. Maybe one day...

So, hey, here's to another year and hopefully all the way to the end of the story! Thank y'all for the all the support. Emotie: :)


October 15, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 14-10

Page 14-10 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 279 and 280.)


October 11, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 14-09

Page 14-09 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 277 and 278.)


October 4, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 14-08

Page 14-08 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 275 and 276.)


September 27, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 14-07

Page 14-07 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 273 and 274.)


September 24, 2012 Monday

Mary-Sue Results

I put Shanku through a Mary-Sue test again to see how she came out. Granted, I didn't tick a few boxes like "teenager" and "always wins fights" or "hybrid of three species". Since her age isn't static in the story, I don't think her current age matters. She doesn't always win fights. Granted, she did sort of win over Dai to teach her to hunt and she did win against Maston but she's been stuck in a dress and had to do housework plenty. And I think the hybrid thing was in remarks to direct breeding (half elf, half human, etc.) rather than a species featuring parts of three other species...

Oh well, on to the results!

Score Breakdown
I Love Her, I Let Her Go 5
She's The Anti-Cool 0
Plain Jane 1
Healthy as a Horse 1
Momma HATES Her! 2
Total: 9

Shanku is only a little like you. She is not at all cool; in fact, she thinks cool is a temperature reading, and when she says "Oh, I just put on whatever old thing's lying around," she means "on the floor, where I threw it last night - but I turned the underwear inside out first." There's never been anything special about her that she could see; boy, is she in for a surprise. She's got no emotional scars to speak of. And she's gotten no slack from you.

In general, you've kept yourself a goodly distance from Shanku and given her plenty of room - maybe a little too much. Don't distance yourself so far from Shanku that you stop caring what happens to her.

The reason why she is "like me" is because we're both scrawny, straight females. Emotie: XD


September 20, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 14-06

Page 14-06 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 271 and 272.)


September 16, 2012 Sunday

JAD and MAX (yay acronyms!)

Just Another Day
I seriously need to update the character pages. Apparently I deleted some stuff I wasn't supposed to and now the characters have unformatted pages. Ooops!
Shanku's page still works... in all but IE. Who'da thunk it? IE not displaying something correctly? *facepalm* IE displays every single other page correctly, EXCEPT for the character pages. I hate IE...

I drew for Tozoku and glowinbright did a cute submission for me.
And I can't believe Hawk actually picked my submission for this round's feature! YIPPEE!! "AshenSkye really went wild with the Victorian theme this round in this picture for Tozoku."
I wish I could say I had spent all two weeks working on it. But, no. I cannot. I had five days to do it and the first four were spent on updates and school. I spent the 15th - the day before it was due - making it.

Also did a fun exercise BJC came up with.


September 13, 2012 Thursday

Moving Update (Final)

Aye, we've made it safely down. Took a week to get the internet back up and running, and that week was pretty much spent unpacking and organizing anyway. (I'm very happy to say that the new apartment is bug- and spider-free!)

I was surprised, flattered, and humbled to see that there were still a LOT of visits to the site over the past three weeks.

As promised, all updates to this point are up. Sorry for the temporary hiatus. Enjoy your reading!


September 13, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 14-03, 14-04, 14-05

Pages 14-03, 14-04, and 14-05 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half-pages 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, and 270.)


September 11, 2012 Tuesday

And I'm back!

Got my internet back today. Haven't checked my school yet to see what classes I'm still in or how much work I've missed.

Just Another Day has two weeks worth of updates ready. I need to draw this week's updates. Also got a lot of writing done and made a few pages of the prologue.

Sunday I went to the beach for the first time! Emotie: :D

(Technically, second. But I was three or four years old last time and all I remembered was that it tasted bad.)

Baby went too. Covered in sunscreen and towels so he wouldn't burn to a crisp. He's still nice and pale. My husband and I look a bit like lobsters.

We learned something very important: never go to the beach after a hurricane. There are some nasty little flies with a big bite that swarm you by the dozens.

Me and some kids had fun pseudo-surfing. We got some of those big tire-shaped floats and let the little 2'-3' waves push us back to shore. Short ride, but very fun.


August 25, 2012 Saturday

Took Me Long Enough

I found the "replace all" button in Notepad++! Could have found it sooner if I'd bothered looking, but I hadn't really thought about looking for it until I got the crazy idea to try to update everything to HTML5 as much as possible. *shudder* No "px" in image tags and no more BORDER or ALIGN attributes either.
Updating my gallery pages are going so wonderfully fast now! I'm so happy I could dance!

I also finally figured out how to use PHP on the character pages to save time on updating them. And I feel like a complete dolt for not figuring it out sooner. Include and Echo. *facepalm*

Of course, half the problem lies in every time I see the phrase "Hello World!" my mind automatically blanks whatever I just learned. I really wish they would change up their phrases from time to time.


August 24, 2012 Friday

Moving! (Again.)

Moving again! My husband got the job, but it starts 4-5 months from now. So we're moving south to where he is presently employed. Gotta eat, ya know?

Right now I'm logging in from a hotel. I know, I know. Dumb. Unsecured network and all. But I didn't want the comic readers to think I just abandoned them out of the blue. (Although if anybody gets any weird messages from me, disregard them. I don't send out messages anyway. If the site gets screwed up, I'll fix it later when I'm on a secure network. It needs upgraded to HTML5 and CSS3 anyway.)

But I'll still be workin' on the comic while I'm wandering around down here in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have Country Mountain Mouse In Big Port City syndrome right now! I saw shipyards, a battleship, and two wild alligators! (And then promptly hid behind the door of the truck as we passed by said gators. What? Big mouth, sharp teeth!) And there is a big long bridge that goes over a swamp and then another long bridge that goes over the gulf!

Gulls are bloody EVERYWHERE. Cool! Along with a lot of long-legged water birds. Storks, herons, or egrets, I dunno. But they're out there on the water stalkin' the fishies. Ooo, and I saw a fish too! Jumped straight out of the water. Emotie: =3

On the way down here Tuesday, my husband figured out why the baby has been so cranky lately: he's teething. Yup. Already teething. I can't get him to take to a chew toy very easily. He prefers my finger. Heh, who knows how long it would have been before I figured out he was teething? Probably not until I saw a tooth.

I'm really pissed off at the college right now. I was told all my classes except for the three lab classes could be done completely online. They lied. How surprising? Yet another organization has lied to me. My "Fundamentals of Oral Speech" teacher very rudely told me to drop out when I told him I lived five hours from the campus he demanded all his students attend for their midterms and finals. My other two classes want me on campus for the finals. Every other class I tried to take were "hybrid" at best and required weekly attendance at a building.

Well, since they didn't keep their word about all classes being completed online, I guess they won't mind not keeping their word about not allowing kids on campus. Because I WILL be bringing a seven-month-old baby with me whether they like it or not. Perhaps they'll be a little more honest in the future.


August 21, 2012 Tuesday

Moving Update

I know, I know, this belongs downstairs in the News section, but I'm at a hotel that hates my site yet will let me use FTP to update it. Anywho, my husband got the job! But it starts 4-5 months from now. So we're down south on the coast were he's currently employed. Since my scanner is practically in Tennessee and I'm in the Gulf of Mexico, I'm gonna have to take three weeks off. But I am still drawing! So come September 13, expect to see all the updates I've had to miss while moving six hours south. Perhaps this will be a proper lesson about building a buffer, eh?


August 20, 2012 Monday

Moving Update

Slight complication.

The job that we moved up here for in the first place finally decided to interview my husband. If they hire him and the job starts at the beginning of September, we'll be staying put. Moving fifteen minutes north at most.
If the job starts a few months from now, we'll be heading six hours south to where he is currently employed before August is out.

Tomorrow we'll have a definite answer.

Comic will continue either way! Perhaps a hiccup in updates, but y'all should know by now I always make up for lost time and get us back on track. Emotie: :)


August 15, 2012 Wednesday

Moving Again

Aye. I'm leaving later this morning to go scout out a new apartment. Wish me luck! It's a minimum of six hours to the new territory. Not an easy feat by yourself. Extra difficult with a baby who needs fed and changed often.

Next week's update is drawn and finished... but not as a whole page. Scouting duties came upon me on short notice. So if I'm not back in time to prep it, you can catch the halved version on Comic Dish or Drunk Duck.


August 14, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: 14-01, 14-02

Pages 14-01 and 14-02 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 261, 262, 263, and 264.)


August 7, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: 13-10, 14-00

Pages 13-10 and 14-00 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 259, 260, and Chapter 14 cover.)


August 2, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-09

Page 13-09 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 257 and 258.)


July 12, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-07, 13-08

Pages 13-07 and 13-08 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 253, 254, 255, and 256.)


July 12, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-06

Page 13-06 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 251 and 252.)


July 5, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-05

Page 13-05 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 249 and 250.)


June 28, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-04

Page 13-04 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 247 and 248.)

We've found a house to rent and will be moving this weekend. This might make the next update late. But thank goodness we'll be out of this tiny apartment! I'm looking forward to a larger kitchen and actually having a washer and dryer again. No more laundromats!


June 24, 2012 Sunday

JAD Update: 13-03

Page 13-03 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 245 and 246.)

Page 13-04 has been drawn and scanned.
(Half pages 247 and 248.)

Sorry this page is a couple of days late. Still have to fill out a lot of freakin' paperwork to prove the baby isn't a figment of my imagination and learning the hard way not to eat a lot of garlic when you have a nursing baby. Colic, fun stuff.

Also excited about possibly moving into a house and out of the apartment! My husband warns me that it's not isolated and we'll still have very close neighbors. Fine by me, so long as I can't hear my neighbors go to the bathroom like I do now. Awkwaaaard...


June 14, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 13-02

Page 13-02 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 243 & 244.)


June 6, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 13-01

Page 13-01 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
(Half pages 241 & 242.)


May 30, 2012 Wednesday

New Baby

Young'un is incredibly healthy and came along without any problems, aside from those caused by the stupidity of the staff. Soooo glad to be home where the three of us can eat and sleep as we want without any nurses harrassing us non-stop night and day or any pesky social workers accusing us of child abuse because my husband changed a diaper at 3AM. Yeah... So much for "you have nothing to fear and shame on you for not worshipping the almighty hospital!"

It's safe to say the comic will be continuing with minimal delay, if any. Emotie: :)


May 27, 2012 Sunday


Okie dokie folks, as best as I can tell, the kid is in the process of coming along as of Sunday, the 27th. If I'm lucky, he'll come tonight and I'll be back home sometime Tuesday. (Preferably sooner. Stayed overnight with a relative once who was in the hospital and found out I can't sleep in hospitals. Too bright, too noisy, too stinky.)

So, I reckon you guys should expect a note on Thursday if all's well and normal.

Take care, folks. It's been a fun run and I look forward to continue on trottin' with ya in the near future. Emotie: =P


May 26, 2012 Saturday

Lotsa Pageloads + Destressing Wonderings

889 pageloads today on the Comic Dish mirror, according to StatCounter. Dang. That's definitely a record for the comic. I'm sure it'll be broken again if I get a few new readers a year or two from now. The archive presently has 240 pages not counting the chapter covers, so if a new reader dropped by and plowed through they'd easily bump up the stats for a day.

I really wish I knew a good way to help my husband destress. I understand WHY he's stressed and it's not unexpected. There's a lot resting on him. First-time father, his wife currently completely dependent on him financially since she's out-of-commission for a few years (by choice, neither of us want our son in daycare), and work. Of course, work wouldn't be considered work if it wasn't frustrating, stressful, and generally unpleasant to do.

Researching and asking around doesn't really help because I already know the general suggestions. Don't take the anger bursts personally, take over their household chores (although he has none, it was our agreement that if either of us had to stay home then they would maintain the house), make or buy special treats they enjoy, give them a massage, etc. Already doin' that stuff, although the handling of anger bursts could be better. By nature I'm confrontational and aggressive, so sometimes it gets a bit... tense. Eh, it's a work in progress.

I think most of the problems will die down soon. His boss says he's going to put him on night shift after his probation period is up, which will really help since he's nocturnal. And once the baby is here he'll be able to get into the routine of having the baby around and see first-hand we'll both be fine as parents. So perhaps just a few more weeks and all will be good. Emotie: :)


May 26, 2012 Saturday

Exploring the Area

As soon as I get around to scanning in and editing the current pages, I'll be three weeks ahead of schedule. Haven't accomplished that in months.

Mookie of Dominic Deegan recently announced he'll be ending the story a year from now. That will mean he had an eleven year run. Dang. Not bad if ya ask me. It's been a good read so far and I'm curious as to how he'll end it. Being a bit of a hopeless romantic, I know it'll end on a happy note. I like happy endings.

Mine has a planned run of eight years. I reckon that means there's have a minimum of another five and a half years to go before I get to the current stopping point. Not that the story fully ends there. I'm fiddling with the original storyline from 2004 and seeing if I can't rework it to a more tasteful arc. Believe me when I say it was very scary anime. Maybe six years from now a certain brain-dead fandom will be gone so I can release it without a hassle.

Ah, reminds me, I went exploring yesterday! I'm still really skittish about being around strangers for extended periods of time and the laundromat had three other people in it. So I decided to check out the neighborhood.

Dropped by the library. It's a small library, but we're a small town. Honestly, the only big library I've ever been in was one in Rome, Georgia. Or near Rome. It's been a while, so I don't rightly remember. But I like our little library. I was surprised to see it full of Macs. Even more surprised that there were quite a few people in there. A big plus over the library close to where I grew up. Back when I went there, it was normal for there to maybe be one other person in there when I was. I didn't rent any books though. It was a bit of a recon mission, if you will. I might go back for one book. Some animal fantasy book about a badger warrior who must unite the local woodland rodents against... I forget. Other rodents? It looked like it would be a good story, whatever it was. Should've wrote down the author's name.

Found the community park! Disappointing. It was just a playground, not actually a park. It'll be a ton of fun for my son when he's a few years older, but it wasn't what I was looking for. About four or five soccer and baseball fields, a swimming pool, two jungle-gym playgrounds, and some bike and skateboard area. I didn't see a walking trail or anything that I'd constitute as a real park.

But on the bright side, if we're still in the area a few years from now, I have a way to entertain my son. Take him down to wear himself out and get as dirty as he pleases, take him by the shaved ice stand afterward if I have some spare change, and then take him home for a bath. Or let him go swimming before we go home. I think he might like that. I know what few times I got to do that as a kid I loved it, as did other kids I knew. I'm sure there will be some accusations about how I'm a bad mom for not hoarding him in the house lest the evil sun fry him to a crisp, but I'll be keeping sunscreen and water on hand, so I'm not worried about him. Maybe he'll even get lucky and make a few friends. Good friends, not the "do what I say or you're not 'my best friend'/'in my club'/etc." kind. Those kids are bloody annoying. I always found somebody better to hang out with or just played by myself when those kids came around. And they never offered anything in return! If somebody is going to do what you want, it's only fair you then do something they want. Otherwise you're just a pimp.

Near the park was one of the other two plants in the area. A tidbit scary. You could see a large, blazing fire from the road. (Ignore the fact the road was about two feet from the building.) Well, I think it was fire. It was either fire or lava. Why do I say lava? It's a steel plant! Granted, lava is molten rock and a steel planet deals in molten metal, but it's more fun to say it was lava. Heehee. Thankfully every huge door and window was wide open. I'd hate to think what it would be like for those poor workers if it wasn't.

Right across the road from it was a stove company. Mighty convenient for them, no? "Hey Bob, got a sheet of metal for this wood burning heater?" "No, gimme a sec and I'll get one from next door." Hrm, maybe my husband has good reason to threaten to have my head examined. Emotie: =P

Anywho, running around all over the place was enough time for the laundromat to clear out so I could do my laundry and read in peace. Current book is Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I only found out within the past few months about the book. I grew up watching the movie from 1980. It really is a sweet little book. I have an odd fascination for books written in the late 1800's. Dunno why.


May 23, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: Chapter 13 Cover, 13-01, 13-02

The cover to Chapter 13 has been drawn, scanned, colored, and uploaded.

Pages 13-01 and 13-02 are being drawn. (Half page 241 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. Pages 242 and 243 are being drawn.)


May 18, 2012 Friday

Site and Comic Update Stuff

Finally fixed a few navigational glitches on and updated the sitemap.

Also finished chapter twelve and got it uploaded.

I'm trying to make all the chapters available for download, but it's not easy. The PDF creator I've got is glitching almost constant nowadays. I'll tell it to change the "paper" size to 7"x8", but it wants to change it to a C5 size. Normally I'd be able to ignore their annoying pop-up that refuses to be minimized and always stays on top of ANY active window and their annoying extra pop-up of more advertising of their junk with an IE window (what moron defaults their program pop-ups to IE?), but my patience is wearing thin. Earlier today I forgot to double-check their shoddy printing and ended up losing half of my receipt where I ordered my books for school today. Quite annoying.

Anywho, all of the chapters are currently available on the Extras page. So as of right now, you have a chance to read next week's update early! (People on Drunk Duck probably already have. The Duck's system glitched again.)

One guy was fussing a bit about the downloads only being in pencil. *shrug* These downloads are higher resolution than the online pages since they're my print-ready pages. That's why they're only in pencil right now. I won't be able to put out the colored version for a long time. And that bugs the heck outta me. I don't even have chapter one fully colored! Ack! Oh well, someday, someday...

Right now I'm scripting out chapter thirteen. It's mostly finished. Still have no clue what to do about the chapter cover.


May 9, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 12-09, 12-10

Pages 12-09 and 12-10 (half pages 237, 238, 239 and, 240) have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.


May 7, 2012 Monday

Page Ramblings

I just noticed DrunkDuck has edited their upload form to allow for anywhere from 1 to 10 pages to be added! Yay! Previously it was 1, 5, or 10 on their new system. No inbetweens. I have no idea how long it's been in place. My page-making abilities lately have been a bit "one page here, one page there" for a while.

I do wish I knew what I was doing wrong with the panels. Every page for the past two or three weeks I've had to twist slightly back towards the left. Either I'm not being as careful with the ruler as I should be, even though it's the same amount of twist each time, or I'm not placing it on the scanner right. It's an easy fix, whatever it is, it just bugs me I'm getting something off. Makes the OCD act up, ya know.

I'm also giggling over deviantART's llama badge system. So for about a week they made you have to check "I agree to TOS, blah, blah, blah, legal stuff" when you gave a llama badge to somebody. Then came the normal confirmation box. Then a bonus box saying "in case you haven't noticed, even though this box thing has been in use for several months, you can click on the little X at the top to close this box and go back to the user's page that you gave the llama badge to". That third box lasted about a week. Then a week later they went back to having the TOS box checked for you. Must have had quite an angry mob get ahold of the developer team to make them backpaddle so quickly. Heehee.


May 7, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 12-08

Page 12-08 (half pages 235, 236) has been drawn, scanned and, and uploaded.


May 3, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 12-07

Page 12-07 (half pages 233, 234) has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.


May 1, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update | MAX

Just Another Day
Page 233 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. Two days ago.
Page 234 is being drawn.

Oo, I also got my very first reader email! He was very kind. I had to resist giving spoilers. Sometimes I get a bit too chatty. I'm used to feedback through a comment system, whether on DrunkDuck or deviantART. Laughing and chatting with folks there I'm fairly used to. Emails are a new/similar frontier I look forward to being just as comfortable on.

I'm very lucky because my readers (Or at least, the ones that let me know they're there, so about 10-15 people I guess?) are all good people who make the whole webcomic thing go from a pleasure to a delight. Yeah, sure, I'd post the comic anyway if nobody ever talked to me again because I simply enjoy making it. Having folks tell me they enjoy reading it just makes me giddy to know I'm bringing pleasure to somebody else along the way. Emotie: :)

Apparently that's been the case from since before the comic began too. I found a few journal entries where I was tap-dance-happy because somebody liked art I'd made for them. Doesn't take much to make me happy. Simple mind, simple pleasure, and all that.

I drew for Clemon and Tozoku drew for me. Once again, my characters have made it into the Featured Submission. Grats, Tozoku. Emotie: :)

By this point, I think Hawk either really likes my characters or really hates my submissions. I'm not really sure which way it's swingin', but I think some other folks should go up in the spotlight for a while. Emotie: O_o

Journal Cleaning
Aye. I've got 400+ posts. Half of which were probably posted within the past few days because I've felt oddly chatty lately. It's not very fair for those that come here for update statuses on the comic to have to dig so much to find them and I'm seriously considering not mentioning updates here anymore, just on the main site. Yeah, I think I'll carry through with that.

So future reference to those of you who come here for updates, go to the main site:
Less digging!


April 26, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 231, 232

Just Another Day
Page 12-06 (half-pages 231 and 232) have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

I can't wait until the little guy is born. I look forward to splashy bathtime and the rubber-tipped spoons when he's old enough or wants to start eating mush. Emotie: :)

In other commentary, I wonder if I'll need to worry about my contact form soon? I got an email from my commission form earlier today and it was just a spam bot. I really hope I'm not gonna be getting bombed with stuff soon...


April 23, 2012 Monday

JAD Update

Just Another Day
Page 12-06 is being drawn. (Page 231 is being drawn. Page 232 has been sketched.)

The cover to Volume 2 has been cleaned up and heavily edited. I didn't quite judge the placement of the borders that well. Ample use of the clone/stamp tool was committed!

With that done, the free edition of Volume 2 is available for download! (As soon as I finish the upload. Currently got about another 45 minutes.)

Other Stuff

Internet when down for about half an hour. Maintenance, according to the only webpage that would load which thankfully was from the service provider. Part of the message had me giggling throughout the outage.

"For residents in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina, call this number. Everybody else in the United States, call this number."

Either nobody outside of the South can understand a damn thing we're saying, or we complained enough about not being able to understand what everybody else was saying that we were given our own service center. Either way, we have our own special little number to call for when outages exceed the estimated time frame.

I've been surprisingly social on deviantART lately. Dunno what's gotten into me. I do know I'm about to unsubscribe from a few stamp groups. I've got better things to look at than somebody's negative, hateful messages. Why can't we have cheerful or funny messages more often? Like one of my current favorites: "I like clicky pencils!" and "I'm not clumsy, the floor is just trying to kill me." and "My mind not only wanders, sometimes it leaves completely."


April 21, 2012 Saturday

JAD Update Sorta?

Getting the main site, Comic Hub, and SmackJeeves up to date with Comic Dish and Drunk Duck. Whee~

The main site is the easiest and Comic Hub are pretty easy, although Comic Hub balked on page 10-02 for no apparent reason. SmackJeeves requires converting all the pages to low-res gifs. Argh. At least when I get SmackJeeves caught up I can let Comic Dish's mirror system take over.

Just passed by 08-04 (pp. 147, 148) where Shanku uses the puppy-dog eyes on Dawson. Reminded me of something Mom told me the other day. My little 20-month-old nephew has now learned that trick. He bats his little blue eyes, sticks out that lip, and in an oh-so-sweet voice asks "Pwease?" Yeah. Little manipulative fellow. Works like a charm too. On the bright side, he doesn't through tantrums when he wants something, eh? Emotie: :D

I miss the little guy. I haven't seen him since August. I hear he even has hair now! Our old Irish blood is coming through in him too. Stubborn as hell, fair skinned, red hair, and blue eyes.

Anywho, the main site is up-to-date! Er, it's on a slightly different update schedule than the mirrors. It's as up-to-date as it will get from here on out. It's also a good bit more stable. If I can follow it, then there won't be a slew of updates all in the last days of December as there have been.

All that's left to do is get Toons Up built up.


April 16, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 229 + More movies!

Just Another Day Page 229 is being drawn.


Becoming a regular category around here, no?

Saw Ip Man and its sequel. The first one was really sad. The second one not so much. Both very good and I quite enjoyed them. Well worth reading subtitles all the way through. It was cool seeing Chinese and Japanese martial arts together in the first one. Predominantly Wing Chun vs. what looked to be Karate. Very big style and stance difference. Since it was also civilian vs. military, big philosophy difference too.

The sequel had one rather confusing seen. Ulterior motives aside, I don't understand why they told the Chinese practitioner he couldn't use his feet against the boxer. That's like racing a horse against an ostrich and then telling the horse they cheated by running on four feet instead of two. It seems more fair to me to have both compete in their best form.

Brought back a lot of good memories when I was able to practice martial arts. I'd love to put my son in them when he's older, but finding a school stateside that'll teach like I want him to be taught will be difficult. Even the school I went to didn't teach the stuff I wanted to be taught. There's too much focus on technique and power, not so much on anything dealing with honor, humility, respect, and restraint.

Of course, if I put him into any school, I'll be taking it with him, because that was so much fun when I took it before! Didn't really hurt that much either, even when I messed up on technique and walked away with some nice bruises. More of a "well, that was dumb" rather than "I've been MAIMED! Ack!". Heehee.

Before anybody worries, I'm not forcing my son into anything he doesn't want. My husband and I agree on his education in the same respect: we'll put him in a public school system and be prepared to homeschool him if his want or need goes in that direction. He'll have the choice I did and my husband didn't.

Another reason I want to get back into training is because you never know when you'll need to defend yourself. Especially if you're a guy, it seems. I didn't really have to brawl much. Possibly due to the fact that the kids who gave me trouble weren't allowed around me long because I was a "bad influence". (I got permission to hide Easter eggs one year rather than never get a chance to hunt because the spoiled brats would grab all the eggs before we were allowed to go hunt and they were allowed to get the prizes despite having cheated, and also because I got permission to help teach a class during Vacation Bible School one year rather than be stuck in a class with those same brats who would just disrespect the teacher and show off. In both cases, the other kids suddenly wanted to hide eggs and "teach" too instead of "minding their place", and it was "all my fault because my parents didn't make me mind my place".)

Also saw Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen. It was... painful. Brass knuckles should never breed with morningstars, although their offspring was a rather effective close-range weapon.

War movies are a lot more fascinating when it's not your own country. American war movies bore me. The ones I see are usually just a bunch of uniformed guys running around with guns, screaming their heads off, gunsmoke and dust everywhere, and ample blood and gore. When they aren't fighting, they're bedding somebody.

I learned over the course of those movies that Japan was crazy enough to try to invade China before. Who in their right mind, besides Attila the Hun, tries to invade China? I may not be very world-wise, but even I know that's not a good idea. Oh well, can't judge a nation by its military. Once you mix politics into something all common sense and morality goes out the window. Bleh.

All three were set around the World War eras, which led to some research to find out the point of the wars, if there even was a point besides the usual point of war: money, lust for power, maybe some crazy religious stuff or basic bloodlust. I still don't know what the heck WWI was about aside from that. All I know is in both it was the USA and Germany squabbling, Russia was allied with Germany in the first and the USA in the second, the infamous Holocaust was in WWII, and in WWII Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and we bombed Japan with mushroom clouds.

This article pretty much backs up my opinion of war:

Warmongers with a barbaric greed for money and power. If that article's right, then we're in the middle of WWIII, and that's just depressing. Damn warmongers.


April 15, 2012 Sunday

I don't learn fast sometimes.

For some bizarre reason, I decided to add a new page to the Comic Dish wiki. "How to Manage your Mirrors". Which entailed having to go back to SmackJeeves to research some missing data.

Argh, how I hate SmackJeeves.

  • Can't edit any of the pages in Firefox if I screw up, it has to be handled in another browser.
  • Can't add extra webpages (unless you pay for them).
  • Can't upload any images beyond one banner, my avatar, and the comic pages (unless you pay for them).
  • Can't upload any comic page over 500kb, so half of my pages have to be converted to low-res gif (unless you pay for them).
  • Author comments are not the same as the page release dates.
  • Got your own domain and want to use SmackJeeves as your CMS? You guessed it, gotta pay for it. Which makes about half the links in the control panel pretty much useless.

The upload form is very strewn out instead of compact like Comic Dish or Drunk Duck. The mass-upload version completely excludes author comments, unlike Comic Dish or Drunk Duck.

The only good thing about SmackJeeves is custom layouts. But then that still requires digging through a lot of blank spaces, superfluous coding, and entirely too much Javascript. I didn't disable the comments fast enough, so some guy came by going on about how he has a comic with the same name. Already knew about his sprite comic. There's also three other than him with a "just another day" phrase in the title on SmackJeeves. Why he felt the need to advertise on my front page, I don't know. Damn brat.

But I'm already pretty far in to having JAD hosted on there, so I reckon after I get the archives caught up I'm just going to let the Comic Dish mirror management system take over, IF it even still works. SmackJeeves might have disabled it like Drunk Duck did. Might register it under my StatCounter account to see if anybody even bothers reading it. If it gets a reasonable amount of attention, I'll put more effort into it to make it worth it for the readers.


April 9, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 227, 228

Just Another Day
Page 227 is being drawn.
Page 228 has been sketched.


Well, tonight is the first of the birthing classes. Let's hope they actually know what they're doing, unlike the nursing class. There's a chance the teacher is going to be a bit snippy. Class requires two pillows and a friend/"coach". Well, my husband works today, which means he won't be getting in until about five to ten minutes before I have to leave. I'm not going to ask him to be on his feet for twelve hours and then come with me to a room full of hormonal women without having any supper. My next nearest "coach" is two hours away, and I'm not asking them to drive that distance and then get back home at eleven tonight. The instructor can just deal with the fact I'm on my own tonight.

Starting to get nervous. Weekly checkups where I'm expected to let strangers poke and prod at my bits? Followed by within the next 4-8 weeks being held at a hospital for two days against my will, people constantly trying to stab and poke me with needles for no good reason, possibly being strapped flat on my back, and with even more strangers poking and prodding at my bits who might later be trying to take away my kid every few minutes for who knows what reasons and putting him in disposable diapers? *shudder* What a nightmare.

Got news for them: If my husband can't make it to the weekly visits, they aren't getting a peep show. My child is staying with me, he will not be taken away, and I am NOT birthing on my back. Period.

Not a happy camper right now. Home birth is looking more appealing than ever now. I really wish I had access to a midwife, but, state of Alabama forbids all midwives except for the nurse midwife. Alabama has some beautiful scenery, but the political aspect of it needs to be fixed.


April 5, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 226

Just Another Day
Page 226 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Life Stuff
Quite happy all my information has been properly transferred to up here! Yay! Of course it took a rather angry and ballsy lady to badger folks into typing in my new address, but thank goodness she got the job done and I didn't get anymore another run around. Got an appointment up here, so thankfully no three hour drive, and it's only one day sooner than my previous. Got a paper for birthing classes. I'll talk it over with my husband, since they aren't mandatory. How complicated can it be? Tomorrow is the breast-feeding class. If it's interesting, I'll let ya know. Hopefully there won't be much time spent on technique. It's mostly plug-and-play and instincts.


April 3, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: 225

Just Another Day
Page 225 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Really close to getting the site ready for comic hosting! All the chapter covers are finished and the second half of chapter ten is all I have to edit.

Sam is finally reconsidering the whole WordPress nonsense. Granted, it took finding a serious security flaw in the code, but at least he's looking into alternative means now. Current thought is Ruby on Rails. Never heard of it, but anything is better than WordPress. Perhaps I won't remove Just Another Day from Comic Dish after all, eh?

Finished Legend of the Seeker. Or as finished as it's gonna get. Probably will have to track down the Sword of Truth book series to find out what happens in the end. Legend of the Seeker was pretty good, so I'm expecting Sword of Truth to be a lot better. I have yet to see a movie that was better than its book, after all. Emotie: =P

I've gone back to Plants vs. Zombies! Yay! I wish PopCap would bring back Rocket Mania. Bejeweled, Bejeweled 2, Alchemy, and Insaniquarium have been some of my favorites for years.
My husband, thankfully, has gone back to playing World of Warcraft. Although this means some additional stress and frustration, as with any game, he's got something to do other than watch television and he can socialize with more than just me or his coworkers. While I don't want more than just a few text lines here and there, my husband is one of those that probably needs some verbal conversation on a regular basis. This'll be good for him all around. And with our computers in separate rooms, he can chat on Vent all he wants now without driving me up the wall. Chatter is good for him, bad for me when I'm concentrating. It all works out.


March 26, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 223, 224

Just Another Day
Pages 223 and 224 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

I think I finally fixed that infernal scanner to scan from the main tray rather than the useless feeder on top. Seriously, what moron defaults a scanner to the page eating "tray"? Although it still took an hour just to get one scan done. Thank goodness the comic pages have two per piece of paper. Of course, the last time I set the preferences to MAIN TRAY NOT PAPER EATER, it reset itself for some stupid reason. Probably will have to set it again next time I need to scan. Argh...

Never buy an HP. Sure, they're not stuffy about working with Linux, but they have horrible memories.


Did lots of that this weekend since my husband was off. Emotie: XD

First day was kinda rough. Apparently I'm not one much for live action.

Starting the weekend was Kick Ass. Story was pretty good, I reckon. Too bloody for my liking and the "bad" language got boring quickly.

Following up, Chaperone. Funny, sweet, and more of a tear-jerker than I expected. Wrestlers like doing movies with kids for some reason. Chaperone ranks up there with The Pacifier and Gameplan.

Saw the National Geographic documentary "Thuderbeast". Pretty cool. I wasn't aware that bison were matriarchal or that wolves were crazy enough to hunt them. I guess bison aren't much different from moose, as far as dangerous hunting goes, but it was another new thing to learn.

Also watched the National Geographic documentary on lions and hyenas. "Eternal Enemies" or something to that effect. Quite sad. Won't watch it again. I don't really like hyenas all that much.

Finished off the day with lots of America's Funniest Home Videos. The pets are always my favorite clips. Silly dogs and hyperactive cats never get old.

Yesterday was just an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon. But I really like Avatar and I was surprised to find my husband really likes it too. I really wish the movie could have pulled off the final scene with the Northern Water Tribe correctly. Time constraints didn't come into play on this Hollywood screw-up, laziness did. Bah. Oh well, that's Hollywood for ya. "Too long, didn't read, hey, let's 're-envision' it!"


March 21, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 221, 222

Just Another Day
Page 221 and 222 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Heeheehee. I'm getting a kick out of reading the comments on Drunk Duck. Folks seem to have more faith in Shanku's fighting ability than I thought they would. It's always rewarding to see somebody getting into your story and enjoying themselves. I hope I can always deliver something good for them.

Quite enjoying page 222. It's one of my favorite pages. Mostly for the dialogue, secondly for Ryoichi, and lastly for drawing Turai. Why do people like only women have curves? Men may not be quite as exaggerated, but they have some nice dips and curves themselves.


Went back and caught up on the posts at Our Valued Customers. Our Valued Customers is still on my recommended list. Mostly just strange, obsessive fandom of those more grounded in fantasy than reality. The Creeps section of his posts have some real... "charmer"s. Yeah, charmers. Let's go with that. Some folks are just downright confusing. Like this guy. I wasn't really aware that was an issue, especially since I'd heard they've changed their rules up. *shrug*

Didn't realize it'd been over a year since I last visited. Yikes. When I say I'm a slow update checker, I mean SLOW.

Also caught up on Dominic Deegan. Mookie did provide a link to the only helpful article I've seen on criticism:

Random Stuff

Ya know, I think of all these nice tidbits to post throughout the day while piddling around the house. Then I get to the keyboard and forget all of them. Oh well. Most of it is just being happy to finally that we're out on our own. Our fridge even looks like somebody lives here! Slowly but surely the whole place is looking like a home rather than an over-sized hotel room. Ah, fridge! That reminds me. My husband's birthday is coming around soon and he'll be getting lemon ice-box pie, a favorite of us both! (How lucky to find the same recipe my grandmother uses.) Too bad I can't make it from lemons. I lack a juicer. Probably need to go yardsaling or go to an antique store and get a glass juicer. Can't find them in stores for some reason... Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. *shrug*

One fun, somewhat embarrassing, story from today: Called up to our auto insurance to get the address change taken care of. Lady calls me back this afternoon to find out the apartment number because I completely forgot to give it to her. Oops. Better luck next time? Emotie: ^_^;

I got called for an interview today for one of the jobs I put in for back in December. It's three counties south of where I live. Maybe they should have called just a wee bit sooner, don'tcha think?

I'm not driving two hours for a minimum wage job, especially when being seven months pregnant is making my lowest section of my spine hurt all the time. Not lower back pains, mind you. Butt pain. That section of spine embedded in your pelvis. Yeah, there. Not surprised, the hard chairs at the income tax offices I've worked at took their toll on my butt. The weird part? Sitting on my computer chair (an old piano bench) relieves a lot of that pain. Go figure.


March 13, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: 218, 219, 220, Chapter 12 Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 218 and 219 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 220 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
The cover to chapter twelve is being drawn.

Annnnd I'm back. Had a nice vacation last week, in between the moving and all.

Kony 2012
The internet has found a new guy to be angry about and fund-raise over! There will always be a Kony, Hitler, Stalin, Bin Laden, Atilla, Rome, or who-have-you exploiting and hurting those who don't have a posse as large as their own. As they say, "history repeats itself". What I can't help but wonder if constantly bailing out other countries is helping them in the long run. Are we building allies and stable countries, all for the greater good? Or just teaching them to be dependent on others and that they'll never have to help themselves? The answer likely falls somewhere in the middle, but that's always my question.


March 2, 2012 Friday

JAD Update: 219

Just Another Day
Page 219 has been sketched and is being drawn.

Unzipped two of the ePubs that came with the Slick and looked at the coding. Ya know, I think making ePubs is gonna be an easy task. HTML, CSS, and a touch of XML and JavaSCript that shouldn't be anything more than changing out filenames. I'm quite curious to see what happens when I try to turn the comic pages into an ePub. Might take some tinkering, but it shouldn't be impossible. The biggest problem will be in scaling. One demo-PDF I tried putting on the Slick of the comic had some really bad scaling issues... Not 100% unreadable, but the print was rather fine. One of the problems I have when trying to turn the comic pages into a PDF is trying to paste them all into OpenOffice then export to PDF. Probably why they don't turn out so very well... Ah well. Live and learn! Emotie: :)

Two sites I'm enjoying is and Looks like I'm not going to be in want of something to read for a while. Maybe now I can finally catch up on all those classics I've been wanting to read!

GAAAAH this waiting is killing me! Tomorrow I get to see my husband for the first time since Tuesday afternoon, but daggum it's not getting here fast enough. I've got our stuff about as packed as it's gonna get. The computers will likely ride loose in my car and both of our desks need clearing off. All clothes, movies, games, and books we have I've got put up. Shower and maintenance stuff will be bagged as we're loading stuff up. Now we just have to figure out how to jigsaw puzzle everything into our vehicles to get them up to our new home.


February 28, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: 218; Good news!

Just Another Day
Page 218 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Since the sepia test went pretty well last week, I reckon it'll be a permanent change around here. Emotie: :)

Now I'll be going through the archives here on to reflect the changes.

It's kind of bittersweet I'm finally up to the part of the story that I've been warning about with the PG-13 rating. Everything else has been G or PG, but this is definitely not-so-pleasant stuff right now.

Also, made a very silly mistake. I thought I was out of updates! Turns out I just forgot to upload this week's updates. Oops. Big relief though.

I am pleased to announce that I will be definitely moving next week! My husband recently was able to a get a good job after about four months of no callbacks or anything from almost everywhere he put in, so we're quite excited! We've found a good apartment and we'll finally have our own place! So if there is a gap in updates, my apologies, but I'll be in the process of packing and relocating over the next week or two and I will make up the missed pages as soon as possible. The last page of this chapter is 220, so I don't think I'll be leaving everybody on too terrible a cliffhanger if I have to take a one week break.

While trying to help my husband make sure he got up in time for his drug test today, I got way too cold too fast. (Live in the basement, cold tile floor, it's winter, he sleeps with fans...) Thought I just got a little stopped up. Nah. Induced a pretty nice nosebleed. Can't say cold has bothered me that quickly before. Emotie: XD

Explained the bloody aftertaste at any rate.


February 23, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 216, 217

Just Another Day Pages 216 and 217 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Rearranged the front page so the news and update status appears beside the comic. Also changed the "archive" pages a bit.

I'm moving!! Emotie: ^.^

My husband got a job! We've been struggling for the past few months because other than an auction/stockyard, nobody has been willing to give him a chance. But now we'll be financially secure and can start our life as a family for real. Woohoo!

Right now he's up in that territory with family getting all the paperwork and stuff squared away while I stayed here with my seasonal job. I miss him. At least he'll be coming back Saturday and as soon as he gets his first paycheck I can move up there with him. Yay!


February 16, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 214, 215

Just Another Day
Pages 214 and 215 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
All of volume one has been edited and uploaded to the new site.

As soon as all the pages are edited and uploaded I'll resume work on the bios.

I drew for Modesty and WingedWorchael drew for me! And she did a beautiful picture of Scarlet. I was really bummed after the last round because I only specifically request art once a year and it was ignored. Whether or not WingedWorchael knew what I requested, she pulled through on this round. Emotie: :)

Been, what, two weeks since I worked on the comic? Full-time job's rough, dude. Coupled with needing to keep up my exercise and sleep and that other stuff to try to keep this kid as healthy as possible doesn't leave much time for anything.

On one very positive side, my husband may have finally gotten a good lead on the job hunting! Fingers crossed! This'll put art production at a halt for a few days if so, because I will be flitting around the room packing for the move. Emotie: ^.^


January 30, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 107, 108 | Site Update

Just Another Day
Pages 214 and 215 have been drawn.

Currently tweaking the character pages to be uploaded here on Added some more of the extra pages. Also figured out how to include the main navigation file in the pages configured by btPHP. CSS files will remain separate, since someday I'm thinking of creating a new scheme for the main site.

Still having some trouble with the background image. Even though I'm giving the direct filepath to the image, it isn't displaying when I'm linking to the one a few directories up rather than the one here in the JAD folder. Strange. Since when do computers prefer relative paths over true paths? I think I'll just move all the character pages up a folder and call it a day.

New Site
Found the problem with my site and it not showing pictures correctly, I think. Somewhere I had left off the "www" part of the URL in a link system. While my site will technically display all the html regardless, the images are a bit more picky.

Now I just need to solve the problem of how the website was paid for. The people said that the transaction went through. I'm not sure how, because my debit card was EXPIRED. Dead, null, no good. But there it is on my bank statement! WTH????? I'm so confused. Nevermind, figured out how. Oh well, website isn't due to be paid for again until another six months. By then I should have a credit card, and I'll just transfer the website over to it. I'm really wanting to build my credit up and after talking to a few pros, a credit card is my best option. And the easiest option. No worries, I won't be spend-happy with it. I'll just put my gas on it, set aside the money each week, then pay the bill when due. Easy! Just treat it like a slightly delayed debit card. I'm told my budgeting is pretty good, considering for a few years I had to ration out wants and gas on just the $4000 I earned from my seasonal job.

Anywho, site is close to being publicly available. Still doing some back-end work. Once I work out the kinks, I'll post a link. JAD will likely be slow going up since I'm putting the final print-ready version up. Chapters 1 and 2 are done and all the covers are done. Just gotta get the other nine chapters up. Then will come the fun job of updating all the URLs across the listing sites. Whee~


January 25, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 210, 211, 212, 213, 214 | Site Update | Baby Update

Just Another Day
Pages 211, 212, and 213 have been drawn.
Pages 210, 211, 212, and 213 have been scanned in and uploaded.
Page 214 is being drawn.

It's coming together much better. All I need to do now is upload the comic archive and extra pages on the JAD section (wallpapers, characters, etc.) and finish the other comic sections (Sketchbook, Striped Hope, & Draw 100). Making a subdomain for Just Another Day didn't quite pan out like I'd hoped. So I have the subdomain set up to redirect to the actual folder. Hope folks don't mind the redirect when I start changing all my URLs from Comic Dish to my site.

From what I understand, I have about six months to finish putting up the site and finish the archive. Because six months

after Comic Dish puts ComicPress into place, the old and trustworthy system is being done away with, or so they say. Drunk Duck has long since taken away the ability to properly customize a website and now Comic Dish is following. It's rather irritating.

Went to the doctor today. Baby's still doing well and I came back negative for virtually everything. Good blood pressure, good blood count, and I've even managed to gain five pounds in the past month. Doctor had no complaints and neither did I. Whatever he keeps listening for in the baby's heart apparently isn't there, because he's made no remark on any malformations or something. Took him a bit to find the kid, he scooted over pretty far since the last visit. Ah well, let him scoot. He'll run out of room soon enough.

Next month I get my glucose test. Apparently you don't have to fast anymore and just have to lay off anything really starchy or sweet for 24 hours. I think I can manage that. Emotie: :)

I have not adjusted to my hair and nails growing so much. Only noticed within the last month, but, dang. And I'm finally developing another symptom! An expected one that I don't think any expecting mother can dodge: back pain. But, it's not back pain. It's butt pain. Seriously?? I could understand that bit of spine above your hips, but that bit of spine in your hips? Doctor said that was in the normal range. *shrug* But still, butt pain??

So other than hurting in a body part I did not expect, I'm very, very happy. Kid's doing well and so am I. I'll have steady income until my job goes out of season in April and Josh is very confident about getting on at a steel plant. Although I really miss him right now. The application process takes place in the northern part of the state, so he's staying with some family right now while he takes care of that. He'll be back tomorrow, but that doesn't change the fact he will have been gone for two nights. I miss my Goodnight Kisses! (He's not allowed to go to bed without giving me a kiss when he's here.)

Life is good. Especially when I get my kisses.


January 19, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 210, 211

Just Another Day
Page 210 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 211 is being drawn.

Character ref sheets on hold. Still hitting the comic CMS pretty hard. I'm starting to really like btPHP.

New Site
Character ref sheets on hold. Still hitting the CMS on TRC pretty hard. I'm starting to really like btPHP. It's is beautifully versatile and I'm loving the options with the news posts.

I think I'll go to paid hosting soon and get my own domain name. (Can you really beat $4.84 a month for unlimited bandwidth?) Just gotta decide on a domain name...
The old site will remain up. Likely I'll wipe it and put a simple redirect on the page to lead to whatever my new domain will be.

"" and "" are already taken. I really don't want "justanotherday" as the main domain. I'd much rather make "justanotherday" a subdomain and go from there
Don't want "asheskyler" either, because that just sounds horribly conceited. It is what I've built my art under, but it's not even my real name. My real initials, spookily enough considering it predates my marriage a good bit and I didn't expect to be married to a guy who shared the same initial as my art name, but my real initials now nonetheless.
Just for kicks, someday I'm going to make a "wild-realm" subdomain in honor of my very first website, but with cleaner coding than what GeoCities' PageBuilder generated. Ah, memories...

Ah! Just hit me what I want my domain name to be! And it's a seeeeecret! I reckon within the next few months it'll be revealed, no?


January 18, 2012 Wednesday

Trying out Comic Management Systems

Been wanting to prep the site for hosting my own comics some day. With Comic Dish tossing around the idea of going to a WordPress platform it's time to buckle down more on finding a management system I like before I'm stuck with that nightmare again. Slow loading, clunky, next to impossible to customize because it's slow loading and even then it's the same bad templates. I know I'm on satellite, but still, waiting over five minutes for one page to finish loading enough to be functional? I'll pass.

First one I've tried is btPHP. Really liked it. Simple, straight-forward, fairly easy to tweak the layout, and does everything I want including a constant simple menu to the left side of the page. This is my current rendition. Heavily under work at the moment. Trying to get it updated to my current theme.

Next is ComicCMS. A bit tricky to install. If I'd read it properly the first time I played with it a few months back I would have seen the notice about "some hosts don't allow php scripts to install stuff from other sites". D'oh... Anywho, moving on past that facepalm moment, ComicCMS is the most "high tech" looking of the four. Pretty easy to use. Includes support for tags, news posts, multiple users, and editing the site's layout code directly through the control panel with a fairly simply mark-up language. Automatically creates an archive, RSS feed, and navigation links. I find it odd that all this is ready to use out-of-the-box, but there is no page for changing the name from "My Comic". How strange. Looks like to edit that and the link menus will require editing the template files themselves on 000webhost's file manager.
Unaltered, this is my current demo.

Only downside is that the pages are set to be uploaded one at a time on both CMSs. I'm hoping once I start school and take the PHP class I'll learn enough to tweak btPHP to allow for multiple pages to be uploaded, since I really prefer it over ComicCMS. btPHP allows for the kind of flexibility I want.

There were two others, SomeryC and Xcomic, but ran into a few bumps and snags during installation I didn't have the patience to iron out.


January 18, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 206, 207, 208, 209

Just Another Day
Pages 206, 207, 208, and 209 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Today is supposed to be the Internet Blackout. My sites won't be participating in the protest since I have to go to work today and won't have time to redirect everything, but you can expect several other sites including Wikipedia to shut down today. Because that seems to be what life will be like if that damn bill passes. Dominic Deegan listed a few good sites to check out regarding it, including this and this.

I don't like thieves either, but surely there is a better way of going about this. How about training some hackers to track them down and deliver a proper arrest warrant for stealing? You leave a bigger paper trail on the internet than when you drive off from a gas station, I'd assume hunting down online criminals would certainly be easier.


January 16, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: 204, 205, 206, 207, 208

Just Another Day
Pages 204 and 205 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Pages 206 and 207 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.
Page 208 is being drawn.

Did the outlines for Zihna's new ref sheet. Probably gonna color it tomorrow night.

I drew for Roo and PureNightShade drew for me. Pure's submission was featured with the caption of "Purenightshade followed the option theme of Winter when making this picture for AshenSkye, and the results were quite humorous." It's the second time one of my received pieces have been featured.

I would have picked StarEyes submission for the feature. I think she put more thought into her piece than the rest of us did.


January 15, 2012 Sunday

Scary history...

I'm working on the item list for what the Meriweather trades between the three countries. Fabrics and textiles were a little difficult, but not too difficult to look up. Alcohol and spices the same. The medicine was scary as hell. While medieval Europe was really good at broken bones and stab wounds, other problems came up short. Sooo, to be on the benevolent side, I think I'll just look up modern herbal medicine and distribute it between the three countries.

While there is only one deity of JAD, the vast majority of the followers aren't nuts who blame all problems and illnesses on lack of prayer. Considerably less dead people in JAD than in world history.

Ah, also there is trade of precious metals and rocks! I'm presently going through the list and it's surprising how many originate from Asia. Whether it's the Orient, Middle East, or Russia, lots of them seem to come from Asia. Well, what few I've gone through. Still a long list. Took a while to find some good information. Most sites seemed to just show how shiny a colorful rock could be. But Great Mining provided the information I wanted for the majority of stones I wanted to learn about.


January 14, 2012 Saturday

JAD Update: 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211

Just Another Day
Page 204 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 205 is being drawn.
Pages 206, 207, 208, and 209 have been sketched.
Page 210 and 211 page borders are inked.

Aye, I'm working again. Hence why the Bio Week updates have halted the past few days and JAD has gotten a good bit of attention. This is my usual seasonal job working at my grandparent's income tax office. Bleh. Easy enough work, but the bulk of the customers like to be a full nuisance. So my aggression levels are running high.

We have the usual slew of people trying to do EIC scams. Look, you can claim your children and your children only on your tax return. Don't mix and match with the neighbors to get as much back as possible. Because you know what? The IRS has no problem slapping a hefty fine on your pathetic ass.
These also tend to be the same people claiming to have horrible financial problems and want their return for free. Then they blow their few grand they get back on something useless like a new ATV. If you can't spend your money on necessary things like food, clothing, and shelter before spending on unnecessary items, you don't deserve any pity for a "financial situation".

There's also the two child molesters that come in off and on all season for no apparent reason. They didn't get a hold of me, so I don't have legal grounds to attack them, but that doesn't mean I have to be nice to them. Woe to them if they ever so much as look at my son, should the unfortunate event happen that he must be in the same room as they.

And then there's the ones that know that I draw and start trying to run my business. Hey, it's my business. How I run it is my decision. And if you don't like the fact I'm going to school for webdesign, get over it.

While I don't mind sitting around with my grandparents making fun of the scammers, I tend to find somewhere else to be in the office when the political rants come up. I don't like Obama anymore than I do any other politician and I really don't want to hear about any of them. Yes, they make the same mistakes over and over and never keep their word. That's just what a politician does. Isn't the saying "absolute power corrupts absolutely" or something like that? Eh, however it goes, it seems right. New politicians start out with a good head on their shoulders and somehow it ends up shoved up their other end.


January 5, 2012 Thursday

JAD Update: 201, 202, 203

Just Another Day
Pages 201, 202, and 203 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.


January 4, 2012 Wednesday

JAD Update: 201, 202, Poster

Just Another Day
Pages 201 and 202 has been drawn.
Page 203 is being drawn.

The poster is finally finished!

It started with the Promotional Posters Event on Comic Dish.

Some person from Illinois, seemingly bored at work, came across the site in a very odd way from Google. The search of ""Goblins live in" -martians -hobbit -hobbits -shark -D&D -orcs" somehow landed them on TRC a bit before Christmas. How strange. Emotie: O.o


January 4, 2012 Wednesday

Character Bio Week 2

Comic Dish is having another Character Bio Week. Now, my character pages aren't closed off to only Comic Dishers' suggestions. Any reader is welcome to make requests and suggestions.

This round's main goal is to finish making a reference picture for everybody and to get a profile picture. The lesser goal is to create an expression sheet for each character, finish creating the "monster pages", and have better detailings for the Kurach, faefolk, etc. The "Might Do It, Might Not" goal is to make proper pages for the characters in Striped Hope, Draw 100, and Sketchbook.

Final goal will be image links in the directory. Clemon made a good suggestion to do so. The directory is getting too big for text links. These image links will also be used later as the profile pictures for the characters.

Layout and choice of information is always open to suggestions. Things seem to have been fairly well hammered out last time, but the great thing about time is that it is the perfect playroom for ideas to simmer and develop.

The characters page has moved since the last Bio Week event and can now be found here: (It's current home until I get up the finances to host my own site. Until then, expect the link to remain the same.)

Character To-Do List
Reference Images & Profile Pictures
Completed 7/35

Mr. Dawson
Faun Guardian
Mrs. Iris Birchfield
Jeffrey Templeton
Captain John Morgan
Mr. Marley
Minocentaur Warlock
Doctor Newbury
Mr. O'Hare
Rhett Talbot
Shalu "Scarlet Dancer"
Shaman Onami
Mr. Whitten
Master Woodstock

CritterTo-Do List
Reference Images & Profile Pictures
Completed 6/15

- Sylvan Kurach
- Plains Kurach
- Tropical Kurach
- Highland Kurach
- Arctic Kurach
Lura Antelope
"Port's Plague"
Urych Cattle

Ship To-Do List
Reference Images & Profile Pictures
Completed 0/2

The Meriweather
The Brelland Seacat

Quite a list, ne? It's grown a bit since the first Bio Week event. Emotie: :)
Back then I was in Chapter 02. The character list was simply Shanku, Dai, Jakko, Zihna, Hinto, Anoki, Kadin, Rajé, Shaman Onami, and the Kurach, Plains Kurach, Urych, Rivercat, and Antelope.

Progress Report

- Tweaked all pages to include the first appearance per chapter rather than the first appearance in the story. (Yes, this makes Shanku's list quite long.)
- Shanku Ref Sheet Completed

- Kurach Page Modified
- Shanku's Page Modified
- Plains Kurach Page Modified
- Tropical Kurach Page Modified
- Sylvan Kurach Page Modified
- Highland Kurach Page Modified
- Arctic Kurach Page Modified

- Sage's Page Modified
- Jakko's Page Modified
- Dai's Page Modified (I had no idea he had four outfits in the story! Dang...)

Comic Dish finally released their requirements on bio pages:

  • A profile picture showing full body and in color if possible. [Already on my To-Do list.]
  • Vital information: Age, height, race (where applicable), hair color, eye color, gender (if unclear). [Already standard. Any gender confusion is made clear in the History block with pronouns.]
  • Name pronunciation (if unclear) [Be careful what you wish for.]
  • Job/occupation. [Already included in history if applicable.]
  • Likes, Dislikes (but should avoid obvious answers). [Read the story.]
  • Personality description. [Light overview already standard.]
  • Brief and spoiler-free history. [Already on the profiles.]
  • Talents, abilities, and flaws. [Light overview already standard.]
  • Relationships with other characters. [Family and flings I already list. Other relationships? Read the story.]
  • Style of dress (the kinds of things they wear if their clothing changes regulary). [Light overview already standard.]

And their requests:

  • Color palettes. [Already a standard part of the ref sheets.]
  • Additional character sketches. [Already there if I've done it.]
  • Links to artwork of the character. [Already standard. Isn't this sort of related to the previous request?]
  • Links to the character's first appearance in the comic. [Already standard, plus some.]
  • Character turnaround sheets. [Front and back is all I'm doing this time on the Kurach. The rest will simply have a frontal view unless it's a very complicated outfit.]
  • Character quotes. [Why? Read the story.]
  • Expression sheet. [On the To-Do list.]
  • Detailed close-ups of accessories the character has or other detailed things like a tattoo or scar. [Possibly might do that. Only Zos and Scirei have scars, and Kya has tattoos.]
  • Alternate costumes. [Already on the To-Do list. If they've worn it, I'm showing it.]

I can see the point in some of that stuff since it's an art exchange, but, it's an art exchange between writers and there's a request for links to the character's first appearance. So why on earth should there be character quotes, likes, or dislikes? It just strikes me as odd. And lazy.

So today's updates are:
- Added a pronunciation guide to all pages, except subpages like the Sylvan Kurach or Fire Giants. (Changes like these appear will later when I upload the ref sheets.)
- Anoki ref sheet finished.

- Anoki wing ref sheet finished.
- Anoki's Page Modified
- Kadin's Page Modified (I just had to keep his original profile picture as his cub reference! He was too cute to just delete.)
- Rajé's ref sheet completed and wing ref sheet started.

Started work on Wednesday. Threw me behind a bit on character pages. But I'm back in the saddle on weekends, so this project is still going on.

- Rajé's Page Modified
- Cast Page Modified

Cast page is ready for when I can finish everybody's icons.


January 3, 2012 Tuesday

JAD Update: Chapter 11 Cover

Just Another Day
The cover to Chapter 11 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded. It's in color too!

Just finished my submission for MAX. The girl drawing for me this round hasn't been matched to me in a year and a half. I didn't post the last time I participated in MAX because my guy stood me up. But Hawk and Gazzatude both decided to make gifts for everybody, so it evened out. I drew for GlowinBright.

This is what Hawk made:

This is what Gazzatude made:

Pick out which one is Shanku! Emotie: :)

I never did post the results of the sonogram, did I? Oops...

We got several good shots of the heart. Strong and healthy. All the bones and stuff are in their proper places, no deformities or complications. Oh yeah, and it's a boy.


January 2, 2012 Monday

JAD Update: Chapter 11 & 12 Script

Just Another Day
Chapters 11 and 12 have been fully scripted.

Most of this has been written in the past. Now I'm just cropping and rearranging for page size, readability, and stuff like that.

Jack over at Captain Ahole had issued a challenge on Comic Dish to draw in the Rob Liefeld style. I did, and would you believe that thing got a few hits right off the bat? How strange...

Dang CSS
Jack's site has been screwed up for a while. I thought it was just a browser mishap or my computer. Nah. Just some really weird CSS glitches. Why they appeared after the redesign had been up for a few days is beyond me.


December 31, 2011 Saturday

JAD Update: 197, 198, 199, 200

Just Another Day
Pages 197, 198, 199, and 200 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

This also concludes Volume Two. Next year we begin Volume Three!
Now to also start on the wallpaper pack for volume two. Emotie: :)

Just got back from a four day trip. Having a nasty cold while visiting a guy who smokes a pack of cigars a day or more in the house does not mix well. Glad to be home so I can breathe again. I've never sneezed or coughed that much. Worse part was that he knew I was pregnant and did it anyway. The baby didn't care for it all that much either. He kicked me constantly while we were down there and he hasn't really moved since we got back home around fresh air. Now if I can get him to be good for daddy and let him feel some kicks...

On the upside, my husband was able to properly put in for a good job that's hiring soon. (The whole point of going on a road trip. Just wish I could have stayed home.) If all goes well, he'll be getting a phone call within the next three weeks.


December 27, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198

Just Another Day
Pages 195 and 196 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.
Pages 193, 194, 195, and 196 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 197 is being drawn.
Page 198 has been sketched.

Some readers may notice the use of charcoal on page 198. I've been trying to get our heater working, but the wood is wet and stubborn, and sometimes I'm too lazy to wash my hands afterwards. Emotie: XD

Gotta love a wood-burning heater. Some nights you can catch the dog and me in the same sprawled out, belly up position in front of it.

My husband and I are both enjoying a lazy day dozing and relaxing after a solid week on the road. Well, he's relaxing. I am once more engaged in the relentless war known as the cold, where your nose depletes your supply of water as soon as you replenish it. I swear, if I don't stop sneezing all the time, I'm gonna have the easiest delivery in the history of birthing. Place your bets, place your bets!

Since my colds these past few years have always been head colds due to the, well, cold (sleeping in cold rooms that make my throat raw, specifically), I'm not worried about this being caused by some big, scary bacteria that'll be a threat to the kid. Plus, I fully recover from these things in the usual two weeks and the kid is working off my immune system. I'm quite confident it'll be fine.

Tomorrow is the sonogram. Fingers crossed that I'm far enough we can find out the gender so my husband will no longer worry whether or not he get's his little girl! Hehehe. All I care for is if it has no abnormalities, like, three feet.

I'm starting to get a little excited about it. I know for a fact it's alive. Felt it move a month ago, heard it's heartbeat yesterday afternoon, and possibly felt it move last night. And tomorrow there's a good chance I get to see it? Sweet! Yes, sonograms are frivolous when done only for silly things like seeing it for the first time. But, highly useful for detecting complications like conjoined twins or a parasitic twin.

Life is good. Emotie: :)


December 26, 2011 Monday

JAD Update

Just Another Day
Page 193 and 194 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.
Page 195 is being drawn.
Page 196 has been sketched.

Baby Update

First prenatal check-up was today.

First they checked my blood pressure, weighed me, and checked for some infections.

Next up was meeting the doctor, moral support before the examination, doctor was even kind enough to teach me how to check certain parts of my development at home when I was curious, and then the chat at the end to discuss the examination. Side note: Examination did hurt! Everybody was claiming it wouldn't, but it did. They lied.

After that, blood. Owie. Did not like. Did not watch. My husband did. He said they took four large vials and two small vials. My arm is still kinda sore. Figured it would be, so I gave them the left arm. Heehee, I can still draw! The nurse said potassium and iron levels would definitely be checked, but that's all she could really recall about which tests would be performed. Apparently there were a lot of them. This site gives a list, so I guess those are the tests?
Visit was done after that and we were free to go.

Doctor said I was in very good health, blood pressure was good, heart rate was good, weight gain was on track, and the baby had a very strong heartbeat that the doctor picked up as soon as he put the speaker-thing to my stomach. I'm disappointed there weren't two heartbeats, but this one is alive and well I guess it'll just have to get double the attention then, no? My husband got so very giddy when he heard the heartbeat!

A sonogram is scheduled for Wednesday. Doctor said he'll get a definite due date then. But Friday will be "week 19" by the "40 week" system and I'm due May 25th according to that. But doctor says I'm too small to be that far along and thinks I'm due in mid-June instead. We'll see. I was there and he wasn't, so I kinda trust my math better than his. The baby will come when the baby comes. All that matters is that my family is alive and healthy, which for as far as I know now, they most definitely are.

I'm very surprised (and pleased) with the lack of symptoms. Up until now, my only signs have been minor weight gain, minor chest changes, light nose bleeds, and bloody gums. In the beginning was only the irritating symptoms of nausea and pain in certain various places. The closest I've come to food cravings is Mexican/Texican food, because I haven't had sour cream in a while. Haven't had any other bizarre food cravings, mood swings, or that other stuff. I'm very thankful for that.

I'm a grumpy little thing to some. To others, I'm justifiably pissed off.

I really hate the 193-195 JAD pages. Not for how they turned out, but for all the bad memories tied to it while working on it. Tried to get some work done over the holidays, but kind of hard to do when your mother-in-law is doing her best to convince you your child was an "ungodly mistake" repeatedly, then getting mad for not telling her that it's rude to do so and then getting mad at you for not agreeing with her in the first place. Considering certain health problems that my husband and I have, it's almost a miracle that we're having a baby. Plus I believe all things happen for a reason, so if now is the time for the baby to arrive in our lives, then by all means let it come and we'll let it be as much a part of our lives as we can. I also believe commitment is based on emotions, not on a ridiculous piece of paper made by total strangers. Within the first few weeks, we were completely devoted to each other and it was my call to not let the wedding happen until our first anniversary. So what if the baby was conceived a month before the wedding? It's not like we were two wild idiots in a rocky relationship or series of one-night-stands. Then she dares to get mad at me for not telling her I was expecting before the wedding? I didn't even know until after the honeymoon!

Whether she likes it or not, I'm keeping her away from my kid. I'm not going to let it grow up believing it doesn't deserve to live because of a religious nutcase. That was my childhood thanks to a damn sexist cult of a church that believed women were pure evil and should all die, it will NOT be my kid's childhood.


December 20, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 192, 193

Just Another Day
Page 192 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Pages 193-200 have been fully scripted! Time to draw them.
Page 193 is being sketched.


December 19, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: 190, 191, 192

Just Another Day
Pages 190 & 191 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 192 has being drawn and is waiting to be scanned.

The way I see it, I still owe six pages. The second volume is supposed to end on New Years. I'm going to try and keep that deadline.


December 17, 2011 Saturday

JAD Update: 190 & 191

Just Another Day
Page 190 is being drawn.
Page 191 has been drawn is waiting to be uploaded.

Need to get a jumpstart. Wednesday my husband and I begin our holiday visiting.


December 15, 2011 Thursday

My world for a lack of Crazy and Stupid!

While trying to do some research on traditional clothing needed for JAD Page 189 I happened across a feminist's blog. One of those in-your-face feminists that is on a crusade against clothes that uses big, bold banners to profess to the world that they hate anybody who wants to dress modestly. Ugh. Those kind really bring out my inner male chauvinist. Why the crusade against wearing clothes? I for one have a horrible time maintaining my own body temperature. I have no desire to run around naked and shiver more than I do already just to please some psycho woman who needs a chill pill. (Or maybe a reality check...) And unless I'm needing some muscle or shading reference, I certainly don't want to see anybody else naked. (What if they stay as cold as I?) Except for my husband. He's a walking furnace and I don't mind seeing him naked. But that's entirely a different matter. Emotie: ;)

I always wonder just what their deal is. I've met plenty of feminists that are sweet, mature, very reasonable, and never belligerent about their beliefs, unlike this woman I just came across. I reckon it just goes back to "Crazy and Stupid know neither race nor religion nor gender nor village." Like that politician that told me my money should be going to his stupid campaign rather than to school so I could learn how to defend the nation's infrastructure. As for the "see it from their point of view" thing, I really can't. The closest thing I come to being unreasonable about would be concerning perverts and sex offenders. Male or female, I don't care. Keep your damn hands to yourself and no means NO!

My world for a lack of Crazy and Stupid. Also, in my world, people would instead be writing about their love of certain foods rather than their love for a lack of clothing. Mmmmm... Like this very yummy recipe I heard of recently involving roasted walnuts, maple syrup, chipotle powder, and salt. Or a hamburger recipe that has the meat mixed with salt, pepper, and mustard before slow grilling. It's hard to get the want up to try new salads though... My salad is lettuce, tomato, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, and bacon with 1000 Island dressing and Club crackers. Maybe some cucumbers. Or maybe the tuna salad sandwich I was raised on of tuna, mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet relish. With chips! I don't like sandwiches without chips of some sorts. Fattening, yes, but it was a help in my battle against being underweight. Some folks can't lose weight, I can't gain weight. Maybe we can trade half our metabolisms and call it even?

Even further off topic, I think the pregnancy is slowing down my pancreas. Yay! I can eat sugar again without my sugar-levels trying to bottom out! And oddly enough I can eat raw onion again. My stomach had gotten into this strange stage of just feeling weird if I'd eat any onion. No pain, no problems, just a weird feeling in my gut.

I've now completely forgotten what I was irritated about a few minutes ago. I want a snack now!


December 14, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Update: 189

Just Another Day
Page 189 is being drawn.

Job Hunt
Today I learn a new word. Phlebotomist: that evil person at the doctor's office that stabs you over and over and over and over to steal two drops of blood.

Anywho, job hunt is still going slow. And slightly scary. How did Needle Stabber end up on my list of recommended jobs??

Not to be confised with Phlebotinum. Why must the English language be so terribly confusing? "Plot device" is a far cry from "stabby device".


December 12, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: 188

Just Another Day
Page 188 is being drawn. Slowly. Very slowly. I can't focus for nothin' today.

Finished a commission! One I quite enjoyed doing. Although, come to think of it, the commissions that I've had have all been a pleasure to do. Creative people commission me.

The most recent one was of an adorable little girl. She was one of those special late-in-life babies, so you know her parents are very thrilled to have her apart of their lives. They've even started a blog devoted to her and all the art they're collecting of their baby. (Hint hint, to all ye artists out there, they like getting art of Adora!)

These are the kind of things that make you sleep easy at night. Goes to prove you can still find sweet, happy stories if you look for them. Or in my case, have them land in your inbox!

TRC has gotten some love! Rearranged the Commission page and added a contact form to the Commission page and the About page.


December 7, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Update: 187

Just Another Day
Page 187 is being drawn.

Still gettin' bigger. Slowly. Slooooooooooooowly. My weight is remaining at a stubborn 125-130 lbs or 57-59 kg. (Practicing my Metric because Imperial irritates me.) But on the bright side, my stomach is growing, so the kid must be growing. Still getting the occasional stretch pains around my hips, which I take as another good sign.

Within a few weeks I should be able to feel the bugger officially move. I did a few weeks ago when my weight was dropping too low from stress so I'm anxious to feel it move again. Still straightening out all the irritating paperwork just to get an appointment for my first prenatal care visit, so feeling it move is a reassurance right now.


December 1, 2011 Thursday

JAD Update: 185

Just Another Day
Page 185 is being drawn.
Page 185 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 185 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

I drew for PureNightShade and Droakir made a sad piece for me.

My 2011 folder is pretty weak looking. Maybe I can find some time next year to draw more than this year... Inbetween the baby, school, and work. Yeaaaaah, probably not gonna draw much next year either. Emotie: XD


November 29, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 184

Just Another Day
Page 184 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Also working on the print-ready version of chapter eight. Greyscale, sadly. My color progress with the print-ready version is still halfway in chapter one. Someday, someday... Also need to get a good font making program so I can make a JAD font. I don't really want to risk Microsoft suing me for using Mistral. They tend to be very trigger-happy when it comes to lawsuits.

All of the greyscale print-ready pages can be found on dA:
When chapter eight is finished it'll be posted in that folder.

Job Hunting
My inbox is full of salesman and insurance positions. Is "I'd like a career building webpages" not very blunt or something? Either the world is full of some very dumb recruiters or none of these companies can bother to hire or pay a programmer to have better filtering methods with their emails.


November 28, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: 184

Just Another Day
Page 184 is being drawn.

I think I might be able to do normal updates from here on out. It'd certainly be nice if I could!

Got the house to myself today. It's quiet, peaceful, and it's overcast outside. All day yesterday was a lovely drizzle. It almost prevented me from waking up and getting out of bed yesterday. I love clear, sunny days, but I also like my rainy days. Mom and I spent most of the day playing Clue on the Super Nintendo. Well, the SNES emulator I have on my external, anyway. We've still got our old Super Nintendo and games, but I don't really like risking the thing anymore.

Job Hunting
Evil words though they are, they are a necessary evil. I think. Very debatable. Anywho, on with the job hunt!

Made a new profile on since Hotmail kinda sorta locked me out of my other account. I ask for a password reset email and Hotmail refuses to receive it, even in the Junk folder. Had these problems with Hotmail before, because we all know Microsoft sucks, so I made a new account on Yahoo under Rocketmail. Works pretty good so far!
I'm probably limiting myself by blocking search results from Nationwide and the army, but... Insurance and enlisting into the military is not my cup of tea.

Also made a profile on They give a lot more search results, but the problem is that nearly everything is for Senior or Executive or some other really advanced position with a Bachelor degree or higher and a minimum of 5 years experience. As soon as I find the "novice" button, I'll be set on Monster.


November 23, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Update: 182 & 183

Just Another Day
Pages 182 & 183 are drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Surprisingly, it only took 2-3 hours to draw 183. Maybe because it's not a complicated page?


November 16, 2011 Wednesday

No Page this Week

Finals are next week and projects are due then too. I'm too swamped to be able to work on the pages. Emotie: :(


November 7, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: Chapter 10 Cover

Just Another Day
The cover for Chapter Ten has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

I'll admit to referencing Starfire when I drew Scarlet. Just because DC has some horny people workin' on their comics doesn't mean they don't have good reference pictures, eh? Emotie: ^_~

Dang, starting Chapter 10... Next chapter will start Volume 3! Ack! Time sure does fly. Emotie: o_o


November 5, 2011 Saturday

Tweaked Site Designs

Both JAD & TRC. And I actually got some feedback! Somebody helped me tweak it a little further by being a second eye, and I'm quite happy with both sites right now. Emotie: :)


November 3, 2011 Thursday

Art & JAD Update: 180

Just Another Day
Page 180 is being drawn has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

I got art from Clemon and I drew for Hawk!

Halloween always makes for an awesome round. Emotie: B)


November 3, 2011 Thursday

Glad I Allowed Ads

Ya know, I thought I'd hate it for putting ads on JAD, but there are quite a few creative ones on my homepage! I'm thinking about extending the boxes from three to five because of it.

My favorites:

They're all placed by automated scripts rather than the people who have the ads themselves, but I'm still glad the campaigns dropped them by my site.

The one below the comic gets normal ol' comic stuff, as expected. Emotie: XD


October 31, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: 179

Just Another Day
Page 179 has been drawn!
Who'd have thought I'd actually get a page done before the day it's due again? Emotie: :D


October 19, 2011 Wednesday

Updates and Plans

Comic page is being worked on and I'm adding my hard drive today! I've been meaning to add it for some time, circumstances just haven't been kind enough to let me.

Also, sometime around the new year I'm going to buy a proper domain for TRC. I'm already doing some practice with the current site because I will be self-hosting the comic someday. The Comic Dish and Drunk Duck versions will always be updated, but the one on my site will be two pages at once. Ahhhh, someday, someday. Emotie: :D

Orrrrrr, NOT adding the hard drive today. My computer may have several spare power cords dangling from the power supply, but there are no spare SATA cables dangling. The hard drive also, surprisingly, didn't ship with a SATA cable. EH!? Makes no sense... But I suppose I'll just have to pick up a cable on the way to school tonight.

Might I also say, to whoever first came up with those little plastic packages around hardware that require a professional bench-presser to rip open: "You are an asshole."


Anywho, I reckon I'll ramble. Right now my husband is at work and I'm at the house. While it was a sweet sentiment from the boss to try to give us "a day together" by synchronizing some of our off days, we already get Saturday by default and I think it's healthy for both of us to have a workday alone. We get a day to blare our games or music without annoying the snot out of the other. (Such a gross analogy... Who came up with that??)
So today I draw and sing. And struggle at singin'. It's been a couple of months since I really got a chance to mellow out, so my range has gotten smaller. And higher. One reason is likely that I have to talk in an irritatingly high range. Why? Interesting psychological experiment I performed once at work. When I would talk my the natural, comfortable register, I would get LOTS of complaints about how "rude" I was. I bumped it up an octave or two and now I get flagged down to be told how sweet and courteous I am. Go figure.

Oh, yeah, and on the note of my husband: I still can't believe we're married. Him I can easily see being married. He just has the kind of personality and disposition that's perfect for husbands and fathers. Me? I'm a bloodthirsty, mistrusting tomboy! Not wife or mommy material. Maybe I'm having hard time accepting it because until my husband came along I was told for years I was just a last resort or another chick to lay. Didn't think it was possible for somebody to want to get to know me. Hrm... But now I have a wonderful fellow that treats me as a real human being, so all that crap is now just a long string of bad memories.


October 19, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Update: 175 & 176

Just Another Day
Page 175 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 176 is being drawn.

Back to twice a week updates, woohoo!


October 5, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Update: 173

Just Another Day
Page 173 has been posted.

Going up on a Wednesday this week. Problems with the scanner yesterday that didn't permit to be fixed in the hour break I have after work before going to school. (Including driving time, work: 7:30AM-3PM, school: 4PM-12AM. Only on Tuesdays. It's a pain in the butt.)

Today I have to wash all our clothes up for our trip this weekend. Later on I'll take the car up to change the oil, rotate the tires, and air up the tires. Fun thing about colder weather: makes your tires sag from the air compressing inside.

Rehearsal was on Saturday. Didn't goof around too much, but I did make sure to sneak a kiss on the groom. You can never have enough practice with that! Emotie: ^_~

My in-laws brought balloons and the kids loved them. Those poor balloons. Only three survived to the end of the event. I doubt though that they made it to the end of the day.

We made some definite decisions on our vows. Standard "sickness and health, 'til death do you part". It's a semi-Christian wedding, so we also get Bible verses read to us. My fiancé was content with his verse meant for the groom, the "love your wife as you love yourself" one. The verse meant for the wife is one that has given me much resent over the years, so I changed mine to a verse Ruth said, the "where you go, I will go" one. Ruth was always one of my favorite books of the Bible.

Friday will be the wedding, so I reckon the next time y'all see me I'll be an old married woman! Woohoo! (Pictures will be posted when I can get ahold of 'em.)

School is still school. But our school is surrounded by NASA-related stuff, so thankfully the students at this campus are much more intelligent than the ones down in the more ghetto/industrial part of the state.

Work is still... work. The waitressing aspect of the job is easy. My fiancé being the only male at my job is the difficult part, especially since we're engaged. I'm getting every line from "don't do it" to "you'll regret it" to "I feel sorry for you" to "you better get him in line or else". Women are so annoying. Working with men is easier. Fishing, hunting, cars & mechanical items, livestock, beer, food, and the occasional sports. Much easier on the ears. (Minus the "sports" part.)

And there's ye update for all the pell-mell going on at the moment.


September 27, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 172

Just Another Day
Page 172 is being drawn.

Yes, the poor page due last Thursday that I have bumped to Tuesday. Been nearly a week since I got to draw anything, so the lines are a bit shaky and sketchy. Maybe I can get it done tonight, or at the least, have it drawn within the next 30 minutes before bed and do the minor details tomorrow after work, after the shower, and before school. Right now there is only one panel left before it's ready to be scanned and edited.

I have some funny scenes from work I'd like to illustrate and post into the Sketchbook. Can't say I'm much less stressed than the page currently posted. ARRGH, I miss drawing! I miss HTML and CSS and playing with my site, I miss listening to music, I miss harassing my online friends and readers, I miss killing time on dA and finding new artists, I miss having time to read webcomics. There's so much little random stuff I'd like to write about and get outta my system, but I barely have time to get a full night's rest. And lack of sleep ain't a good idea with me since lack of sleep is one of the triggers to a certain annoying health problem I've got. Emotie: @.@
But since my fiancé made me take over his room and he took mine upstairs, that's gotten a bit better. See, the upstairs has pale, pale walls and a huge window that takes up one wall that faces west. Not as bad in the morning as the room with the window-wall facing east, but once the sun comes up I still get no sleep. Now, figure in classes letting out at 10:30PM and us getting home at midnight. Yeah, OUCH.

But most of all, I miss spending time with my fiancé. Work, school, and homework is keeping me pretty far from him too. Argghhh....


September 23, 2011 Friday

Back to Once-a-Week Updates

Sincerest apologies, but I must cut back to only one update a week for the next two or three weeks.

Between homework, work, the long drives to school, the four-and-a-half hour long class sessions, and having to make another dress I simply don't even have time to even eat anymore except when I'm on the road.

Why make another dress? Well, even though I gave my grandmother six months to work on the wedding dress along with written instructions, custom patterns for it to be exactly how it needed, and numerous verbal instructions, she screwed up the first dress and tried to pin it all on me for it going wrong rather than realizing that perhaps she should stop focusing on clients and pay attention to family for once in her life instead of shoving us aside for strangers that could care less about her. So now my fiancé and I are having to make another completely from scratch within the next two weeks before the wedding.

As you can see, it wasn't a complicated dress:

Hopefully after the wedding I can return to my preferred routine and with a litle luck also post the updates I'll be missing until then.

Yes, I know this makes me look like a Bridezilla. I'm not. My grandmother is always hounding us to spend more time and stuff with her, and, against my better judgement, I asked her if she wanted to my dress so she wouldn't feel left out after I had asked other relatives to help me with various parts of the wedding. She was very happy and eager to. But instead she pushed me to the side, like she always does, in favor of church and work, and then with plenty of lectures, guilt trips, and lovely lines like "I hope you have children someday so you'll be as hated as I am" when she messed up. I still haven't forgotten her "someday you're going to grow old and die alone because everybody hates you" when I wanted to use my comb instead of her comb. This is my grandmother, and how she treats me. Why I'm so stupid to keep trying to please her, I don't know.


September 15, 2011 Thursday

JAD Update: 168 and All Those Before

Just Another Day
As you can probably gather, 164, 165, 166, and 167 all were posted on their days.
Page 168 has been drawn. Will be scanned in soon, whether on my computer or not.

My computer caught that irritating Google Redirect Virus. After several scans by AVG and MalwareBytes, and several futile attempts to follow previous knowlege of the file's location due to the recommended files not existing, I now no longer support Windows on my computer. I'm tired of the malware, I'm tired of the security problems, and I'm tired of the damn crashing. So now I run RHEL Fedora 12! Would have stuck with Fedora 15, but I'm not too fond of GNOME 3 just yet.

All of my fonts transferred without hassle. Yay!

Still installing programs. (WINE is a life-saver! Not the drink, the .exe installer for Linux.) Age of Empires actually installed without a problem. Of course, it claims I don't have a soundcard even though I do, but that's okay. You can only listen to game music for so long before going nuts. I haven't had time to play, but I think the bad colour-rendering is gone... When I was playing on Windows 7, there was a lot of pink pixels. Everything was coloured correctly when I played half of a scenario last night. Interesting.

As you can imagine, my curiosity demands to know if Greatest Paper Airplanes and Oregan Trail can be installed. I reckon I'll have to fix that "you have no sound card" problem if it works. Oregan Trail was one of the best games! Why they never decided to make a version compatible with newer operating systems is beyond me.

One frustrating drawback is the lack of ability to play mp3 files. Yes, XMMS and Amarok are supposed to be able to play them. I have yet to delete or install the special package that will allow that. So far all I can play is the Insaniquarium theme since they were kind enough to make it a .wav file.


August 25, 2011 Thursday

JAD Update: 163, 164

Just Another Day
Page 163 has been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 164 is being drawn. Will likely be posted sometime Thursday afternoon.

Promo Poster is mostly colored. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. Probably not, but it'd be nice.

I got Cheeko for the Gender Swap Round.
Gazzatude got me for the Gender Swap Round.

I'm quite fond of the piece I did for Cheeko, but I wonder if I delved deep enough in to properly change Narini into a male.

Finals are this week. Had my first one on Wednesday. Pretty sure I passed it, but I won't find out until Friday.

Need Sleep
Anywho, I'm off to bed. This is one of my last few nights at home before I'm permanently moved out. Quite depressing, really. If it was just me and my fiancé, it'd be fine. But we'll be moving in with my grandparents. Wouldn't be so bad, but they consistently maintain a noisy, loud, and chaotic environment. (The other day we actually had to yell at each other just to be heard even though we were sitting just a few feet apart on the couch.) So I soon get to hear whispers of me being autistic since I tend to shutdown and cease to function in those kind of conditions. We'll see how things go.
At least he's happy. I haven't seen him so relaxed and cheerful since those first few weeks we started dating. They treat him the way he needs to be treated and he treats them the way they need to be treated.


August 19, 2011 Friday

JAD Update: 162

Page 162 went up, finally. Looks like I'm a day late... Sorry guys. Things are really crazy and my life is about as unstable as it can get right now. It looks like things are about to get a lot worse too. I'll try to build up a buffer inbetween the insanity to keep this from happening again.


August 9, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 159, 160, 161, 162, Chapter 9 Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 159 and 160 is drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 161 and the Chapter 9 Cover are drawn and waiting to be scanned in.
Page 162 is being drawn.

The good news is: I have today's update drawn!
The bad news is: Work and school often get me stranded at friend's and relative's houses for a few days because I'm not making enough to pay for my full gas bill and I have to be flexible enough to work around it if I don't want to beg my parents for gas money. Haven't yet, don't intend to ever beg them for gas money. So, sometime tonight I should be able to get home and get it scanned in.

Life will likely be a little hectic these next few weeks. The wedding is less than two months away and my life is still in limbo as far as where I stay the night. Not because of family problems. No, far from it. It's the daggum gas bill! My car will be getting roughly 500 miles per week for work and school. My fiancé and I are carpooling and staying at friend's and relative's houses on school nights to lessen the driving distance when we can.

Updates will be posted, at worst, a few hours late. Like, today's update. It will go up TODAY, just what time TODAY is questionable. Emotie: XD;;

In Other News...
My submission for the Gender Swap round was finished about a week or two ago. When the round concludes on the 16th, I'll post the links as usual.

Also, World of Warcraft is quite addicting. And a lot of fun when my fiancé and I can play with our Tauren together.


August 2, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 157, 158, 159

Just Another Day
Pages 157 and 158 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 159 has been drawn.

A promotional poster is being made. You can view some of its progress here:

Also working on the prologue. The cover and first three pages are done. Not sure how long it'll be when it's finished. Until now, the prologue was just something written out and not intended for comic form.


July 26, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 154, 155, 156, 157

Just Another Day
Pages 154, 155, and 156 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 157 is being drawn.

Adspace is now available on the comic site. $0.01 to advertise directly below the comic and at the top of the archive. Free to advertise everywhere else if somebody isn't paying of their own free will.


July 11, 2011 Monday

JAD Update: 152 & 153

Just Another Day
Pages 152 & 153 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.

Today was rough. There were two cats I got when I was three. Lost the male last year. Today the female officially starts the dying process. I'm glad she isn't getting gnawed at by an ear infection like her brother, but... She was my baby for eighteen years. Having a pet for that long isn't something you just shrug off. Emotie: :'(


July 9, 2011 Saturday

JAD Update: 149, 150, 151, 152

Just Another Day
Page 149, 150, and 151 have been drawn, scanned, and uploaded.
Page 152 is being drawn.

Toying around with hosting the comic on TRC.


June 26, 2011 Sunday

JAD Update: 145, 146, 147, 148, 149 | MAX June A 2011

Just Another Day
Page 145, 146, 147 and 148 have been drawn, scanned in, and uploaded.
Page 149 is being drawn.

Strugglin' to not miss updates. So far I'm succeeding and hopefully I won't miss any. Right now I only have Saturday and Sunday to work on the comic. Monday and Tuesday is work, homework, and the dress. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all spent with my fiancé and school. Kinda gotta stay the night since my hours have been halved. Ah, but just gotta put up with low-level jobs for about another year or maybe less before I can start working in my field. Woo!

June A 2011
I drew for [AOD] and Tozoku drew for me! And she Scirei! That was a wonderful surprise.

Invitations are in! Woohoo! And did indeed do a wonderful job. I've only got to track down a few more addresses and I can start mailing them out.

My soon-to-be mother-in-law took me off yesterday to start tracking down decorations. We found some really good deals and pretty much all that's left to do now is start assembling stuff. Found a cake we can order, although we'll still have to special order a small cupcake or something for my fiancé and me. Nothin' like sugar intolerances...

So, yeah. All is going well. Second family has pretty much fully adopted me already.


June 12, 2011 Sunday

JAD Update: 145 & 146

Just Another Day
Page 145 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 146 is being drawn.

Been 17 days since I last dropped by. Oy vey... And it's been longer than that since I had a chance to physically draw out the pages.

The pencil demo pages on RS will catch up to the present storyline on Friday. So from here on out they'll air on the Saturdays that follow their JAD counterparts.

May A 2011
I drew for BJC and Hawk drew for me! Hawk hasn't drawn for me since my very first official round. So it was nice being able to have proper color references up for him this time. Got a lotta respect for Hawk, so it was an added bonus seeing art from him.
The amusing thing for drawing for BJC started with the contest I held back in April. That lead to doing several sketches for him to finally the full blown piece brought on by MAX. He presently is owed a submission and is on the Adoption list, so when I get a chance I want to do it. BJC's a pretty good guy and his character Trixie can usually be found in his posts on Comic Dish. (I prefer to draw her as an adult because she then has wings. And I like wings.)


May 28, 2011 Saturday

Print-Ready & PDFs...

I have been busy all day long with this...

All penciled pages are now print-ready and all chapters that have been completed are now in PDF format. Volume 01 is also a PDF, with a bonus of the story's prologue.

Now it's just a matter of uploading to Lulu and completing the color versions.


May 25, 2011 Wednesday

JAD Map!

Sorta. World map has finally been posted.


May 24, 2011 Tuesday

JAD Update: 141, 142, 143, 144

Just Another Day
Pages 141, 142, 143, and 144 have been finished, scanned in, and uploaded.

Demo pages of the eventual PDFs are also being uploaded here.

May has not been a good month. No, no. Not at all. So far the only good thing that's happened this month is that the wedding rings came in. I'm pretty impressed with them. So I reckon I can officially recommend
I'm also pretty much completely over an annoying stomach bug I caught from sis last week. Not bad really, considering everybody else got knocked out for nearly a week and a half. Maybe my immune system isn't as shoddy as I was worried it was.
And this quarter is nearly over, so I may get a stunted summer break soon. Really sucks. Snow barely shut down the school, tornadoes barely shut down the school, but damn Memorial Day shut down the school so now all of us with Monday classes lose part of our one-week break. WTFH!? Haven't the past two quarters been rough enough without screwing something up intentionally? Whatever. Always said that you have to have ten ranks in incompetence before you're allowed to level up to management.


May 16, 2011 Monday

JAD Mousepad!

It's in!

JAD Mousepad

I'm not very good at taking pictures of pictures, but CafePress did a very good job printing it and the text came out very clear. (Original pic here of Shanku.)
The rubber on the back smells really bad though. But, that's just how rubber is. So if you like the smell of rubber... Order one for yourself to sniff or go hug your car??

To babble about the ability of computers for a moment, *ahehehehem, HACK*, the original panel was only 6.5cm by 6cm. The print is roughly 13.5cm by 12cm. Cool!


May 8, 2011 Sunday

Print-Ready & PDFs...

I have been busy all day long with this...

All penciled pages are now print-ready and all chapters that have been completed are now in PDF format. Volume 01 is also a PDF, with a bonus of the story's prologue.

Now it's just a matter of uploading to Lulu and completing the color versions.


May 6, 2011 Friday

JAD Update: 71

Just Another Day
Page 141 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 142 is being drawn.

My submission for April B is finished and I received a piece from Cheeko!
Currently working on my May A submission.

I really missed doing MAX.

Sis and nephew are visiting! Yay! I can't believe the little guy's already nine months... (Also can't believe Mom says I was walking at nine months. Goodness gracious...) He loves the cat. Every time he sees her he just squeals and crawls as fast as he can to the door to call to her and bang on the glass. Emotie: ^.^


April 30, 2011 Saturday

Contest Prizes

I recently held a name origins contest with the comic and within two days it was surprisingly over. I should hold contests more often. This was pretty fun. Emotie: :)

Anywho, the prize was to anybody who could tell me the definition of the names of certain JAD characters would get a sketch. So with this blog post I'll be updating the status of the sketches.

Paul Eberhardt - Gundula and Tiger
BJC - Trixie and Shanku
Kitty Sunshine - Jade and Dawn
Noontide - waiting on sketch request
WingedWorchael - Raivyn
Aphex - Cassie

Sketch, color, it's all the same to me. A picture was promised to the winners of my contest and I'm doing a colored sketch for them. Emotie: :)

Contest Prize: Gundula and Tiger
Gundula & Tiger © Paul Eberhardt

Contest Prize: Trixie and Shanku
Trixie © BJC
Shanku © Ashe Skyler

Contest Prize: Jade and Dawn
Jade & Dawn © Kitty Sunshine

Contest Prize: Raivyn
Raivyn & Crowe ©

Contest Prize: Cassie
Cassie © Aphex


April 22, 2011 Friday

Oh, poopy.

While roaming around the Duck I find the ol' bird flew into a tree and induced amnesia on itself. Pages I had previously uploaded, and that worked, are now lost. So I get the fun of checking my archive on Drunk Duck and putting the pages back up. Presently the missing pages span between 107 and 123.


April 17, 2011 Sunday

JAD Update: 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, Chapter 08 Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, and the cover to Chapter Eight have been drawn and scanned. and uploaded.

Page 141 is being drawn.

Pages 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, and the cover to Chapter Eight have been uploaded. This puts the buffer up to June 2nd and also marks the largest upload in one go I have done so far. 2MB even of new pages for you guys. Emotie: =P

(Two more pages and I'll have a total of 150 pages uploaded! Woo!)

There's a new picture of Shanku up, which is also serving as the voting incentives on TopWebComics and ComicHovel for the time being. Eventually when I can start offering the colored PDF versions of the volumes I'll be putting the larger version of this picture and other images as bonuses. Gotta offer some new stuff, right?

Character profiles have been updated. Still have to finish the profile pictures and character references one of these days...

In PDF progress news, the penciled version of chapter three has been finished. When I'm not wobbling from lack of sleep I'll upload it to Lulu.

Also on the "one of these days" To-Do-List is to finish writing the short stories. These will likely never be put into comic form, or even be important to the storyline, and will remain just as little sides and behind-the-scenes involving other characters. Maybe Shanku will star as the main in some, but I doubt it. Just a little bonus project I'm working on. Emotie: :)



Free character sketch to the first person to tell me the meaning of these characters:



April 10, 2011 Sunday

Ho Hum

I find it pretty funny that Comic Fury removed the profile for Just Another Day from the site. Really? I still have you listed on my site but you removed me from yours? Whatevah. They never made much sense anyway.

I also wonder why when I say "I don't like anti-religion threads" people default to thinking I mean anti-Christians threads only? Last I checked there wasn't only one religion. Well, two. Most seem to forget there is more than just Christians and Atheists. Emotie: XD

Sorta along those lines, I'm still trying to figure out exactly I stand in regards to the church without making it really complicated. I hear "church" I think of... well, all the glorious examples "Christians" have left for the world to deal with, and I'm among the many saying it's a horrible idea. But when I hear "The Church", I think of the real saints and benevolent people that aren't judgmental and are doing it right, which is what I defend.


April 3, 2011 Sunday

JAD Update: 131, 132, 133, 134

Just Another Day
Pages 131, 132, and 133 have been drawn.
Page 134 is being drawn.

I've been trying to think of a way to show what the PDFs and eventual hard copy pages will look like without using deviantART, and to maintain my stance on the story ALWAYS being free regardless of whether it's in pencil or color. What I finally decided on was using RS since I'm a lot more familiar with Comic Dish's coding now than I was even a month ago. So if you'd like to know what the layout and all will be like, just hop on over and check it out. Emotie: :)

Both the pencil and color versions are going up! Slowly, but surely. I still have a lot of editing to do before all's green.


March 26, 2011 Saturday

JAD Wallpaper Packs!

Alrighty, I have a few gifts! I have finally, finally made some wallpapers! Granted, they're just the cover pages to the chapters in volume one, but they are wallpapers for you nonetheless! Available in 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200, and 1920x1080 resolutions.

If you want them, just hop on over to the JAD page. They're all zip files with five wallpapers per zip and all in full color.

The first anniversary wallpaper is still available as well.

Also, Photoshop manipulations are being posted in RS with the accompanying tutorials that I followed to do them. RS also now has nav buttons instead of the numbers below the page or the jump menus! Pretty sweet, huh? Found a tidbit of Comic Dish code that allowed navigation specifically within the storyline.

Anywho, college update! Oi, what a hell of a quarter it's already started off as...
Monday: Network Standards and Protocols at the 9 o'clock in the morning and Composition I at 6 o'clock at night.
Thursday: Microsoft Network Operating Systems at the 9 o'clock in the morning and College Math II at 6 o'clock at night.

No homework in one class but there are quizzes. Another class is all homework but no quizzes.
My composition teacher is completely nuts, but in the good way.
And my boyfriend and I were possessed by this insane idea to not only sit in on Math II but to also opt to receive full credit for it! Yup. That means we're now actually taking Math II.

Although, if I can withstand this whole four-classes-a-quarter thing, I may do that for two more quarters. That'll put me at graduating a quarter early. Coupled with keeping the school days to two a day to cut down on driving time, I'll save quite a bit in gas. (School is 70 miles from my home. Yeah, big gas bill.)

Yesterday had many laughs and ended kinda "eh". My damn tire blew out on me Thursday night while I was coming home from class. Bah. On a very nice upside, as soon as my boyfriend got my message about my tire goin' FOOF he came to my rescue! If he isn't a keeper, nobody is. So we (Well, HE. I held the flashlight.) changed out my FOOFed tire for the minuscule spare in my trunk and sent both of us on home.

I'm so glad I can count on my boyfriend. While I do prefer to be self-sufficient it is nice being able to relax from time to time and not worry about whether or not something will be taken care of. He'll be down Sunday so we can go get my tires replaced. I think he deserves a nice, big ol' back massage for this. Emotie: :)


March 22, 2011 Tuesday

Daggum, really??

500 hits in one day, nearly 200 unique two days ago!? Damn... I don't know who all you people are but I'm always honored when any of you drop by my comic, even if for just a brief drop by. Many, many thanks to you, readers. I only hope I can provide good enough art and story that each trip feels worthwhile for you guys.


March 19, 2011 Saturday

JAD Update: 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130

Just Another Day
Pages 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, and 130 have been scanned in and uploaded.
Page 131 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.

The uploaded portion is a buffer that will last until April 21st.

PDF Ready: Half of chapter seven.

Rookwolf Studios
Layout change! Again.

My grades are in: A's in every class with a 4.0 average.


March 15, 2011 Tuesday

Moved In

My husband and I have made it safely to our new apartment. Most everything has been put away and we're settling in pretty well. Updates on the week of the move might have been posted later in the day rather than at midnight, but at least they went up all the same.


March 13, 2011 Sunday

Chapter One available as a PDF!

Yup! Pencil version is now available for download at Click here if you want to go check it out. A few minor changes to the dialogue, but essentially the same as what's posted on Comic Dish and Drunk Duck. Emotie: :)

Chapter two is almost finished, so within the next few days (hopefully), it'll be up as well! Chapter Two is also up!

(I've only gotten up to page four as far as the coloring goes. Eventually the colored versions will be available too.)

Not sure about this whole "ebook" thing. If this is too buggy, lemme know. I'll redo it as a data download instead of an ebook. (I'm just putting up a PDF anyway.) Probably will do that anyway when I put them together for individual volume downloads.


March 11, 2011 Friday

JAD Update: 121, 122, 123, Chapter Seven Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 121, 122, 123, and the cover to chapter seven have been scanned in and uploaded.

I think I found one of the characters Shanku was unintentionally based off of. Idgey Threadgood of Fried Green Tomatoes (haven't read the book, but the movie was damn good). Hadn't watched it in a long time and tonight I have the house to myself, so I thought I'd pop it in. A few cringe-worthy scenes, several laugh-worthy scenes, and quite a few sad scenes that'll make ya bawl your eyes out.

Spring Break, woohoo! Passed my classes with A's, I think. I'll get to find out in a few weeks. Time to focus on the two part-time jobs I'm holding down. *dies*
Sorry MNG. I shall work on you when I can. Emotie: DX


March 6, 2011 Sunday

Minor Site Updates | JAD: Chapter 07 Cover, 121

Just Another Day
Page 121 and the cover to chapter seven have been drawn.
Page 122 is having the basic panel lines drawn. (Yay, big progress there. Oy...)

Just Another Day now also has a homepage! The point of implementing the homepage is simply to cut down on spoilers for new people or people that haven't dropped by in a while. (If the notes section at the bottom doesn't provide any. Oops.) It's a feature I've always appreciated on other sites and after having the site updating regularly for over a year now I reckon it's about time I hopped on the Homepage Bandwagon.

Added jump menus to the Just Another Day character/creature pages. (See?) They don't really flow with the page though. Gimme time, you know I won't stop tampering with it until I'm satisfied with it.

Speaking of which, I'm getting tired of the black again. Not sure what color scheme I'm going to switch the site to next... Red? Purple? Green? Nah, not green. Not a big fan of green. Or pink. Ewwwwww, pink! Brown? Bleh, not brown... Not grey or white either. No need for eyestrain. Oh well, I'll thinka somethin'...

Rookwolf Studios
Similarly, Rookwolf Studios is now red instead of blue. (Basically I stole the scheme I'd made for the Comic Fury mirror for Just Another Day.)

And, yeah, I actually do update this site from time to time. I don't really post updates for it here and I don't have it listed on Comic Dish's "Recently Updated" list, but it still gets attention. Emotie: :)

On topic of its recent update (ADiAL: 19), I really wish those random guys would leave me alone and quit flirting with me. Take a hint desperadoes: I'm TAKEN!
The one that's getting on my nerves the most right now is some trash my boyfriend and I were stuck with in our cabling project. This creep won't stop touching me. If he sits near me he has to make sure our legs are touching. If he's talking to me, he won't stop poking me. (Exceptionally dangerous if it's that time-of-the-month because that jarring creates painful shockwaves which means he'd better hope the most I do is growl.) And if we have the same class together he's constantly whipping his head around to stare at me. ARGH! It's starting to piss me off. Not only do I just generally hate getting that kind of attention, I am not to thrilled with how disrespectful this is to my boyfriend, who is always by my side at school and we don't hide the fact we're dating, and how insulting it is to suggest I'd be so fickle as to leave my mate for something as low as that scrawny, twitchy, ex-MJ-addict thing. He wouldn't even stand a chance if I was single either.


At least they make me appreciate my guy friends all the more. The ones that when they poke and pick at me I know for a fact that's just out of friendship, not desperation. And, dang, does one of them pick! You put him, my boyfriend, and me together, you'd better not let small children overhear us. Or anybody easily offended, for that matter. No shame. None at all. But we get to enjoy several good laughs.

Passed my lab final in Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems with a low A. Haven't gotten a concrete number yet, hopefully I will tomorrow.

Passed my College Math I final with a 97. When I checked my progress report a week or two ago my average in the class was 99.6%. When the hell did my strong area become math?? Next quarter I don't take College Math II, which is a bit of a bummer. But, the teacher said my boyfriend and I could sit in when he teaches College Math II next quarter, so that'll be good. We won't have time to forget everything.

Tomorrow is a make-up day for cabling class and Tuesday is the final. January snow kinda threw everybody behind...

Still maintaining 90's. So far the only B I've gotten was on a quiz in cabling class (as far as I know. Outside of any math classes, we don't get full report break-downs). Which is still better than last quarter. Scored a B on two quizzes.

Partially along these lines, I think I've tweaked my resumé enough I can send it to the chair of my department now.

Still working at the income tax office with my grandparents. Drama ensues. This time of year is always BLEH. Seriously people, don't lie to your preparer about your third cousin's brother's aunt's uncle allowing you to claim their kid. They just don't buy that crap regardless of what they end up putting on the screen even they even bother finishing your bogus return. And I can promise that they laugh at you as soon as you walk out the door.

Also, started a new job! Workin' at a printing company. Only two days a week, but it's much better than nothing, I need a year-round job! My duties are to answer the phone, take orders or messages, and proofread anything that needs it.
Temporary (or maybe permanent, who knows?) responsibility is the website. Friday I was able to get the basic layout down for the site, maybe. Might tweak it some more. Wednesday when I go in I hope to get together with the graphic artist and start making it come together.

Speaking of which, I think I'm gonna love this job. The two owners are pretty easy to get along with, the pressman is a normal ol' country boy, and the graphic artist is "my brand of weird". Needless to say, much of my free time is spent over his shoulder fascinated with watching him work, being a second opinion for colors, effects, etc., and discussing our like for Lao Tzu. Until now, the only other artists I've known or gotten to see work were online. The rest of the time I've been in the traditional place of an artist: trying to work with somebody goggling. It's pretty sweet to be the one watching.


February 27, 2011 Sunday

Podcast 134 Commentary, partial 135

Since I'm so horribly behind listening to the podcasts, I shall comment here instead while prepping some updates. (Pages 117-120 have now been uploaded. So the buffer will coast through until March 15th.)

Dish 134
Yay, I'm not the only weird chicka that carries a wallet! Although I should pick up Modesty's tradition and have a purse for those occasions I need to appear more feminine.

Reed needs a BREAK. He wasn't kidding when he said he was overworked. Emotie: o.o;

...Webcomics now have a list of the best webcomic lists.

Had to giggle about the comment that publisher guy made about the Tucson, Arizona shooting. If he had said in true jest, it would have been a pretty funny comment. But, hey, not a good idea to openly say "death to the government!" in the country you live in and do business in.
Similarly, Westboro Baptist Church needs to expire. These people have to get old and die someday, so nobody else join this crazy cult and perpetuate this funeral-picketing nonsense.

Eh? Supposed to get gift art for completing volume one? Seriously? Cool! Nice idea, but not necessary.

Draxenn would make a good DJ. Emotie: =3

Oh dear, bad comics picked for review. Perhaps not too terrible, just your standard "*facepalm* WHY!?"
Heehee, Reed give harsh review. And justified.
Shoot, the final comic they settled on. Ouch.

Woohoo, discussion! New Years' Resolutions.
Modesty is indeed talented. I sympathize with picking up too many random hobbies. I miss martial arts... Wish ya luck!
Silly Draxenn. Great puns though.

Dish 135
We have cats to eat the rats in our fields and silos. Although through long years of breeding and advanced technology, we now have furred beings mostly incapable of doing more than licking themselves at inappropriate times.

Ah, I remember the Raocow art video! Sadly, I didn't get to watch it. But I bet it was pretty sweet.

Stopping part of the way through, because I have finals to do. Yay, rhyme!


February 26, 2011 Saturday

JAD: 118, 119, 120 | MNG: 08

Just Another Day
Pages 118, 119, and 120 have been scanned in.

Also I'd like to note that page 120 will be the last page I post to Comic Fury. While originally it was an experiment to try to reach out to a new branch of people and make more friends, it's just not worth the effort battling the control panel or putting up with certain foolishness anymore.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 8 has been scanned in.

It was the usual Saturday night scanfest. Only day I really get to scan these things in.
Tomorrow I get to prep for finals. Yay.


February 25, 2011 Friday

JAD: 115, 116, 117 | MNG: 8, 9

Just Another Day
Pages 115, 116, and 117 have been drawn and scanned in.
Page 118 is being drawn.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 8 has been drawn.
Page 9 is being drawn.

Second quarter will mostly be ending next week. Ya know what that means? Yup. Finals. Already had my lab final for Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems class this week. Cabling class is two weeks behind (one from New Years, one from a snow day) and eventually they're going to try to cram the remaining days into a makeup day.

Next quarter should be easier. Even though I'll be working two jobs and going to the usual three classes, two of those classes will be on Monday and the last will be on Thursday. Leaving four days open for me to work both a job and on the comic. Depending on how much I'm needed, I might even be working both jobs two days out of the week.

So, um, yeah. If anybody wants to know why my appearances are few and far between it's because I'm slowly committing overload suicide. Emotie: XD

Anywho, I'm now off to work! Be good and have fun. I'll be back in full swing onna these days. Emotie: ^_~


February 20, 2011 Sunday


Spent the morning goofing around with the RSS feed and seeing if I could fix it, since Firefox has issues with it.

Comic Dish's current feed:
For some reason it isn't recognized as an RSS feed and has the raw coding displayed.

My attempt at uploading feed code as a dynamic file so it'd be automated:
The dynamic file system isn't set up to recognize XML, so the tags are removed and the raw text was displayed instead.

Uploading directly into the File Manager:
Displays like an RSS should. Granted, it's not automated and will still have to be manually coded, and the file manager doesn't support editting XML files, so each update would require deleting the file and reuploading it with the updated content.

And trying to rig around this by using an include element in place of the content and having the content loaded simply into the dynamic section so the automated part of the system will fill in the blanks simply does not work.
The part that amuses me most is that this is all hosted here, but displays in three different ways.

The most I have accomplished today is a headache. Emotie: X3


February 8, 2011 Tuesday

JAD: 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113,114 | MNG: 06

Just Another Day
Pages 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, and 114 have been scanned in and uploaded.

*phew* Biggest update since August 18th or October 1st.

Current record is July 14th with ten pages.

One thing I wonder from time to time is: Should I offer the comic in other languages? Granted, the vast majority of my readers are from the USA, Canada, and Australia, but I still get a fair number of hits from places where English isn't the primary tongue. Like, Dubai, Arabian countries, far east Asia, and Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. Got quite a few all over Europe, so there's a good handful. Still mulling the thought over. If anybody ever made an official request I'd have no problem working with a translator and offer JAD like that.

Fixed two bad links (one on the main page, one on the commission price examples page) and added my favorite tutorials to the main page. I'm starting to get around a little bit in person and folks ask me for drawing help. I'm a lousy teacher, so instead I redirect them to my site to instead flip through the sources that've helped me the most.

And I changed the theme. Again.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Drew page 6 at work today. Not touching JAD again until I finish what script I've got left. So about six more page's worth.

Finally saw Up. Good grief, when I heard it was a tear-jerker I wasn't expecting it to make you want to bawl all through the movie! Pretty good little story. Well worth watching, but only if you have a box of tissues available. Emotie: :)

Just for kicks, I've made a wanted poster. Sorta. I don't have business cards to pass out where I work. I'm allowed to hang a flyer though, so I'mma do that. 'Tis why commissions are presently closed until May. My job is seasonal and I'm getting a little business in person. What free time I have doesn't allow orders from two directions. Emotie: ^v^;

I kind of wonder why Flickr bothers with those slow-to-load "security" measures on their pictures. Yeah, sure, it keeps the amateur picture-saver from getting the pictures. But all you have to do is view the page's source code and scroll down to where the image's URL is. Copy/paste that into the address bar and there is the picture free from all annoying attempts to end right clicking.


January 21, 2011 Friday

JAD: 107, 108, 109, 110

Just Another Day
Pages 107 and 108 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.
Pages 109 and 110 have been sketched and should be drawn soon.

With two folks confirming I need to work on some areas I've felt need attention, starting with 109 I'm gonna try to cut down on chatter and better my skill with perspective/horizon.

Other Stuff
Well taken photograph of buzzards! Bird of prey. Not a carrion bird. How "buzzard" became a slang term for a vulture I'll never know.

Currently going through this quarter's midterms. Tests and all really aren't that bad. They said second quarter is a lot tougher than first quarter. I haven't really noticed a difference.


January 9, 2011 Sunday

JAD Update: 103, 104, 105, 106, & 107 | MNG: 04, 05

Just Another Day
Pages 103, 104, 105, and 106 have been drawn, scanned in, and uploaded.
Page 107 is being drawn.

Page 107 is the last of January's updates. Gotta get my buffer back up! Too many crazy weeks keep poppin' up with tests and stuff that keep me from workin' on Just Another Day.

Tonight, however, my area should be getting snowed/iced in with a good chance of power failure for maybe a week or less. So I really had to make sure to get some updates up for Just Another Day. Aside from technical difficulties of setting the wrong day a few times, I haven't been late for an update due to other circumstances, especially weather! I'd like to keep it that way.

The listing on TopOnlineComics AND my account got deleted. No clue why. Not very concerned, they were a pretty unreliable service anyway. Especially the button they had for me to put on the comic site itself. It was always broken.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Pages 04 and 05 have been finished and uploaded.

Comics & Link Page
Gonna go through my comic links page and get caught up. I'm pretty behind on a lot of them. Okay, maybe ALL of them. Currently I'm also making banners for the ones that don't have any. The half-text, half-bannered links page bugs me.

First up: Alien Dice. Basic synopsis, an alien man is trapped in a game that is life or death for him. He must track down dice. Dice that transform into creatures when used and also level up. One of these die happened to be a girl's house cat. She refused to just give her cat to him, and now they're working together to capture the remaining dice in this round of the game.

The art may not be "pro-level", but I'm not much of a stickler about art. I'm in the middle 2005 section of the archives, and the coloring/shading is pretty cool. The story is quite sweet and I look forward to the other four and a half years of updates to go through. The relationship parts definitely bring back good memories I've had too. Emotie: :)

Although it's quite minor, one of the things I really like about Alien Dice is the speech and thought bubbles.


January 5, 2011 Wednesday

JAD: 101 & 102 | MNG Page 4 & 5

Just Another Day
Pages 101 and 102 have been scanned in.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 4 has been finished and is ready to upload.
Page 5 has been scanned in.

Life Stuff I'm two for two on this update! Hope I can keep it up. Emotie: :)

Also I very surprisingly aced today's test! Two weeks off for winter break and only about fifteen minutes of studying before going to class. Granted, every teacher is required to give a twenty minute review before every test, but he only reviews enough to guarantee you'll make a 40/100 or 50/100. Got lucky is all. I guessed on at least four questions. Not too good, considering there were only ten questions on the test. But, no complaints here! Hope I can keep THIS up too.

Tomorrow I'm raiding my bank account. Finally found a replacement power cord for my laptop. So hopefully within two weeks I'll have the dang thing up and running again. And then it's moving itself to my boyfriend's house, because I do NOT want another laptop! I can't keep one of those things past a year before it goes kaput. Bleeeeeh.


December 28, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 98, 99, 100, & Chapter 6 Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 98, 99, 100, and the Chapter 6 Cover have all been scanned in and uploaded.
With 100 being the end of the fifth chapter and the end of the first volume and the last update of the year, I don't have to worry about drawing updates for the comic until next year! Emotie: ^,^
(Shhh! I know that's only four days away! Let me play tricks on my little mind while I can.)

Although, I just realized I forgot to put the text on page 92... Oops. I seem to have many of those bloopers.

Playing with the whole "web-to-print" thing again. I'm putting two pages on one page (like this) as an eventual stapled comic from ComiXpress. Which'll be $4.07 vs. the $12.24 it would have been as a trade paperback with all the pages spread out in the same way they are on the site. I'm not sure if ComiXpress lets you set your own prices, so for the time being I'm gonna assume that's what'll be charged. Emotie: =P
Much prepping needs to be done though... I didn't start working at a large file size until page 77. So from pages 77 to 80 will be nothing but minor resizing and adding text to the print-sized file. Pages 01-76 need to be enlarged, recolored, and have text added. And from page 81+ I'll need to completely color. Argh... Shoulda thought ahead and already worked at a huge file size. Dx

Oh well. It'll be worth it to have a hard copy of the comic, other than the penciled originals. Emotie: :)

Right now pages 01, 02, 77, 78, 79, and 80 are "print ready" and awaiting PDFication!

Funny Stuff
Our Valued Customers
If working with the public was a prison sentence I think there would be a lot less crime in our country. But, that's just my personal opinion after a few years on the work force and then reading this blog! Our Valued Customers is done by a guy who works at a comic book store. Pex, boobs, and spandex, with a side of crazies! Enjoy. Emotie: :)

Life Stuff Tonight I chill to some heavy metal and prepping pages for print, since tomorrow it is back to homework and finishing two commissions. It feels like I haven't had this kind of alone time with the comic since... Probably Awakening.
I'm also happily caught up on Dominic Deegan, Phoenix Requiem, and The Way to Your Heart. Dominic Deegan left me with a pleasant feeling of content, Phoenix Requiem had me begging for me, and The Way to Your Heart is a bit disappointing with being so preachy about abstinence. I know that it's supposedly rare in today's society, and I'm sure the story is geared more towards teenagers than a general or more mature audience like Dominic Deegan or Phoneix Requiem, but still. Eh, I'd probably like it more if I was still a teenager, but I'm chompin' at the bit to get out and be a responsible adult. Doesn't mix well with kids. Emotie: :/


December 24, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 98, 99, & 100

Just Another Day
Pages 98, 99, and 100 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.
(96 and 97 have obviously been scanned in and uploaded, considering they are both appearing on the host.)

Gah, I can't believe the first volume is pretty much done. 100 is the end of volume one!

My boyfriend got Warcraft III for me for Christmas! Somehow I get the feeling he doesn't approve of me having any free time. Emotie: ^_~
Past few days have been spent with his family and the next few will be spent with mine. Everybody on his side is already pretty much calling me the daughter-in-law or sister-in-law. I reckon that means it'll be less of a shock to them when we officially announce it, eh? Heehee.

One thing I've been very surprised by, and kind of saddened by, is how sucky a lot of online peep's lives have been. Sickness, break-ups, divorces, a death here or there, rough college... 'Tis the season, I reckon. Outside of my life, I don't like it. My life is going pretty damn good. College homework is tedious and a little tough, but I'm still mostly acing everything. My boyfriend is an absolute dream.

Ah, one amusing story! After all the grief I was given on how the f-bomb was so evil, I actually got sent a Cause thing on Facebook saying "Remove 'Fuck Jesus Christ' from Facebook". I laughed quite a while over that simply because "fuck" wasn't censored and it was from one of the ladies that goes to the church with the people that gave me such a hard time about "fuck" in the first place. Looks like it's okay to drop that little word SOMETIMES after all, eh?


December 13, 2010 Monday

JAD: 96 & 97 | MNG: 02 & 03

Just Another Day
Page 97 has been finished.
Page 96 and 97 have been scanned in.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 02 and 03 have been scanned, edited, and posted.
Click this link to see.

Because my life just isn't busy enough (*sarcasm*) I'm gonna try to convert the site to XHTML. I hear that it's basically a blending of HTML and XML. From W3 Schools it looks like it's just very organized and meticulous HTML. (Or overly OCD/anal HTML.) Got the DOCTYPE and all that done like I'm supposed to. One thing I'm going to ignore is "No HR tags allowed in lists!". One thing I can't figure out why the damn validater is giving me an error on the HEAD & /HEAD and STYLE & /STYLE tags. It keeps saying I'm not closing or nesting it right. But I'm closing and nesting exactly as the example set out. And something about style tags not being allowed. Hrm... Grrr! I don't like things that are more OCD than me! Emotie: DX

On the upside, other than the annoying /HEAD problems, I've gotten the errors down to problems with Statcounters copy/paste code. That's not my jurisdiction and I didn't write it. And I like Statcounter too much to harass them about it.

So now begins about 35 files just on the main part of the site. Afterward I'll tackle all the character pages. Argh... Sometimes I swear I'm a masochist.

New Read
Stumbled across a new comic I quite like. Samurai Pride. But, dang it all, it's on indefinite hiatus. Rats. Anywho, at present it is a story about a pride of cats trying to save their country from rats. Rats lead by a deranged king (Rabid, perhaps?) bent on vengeance for his father's plans being foiled. Nice little three chapter read.


December 12, 2010 Sunday

JAD: 96 & 97 | MNG: 03

Just Another Day
Page 96 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 97 is over half drawn.

My Nuclear Girlfiend
Page 03 has been shaded and is waiting to be scanned.

Battling through homework today! And some internet searches brings about some amusing finds. Like this at Wiki Answers. I'm finding a LOT of those.

This one kinda made me just stare at the screen. C'mon, how stupid do you have to be to type a question like that straight into a Q&A place? An important part of the scenario they left off is that the network in question is that the network needs to be able to support 10Gbps for a full 100 meters in the future. If you're gonna cheat, cheat properly.

Before anybody begins to wonder, no, I do not use Q&A forums to do my homework. One of my last searches was to see just what the heck aramid yarn is, other than some weird stuff in fiber-optic cables. Military stuff like Kevlar! Joy... Emotie: @_@

Fiber-optics is something I do not want to work with when I get out on the field. Tiny little pieces of glass breaking off into your fingers and killing you with a blood clot later on? No thank you. I'll stick to the copper stuff. Sure, fiber-optics have way better bandwidth stats than copper, but until they can make some gloves that protect ya and still allow full mobility I'm gonna be chicken.

Anywho. My math class was the easiest this week since all of it was easily finished during class. Followed by cabling class. (Finding answers in a two-inch thick, 1000+ page book. Surprisingly not that bad.) However, for the class that goes over operating systems... *shudder* A quarter inch thick book seems pretty easy to find answers in right? Heheh... No.

Now it's off to bed with me. It's late and I've still got to finish homework due on Wednesday. I hope I don't take forever to fall asleep tomorrow night. I'm naturally nocturnal and if my sleep ever gets a chance to go past midnight it's a fight and a half trying to get it back to a "normal person" routine. Emotie: DX


December 6, 2010 Monday

200th Entry: Updates, Features, and More

Yup! This entry makes the 200th entry I've posted on LiveJournal since September 15th, 2009.

First off, Facebook users that prefer to use screen names instead of their actual names on certain other websites: go play with your privacy settings. Fun Facebook article #1. Fun Facebook article #2.
For the "more bold", article for you.

Shops and Stores!
On to other things! I have a calendar for sale! And a little picture book! Quite a bit higher than I'd like. But since I made a "compact", they won't sell less than three at a time. They're about $15 apiece. Bah. When Winter Break rolls around I'll make a big version available for hopefully a lot less.
Lulu made me giggle with their feedback survey. Either you could go from the standpoint from somebody who had no clue what they were doing or you were praising their flawless work. Admittedly, their Studio did what I needed done and I have no complaints. Other than the usual: Can I please have a simple version that doesn't require such longs waits for all the Java or Macromedia Flash Player or whatever you use to load!? Emotie: DX

Just Another Day
Page 95 has been drawn.
Pages 94 & 95 have been scanned in.

The Facebook page for Just Another Day has been deleted. Simply because nobody uses it. I've been updating on Tuesdays and Thursdays since June and I've never missed an update since the comic's start in October of last year. (Except for that one time I typed in the wrong date a few weeks ago. But I had that fixed within twenty-four hours!)

Don't forget, there is a forum now! Head on over, sign up, and start chiming in on some discussions.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 02 has been shaded and is waiting to be scanned in.

Ya know, I really shouldn't have tried for a digital route concerning greyscale. I just finished in about an hour what I haven't been able to do in a week. So from now on MNG goes the route of JAD: PENCIL!

Comic Features
Good reads from around the webcomic world!

Master the Tiger
Gundula the witch has promised to take care of Tiger, the pet of an aging friend. Little does she know that "tiger" is more than just a name for this pet!
(A very sweet comic that reminds me of a children's book in the way it remains simple, a little education, and thoroughly enjoyable to read.)

Vanadys: Tales of a Fallen Goddess
"A comic about the meeting of the magic and the mundane, about not fitting in
and seeking for your place in the world... but most of all, it's a comic about a world that was split in two back in the
dawn of time, and what happened to the goddess who was responsible for this, after she was cast out of the godly
realms and forced to live her life in exile among mortals. There's adventure, there's comedy, there's manipulative
higher beings and big conspiracies... and there's dragons. Oh boy, is there ever dragons."

7 Eldest
"7 Eldest" is a fantasy about the creation or birth of a new world. The seven lead characters are the first seven sentient beings born on the planet Ovath, they are called "The Eldest". It is their duty to care for the world and its inhabitants.

For the full list of the comics I read, enjoy, or recommend, follow this link.

My Life
Checked the college's website and I found out my GPA. 4.0, baby! But, that's just for first quarter. Second quarter starts December 6th! (Bascially, eight hours from now.)


December 2, 2010 Thursday

JAD Update: 94 | MNG Update: 02

Just Another Day
Page 94 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.

Wouldn't you know it's just my luck that the first night in months that I decide to play with the coding on Comic Dish, DreamHost gives me a "Failure To Connect To Web Server" message? Emotie: XP

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 02 is being shaded.

Art Stuff
The dragon picture got picked as a mod's choice on Elfwood. Cool!

The bullfrog picture for my other mom is now finished.
Tried referencing a few things from here. Not sure how it worked out.

Store Stuff
I went to check out, but there seem to be some really strange coding issues at first. The first few times I tried to load the pages I saw nothing but the raw coding! After awhile it actually started to display that coding and make a webpage. I must say I've never seen that one before.

Checked out Propell. Very nice little sight. But I'm probably gonna go with Larger selection of things to play with. More than likely I'll end up taking down the pictures on Lulu since I'm putting them into a calendar on CafePress. Although I am tossing around the idea of donation wallpapers with Lulu. Hrm... Hrm...

So far the whole calendar process has gone rather smoothly on CafePress. Slowly, but smoothly. (2+ MB uploads. Eh, what dya 'spect?) CafePress has impressed me a bit. Emotie: :)
Anywho, go check out the finished product!

If all goes well enough I'll open a JAD branch on my CafePress account and go from there.

Life Stuff
Had a rather fun discussion with my boyfriend and he brought up a good point about ents, treants, dryads, and hamadryads: they're all trees that walk and talk. I'm so used to fantasy and folktales it didn't even cross my mind. With nymphs, naiads, dryads, and hamadryads predating the ents of Lord of the Rings, the treants of Dungeons and Dragons, and whatever the heck the tree people are in World of Warcraft by a few thousand or so years. From Greek mythology, if I remember right. What sparked this topic was not being able to sell art of D&D dragons since those dragons are copyrighted to Wizards of the Coast. (Or so I'm assuming from how usual copyright laws go.)


November 23, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 90, 91, 92, & 93

Just Another Day
Pages ages 90, 91, 92, & 93 have been scanned in, tweaked, and uploaded.
Which means there are only seven pages left to make for this year. I think I can manage seven pages between now and New Years. Emotie: :)

Other Art
Scanned in the dragon gift for my boyfriend and the frog gift for his mom.
(And uploaded both to dA.)

Had my first of the finals on Monday. I passed the exam with a 92/A-. I think I can live with that. Emotie: ^_~

Tomorrow my group has to present our Power Point on networking. Not looking forward to that. Putting me up in front of people tends to have mixed results. Either I handle things perfectly fine, or I have to go hide in the shadows until I can get my body back under control. Had a few cases of light panic attacks, one of which made my heart act up. (Skipping beats and beating funny. One of these days I'll get it checked out. Maybe.) So, yeah. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

And then on Monday I have my last final of the quarter. Math class, woo! My last progress report said I had a 99.2 in the class. I'm not too worried about that exam. Emotie: :)

No clue what my GPA is yet. Should have it around December 13th if all goes well.


November 19, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 90, 91, 92, 93

Just Another Day
Pages 90, 91, 92, and 93 have been drawn and are waiting to be scanned.

Little date blooper. I forgot to set page 87 to pop up on the 18th and had it to appear on the 23rd. Oops. Which then threw off the rest of dates, so really page 90 is the final update for November. Argh...

TRC is temporarily down in places. 000webhost finally realized their networks need work. Right now I can't really fix the busted pages. Emotie: >_<

I'm taking down everything on Comic Space and deleting my account there. Updating requires using WordPress. I have come to really hate WordPress. It's just too awkward and difficult to use. I have to bo

unce around all over the place just to post one page and you can forget about mass-uploading.

Wooden Rose is still high on the recommended list! Just finished going through the archives while I work on my own comic. Good art and nice story.

Next on the "To Read" list is Unsounded and Exiem.

Unsounded's Overview:

"Thief-brat Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she'll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it's a success (she'll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural, and oddly not laying motionless in the dirt.
But the road is long and no one is what they seem. Never trust a thief, and never trust anyone who won't let you look into their eyes."

No clue what Exiem is about, other than it's another medieval/fantasy comic. Can't say I'm too fond of the layout. It uses WordPress.

I get to play D&D again soon! Finally found another DM. I'm pretty confident he's a competent DM too. He's not territorial with the character sheets either. He's more relaxed than my last DM, but he has more rules too. I'm probably gonna love playing his campaign. (Plus we'll be corrupting my boyfriend to the game. Heheh.)

Speaking of my boyfriend, I really cannot brag on him enough. How I got lucky enough to end up with him, I'll never know. He spoils me absolutely rotten! And I'm returning the favor. Emotie: :)


November 7, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 87, 88, & 89

Just Another Day
Page 87, 88, and 89 have been uploaded.
Which is the last of November's updates. Now to start on December's. Oy...

Almost done updating TRC. What's taking so long is 000webhost constantly times out. "Bad Response From Server" over and over and over again, or the page will just blank out and not load. Other than this huge nuisance, they're a good host. 100GB bandwidth, 1500MB storage space. Works very well for what I need. I just wish the damn thing wouldn't time out all the time.
Before anybody says it, it's not my connection. I can upload to other sites without a problem. (Except Photobucket. Photobucket has more issues than 000webhost.)
But 000webhost will always be a hundred times better than Yola. *shudder*


November 7, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 89

Just Another Day
Page 89 has been drawn and has been scanned.

TRC's Gallery page has had a full revamp. Wee~ Emotie: @w@

There's still some stuff that needs to be uploaded, so expect a few missing links. But my hand is frozen and numb from being exposed to be 69 degree room for about four hours straight. (Yay for winter weather in autumn. Bleargh.) And I seriously need to go to bed.


November 5, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 88 & 89

Just Another Day
Page 88 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 89 is being drawn.

Page 88 is due to show on November 23rd. Ack, I'm behind... Work, work, work faster! Emotie: DX

- TRC finally has a site banner.
- There's also a new color scheme up. (Blue, black, and stars.)
- Navigation has been fixed. Removed the drop down menu because Opera and especially IE couldn't display it correctly. TRC should work perfectly in all browser types again.
- A few new links up on the Links page.
- New page up in the JAD section: Best Reader Quotes

Art & Exchanges
Adoption for Appy has been finished.
Gift art for Sinako777 has been finished and gotten a surprising amount of attention.
My MAX submission for November A is being mulled over and researched.

I'm so glad I signed up with MAX and Comic Dish. I've met lots of great people, learned some new tricks and techniques, and got a chance to whip myself back into shape artistically.

One resource that was recommended that I didn'treally get a chance to look at until recently when I was giving Josh some drawing pointers was Pencil Drawing Techniques by David Lewis. What got me into pencil drawing (other than the fact it's always been my primary medium) was Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. If I practice enough, and I'm a little lucky, maybe someday I can get up to their level. Emotie: :)

A very interesting article I stumbled across on was Overcoming Ignorance by Derek Lin. He's even gone over some things I've found myself having problems with in the past. (Like Christians thinking they can get an easy ticket to heaven without living right, for starters.)
I really like Taoism and I've been trying to implement it into my life and behavior. I probably could never convert fully to it because I do believe in the Trinity, Heaven, and Hell. But philosophically, I keep finding I'm straight Taoist. Maybe I can find a way to get rid of all this bloodthirstiness that was embedded into me from Christianity, eh?

Oh, and just for the hell of it, anybody who wants to know what I went as for Halloween click here. A lot of girls opt for dressing like hookers on Halloween. In the past three years I've dressed up I've gone as Peter Criss (the drummer from Kiss) cross-dressing as a woman, a dead masquerade-ball/goth girl, and a zombie chicken. Because I'm just not weird enough during the rest of the year! Emotie: XD

Halloween 2008: Peter Criss

Halloween 2009: Dead Goth Chick

Halloween 2010: Chicken Costume


October 31, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 87 | MNG Update: 03

Just Another Day
Page 87 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 03 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.

Art & Exchanges
September B: I drew for F.K. and Hitotusmami drew for me.
October A: I drew for Roo and AnimetorLily drew for me.
October B: I drew for WingedWorchael and Xazz will draw for me. (Yes, I used a minor cheat in the system to find who was drawing for me. It's the deadline and no approved file yet! *cry*)

Ack, I feel like my head is gonna blow up.

Exam tomorrow. Should be easy, I did alright in the pre-exam game last week. (My team came in first place, woohoo!)

Today is one of my few off days, so I gotta try to get done what I can on Just Another Day and My Nuclear Girlfriend.
Ah, keep an eye out for MNG! New comic comin' soon! Emotie: :D

At the moment I'm taking a break from comicking to draw some fan art. I know, I know, oughta be workin' hard on comics because I'll have to draw a MAX submission Tuesday (homework permitting) because otherwise I'll fall even more behind on the buffer. But one of the guys that follows me on dA has some really cool creature designs! So I'm making some fanart to send to him after a while.


October 30, 2010 Saturday

Guest Art Week soon to end.

Just Another Day The final piece for guest art week should pop up Saturday morning. I've gotten three very cool pieces this week and I'm quite happy to have received each and every one of them.
To say I'm frustrated right now would probably be pretty accurate. I don't have time for hardly anything anymore. The comic buffer runs out on November 16th. My Nuclear Girlfriend also is in dire need of attention. And I can forget about even trying to touch the other comics. Where did the time go? I know I'm spending a good bit of time with my boyfriend and college eats up a good bit of time, but surely not THAT much! (Time with him is always worth it. College... If I could spend Wednesday's class doing my Monday homework so that something USEFUL is done with the day, that'd be great. Wednesday's class is almost completely useless.)

I also need to list the art exchanges for the September A and October rounds. Aye yi yi...

On the upside, I finally finished Monday's homework. It's getting harder to focus on it. Not good. Emotie: @_@
Eh, I just need a break. This is Week 7 and the quarter ends after Week 11. What's another four weeks?

Anywho, it is 1 AM. Tomorrow I need to get up and throw together my costume, hope to high Heavens I can figure out what to dress my boyfriend up as, then it's off to visit the grandparents and go trick-or-treating. Not that I can eat much candy nor do I really want any. (Hypoglycemia. My body produces too much insulin when I eat sugar. The more sugar I get the closer I get to bottoming out. Fun stuff.) I'm just goin' to hang with friends as they take younger relatives out.
Bedtime now for me!


October 27, 2010 Wednesday

One Year Anniversary!

Just Another Day is now officially one year old! Thank you for all the support and encouragement. Emotie: :D

You can find the anniversary wallpapers here:

I almost can't believe it's been online for a year now. Definitely the longest I've been able to keep a comic going online. Emotie: :)


October 24, 2010 Sunday

Just Another Day Anniversary!

The anniversary week has started. Coming to the fans is a wallpaper you can find here.

Two guest pieces were turned in. One shall appear on Monday and the other shall appear on Wednesday on the Drunk Duck and Comic Fury mirrors.


October 23, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 84, 85, & 86 | MNG Update: 1 & 2

Just Another Day
Pages 84, 85, and 86 been drawn, scanned in, and uploaded.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Pages 1 and 2 have been scanned in.

That was possibly the shortest cold I've ever had. I don't think it even lasted a week.


October 15, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 85 | MNG Update: 2

Just Another Day
Page 85 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.

My Nuclear Girlfriend
Page 2 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.

Bah, I hate having a cold! Stupid, stupid cold. Ya know, I never get sick. But I can catch a damn cold anytime. Grr!

Still in happy denial though. I don't know what I did to deserve the guy I did, but it must have been something major. Or I'm just the luckiest girl in the world! Emotie: ^.^
He makes me feel so mellow and calm. Big change from the usual aggressive and feisty dispositions I have to keep.


October 13, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 84 & 85

Just Another Day
Page 84 has been drawn and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 85 is being sketched and is half finished.

We had our exam on Monday. I scored an 85, which I'm not too thrilled about. Considering I was one out of five or seven out of thirty-something students to score a 80 or higher, I reckon I should be happy. But I'm not. I have much better expectations out of myself and I intend to do better. Emotie: :/
Although, I think somebody said they didn't hear of anybody breaking 90 in the class, so I reckon I didn't do too badly. And I have a few points that will be added to my grade because of a game we played last week. Still not good enough though. I'm going to do better in the future.

One of my teachers is grating on my nerves to no end. She's a very sweet lady, I can't fault her for her personality. But she talks a LOT. Homework may be incredibly light, but it does not make up for how very boring the class is. Oh my goodness! A loud monotone and CONSTANT reiterations. And since the class is sort of our Psychology+English class we get to do frequent self-assessments of our personality and learning style to see what works best for us. Wouldn't you know I was lucky enough to be the type of person that constant verbal drilling in this manner is the absolute worst way for me to be taught? Quite honestly, I'm unintentionally blocking out the vast majority of the things she says. Although, I finally understand the phrase "bored to tears"! (What really didn't help is that I'm coming down with a cold. The combined sensitivity of my sinuses along with her voice gave me one hell of a headache today. Yeargh...)

I'm not the only one either. We usually have some go to sleep. My little bunch is pretty much in a constant state of pain and strong boredom (along with who knows how many others of the class).

Well, my life almost certainly couldn't get any better. I've finally gotten somebody I can dote on and devote to. One of my study group in college and I have started dating! I was starting to question if they made guys like him any more. But apparently they do! (I've got some HIGH standards pertaining to dating. Like, "the guy must be a decent/mature human being" (unlike my last one). Those are so rare nowadays...)
So, yes, many good things will be coming his way and you can bet I'm gonna give be the best for him I possibly can. Because he does just that for me in return. Emotie: :)


October 1, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, Chapter Five Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 79 and 80 has been finished.
Page 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, and the Chapter Five Cover have been uploaded.

Got the first of my grades back Thursday! All 100's except for one 95. So my average in math class is 99. Laugh if you must, but I'm disappointed. The 95 wasn't even because my math was off. I forgot to use white out on a 3x5mm section of scribble. Emotie: XD
But on the bright side it means my teacher keeps her word. Which is quite reassuring. I don't like teachers, or even people, that can't keep their word. So she gets a few more cool points. (She was also a dear and let us do our homework in class! Yay! No math homework this week!)

This is just math class and just the first quarter though. I don't know how I'm doing in my other two classes yet. And they say it's really gonna pick up next quarter. So I'm keepin' my fingers crossed!

Canceled the band t-shirt. I don't have time to do it. Told the kid I needed the stuff before college started. In fact I was supposed to have the references two weeks before college started, so if I'd gotten them in time this shirt would have been finished within a few days after I'd gotten the references. But he dragged his feet and a week into college he gave the stuff I needed and is now demanding he gets it right this second. Which I can't do. Rats.

Saturday is also a 24-Hour Comic day! While I should work on Striped Hope (Common statement by now, eh?) I will instead be working on the collaboration between AOD and I. It'll give the project some advertising by working on it in the 24-Hour Comic thread on Comic Dish before it's released. That's usually AOD's style with comics: much advertising beforehand to build hype of the item. Which is also something I've wanted to do with a comic before. So this is gonna be fun! Emotie: :D


September 28, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 79 | RS Update

Just Another Day
Page 79 is in the process of being colored.

Yes, I've updated ADiAL!

The whole site's coding has been redone. Not that obvious to a viewer beyond the home page is now a News post, the navigation bar is shorter, and the footer changed. The archive also has an Archive by Date section.

The progression of the Windows operating systems and a vocabulary sheet. Pretty light this week. Emotie: :)

Pardon me, but I read these entries at later times and right now I wish to store a little footnote of two shows from the 70's. Graham Kerr's Galloping Gourmet and Julia Childs.
While I usually watch either Food Network or Cooking Channel during lunch, that will have to stop of Galloping Gourmet coincides with lunch. First time I watched it involved cooking brains and today's rerun was about dissecting a chicken. Ewwww.
Thank ye, that's all.


September 27, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 77, 78, 81, 82, & 83 | College Babble

Just Another Day
Pages 77, 78, 81, 82, and 83 are done and waiting to be uploaded.

Not having to color the pages really does cut down on time. If it saves me enough time, I'll have a big enough buffer to cruise through the month of December so I can spend that month coloring what I can. "Why not color now," you may ask, but coloring takes longer than the pencil work. If I can manage doing forty-two pages by the end of November it'll put me just into chapter seven. (Chapter Seven starts on March 17th if all goes well.)

Sites >- Test your site in multiple browsers with multiple settings. Pretty cool. >- Yet another webcomic list!

Ah, I'm sure some have been curious for tales of college, eh? No? Well, yer gettin' them anyway!

Many good things to say. I like all of my teachers. My least favorite teacher is only ranked in that spot because she doesn't have as many cool points as the other two. But she's still a really good teacher. All of them are as patient as you could please. Very cheery, very upbeat, and more than willing to help.

I have three close friends who all rock. I'm the baby of the four of us, which is great! In my other two bunches I see regularly I'm the oldest or one of the oldest. The first is the guy I first met on the first day of school. We pick on each other almost constantly. We also work together through as much of the classes and labs as possible more so than with the others. The second is a real chill, laid back fellow. The third is a frickin' genius that knows everything about everything. Or he might as well. He's the oldest and has a good thirteen years or so over me. They all actually socialize a good bit more than I do but we more or less stick together and help each other out. It's pretty nice. Emotie: :)

I have three classes. (Three's a magic number. Heheh.) On Mondays I have Intro to PC. We get to learn computers inside and out. Even though the labwork is baby stuff like unplugging power cords, booting up, and opening WordPad, it'll get tougher. I hope. As for the lessons themselves, we're still going through the history. Processors, OSs, and so forth. Today we had a quiz in binary. Pretty cool! Too bad we haven't focused on hexadecimal or octal yet. Octal might be too easy and not worth teaching as extensively as binary, especially as far in ranks of historical and overall importance binary trumps both. But practicing hexadecimal would be fun.
Oh yeah, I need to learn DOS! 'Cause we networkers will be using it more often than the programmers or engineers. (There's that three again.) After I get a Bachelor's in networking, I'm going back for an Associates in programming. The engineers have to know a little of networking and programming along with the bulk of their field. So who knows, I may go back for a degree or two in engineering someday. Sky's the limit and you don't know if you don't try, eh? And the sky's only the limit because I'm not interested in space travel. Yet. Emotie: ^_~

On Wednesdays is what I've dubbed the Social Butterfly class. Now, the real name is Strategies for the Technical Professional. It's point is primarily teaching us to use Microsoft Office 2007. It also doubles as an "English" and Psychology class. Our last lesson was on exploring ourselves through online personality quizzes to learn what makes us tick and how to use that to our advantage on the work field. Old hat to me, I've done most of those same quizzes and gotten the same results several times before with other online quizzes. I know how I tick and stuff.

And Thursdays are the short days! Strategies for Problem Solving, aka, Math and Logic Class. So far I'm doing pretty good in it. Which is a huge relief because math was not my best subject in high school. It's okay, if I start to not do so well, tutoring is free, my mom is a math wiz, and I can count on my friends. I've got nothin' to worry about. Emotie: :)

ITT Tech is a pretty sweet college. High recommendations from me if you're an aspiring techie.

One thing that's amusing me is there is one person in each of my groups that I tend to shadow. In my church group it's the kid I've known almost all my life. In my study group it's the guy I'm crushin' on pretty hard. And at school it's the first guy I met on the first day of class.


September 24, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 77 & Chapter Five Cover

Just Another Day
Page 77 is being colored and shaded.
Chapter Five Cover has been finished and is ready to be uploaded.

I'm sad to say that with Chapter Five the comic is going back to greyscale. Not because I'm tired of the color. Far from it, I love the coloring. Especially with the Nyre in Chapter Four.
But, I have an hour to hour and a half drive one way for school.
So for my Monday and Wednesday classes I'm out from 3:30AM - 3:00PM with getting up, showering, driving, and going to class. Thursday I'm out from 3:30AM - 2:00PM. (My classes, I'm told, are looooong. I only have one class a day.)
Monday night I'll eat dinner and pick at homework some.
Tuesday is spent doing Monday's homework, laundry, and dishes.
My Wednesday teacher is a dear lady who never gives homework, so I can spend Wednesday night either finishing Monday's homework or working for a few hours on the comic, but I have to be in bed by seven o'clock at the latest because it's up at 3:30AM the next morning.
Thursday is the "short" day and that teacher gives moderate homework. But I have high priorities on Thursday night, so I have four hours to eat and do homework before I'm on the road again and gone until about eleven o'clock that night. Which then is bedtime.
Which leaves Friday, Saturday, and now all day Sunday to work on art duties. This past weekend I was swamped with requests and exchanges. I'm going to finish the last of those exchanges this weekend.

I wouldn't have to get up so early for school, because class starts at nine o'clock, but Mom has to get ready downstairs in my bathroom because... let's just say Dad's not a happy camper when he's woken up. So I have to get up early so my get-ready schedule doesn't clash with Mom's. Which is fine, I get to keep her company and see her off to work. We put each other in a good mood (usually) and our days go by better 'cause of it.
Another time eater is doing laundry and dishes. I do laundry when I'm at home long enough to, and Mom, Sis, and I are taking turns doing dishes 'cause the dishwasher is out and it'll be a while before we can fix it.

But also, one other thing that I've picked up that I intend to do as soon as possible is a collaboration comic between AOD and I. He's written a manga parody, put out a call for an artist, and masochistic me piped up with an "I'll try!". BUT, if I'm careful, I'll be able to portray well how funny this parody is going to be. So this is gonna be a fun project! =D

So, yes. Busy, busy Ashe. But, I'm working on a schedule so I can manage my time better! All is not lost. And I get the whole month of December off for winter break, so I can start putting the comic back into color then! Emotie: :)
(If I'm not swamped with holiday requests...)


September 18, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, Chapter Five Cover

JAD Update
Pages 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, and the cover for chapter five have been scanned.
Which are the pages for all of October and the first week of November.

Art & Exchanges
Finished my submission for September B 2010.
Coloring a collaboration between Jack and I. Shading soon to come.
Prepping for Clemon.
Prepping for KingOfSnakes.
Prepping for band t-shirt.

Captain Ahole has a new site layout and is well into Issue 3. There is also a call for guest art.
The Legend of the Knyghtmare has recently started Issue 7.

If I can get all five of those art duties done this weekend I'll be in the clear to start coloring pages 77-83! Aye yi yi, when did I get so busy? This time last year I was pretty dang BORED. My life has 'sploded. And on top of adjusting to having stuff TO DO FOR ONCE, I also have to adjust to having FRIENDS. Real relationships with friends that aren't dependent on stupid politics of a psycho with an over-inflated ego. Emotie: O.o

Today I also finished off my supply list for college. Who knew you could get a full scientific calculator that handles not only algebra, trig, binary, octal, and hexadecimal, but also displays the fractions and divisions like you're taught how to on paper for only $13? Considering that some of the equivalents of this calculator are $80+? And, who knew that some construction paper and hole punchers make some pretty good notebook dividers? Emotie: ^_~

Anywho, off to bed. Here's to hoping I can actually SLEEP tonight without having bizarre dreams of spaceships and ghouls! Emotie: :D


September 17, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 83

Just Another Day
Page 83 has been finished. This is the last of the pages before the big scanfest and I start coloring. Emotie: :)

Art & Exchanges
September A 2010:
I got art from Mystiqeres!
I drew for Raocow!
Finished my present for a friend! He's now twenty-one.
Sketching for Clemon.
Sketching for KingOfSnakes.

Argh, I'm so tired! I lost track of time and went to bed too late Wednesday night. 8:30PM may seem early to a lot of people, but I get up at 3:30AM on school days.
And then some moron called me at one in the morning. It takes me a while to go to sleep. I got four hours of rest last night. And I won't get a chance to go to bed until eleven tonight.
On the bright side, I found out my phone has a setting to where it blocks all sounds except for the alarm clock. I will definitely be using THAT in the future.
I wonder what this is, exactly? Emotie: O_o


September 14, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 82 & 83

Just Another Day
Page 82 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 83 is being sketched and drawn.

Other Comics
ADiAL has been updated. Explains where I've been for a few days and why Draw 100 hasn't been updated.

Yesterday was my first day at college! It was great. Made a new friend too. And thank goodness it's not going to be like highschool! Everybody's pretty nice and laid-back.
Now if I can get past the initial shock that I've got a chance to do something I've always wanted to do, and get past the fangirlishness of being in a room chock full of aspiring nerds and possible future robot builders, I'll do juuuuust fine!

Another thing I'm enjoying is that I'm one of the average intelligence students in the class, which is a big relief. Sunday School questions are borderline rhetorical for me now, whereas some in my class there haven't the slightest clue to the "answer". In income tax class last year, even though I hated that subject thoroughly and the other students there actually wanted to pursue a career in it, I ended up doing a lot of the question answering.
College? No way! And it's great! The level is a perfect mix of challenge and ease for me. Emotie: :)


September 14, 2010 Tuesday

Just Another Day Anniversary!


On October 27th, Just Another Day will have been online for a whole year!

From October 24th-30th I will be holding a guest art week on Drunk Duck and Comic Fury mirrors.
So send in your art of the comic by messaging me there, commenting here, or emailing me!
Seven pieces will be picked to go up in place of the comic on the anniversary week. Emotie: :)

All submissions will be displayed with the characters they're of along with a link to the site or comic of the person who made the art.

I'll also be releasing a wallpaper in celebration of the anniversary, but I'd like some input on what folks would like to see. Short stories? Special "fans only" type of section? Lemme know!

(Or, head on over to the forums and chime in on the anniversary discussion.)


September 11, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 81, 82, Chapter Five Cover

Just Another Day
Page 81 and the cover for Just Another Day have been finished and are waiting to be scanned.
Page 82 is being sketched and drawn.


On October 27th, Just Another Day will have been online for a whole year!

From October 24th-30th I will be holding a guest art week on Drunk Duck and Comic Fury.
So send in your art of the comic by messaging me there, commenting here, or emailing me!

Seven pieces will be picked to go up in place of the comic on the anniversary week. Emotie: :)

All submissions will be displayed with the characters they're of like previous pieces along with a link to the site or comic of the person who made the art.

Also, head on over to the forums and chime in on the anniversary discussion.

So today's the day that crazy guy in Florida was going to burn one hundred Qur'ans. Seriously, why? I heard from one place he's called it off, but I reckon I'll have to catch the news later on to find out for sure.
"Radical Muslims are a danger", eh? Radical anything is a danger. "Radical" has no preferred religion, no preferred politic category, no preferred racial group, or anything. It's simply a psychotic mindset. And getting rid of them is darn tricky and difficult. Emotie: XP


September 8, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 79, 80, 81, and Chapter Five Cover

Just Another Day
Page 79 and 80 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.
Chapter Five's cover and page 81 are being sketched.

The sites on Comic Dish and Drunk Duck have been updated. Blue now, not red! And I like it! Emotie: :D But blue is my favorite color. Of course I'm biased!

Draw 100 Art Themes Challenge
Just finished #10: Breathe. So those updates are set until Friday. I unintentionally started this on the first of the month. The days and numbers lining up were so amusing I had to make sure one was done for every day of the month. After September I'll probably cut it back to a five day schedule. Emotie: =P

Quick bit of sadness: Kindly keep one of my friends in your thoughts. He recently had a pretty shocking death in the family. Emotie: :(

That aside, I've been in an incredibly good mood lately! No clue why.
I do know that trying to force yourself to get over a crush is next to impossible when they haven't given you an official "no". Then again, he hasn't given me a "yes" either. It hasn't even come up! Bleh. Maybe it'll stay that way and I can hurry up and get over him before problems start...

I hope you guys like page 80 and the cover for chapter five as much as I do. They've got some of the best art in the comic so far! Emotie: :D
Neither are inked too. All pencil work! My first skill. I'll still color them for when they're posted, but I may release both in their original version for a desktop background or something.
Although, the pencil work of those two pages are growing on me. I think I'm gonna experiment on page 81 and see if I can maintain that level of detail throughout the rest of the comic. If not, eh, back to Sharpie outlines and basic pencil shading that's been prevalent since the second half of chapter one.

Today's Funny Thing
My grandfather forwarded this to me. I thought it was pretty cool.

1895 Eighth Grade Final Exam

Would you pass?? Take this test and pass it on to your more literate friends.

What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895...

Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education?
Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895?

This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina , Kansas , USA ..
It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina and reprinted by the Salina Journal....

8th Grade Final Exam: Salina, KS-1895

Grammar (Time: 1 hour)
1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters.
2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications
3. Define verse, stanza, and paragraph.
4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of 'lie,' 'play,' and 'run'.
5. Define case; illustrate each case.
6. What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation.
7 - 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

Arithmetic (Time: 1 hour 15 minutes)
1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
2. A wagon box is 2 ft. Deep, 10 feet Long, and 3 ft. Wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
3. If a load of wheat weighs 3,942 lbs, what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1,050 lbs for tare?
4. District No 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
5. Find the cost of 6,720 lbs. Coal at $6.00 per ton.
6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent per annum.
7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft long at $20 per metre?
8. Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10 percent.
9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per acre, the distance of which is 640 rods?
10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt.

U.S. History (Time: 45 minutes)
1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided
2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus.
3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
4. Show the territorial growth of the United States .
5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas .
6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.
7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln, Penn, and Howe?
8. Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, 1865.

Orthography (Time: 1 hour)
[Do we even know what this is??]
1. What is meant by the following: alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication?
2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
3. What are the following, and give examples of each: trigraph, subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals?
4. Give four substitutes for caret 'u'.
5. Give two rules for spelling words with final 'e.' Name two exceptions under each rule.
6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: bi, dis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono, sup.
8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, fare, last.
9. Use the following correctly in sentences: cite, site, sight, fane, fain, feign, vane , vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.
10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

Geography (Time: 1 hour)
1 What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas?
3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?
4. Describe the mountains of North America .
5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver, Manitoba, Hecla, Yukon, St. Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspinwall, and Orinoco .
6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S. Name all the republics of Europe and give the capital of each.
8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

HUH??? Are they kidding??? This is hard to believe....
Notice that the exam took FIVE HOURS to complete. Typically given in a one room school house.
Gives the saying "he only had an eighth grade education" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?! Now I know why Dad was so smart.

Also shows you how poor our education system has become.


September 7, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 79

Just Another Day
Page 79 is being sketched.

The site on Comic Fury has been tweaked. Experimenting for perhaps a universal upgrade.

Comic News
ATXS has gone to print!
I mention because AOD and Raocow are two of my Comic Dish buddies. And ATXS is freakin' awesome.

While I enjoy using for my site, I must say I absolutely hate how bad they are about timing out. If I'm working on the site for an extended length of time, at some point the file manager will cease to load. Why? Hell if I know. "Bad Response From Server" is all I get, if anything. Let it sit there for a while and eventually it'll let me back in to finish editing. Quite irritating. (But still waaaaaay better than Yola.)

Anywho, I'm still workin' on the new beings coming to the critter section. With the realization that I can now create whatever I want and it still be correct... What, with vampires who now sparkle and have no backbone, with African land mammals that are considering dragons instead of normal beasts, with AIM chats accepted as books, and absolute bullshit like that, I know I can do whatever I want and it's okay. Mind you, I won't be abusing this idea. I enjoy the concept of creativity, mythology, and folklore too much to screw it up beyond repair.

Oh yeah, finally got to see "No Reservations"! Been wantin' to see that since it was being previewed. Had no idea it'd be so incredibly sad, but I liked it. It now can pride itself as the only chick flick I like. Emotie: XD


September 6, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 77 & 78

Just Another Day
Pages 77 & 78 have been finished and are waiting to be scanned.

Also in the works are a few more critters for the JAD Characters & Creatures' page. And by "a few", I mean fifteen and counting.
Some have already appeared, some will appear later, some will never appear. (In the story, that is.)
What? I'm a folklore and mythology nut! I don't know enough of either as I should, but I do enjoy what I know. Come to think of it, if Monstropedia ever put out a comprehensive guide of all they have learned complete with painted illustration, I would have to find a way to buy it.

The Anniversary Wallpaper has been finished! Not the one I had intended, but one is done all the same. But the wallpaper y'all are gettin' will hopefully be foreshadowing of things to come! When October 27th rolls around, the wallpaper shall go up.

Now, to any JAD fans out there:
Is a wallpaper all I should offer for the anniversary?

Heh, Link Rot. Who knew?

Stupid Americans
People Can't Make Up Their Minds About Wolves
If you don't want them eating livestock, don't reintroduce them.
If you can figure out how to deal with this honorably instead of dropping to cowardly tactics as GASSING PUPS, reintroduce them.
Stupid Americans.


September 5, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 77 & 78

Just Another Day
Page 77 and 78 are being sketched and inked.
(And so I don't feel bad for not working on the pages sooner, page 77 is the update for October 19th.)

All of chapter three has been uploaded to Comic Space. They'll be popping up eventually.

Other Comics
A few minor updates to ADiAL.
Started the Draw 100 Art Themes Challenge.

I'm looking at making a font for Just Another Day. It is next to impossible finding a free way to do that other than lots of copy/pasting. So far I've found a crap-load of false advertising. "Free font making here! *click* That'll be $10 for one font or $2000 for the program."
According to this blog, FontForge is my best bet. I reckon I'll download it sometime tonight and go from there.


September 2, 2010 Thursday

JAD Profiles & MAX Exchange

Just Another Day
Grubber, Gremmy, the Faun Guardian, and Rhett's profiles have been uploaded.

MAX Exchange
For August B I received a picture of Lelok from Roo! (Lelok is a Striped Hope character.)
For August B I made a picture for PureNightShade!
I've finished my submission for the September A round. And not even forty-eight hours into the round! A new personal record. Emotie: :D

My internet knows it's days are limited. The dial-up is cutting out every few minutes, if it waits that long. It's giving me the digital finger. My provider, for now, is AT&T. I'm so glad I use Verizon as my cellphone provider, because if AT&T's service is anything like their internet I am shocked they are still in business.

Tonight I've begun to work on a request! One of my friends will be performing in the Rose Parade this year and he wants me to design the tshirts for his trombone section. They won't be wearing them in the actual parade, obviously, they'll be wearing their uniforms. Still a cool thought though. Emotie: :)

Amusing Picture of the Day


August 31, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 75, 76, & Forum

Just Another Day
Page 75 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 76 is in the process of being shaded.

There now is a forum! I'm still hammering out some of the details, but it seems to be running pretty smoothly so far. I've downloaded a few themes for you guys to pick from if you don't like the default theme. That's one thing that bugs me on forums. You see an option to check out other themes, but it never changes.
And, knowing me, in time I'll make a custom theme for the forums. Emotie: :D


August 29, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 74 & 75

Just Another Day
Page 74 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 75 is in the process of being colored.

Page 74 is actually the first of October's updates. Ahead of schedule, yay!

I've been bummed since Thursday. No clue why, I had a lot of fun Thursday.

One thing that's been buggin' me on dA is people submitting normal animals to a dragon group. Seriously? It's covered in fur, it has no wings, what the hell makes you think it's a dragon? I can deal with maned or feathered dragons to a point, but if it looks like a regular animal, it is not a dragon. Which I'm sure will evoke the wrath of a posse or two for daring to say so, but, eh, whatever. Not my fault they can't differentiate.

Ahhh, ill mood, ill mood. But I know where all THAT stems from.

On a happier note, I previously didn't think I had a type. But after noticing a recurring pattern in my friends, my type is apparently 6'3" lanky musicians. Emotie: XD


August 28, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 73 & 74

Just Another Day
Page 73 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 74 is in the process of being colored.

Updated the layout of all the sites. They now work fine in Firefox, Flock, Safari, and Google Chrome. Opera is kinda shaky. IE is completely dysfunctional. Because IE sucks. IE can't handle simple CSS. Go burn, IE!

Started a slice-of-life comic. Go laugh at my misadventures. Emotie: XP

Bleh, it's Saturday. Four more days to dredge through until Thursday rolls around again.


August 25, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 71 & 72

Just Another Day
Page 71 and 72 have been finished and uploaded.

I've opened a shop! Right now I'm just selling downloads of some different pictures I've taken of flowers and stuff. In time I'll be releasing some Just Another Day images.
And I'll probably put out the comic as an ebook or something when I finish volume one.

My brain is fried. There was more fiddling to do with TRC. Yeargh, I hope I pace myself better in college.


August 24, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 68 & 70

Just Another Day
Pages 68 and 70 have been finished and uploaded.

Picked up Roza: The Cursed Mage. I'm still in the first chapter and I like it so far. Her blood is combustible and she's trying to change that. And the art is really cool!

Surprise, surprise! I'm back to work on the comic! So what if I took a few days to satisfy a codemonkey binge? Still on time with the buffer and no harm done. Emotie: :D
Anywho, I think I have the layout on TRC as fiddled with as I'm gonna get it.

Since today's update introduces Gremmy and Grubber I'll try to get their profiles assembled sometime today.

But, yeah, continuing from the author notes on the comic, hobgoblins are my favorite monster. I'm toying with a little side-story involving one, but I'm not sure if I'll ever post it.

I'm starting to wonder what additional stuff to offer... Personally I'd love a calendar. JAD's one year anniversary online is coming up at the end of October. I wanna do something. Definitely a one-year wallpaper.
I need to sign up on a poll site and find out what folks want, if they want anything. Already got an account with Lulu, so no worries on how to put stuff out. Unless there's a call for tshirts. Emotie: O_O;

Bah, I'm gettin' too far ahead of myself. I'll just make a wallpaper and call it a year. Emotie: =P


August 22, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 68 & 69

Just Another Day
Page 68 is in the process of being colored.
Page 69 has been finished and will be uploaded after I finish page 68.

Had a fun mix-up with filenames. Thought I was coloring 68, but I actually finished 69 instead. It's just a bothersome number all around, isn't it?
Anywho, the correct 68 is now being colored.

Captain Ahole has a new site design! Why does this get a mention? Because the owner, Jack, and I are partners in crime. I code his site, he boosts my ego. Works out great for the both of us. Emotie: =P
Now go admire the many hours he puts into the comic and I put into the site!

Still uploading onto ComicSpace/WordPress. (What is it with computer geeks and forgetting how to use a spacebar?) Almost got the last of chapter three uploaded, but I still have to turn them into "pages". Because CS/WP is a special needs site.

Although, with the need for a dropdown menu to clean up Jack's nav bar, I finally found a good code for it that doesn't require several lines of JavaScript! So now I'm practicing on my site (his has been through enough for one night) to see if I can hone my ability with it. That way I can really make his work proper.

...Thank goodness I start ITT in less than a month. I'm hitting up all the books on webdesign that I can find when I get there.
I'll be uploading chapters there in the future as they finish. This is too much of a hassle for a normal update schedule. Emotie: @_@


August 21, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 66 & 67

Just Another Day
Page 66 and 67 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 68 is in the process of being colored.

Just Another Day is sort of being hosted on Comic Space now...

Alembic Grimoire will be releasing its first printed version on September 3rd. You can go here for information on preorders.

Yup. Comic Space. I was just posting chapter covers and occasionally browsing other comics. Then last week they took the site down for several days and popped up as an official comic host with the help of Word Press. Now, I've never dealt with Word Press. And anybody who knows me knows how much I dislike change. Yaaargh... What a pain. If all Word Press control panels are built like that I don't think I will ever use it should I buy my own domain. I like the systems like Comic Dish and the host for TRC.
So now I'm uploading all the pages to Comic Space. I won't be updating it as regularly as I do the other three. Tomorrow I'll try to get another chapter up.

Ya know, I'm catching some flak for being friendly to a kid not even four years younger than me. "Cradle robbin'" or some such stupidity. Too old? Okay, fine then. How about you tell that to the guys in their thirties, forties, and sixties to quit trying to convince me age is of no importance and keep them from hitting on me, then we'll talk about what's too old or not! And we're just friends, so what's the big deal?
My comic actually spared me of racking my brains to figure out how to get rid of one guy in his thirties that was considering chasing me. He didn't like sci-fi or fantasy. It was a deal breaker for him. Heheh. I'm never giving up my comic now!


August 19, 2010 Thursday

MAX Update: Adoption and August B 2010

MAX Exchanges
My adoption for Roo is done!
My submission for August B 2010 is finished.

Just Another Day
Tomorrow after I get home it's back to work on Just Another Day. I need to color pages 66-76. Ten pages in eleven days. Whee...
I can't believe I didn't think of using the MAX schedule when I decided to use a once a month type schedule for drawing the comic. Emotie: @_@
A Rounds: Sketch and Ink
B Rounds: Color
Oh well, got it figured out now. It keeps me about two weeks to a month ahead of what's actually shown.

Got to hold my nephew again tonight. Much easier this time than the first time. Just let him lay on my chest, rubbed his back some, and he zonked out. Apparently I make a good pillow! Heehee. Have to get all my lovin' in on him, because I highly doubt I'll ever have kids.

Just had an interesting browser freeze. You know how dA has programmed the site for when it screws up when adding a picture to your favorites list you get a pop-up thing? Yeah, it wouldn't let me click on the damn thing. Although from different times when my old desktop wouldn't load the mouse drives I got fairly decent at navigating a computer screen with just a keyboard. The X at the top of the browser wouldn't even work when I clicked on it. Emotie: -_-;

But Thursday is finally, finally here! Ah, I love my Thursdays. I get to go flirt. I guess I should be worried about him reading this post, but I highly, highly doubt any of my friends on my Facebook profile actually click the links to my websites, much less follow the links from my site to my journal. Too much clickin'.
On the off chance he DOES click the links and IS reading this: Ask me out already! We've been flirtin' for a couple o' months now. The next time I tackle ya, whether for nickin' cell phones or other reasons, I may not let ya up until you give me a definite answer. And I know you're ticklish. *evil grin*
I wonder, is holding someone down and tickling them until they give you the answer you want a viable means of extracting information? Hrm....

Anywho, newest favorite song is Evanescence and Within Temptation performing "Restless". Or so it was titled when I got it. Check it out, the piano in it is really nice.


August 18, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, & 76

Just Another Day
Pages 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, and 76 have been scanned in.

My submission for August B has been scanned in and is awaiting coloring.
The adoption I'm doing for Roo has also been scanned in.

Another scan I'm putting up here in this section is the birthday present for a friend is scanned in and being colored.

Link Exchanges
And stuff of that nature!
Dark Age of Camelot: Gaheris
Medieval RPG stuff. Check it out. Emotie: B)

There must be a secret coalition of men that is full of goofy, intelligent, and good lookin' fellas that all pretend they are single just to confuse the hell out of me. Seriously, what is wrong with the girls that turn down these guys? Two of my buddies are really great guys. Good personality, very sweet, laid back, and it boggles my mind that nobody takes 'em up on an offer.
Granted, one of them wouldn't be single if he was in my state and the other wouldn't be if he'd just say the word (I think he's way more bashful than I am, but I'm workin' on him *evil giggle*), but still! Who could turn them down?? Women shall forever be a mystery to me.

...What? I have a life outside of the internet, ya know! Emotie: ^_~


August 17, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 65, & 76

Just Another Day
Page 76 has been finished.
Page 65 has been finished and uploaded.

Rookwolf Studios has had a full site revamp. If I ever get around to making other shorts for it I'll get to show off the full usefulness of the new layout!

Got preoccupied and never updated the archives on the Comic Fury mirror. I'll be hopping on that. I also did some site tweaking.

Mercedes is still a workin' on her submission for me, but interim she has posted some sketches!

Got to hold my nephew for the first time today! I've had the offer to before, but couldn't because of personal... "problems" at the time. But I'm all better and he smells good! Squirmy little feller, that's for sure. Emotie: :)

Since I found out tonight who I'm assigned to for the August B round, I'll have the big scanfest of pages 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, & 76 when I finish the paper part of the submission.


August 16, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 75

Just Another Day
Page 75 is still being worked on.
(What? Sundays are way busy for me.)
Page 75 is inked and ready to be scanned.
Page 76 is being sketched.

MAX Exchange
For August A 2010 I was assigned to Hawk.

Mercedes is still a workin' on mine. No probs, I'm patient. Emotie: :)

Going along with last week's podcast (#119) (yeah, I'm slow):

There's some weird psychology/translations in my head on how I respond to feedback.

Negative = "You've made this person angry. Making people angry is bad. Shame on you!"
Odds are I will respond defensively or aggressively.

Neutral = "Neutral. Not doing badly, but probably could do better."
If I can think of a reply beyond thanking for the input, I try to respond.

Positive = "You've made this person happy! Making people happy is good! Is it possible to make them happier?"
This sets my expectations for myself. Most of the time I feel praise is undeserved and I will strive to live up to the level I feel is appropriate to what they gave me. Whether or not I succeed at that will forever be up for debate. But I will put forth an effort.

Creating a good internet persona can be difficult. Especially in the position of a writer or artist, whether of articles, stories, videos, comic, or otherwise. Ya kinda need to be nice.

That said, I realize I have issues. I'll admit to them. Everybody has them. And same as everybody I have my good points. So let's all just chill out and stay rational, eh? What is there really to gain by being rude to a random person over the internet that'll probably never be important in your life?


August 14, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 72, 73, 74, & 75

Just Another Day
Pages 72, 73, and 74 have been inked and are waiting to be scanned.
Page 75 is being sketched and inked.

Chapter Three ends and Chapter Four starts on Tuesday!


August 11, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 71 & 72

Just Another Day
Page 71 has been inked and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 72 is being sketched and inked.

Okay, normally when I browse dA I don't post the pictures I find. Because most I like, while good, don't really strike me. This one, however, I must post!

Different world-different time by Caucasian-eagle
Different world-different time by Caucasian-eagle

I don't know if it's the colors, the composition, the landscape, or what. But I think this picture is just gorgeous!


August 9, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 69, 70, 71

Just Another Day
Pages 69 and 70 are waiting to be scanned.
Page 71 is being sketched and inked.

So Aphex finally finished what he owed me. I would say better late than never but... this was so badly out of character I think I'd rather had not got art for this round at all. Dancing for groin shots? Seriously? That sounds more like something that would come from one of those annoying webcomics that make fun of people all the time. (Not in the funny way, the rude way.)

What the hell is it with me and musicians?? Every time I start trying to get to know somebody I'm a little attracted to I find out they play an instrument. Either it's a pretty common talent/hobby, or I've got a fetish or something for them. Emotie: O_O;


August 8, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 69

Just Another Day
Page 69 is being sketched and inked.

My submission for MAX this round is finished.
The sketches for Appy and PureNightShade are still pending.

Picked up Beast Legion for the time being.
Writing/Art/Dialogue: ANIME. The frames are way too zoomed in. I'm having a hard time figuring out what's going on and which character is doing what.
Story: Looks interesting, mainly why I'm reading. I think it's a shapeshifter comic of sorts.

But I am enjoying it, overall. The heavy anime influence does make me cringe sometimes, or lots of the time, but it's still a good read so far. Especially with the introduction of a new character in Issue 3. Emotie: :)


August 6, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 65, 66, 67, 68

Just Another Day
Pages 65, 66, 67, & 68 have all been inked and scanned in.

Also, I've made a tutorial on wings. You can find it both on the site and in the Comic Dish forums. Because some of the people of Comic Dish encouraged me to. So this is a thank you and shout out to them! Emotie: <3

Of the two commentators so far, looks like it's going over well. It gives me a little confidence boost. Emotie: :)


August 5, 2010 Thursday

JAD Update: 67 & 68

Just Another Day
Page 67 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 68 is in the process of being sketched and inked.

Gonna be a busy bi-month! I have a MAX exchange and three sketches to do.

Good grief, I'm craving Asian food! It'd be nice if I could have Asian as often as I do Italian, Mexican, or American. Emotie: :'(
Oh well, I start college soon. Maybe if I can land a job I'll be able to treat myself to some Asian cooking. I know another thing I want to do when I start working again is plan a trip to a couple of museums. Problem is it's a long ride, so I'm thinking of getting a friend or small group to go with me. Hit the museums, those who don't mind Japanese will maybe let us go to this place I've been wanting to go to for about a year, and catch a movie that night if they wanna watch a movie.

On the subject of a lesson taught tonight at a study I frequent: Ya know, I'm proud to say that for the first time in several long years I'm actually NOT waiting to die. I've got a goal in life that's in reach. I have friends now who I can relax around (without dealing with retarded politics of who's superior to another and who's allowed to talk to who). I'm not constantly told how stupid or ugly somebody thinks I am, I'm not always being looked down on or told I'm not as good as somebody who's actually worse than me. My friends actually willingly HUG me now! They laugh and play and genuinely want to support each other.
Not just offline, but online I've found some good friends. Some that I look up to actually think high enough of my abilities to make a tutorial! ME!
Life is really good right now. There's only one way my life could possibly get any better, but it's with a thing I've always had horrendous luck with and probably will never have anyway, so I won't bother to hope for it. Besides, everything else right now makes up for it, so why sweat it? Emotie: ;)


August 4, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 66 & 67

Just Another Day
Page 66 has been finished and is waiting to be scanned.
Page 67 is being sketched and inked.

Here's to hoping that 66 won't turn out as badly in the end as I feared it did pre-scan. See, sis went in to labor yesterday and I finished the page at the hospital. That would have been fine but this over-hyper kid would not leave me alone who talked incessantly right in my ear. And I mean right in my ear. Leaned over my shoulder, kept getting in the way, kept demanding my attention every few seconds. He's family too... ARGH. I'm so glad I wasn't having to draw in competition.

Anywho, sis had her baby just fine. He was nearly seven pounds and he has some great lungs. We've been sure to place both the blessings and Mother's Curse on him. (Mother's Curse: "I hope you have one just like you!")


August 3, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 65 & 66

Just Another Day
Page 65 is waiting to be scanned.
Page 66 is being sketched and inked.

Character Ref Sheet
Wing Anchor Point Sheet - 1/9
Shanku - Done!
Dai - Done!
Jakko - Done!
Sage - Done!
Kadin - Done!
Anoki - Done!
Rajé - Done!
Zihna - Done!
Hinto - Done!
Shaman Onami - Done!
Bara - Done!
Eru - Done!
Kya - Done!
Mrs. Birchfield - Pending
Master Woodstock - Pending
Character Expression Sheet: 0/15

Decided I'd do the anchors differently. Front, side, and back view of basic, skeleton, and muscle. I'm doing it with a Sylvan, I'm hoping whoever views it can make the mental adjustments themselves for the other four breeds... If not, well, guess I have thirty-six more to do. Ack.

Minor tweakings to Just Another Day and Rookwolf Studio sites on Comic Dish.

July B 2010: I drew for Mercedes and Aphex owes me art. XD (He's got some wicked inking. I can be patient.)
Swimsuit Round: I drew for Nataka and Margo drew for me!
SPANX July 2010: I drew for Appy and Appy drew for me! (Neither are safe to view at work or school!)

*phew!* Glad that's over with. I should just have my usual MAX A & B rounds this month.

I'm not dead, I swear! I just forgot all about updating this thing for a while. My sleep schedule cycled itself for a while to where I went to bed at about six in the evening and got up at about two in the morning. And usually I write journals late at night.

I'm playing with line weight a bit on page 66. Granted, I use only one Sharpie, so there is only so much I can do. Another thing I'm experimenting with, since the beginning of chapter four is in a forest, is not inking the trees in the distance. It's an interesting experiment so far.

Oh, and I'll be an aunt the next time I update! I'm about to leave for the hospital! Emotie: :D


July 28, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: Character Ref Sheets - Shaman Onami

Just Another Day
So continues the slow, tedious process of detailing the wings of the Plains Kurach. Argh...

I really hope people enjoy looking at the Plains Kurach. Their wings are a pain to color.

Character Ref Sheet
Wing Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Done!
Dai - Done!
Jakko - Done!
Sage - Done!
Kadin - Done!
Anoki - Done!
Rajé - Done!
Zihna - Done!
Hinto - Done!
Shaman Onami - Done!
Bara - In Progress
Eru - Scanned
Kya - Scanned
Mrs. Birchfield - Pending
Master Woodstock - Pending
Character Expression Sheet: 0/15

Shaman Onami has been finished. I'll upload him when I finish downloading the latest episode of the Dish.

Picked up a new comic! The Beast Legion. I'm not even through with the first issue, but I'm enjoying it so far. Lineart is a bit shaky and the "coloring" is a little splotchy, but it looks the story is gonna be pretty good.


July 27, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 19, 20, Chapter Two

Just Another Day
Pages 19 and 20 have been finished and uploaded to Comic Dish and Drunk Duck.
All of Chapter Two has been reuploaded to adjust for the addition of the copyright at the bottom of the pages. The comic is now consistent with itself in the respect of color and copyright. Yay!

Now to go update everything on Comic Fury. Whee... Emotie: @_@

Updated the MAX page. Some people like to see how much art a particular character has in comparison to the others. That information for mine is now all on one page.

Character Ref Sheet
Wing Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Done!
Dai - Done!
Jakko - Done!
Sage - Done!
Kadin - Done!
Anoki - Done!
Rajé - Done!
Zihna - Done!
Hinto - Done!
Shaman Onami - In Progress
Bara - Scanned
Eru - Scanned
Kya - Scanned
Mrs. Birchfield - Pending
Master Woodstock - Pending
Character Expression Sheet: 0/15

Yes, back to work on the ref sheets. Another thing I should have finished a few months ago. I have four days left in this month before it's back to work on the comic buffer next month. Let's see if I can get these guys finished.

As the ref sheets are finished their links will be included on the character's page they pertain to.

So while browsing DeviantArt today a little picture of a dude and a dragon popped up. The pencil work was great, anatomy needed some more attention, and the guy kinda favored Bill Kaulitz. Come to find out, the artist had written a book about dragons and wanted Kaulitz to star as the main character when the movie was made. And there were other drawings from him taking a bath with the dragon to lying with it nakie. My first reaction? "Dear God, please let me never become so famous that I get creepy fans like this!"
I've come to find out I really don't like anthro dragons. Or Spyro dragons outside of the Spyro series. Or horned, wingless canines that somebody thinks qualifies as a dragon.

Recently had to update my Facebook profile to include one little statement so many people forget about: "I am a person, not an object." I can give a guy credit for having the balls to stare me straight in the eye and say "Women are weak, fragile creatures that must be protected." Me, fragile? Me, weak? HA! You can ask quite a few people and they'll tell you I'm anything but. I'll defend myself from anybody regardless of their size and I've killed a few snakes without being afraid. Ah, sexists and their silly ideas. What would ya do without them?
...Church is turning me into a feminist. AGAIN. Bah, time to go back to self-imposed rehab. Emotie: XP


July 25, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 18 & 19

Just Another Day
Page 18 has been finished and uploaded to Comic Dish and Drunk Duck.
Page 19 is in the process of being colored.

I've updated the comic's site layout on Comic Dish. It's a little larger and a little smoother. But the left pane feels a little busy. I may go back and tweak it.

Another comic recommendation is The Phoenix Requiem. Sarah Ellerton has some gorgeous art. So far it seems like The Phoenix Requiem is going to have the same story twists as her Inverloch. I would honestly be surprised if she wasn't a professional.


July 24, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 16, 17, & 18

Just Another Day
Page 16 & 17 has been finished and uploaded to Comic Dish and Drunk Duck.
Page 18 is in the slow process of being colored because I'm distracted.

I'm enjoying my guilty indulgence of Dominic Deegan. I do so love his writing. And bizarre creatures.


July 23, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 13, 14, 15, & 16

Just Another Day
Page 13, 14, and 15 have been finished and reuploaded on Comic Dish and Drunk Duck.
Page 16 is in the process of being colored.

So for some reason I've tried to take up piano again. I can play C & G position fairly well with my right hand. Left handed I'm horrendous. Mom had tried to teach me and sis piano way back in the day and I've still got my books lying around. Either I practiced a lot more than I thought I did, or my memory is just better than I thought. I can still play a lot of the old clips almost as well as I did back then and my timing on them isn't too bad, considering I haven't played in about eight years or so. But I've never had good rhythm. Timing, yes, when it comes to video games. Maybe I'll get lucky and the timing will transfer over.
Although I have to wait until everybody is at work or in town before I practice. I'm waaaay too shy to play when they're home. Heh, and the whole reason why I'm taking up piano again is to play one of my favorite songs I never could play before: Long de Chuan Ren. Very pretty song. Lotta work for one damn song. Oh well, my biggest hang-up is working on my left hand. But I can type fairly well, that's not much different, is it??


July 21, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 12 & 13

Just Another Day
Page 12 has been fixed and reposted.
Page 13 is in the process of being colored.

So I'm going to spend the rest of this month finishing the coloring for chapter one. Shoulda done it a long time ago.

Today I realized all the bloopers on page 12. Oi vey. Sage didn't have a girth strap anywhere in sight and Dai's leg mysteriously disappeared in one panel.

Here's an update I'm sure you didn't expect. Emotie: ;)
Anywho, The Dish had an all female podcast and I helped co-host Episode 116! And now you all can hear my retarded accent. Some say I have a Midland accent, some say Southern. I say "i can haz anudder?" Emotie: XD

I've finished my MAX submission for July B 2010! Only a pencil drawing this time, because I thought it would just look cooler that way.

On with the job hunt! One of the places I put in at was Snelling. Basically they scour the world and hook you up with job openings. So I'm curious if they'll find a place to stick me. Emotie: :D

Job hunt today was started again because ITT Tech was having a job fair, which was awesome. ('Tis how I heard of Snelling.) Got to meet onna my teachers. We're gonna get along great.
So far with two people it's come up that I draw, they wonder why I'm not in animation or something, I tell them, AND THEY GET IT! That's, like, unheard of! Usually when I explain that drawing is more for pleasure than business for me, they just kinda stare at me blankly and try to talk me into doing it for a living. Folks so far at ITT Tech? No way, it's "Oh yeah, same for me with (insert their favorite hobby and happy overview of their history with it)". Quite nice. Emotie: B)

Dreamed I died. Again. This time struck by lightning! Me and sis both! Oh joy... Bleh, I hate those dreams. At least, I'm pretty sure I dreamed we died. 'Twas a stormy night, sis and I were in the yard, and lightning struck very near by, like a tree or the ground or something. I remember worrying if she'd been struck when gravity let go. Yup. Off I go floating to the clouds sure to be struck if I hadn't been already! Bleh. Can't say I remember the last time I woke up shaking. Emotie: >_<


July 20, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 61, 62, 63, 64, Chapter Four Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 61, 62, 63, 64, and the cover for Chapter Four have been finished and uploaded.
So all of Augusts updates are finally finished.

Holiday specials have been removed from the archive on Comic Dish since they're on DeviantArt. The links are still available in the Gallery. Drunk Duck Comic Fury will still have the specials up, for reasons that probably aren't very nice.

I've been trying since January to get Just Another Day to show up on I don't know how I first got into webcomics, but I know was my only source back then and the first URL I ever memorized. Thought they were awesome back then. Now they're just disappointing and slooooooooow to load (like, 15-30 for one page before it just times out altogether), and a damn hassle. Blah.

Now after spending about twenty days straight on the comic I'm going to work on my MAX submission and spend the rest of the month either working on Striped Hope or the cast pages. Hrm, there is at least one reader for Striped Hope though. Probably should finish that story first.

I've finally been sucked into the world of cutesy FaceBook apps. ARGH! *sigh* Well, if anybody plays SuperPocus by Super Poke Pets, drop me a line and we'll have hex battles or something.


July 17, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 58, 59, 60, Chapter Four Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 58, 59, and 60 have been finished and uploaded.
The cover for Chapter Four is being colored.

TRC has been updated.

  • Front page is more organized.
  • Just Another Day has it's own page now, so the main page is less cluttered.
  • JAD characters page has been rearranged a bit.
  • Two new characters have been added to the JAD character list.
  • Striped Hope now has a character page!

While tweaking the CSS coding for the character pages for Striped Hope I was listening to an old Dish podcast which somehow lead me nosing through old forum threads and I found where I had once told AOD I used to know the coding to make your navigation always display instead of hiding the images when there isn't a link for it. And that lead into like an hour long derailing into attacking my coding since a little spark lit up in the back of my head how to possibly actually do that. And it worked. So I just got done shooting him a message on how. Now I've kinda "come back to consciousness" in a way, because I totally zoned out and did not pay attention to the podcast in the least and realized I just lost an hour.
Heheh, and to think, my two of the people who'll be important in my college classes thought I wouldn't be a good programmer 'cause I'm "too outgoing to hide in a room searching through hundreds of lines of coding looking for a semi-colon". I think I could do it. I've already got the bulldog focus for coding! Emotie: XD

Now, back to listening to the podcast. If you wanna hear it, it's Dish #113. The main reason I wanted to hear it, oddly enough and is probably what lead to me going on a coding derailment, was because AOD guest stars to discuss his Comic Flow Theory.


July 16, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 58 | Exchange Update: July A

Just Another Day
Page 58 is colored and in the process of being shaded.

Also making profile pictures for five characters so I can update the site properly.

July A has come to an end. I received a submission from Draxenn. One thing about Draxenn is that he almost always does something funny for MAX. This time was no exception. I was pretty excited when I saw he had drawn my name and I laughed quite a bit over what he sent me.
The piece I made this time around was for Hitotsumami.

Next time I update the exchange news, there will be six to mention. Wheee~ Emotie: @w@


July 15, 2010 Thursday

JAD Update: 56, 57, 58, & 65

Just Another Day
Pages 56 and 57 have been finished and uploaded.
Page 58 is in the process of being colored.
Page 65 is being sketched.

Maybe this part isn't so slow after all.

Ah, always waiting on something!
Always waiting for Thursdays and Sundays to get here so I can hang out with friends.
I'm waiting for Friday to get here to help out with a podcast.
And I'm waiting for September to hurry up and get here so I can go geek out!


July 14, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, Chapter Four Cover

Just Another Day
Pages 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, and the cover for Chapter Four have been scanned. *phew*
Page 56 is in the process of being colored.

Not bad for four days of drawing, eh? Now if I could just color them as quickly, we'd be making some real progress with the story!

After this batch is colored, I'm going to go back and finish drawing the rest of Chapter Four. If I can put out ten pages in four days I think I'm going to try for doing a full chapter in the first week of each month and then color them as they're needed. Heh, memory permitting, of course.

Made two resolutions on New Years. One was to become more detailed with my art, the other was to learn JavaScript. Although there has currently been no progress with JavaScript, I may learn it by the end of the year after all when I go to ITT Tech. Not sure if my art has improved, but I have put a lot more details on the pages since the first chapter.


July 12, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 58, 59, 60, & Chapter Four Cover

Just Another Day
Page 58 and 59 are done and ready to be scanned.
Page 60 and the cover for Chapter Four are being sketched.

I'm on a roll! Emotie: :D

TRC Site
Tweaking, tweaking, tweaking. Streamlined the coding on the character pages. You think when I figured out how to target just the parts of the DD tags that I would have realized I could do the same thing with the DT tags and save myself a good bit of time with both Bold and Span tags, and before that I had just figured out how to save some time with combining the Bold and Span tags. Emotie: >_<

As soon as I make about five profile pictures I can relaunch all the tweaked pages. So if you see the site go MIA, I'm updating it.


July 12, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 56, 57, & 58

Just Another Day
Page 56 and 57 are shaded and ready to be scanned.
Page 58 is being sketched.

If all goes well there will be a total of ten pages posted in August. Equivalent to half a chapter. Ah, buffer, buffer, buffer. Gonna need it for when I start school in September.

Almost goofed on finishing the last two character profiles to be released with Chapter Three. No spoilers for readers!

One of my friends surprises me quite often. He really does. We met again for the first time in three years back on Halloween. I distinctly remember him pronouncing a dislike for gothic stuff and he says he really doesn't like metal when we get on music discussions. But then I'll be riding with him to grab a pizza or something, and he'll play Nightwish or Within Temptation and say he thinks they have some cool songs. Eh?? What's funnier is that I'd already had some Within Temptation on my computer but hadn't listened to it. Damn good band. Kinda like Evanescence. Music like this is currently my musical weakness, so I was like, swooning in his car. Emotie: XD
On a side note, that's the first time I've heard Nightwish's new singer. Indeed, she's not Tarja. But she still has a very pretty voice.
The other thing he does, that makes me laugh more than anything else he does, is he claims I follow him around like a puppy. Well, whenever he says that, I'll purposely tell him to go away and I'll go off by myself or to another person. Yet every time I turn around he's right there jawing my ear off about something. Heheh, I think the puppy following goes both ways. Oh well, whatever strokes your ego, little buddy. Although the best observation he ever made was when he was when he quite accurately described why he's into music and why I'm into art.

So right now I have Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Evanescence on Media Player. Last few days it's been nothing but Sonata Arctica, Therion, Windir, Epica, and Nightwish.

Ya know, it's come to where I really enjoy working on the comic. When I'm by myself, watching the characters and scenery come to life, and there's some good music on that I can sing to, it's quite an experience. Got to thinking about that last night. There was some random guy that started IMing me on AIM, and no surprise he was really horny with a one track mind and the usual spill of "you must pleasure yourself how I say you should!", but one of his questions was how I did. Art, of course. It truly is my greatest pleasure. I'm a fan of roller coasters and I would say that's probably my greatest physical pleasure, but I just prefer to draw and have some music on. Couldn't convince him of that though, but whenever somebody's in that state of mind their mental abilities drop drastically. Probably why I have a musician fetish, they tend to understand artistic euphoria. It's nice having about 300+ readers, and I do enjoy trying to present the story and teasers as best I can so they'll enjoy their stay on my site, but I draw primarily for that little private time. My anatomy and technique may not be perfect, but if I enjoy it, and the readers like it, is it really necessary to be elite about it?


July 11, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 55 & 56

Just Another Day
Page 55 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 56 and 57 are inked, soon to be shaded.

Without any exchanges to do for another week I'm gonna take advantage of it and build my buffer back up. And hopefully after that get started on the cast pages again. (I don't know if you read these updates Clemon, but you're gonna love the second half of Chapter Three!)

I've got the basics for the Striped Hope cast page too. Just gotta make a profile picture for the ones listed.

Deliriously Happy News
I'm all set to start ITT Tech in September! WOOHOO! Let me soak in there for a few quarters, and then I can tell you fully why I highly recommend ITT Tech. (They offer some other things, like, Criminal Justice and Health Sciences. But I'm only going there for the computer stuff.)

The students are encouraged to submit art for the hallway displays. Some are trying to get a Karate or Martial Arts club going. Did I mention the lovely surplus of nerds and geeks? There is almost nothing else to me other than these three things. I gotta feeling college is gonna be like a second home.

One of the groups I'm in on DeviantArt recently posted a notice about how some random people were submitting other people's art to a site without permission. They said to be nice because the guy who runs the site only approves the images, he doesn't seek them out. Not that any of my stuff from that group was good enough to steal but I thought I'd check it out anyway. DUDE! There are some really cool desktop backgrounds! A link if ya don't believe me! I haven't made it past the dragon search page, but, DUDE! Really cool desktop backgrounds! Emotie: :D


July 10, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 54 & 55

Just Another Day
54 & 55 have been scanned in.
Page 54 is finished and uploaded.

Tuesday's update will be the 50th page of story.
Wow. First real milestone. Wonder how many more JAD will reach? As far as planned milestones, JAD will one day hit the 1000 page mark.

The end of the buffer is catching up to me. Heck, at this rate I'm going to fall behind. If I can get up to being a chapter ahead of the actual updates, that'd be great.

Max: July A sumbission is finished.
Max: Swimsuit Round sumbission is finished.
Spanx: "Makeout Round" sumbission is finished.

Haven't been that busy in a while. In a week I can post the link to the July A one and at the end of the month I can post a link to the other two.

I've seen more gross stuff today than I have in a while. From ankles snapping into unnatural positions (because skaters aren't always that bright) to bungee jumping using your intestines. Kinda all runs along bad dreams I've had before. However, that is not the stuff that makes me wake up scared and crying. Scary thought, eh?


July 5, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 54 & 55

Comic Update
Pages 54 is ready to be scanned.
Page 55 is being drawn.

Both pages have sent me scurrying all over the internet for references. Praise the sites on the UK servers that love their history!

After these two are scanned in I'll probably take a break on the pages for a week and get back to work on the character ref sheets. Never did get a chance to finish those. In a way working on the pages has gotten faster. There are currently no wings to detail but at the same the outfits have gotten more detailed. And the backgrounds are now indoors. Interiors from around the renaissance, arrrrrgh. But I'm better at drawing horses than cars, so I'd better learn to deal. Dang it.

You can tell it's been a long night when you're drawing on a sheet of paper and your fingers go to the keyboard to hit the keystroke to save the image. I've done that too many times. Emotie: -_-;

I must say it was a little amusing to find out today where my previous DM had gotten some his list of over a hundred things common in D&D games, like how during a fight it's the same as a bingo game: people yell out numbers and everybody gets excited.


July 5, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 54 & 55

Comic Update
Pages 54 is ready to be scanned.
Page 55 is being drawn.

Both pages have sent me scurrying all over the internet for references. Praise the sites on the UK servers that love their history!

After these two are scanned in I'll probably take a break on the pages for a week and get back to work on the character ref sheets. Never did get a chance to finish those. In a way working on the pages has gotten faster. There are currently no wings to detail but at the same the outfits have gotten more detailed. And the backgrounds are now indoors. Interiors from around the renaissance, arrrrrgh. But I'm better at drawing horses than cars, so I'd better learn to deal. Dang it.

You can tell it's been a long night when you're drawing on a sheet of paper and your fingers go to the keyboard to hit the keystroke to save the image. I've done that too many times. Emotie: -_-;

I must say it was a little amusing to find out today where my previous DM had gotten some his list of over a hundred things common in D&D games, like how during a fight it's the same as a bingo game: people yell out numbers and everybody gets excited.


July 3, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 52 & 53

Just Another Day
Pages 52 and 53 are fully colored, finished, and uploaded.

The last of July's updates are 54 and 55, which I shall begin after finishing three exchange pieces.

A page for Independence Day (USA) is finished. Been a while since I made a page for a holiday on time, eh?

June B: My submission, and, the one I received from Raocow! Raocow's been very quiet lately, so I was happy to see a piece from him. He has a very distinctive style you can't miss. If you want a unique view on your world, ask him to illustrate it. You won't be disappointed. Emotie: :)

July A: Done! Got to practice a little shape play with semi-crosshatched gloves and leggings, got to do some elemental bits, and of course with meh trusty 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Should I color? Hrm...

Swimsuit Round: About to start my third attempt. Forgot the "no nudity" rules on the first attempt, the second just has bad anatomy, and who knows how the third shall go?

SPANX Make-Out Round: Did not expect to be in this one, especially after saying I didn't intend to because I hadn't gotten my character profiles made. But, hey, got tossed in and if I'd backed out they would have had an odd number, soooo looks like I'm in the first round after all. I'm over halfway done with it. Just need to put some finishing touches on the wings and it's good. (Ashe picking a character for wings, whodathunkit? Heheh.)

You know, I could say there was an internal moral debate over whether or not it'd look bad if I was in an adult art exchange, but, dammit, if I had to endure a Sunday school lesson in church about how damn good sex feels in marriage than I think I can very well get away with being in an adult art exchange when I intend to draw no more than simple nudes because I need to practice anatomy! (Fuck you and your writers, Lifeway. Pfft, and you said MY moral compass was misguided. I could write better curriculum than that, and actually put some emotional depth or history into it!)


July 1, 2010 Thursday

JAD Update: 51 & 52

Page 51 has been finished and uploaded.
Page 52 is presently being colored.

In Ashe Plays With Websites news, S.P.A.N.X. has let me design their template. SPANX is Sexy People Art 'N Exchange, and adult-themed art exchange being hosted by a small group of users from Comic Dish. Right now there isn't any content but the first round is being initialized. About a month from now the first submissions should be finished and posted. Hopefully I can figure out how to make a thumbnail archive/gallery for it.

Semi-related: Captain Ahole and Jacked Up have sadly been on hiatus for about a month or so now. Jack's computer committed suicide. He's probably working hard on getting a replacement, so in the mean time drop by either comic and leave him a few words of encouragement, eh?

So, Monday I went on a job hunt. Put in fifteen applications total, online and in person. Tuesday I was contacted for an interview on Wednesday. Wednesday was spent walking around campus and talking to a student representative. Yup. Ashe is goin' to college! In a few weeks I go back to finish squaring away the financing part and I'll be all set to start in September. When all is said and done a few years from now I will be a bona fide techie and codemonkey! Is that cool or what? And if I pursue the right fields I could land a job that sends me oversees sometimes. All the areas I'm looking at getting a degree in are all four-year degrees. But considering how many I'm interested in, I may be there for, like, eight to twenty years. Emotie: XD
One of the many things the college boasts (other than a lot of friendly people) is having very flexible schedules, which is great if I get a job that's very possessive and grumpy.

One thing I really loved about my rep was that her personality was a lot like one of my favorite ex-coworker's, so that was a great plus. And she wasn't judgmental, even of the things lots of other people have been very condescending about. I would say I can't wait for September to get here again, but I need to get a job squared away first and see to some other things that'll make it less worriful while I'm in college. It won't kill me to be patient for another two months.

Not bad for my very first college application and interview that sparked from a random advertisement online, eh? I think this whole thing is going to be a blast. Emotie: :D


June 29, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 50

Page 50 is finished and set to appear on July 13th, 2010. Fifty pages of story, man. Not bad. Now try to swallow that some comics have well over a thousand pages to their name. Emotie: XD

While I should have taken the time today to work on the comic, I spent it applying at thirteen different stores for a job and later making a Gallery webpage for the TRC site. Got to use some JavaScript on it to make it cycle through some preloaded thumbnails. I figured out how to make it work for two separate sections by adding "1" and "2", but using the same method would not work beyond those two for three and four. Interesting. I realllllly need to learn JavaScript instead of random-rigging by trial-and-error here.
Kinda wish I'd made the Gallery page sooner. At least, to the detail this one is. With all those thumbnails I actually feel like I've accomplished something instead of hours of adjusting colors and penciling for nothing. Now as soon as I finish uploading all the thumbnails, I can go to bed! Wooo! Six hours on the road putting in applications makes me sleepy.

No new news as far as other webcomics go. I'm going back through Darths & Droids right now. One of these days I'll read DM of the Rings. In essence, imagine if Lucas or Tolkien never created those stories and it was just another nerd's campaign. Derailed or railroaded. Horribly. Hilariously. And sometimes it makes much more sense as a campaign.


June 26, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 48 & 49

Pages 48 & 49 are colored and uploaded.
A page for the summer solstice has been posted horribly late.

The home site has been updated! Told ya I was gonna turn it purple. I love playing with CSS.

Five days left to do my June B submission. Good grief, I hope nothing else out-of-state demands my attention any time soon. I'm quite amused that my June B and Swimsuit Round pieces will both show a LOT of skin.

My plan to avoid Gatlinberg, Tennessee failed miserably. 'Twas begged into it. Not to mention my portion was paid for before I was even given a choice in the matter, which I find quite rude and pushy. Sure, it was a fun trip and all (except for the last few hours of it), but I'm glad to be back home so I can get back to work on the comic. So I'm about four days of progress down.


June 20, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 50, 51, 52, 53, & a Holiday Page

Pages 52 and 53 are drawn.
Pages 50, 51, 52, & 53 are scanned in.
A page for Father's Day has been posted.

I am damn tired. It's been a long week. But it was one of the best weeks I've had in a while. Life is good. Burying friends under a pile of pillows is better. Laughing with friends is best.

Anywho, I'm off to go get about five hours of sleep and then find a way to make my excuse for being late tomorrow sound convincing. Heheh.


June 17, 2010 Thursday

JAD Update: 46-51; June A MAX Submission

Page 46 and 47 are done and set to appear in the future. Page 48 is being colored. Pages 50 and 51 are drawn and waiting to be scanned. Page 52 is presently half drawn.

No headway on the character sheets. Darmit. Really need to. Seems to be some confusion on the wings.

Although, semi-related, I've started prepping the map. It's not very new, first drew it in 2006. But it's still cannon.

This fortnight I received a submission from Xenterex! He put a lot of effort into it. Emotie: :)

I made one for Gazzatude.

We're quickly approaching the part of the story that I feel is rushed. It's four pages of rush, but it covers a good bit of time. If all goes well, the end of chapter three will be in mid August. In the mean time I can show off my horrible skills at drawing buildings and cobblestone streets! The first tree in Just Another Day also appears on page 51. Sad to say it's been all grass and sky so far. Emotie: XD

...I like this avatar. Emotie: :)


June 15, 2010 Tuesday

Striped Hope Update & New Pic

Oh happy day, I've found a good use for a tool in SmoothDraw! Never could find a good situation to use the Dry Media brush properly. (And I'm not sure if it represents a marker, crayon, or colored pencil.) Used it to color a sketch that had scanned in really grainy. Turned out pretty good. If it wasn't for the fact my scanner is color-blind I'd wonder if it was actually colored on paper or not. Emotie: :D
And I didn't have to worry about smudging or the paper crinkling from the eraser. I'm glad a new round of MAX starts soon, I want to play with this tool some more!

Four new pages up on Striped Hope.

Enough screwin' around with little projects, I've gotta get back to work on JAD before the buffer catches up to me. Oi, knew June would be time consuming. Emotie: DX;;


June 8, 2010 Tuesday

Mass Editing... Again.

First page of Just Another Day's Tuesday & Thursday update schedule! Hoohah! And here I thought I'd miss the first page of chapter three. Silly me.

Striped Hope has updated! What do ya know, a little present for you guys before I flee for a week. Emotie: ;)

Did some tweaking on the Rookwolf Studios site. Finally made a button for Striped Hope. Also made a cover page for Striped Hope.

Ya know, probably shoulda put a copyright at the bottom of the pages from the start. But, no, no, decided to wait until there was a grand total of 59 submitted pages before deciding to add the copyright. Good grief, that's a lotta editing to do.

Anywho, decided with the launch of chapter three to finally change how the panels are done a bit. I'm ditchin' the black border and enlarging the page 20px in both directions. (When I come back I'll update chapters one and two that way and the holiday pages.)

So Wowio is redoing itself... I know they were in the process of a messy overhaul. The guy over at Misfile didn't get payed for over a year because Wowio couldn't get their act together during then. Maybe they'll be a more stable company now. From LLC to corporation... Probably about to turn into the Wal-Mart of e-books. Emotie: XD

Well, I'm off. This'll probably be the last you'll hear from me for a week. So take care, be safe, and read meh demmed comics an' leave me comments an' stuff like that! I try ta respond back on all of 'em 'cept maybe DrunkDuck.


June 7, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 46, 47, 48

Pages 46, 47, and 48 have been scanned in.

Page 47 is lettered and in the process of being colored and shaded.

Had an interesting, awkward conversation today. Somebody on Omegle gave some poor kid MY Facebook link. Why? I 'unno. He identified my URL as the one he was definitely given. If I'm somebody's rejection link, I hope they don't send people weirder than me.

The past two days have been really fun. Had a good romp with some friends Saturday and spent the day with family on Sunday.
I look forward to Thursdays for more than one reason nowadays. Meet with a bunch to romp, laugh, and play to the point of exhaustion. It's great. May not have hardly anything in common as far as the entertainment/hobby industry is concerned. But they value the things that really matter in life, they aren't judgmental, and everybody pulls their own weight, so they're a-ok by me. Emotie: :)


June 5, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: 48

Page 48 is drawn, inked, and ready to be scanned.

The reference for Zihna has been posted.

The Kurach page has had a little extra info put onto it. Some mild delving into their psychology and some of their abilities.

The references for Anoki and his wings are in the process of being colored.

Shoulda done references from the start. I use 'em all the time. Emotie: XD

Downloaded Opera and Google Chrome a few weeks ago. I can see the appeal. Sleek and simple. Opera supports custom scrollbars, which I think is awesome. I remember waaaaaay back in my early days of websurfing that some sites had coded their scrollbars to be all special and colorful. I do this with most of my sites, but IE and Opera are the only ones that support it.


June 4, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: 47

Page 47 has been drawn and needs to be scanned.

My MAX submission is partially drawn. I think I'm gonna try a painted picture this time.

I live in a rainforest. It is that time of the year when it rains everyday in the early afternoon. And thunders a good bit. Sometimes we get hail. Blegh.

Tuesday can't get here fast enough! My family is heading out to Oklahoma so we can watch my brother-in-law graduate. 'Twill be awesome, I've never seen a military graduation before.

Just Another Day could possibly feature a guest art week. Not sure. I'll be out for two weeks straight with the trip to Oklahoma and then working with kids the week after. A lack of updates won't be the problem, got all that set out last month. Hrm... Eh, one of these days I'll find a good excuse to feature some other folks. Emotie: =P

TRC might turn purple. Hopefully not. But it might. Found this very pretty theme for Firefox. But, sadly, I updated Firefox the day after and it doesn't like "old" stuff. *cry* But hopefully it'll update soon! Until then, lucky for me Windows 7 still supports going crazy with the system scheme in 95/98 style. I even robbed the now-most-useless back-up files on my external and pasted all the cursors from XP and XP Plus! onto my computer. A little mixin' and matchin' and now my computer looks really cool. Now as soon as I figure out where all the old sound schemes and screensavers are stored... *runs off plotting*


June 1, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: 46

Page 46 is colored and uploaded.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully start on the pages for July.

Character bios for the first three new characters to be introduced in chapter three are up early.

Acoustic guitar sounds pretty good right now. It's soothing.

I've been dealing with an idiot that thinks talking about how awesome sex feels is okay to discuss in church so long as it's about married people. Um, no. It's not. And I don't care if you're married or unmarried, single or in a relationship my rule is the same: Keep tales of your sexcapades to yourself. I don't want to hear about it. A little modesty never hurt anybody.

Online the people I keep contact with are all deep, intellectual people with a wide range of emotion. Why do the people I meet in person tend to be shallow, hump-happy morons? Ugh.

Recently read the Tao Te Ching. I think my favorite passage was this one:

"The supreme good is like water,
which nourishes all things without trying to.
It is content with the low places that people disdain.
Thus it is like the Tao.
In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.
In conflict, be fair and generous.
In governing, don't try to control.
In work, do what you enjoy.
In family life, be completely present.
When you are content to be simply yourself
and don't compare or compete,
everybody will respect you."

There were many good passages in there. None bad, really. I recommend it. Unless you have a neurotic fear of other religions. Been in a few conversations know that went along the lines of
Me: "Hey, I've been reading into some Taoist stuff lately and there was this sweet--"
Friend: "Ohmygoshanotherreligionitmustbebad! *hisssssss* *lecture*"
And some say MY listening skills need work. Emotie: XD


June 1, 2010 Tuesday

Happy Memorial Day!

Posted a page for Memorial Day.

Character pages have been rearranged. Again. Because I can't leave well enough alone. The new format will be more difficult to mass-edit, but it's a good bit more streamlined and easier to navigate.

Cleaned up the links on the side of my LJ. Instead of a link to the three hosts there is a link to the main site. And I took down the Wiki. All the info that was on there has been put on the main site along with some new stuff.

Should have worked on page 46 and all the ref sheets. But I was a lazy monkey today and enjoyed many hours playing Earthbound. You kids can keep yer fancy graphics, I like my old Super Nintendo games! And the occasional 8-bits from waaaaay back. Technology has come a dang long way but I'm still surprised they're just now putting out a device like the iPad. C'mon, we've had it in movies for ages now, what took so long?


May 31, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: 44 & 45

Page 44 and 45 are colored and uploaded.
46 will be the last of June's updates. Soon to be colored.

The reference for Zihna's wings are up, the rest of her is soon to follow after 46 is colored.

I'd like to know why Firefox is locking up all the time. It's starting to get on my last nerve. Oh well, I've got the first CD I ever owned playing. Some nice old stuff from the 70's. Took a quiz a few weeks ago for fun about "Which decade are you really from?". It said I was from the 70's. Not sure if that's true, but the description matched almost dead-on. Wonder if my first CD had something to do with that? Emotie: XD

One of the funniest things I've read lately was a title from one of those groups on Facebook. "I got a text! I hope it's from...... OH MY GOSH, LEAVE ME ALONE." Been there!


May 26, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: 43

Page 43 is being colored.

The ref sheets for Shanku, her wings, Dai, Jakko, and Sage are up.

It's hard judging how big I should build websites. My screen resolution is 1920x1080. An 800x600 site looks so tiny.

I found something called "Ripper 0" on the site. A little research says it's a mass downloader for its keeper to view a site later with. I'm not worried too much because I download pictures and pages every so often as references. Granted, I don't take whole sites at a time. But if anybody happens to see my stuff floating around with somebody else claiming it as theirs, kindly tell me. Emotie: XP

Today I've decided that my favorite Rush song is "Far Cry".


May 25, 2010 Tuesday

Character Bio Week Update

Got sidetracked and ended up working on the ref sheets again. The prominent basics of a Kurach are done. Go check it out.

Character Bio Week Progress:
Skull/Teeth Comparison Sheet - Done!
Ear Comparison Sheet - Done!
Hand/Claw Comparison Sheet - Done!
Foot/Claw Comparison Sheet - Done!
Tail Comparison Sheet - Done!
Wing Comparison Sheet - Done!
Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Scanned
Dai - Scanned
Zihna - Scanned
Hinto - Scanned
Anoki - Scanned
Kadin - Scanned
Eru - Scanned
Jakko - Scanned
Sage - Scanned
Rajé - Scanned
Shaman Onami - Scanned
Kya - Scanned
Bara - Scanned
Character Expression Sheet: 0/14

In Other News
Page 42 is being shaded as we speak and hopefully will be posted later tonight.
Page 42 is finished and uploaded. Now to do 43-46 and June's good to go!

Deleted the wiki today. I know the coding was made to be extraordinarily simple so anybody could use it, but it was hard for me to wrap my head around it.

In it's place I've settled into a site here. Managing it is a LOT like managing Just Another Day on Comic Dish. After scratching my head a few moments with the interface, it was an easy figure out and a few hours of happily setting everything up.


May 24, 2010 Monday

Character Bio Week Update

Character Bio Week Progress:
Skull/Teeth Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Ear Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Hand/Claw Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Foot/Claw Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Tail Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Wing Comparison Sheet - Scanned
Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Scanned
Dai - Scanned
Zihna - Scanned
Hinto - Scanned
Anoki - Scanned
Kadin - Scanned
Eru - Scanned
Jakko - Scanned
Sage - Scanned
Rajé - Scanned
Shaman Onami - Scanned
Kya - Scanned
Bara - Scanned
Character Expression Sheet: 0/14

I just scanned in 36 items. I hope I never pile up that many things needing scanned again. Emotie: @_@
Including the ref sheets, twenty of them were JAD related.
Eight were for Striped Hope.
The remaining eight were odds and ends, doodles, MAX submissions, and such.

Anywho, all eight of June's updates for Just Another Day are now scanned in. Only two are finished with another one in the process of being colored. I'm gonna take a break from the ref sheets to prep for June and to finish my MAX submission before I find myself late. About two and half to three weeks worth of June I'm not going to have time to work on the comic. I'll see if I can still pull off working in MAX, those pictures really don't take long for me to do. Shoot, if I have to I'll do like my latest round for AoD. Submit a grayscale or marker pic and then go back later and make a better one for 'em.

In a few days I have to be back on the mountain, so I'll work on the anchor and expression sheets up there. The only drawback to having a desktop: no traveling. But on the upside, the thirty minutes I spent scanning resulted in thirty six files instead of five. I don't think I'm gonna dread scanning anymore. Emotie: :D


May 23, 2010 Sunday

Character Bio Week Update

Character Bio Week Progress:
Skull/Teeth Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Ear Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Hand/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Foot/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Tail Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Wing Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Needs Scanned
Dai - Needs Scanned
Zihna - Needs Scanned
Hinto - Needs Scanned
Anoki - Needs Scanned
Kadin - Needs Scanned
Eru - Needs Scanned
Jakko - Needs Scanned
Sage - Needs Scanned
Rajé - Needs Scanned
Shaman Onami - Needs Scanned
Kya - Needs Scanned
Bara - Needs Scanned
Character Expression Sheet: 0/14

All the basic ref sheets are done. Just gotta do anchors and expressions now. Woot!
Other than the Shaman, I took the lazy way out on the wings. Silhouettes with lines where particular "layers" of the feathers ended. Yeah, yeah, LAZY, but, come on! Do you know how many hundreds of feathers I've drawn? Shank is easy, I can just black out her wings. The others ain't so easy. Emotie: DX

Since Mrs. Birchfield won't really appear until the second half of chapter three, I'm gonna wait on doing her sheet. These other new ones are all within the first few pages.

The expression sheets are fun. I'm guinea piggin' on Shank which ones should go into the final results. I may post all of her's later on. For the more laid back characters like Dai I'm probably gonna laugh my tail off when I make his sheet. And you can bet I'm doing expression sheets for Jakko and Sage. Emotie: B)

Took a very much needed break today. Went with my parents to a botanical garden and we just spent the day wandering around, taking pictures, and Dad getting landscaping ideas for when he tackles the yard. Other than some rosy red sunburnt shoulders, the day went beautifully. And also apart from coming across a dead flower. By that, I mean if it wasn't the carrion flower, it was a very close relative. Could have sworn those things were huge and bloomed only once ever so many years. This was probably just a little cousin. A very, very stinky little cousin.

Never understood why ladybugs are so popular. Maybe because they used to flock by the dozens in the corners of our house is why I don't much care for them.

Well, I'm off to play Runescape for the first time on this wonderful machine before a little stretching (all artists, codemonkeys, writers, and other people trapped in one position for long periods of time should look into some sort of routine like Yoga, Tai Chi, or what have you, it does wonders for those sore joints), and then breakfast. Ciao!


May 22, 2010 Saturday

Character Bio Week Update

Yeah, I was lazy last night and went to bed instead of staying up working. But I gotta get up crappa early Saturday and I got up at four this morning. So I've had plenty of time today to make up for last night.

Character Bio Week Progress:
Skull/Teeth Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Ear Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Hand/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Foot/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Tail Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Wing Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Needs Scanned
Mrs. Birchfield - Pending
Dai - Needs Scanned
Zihna - Needs Scanned
Hinto - Needs Scanned
Anoki - Needs Scanned
Kadin - Needs Scanned
Eru - Needs Scanned
Jakko - Needs Scanned
Sage - Needs Scanned
Rajé - Needs Scanned
Shaman Onami - Pending
Kya - Pending
Bara - Pending
Character Expression Sheet: 0/14

I have about three different expression sheets to work off of. One is by Andrew Loomis, another is the combined emoties from the forums I've frequented the most, and the third is a chibi chart from a few years ago from a comic that is no longer up and running. (James and the Princess, I think.) I'm going to go through them and pick and choose enough to find a full range of emotions to represent folks under for the character expression sheets. Maybe even a few of the bonus funny ones from the chibi sheet.

Ya know, I went into Windows 7 with very low expectations. I have been pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it's the huge monitor I got for it and the most RAM I've had to work on. Whatever the case, I love the new computer! *glomps*


May 20, 2010 Thursday

Character Bio Week Update

Just Another Day Update:
Page 38 in the Dreamweaver Chapter was posted a few hours ago.

Character Bio Week Progress:
Skull/Teeth Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Ear Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Hand/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Foot/Claw Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Tail Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Wing Comparison Sheet - Needs Scanned
Anchor Point Sheet - 0/5
Shanku - Needs Scanned
Mrs. Birchfield - Pending
Dai - Needs Scanned
Zihna - Needs Scanned
Hinto - Needs Scanned
Anoki - Pending
Kadin - Pending
Eru - Pending
Jakko - Needs Scanned
Sage - Needs Scanned
Rajé - Pending
Shaman Onami - Pending
Kya - Pending
Bara - Pending
Character Expression Sheet: 0/14

Of course, it'll be Sunday night before I get a chance to scan any of it in. Gah, by the time I get to my next round of scanning I'm going to have a veritable BOOK to scan in!

Some very good feedback in the thread now, including a note that some of the text sizes were being fruity. Hopefully that's been taken care of, I fiddled with the coding earlier this evening. I'm certainly enjoying the ego boost of doing a decent job at making character pages. It seems I can do something right after all! Woo!

Wish I could give better feedback to the others. So far mine comes from being a link-fiend. It's a hard call when you're weighing stylistic choice versus need-to-know stats.

Need to work on my memory. When people reply back to a comment I left on a profile or picture I usually have no idea who they even are. Follow a few links, "Oh yeah!" and continue the conversation. Sad.

Anywho, I'm off. Firefox is lagging like you wouldn't believe, and I only have one tab open for once! Emotie: x_x


May 19, 2010 Wednesday

Character Bio Week Update

Posting is getting to be a regular thing around here. Emotie: :D

So far the feedback I've gotten about my character page is to do the stuff I was already working on before posting the thread. Eh, only reason why I started the thread was to make it fair since I'm posting in everybody else's threads.

Current Progress:
Skull/teeth, hand/claw, and wing comparison sheet is done.
Started on Shanku's ref sheet.

Characters still needing ref sheets:
Shaman Onami

Lucky for me, four of them don't have wings and Shanku's are straight black. Emotie: @w@ Times like these make me regret the wing details. But then I see a wing that is useless because it's basically just a weird conglomeration of hair and then I go back to my detailed wings.

Other picture progress:
MAX May B 2010 submission is drawn and needs to be scanned.
Re-done submission for AoD is drawn and needs to be scanned.


May 18, 2010 Tuesday

Character Bio Week

ComicDish is having another community event, this time geared toward people improving their character pages. (Found in this subforum.)

Since I kinda flunked the last event (Unified Comic Making Day), I'm going to post my progress here instead.

What should come to Just Another Day after this week:
- Expression sheet for each character.
- "Turn around" sheet for each character, with color swatches accompanying.
- References for characters who currently have none.
- Skull/teeth, wing, and hand/claw references for the Kurach.

And maybe a few extra things. Time will tell, the week is young.

Also, rest in peace Dio. You were, without a doubt, one of the gods of metal. My condolences to your family, friends, and legion of fans.


May 16, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: 46 Ready for Scanning

Dang MySpace always with that SHOW YOUR FULL NAME crap... *grumble grumble* You'd think they'd take a hint after the first twenty rejections, but no. Ah well, I'm going to quit MySpace soon anyway.

12 is re-lettered and in the process of being colored.
44 and 45 need to be rescanned. Finally got to check the quality after having to use another scanner. Too pixelated and grainy.
46 is fully drawn and waiting to be scanned.

On Belfry somebody had set Just Another Day's genre to "transformation". What?? That would be like saying it's about parties because the current story arc is before an upcoming festival or that it's about dogs just because Jakko's a minor character. Emotie: @w@;;
I really hope I don't have to keep fixing that.

Anywho, I'm off. I have to get up in four hours. Lately I've been sleeping in twelve hour segments, so let's hope those'll make up for tonight's shortage.


May 15, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update and New Comics

Apparently I knew how to spell "paradisaical" at one point in time. Strange, the things you find while digging in old conversations...

Tried playing around with the journal's css today. That was confusing. Seems it would only edit text color, font, and the background. Nothing else. Pretty boring too. Eh, I'm probably overlooking something. Pretty sleepy right now.

Anywho, updates:
46 has the sketching and line art done.

Haven't posted new comics in a while.

The Legend of the Knyghtmare just started a few nights ago. Well, just posted a few nights ago. The pages themselves look like they were started weeks in advance. It's a 3D/CGI-ish style very well rendered and the details are pretty good. Story looks good so far, there's enough mystery and foreshadowing to keep me interested for the time being.

The Princess of Windmills is not so new by now, but I was very slow to start reading it. AOD of ComicDish is authoring another comic, this time with Hitotsumami as the artist. After A.T.X.S. and Hexagon Death Squad, this one stands out as quite different from the other two. Still haven't had a chance to read the Princess of Windmills, but I want to. I know the other two AOD's worked on were really good. And of course, he tends to find the best artists. Emotie: ^_~


May 12, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update & Scam Warning

Page 41 is colored and uploaded. The lineart on 41 is pretty bad, kinda was stuck drawing it in a not-so-helpful environment. But I'm trying to step up the coloring/shading end of things.

There are five more pages to color before June's updates are squared away.


This is the most productive I've been in two weeks and it feels good to be able to work on the comic again. Although I'd better work faster, because June will be busy. My brother graduates from Basic, then I'll be working at a camp-like thing for a week, and after that I'm off on a few days trip with a youth group (partially to have fun, partially as a spare set of eyes to make sure they all come back home safely).

Exciting news! Er, to me, anyway. SmoothDraw has an update and part of it is the program now recognizes the eraser on your tablet pen! Woohoo! Maybe not that exciting to a lot of people, but I really, really like SmoothDraw.

Scammer Warning

Had a good laugh today. I haven't really checked my email in two weeks because of the laptop's suicide or my stat tracker. Logged onto the tracker and found somebody had clicked on the link to my email after hopping from my LiveJournal to my site. Made me very excited because I hear rumors of comickers getting emails from fans and I wanted to know if I'd gotten one. But I got a little email that read as this (with six rose icons):

My name is miss joy mandi i saw your profile
today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send a mail to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.Here is my email address( ).I believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.miss joy mandi.(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)

my sweet heart i am waiting to hear from you my love"

Screw distance and colour, GENDER is the issue here! I don't date girls! What a disappointing email. But, I let her down gently. Then the reply to my reply was:

"my dear darling!
How was your night in your country, I think you had a good night and the atmosphere that exists in your country is very nice today? Mine is a bit hotter here in Dakar, Senegal. My name is joy Mandi, i am (24) years, single (never married before), only in the skin, 1.73cm. While age does not matter in a real relationship, so I'm comfortable with his age, I'm from the city of Byumba northern city of Rwanda in eastern Africa, and am currently residing here in Dakar as a result of the genocide escaped the civil war in my country some years ago. My late father Dr Dion Mandi was a politician and administrator of a [gold mine AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY] KIGALI the capital of my country, Rwanda, before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in cold blood. It's only me that is alive now and I managed to make my way to a nearby country Senegal where I am living now as refugee.I want to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and what you are doing.Attached here is my picture
how is your day Mine is a little bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal. my condition here is terrible Its just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon.i don't have any relatives now whom i can go to all our relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is Rev Chris Anthony who is the pastor of the (HOPE OF GLORY CHURCH) here in the camp he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the women's hostel because here the have two hostels one for men the other for women.
The Pastors Tel number is ( +221-761325986) if you call and tell him that you want to speak with me he will send for me in the hostel. my condition here i don't have any right or privileged to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now took place.
Please listen to this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter,because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $3.5M(three Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars) So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you.I kept this secret to people here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me.
So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.
Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you.I like honest and understanding people,truthful and a man of vision,truth and hardworking. My favorite language is English but our language is French but i speak English very fluently.
Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have alot to tell you Have a nice day and think about me.
Awaiting to hear from you soonest
Yours in love,

I thought that email address looked familiar... This paticular one has tried a few different scams on me. (None have worked, I'm proud to say.) Although I must say I haven't had a phisher contact me like THIS before. Toying with a comicker's heart with delusions of fandom just ain't right, man. 'T'ain't right.

Well my dears, Romance Scams are soon to be the in-thing, it seems. Also be on the look out for the "FBI", "Nigerian Banks", "European lottos", and anything wanting to transfer X-million $/£ to your account. I get those quite often. When boredom strikes, I play with them. (This one guy even put a copyright at the bottom of his scam! So I put a satiric one at the bottom of my reply. =D )

Now the complimentary link so you may laugh too.

Except "she" introduced "herself" as Joy Mandi to me. Oh, fun fact: My stat tracker said she's actually in Canada, not Africa. Certainly explains why she said she spoke only French and English. *snicker* And the English was shoddy at that! A disgrace to all the Canadians I know, who all speak perfect English.

If I had money to blow, I'd love playing with Email Finder. If I was just a little bit creepier, I could probably really have some demented fun. Oo, and then combine Email Finder results with results! Ya know, I'd probably enjoy a career working for the FBI as a hacker. I wonder if that's possible? A little computer training and I'm good to go!

In seriousness, be calloused when you're online. It is beyond my understanding that people can actually fall for scams like that, but since a lot do, please be careful! Do your research. Type in the names they give into a search engine. It could either be the director of the FBI or a reknowned philanthropist or nun or preacher they're mimicking. (Even though none would probably contact you in such a manner for such things.) And pay attention to the email addresses! I've had domains from the UK claiming to be from Africa, German domains claiming to be from Hong Kong, and the mismatches go on.

Yeah, it's not good to turn your back on somebody in need, but the only thing these people need is a good thrashing. And handcuffs in a way they won't like.

Random Thought of the Day

Nothing really says "class" in music like the violin, but, then again, when you play it as a fiddle...

Earworm of the Day
"Far Cry" by Rush


May 11, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: Pages Colored, Pages Uploaded

Seeing as how I failed to link the last two pieces I received in MAX, here's April A and April B. May A should arrive within a few days. (For any I've missed plugging, here's the whole list.)

A few rounds ago I got stood up, but no biggie. Because I got a really awesome adoption piece!

Page 40 is colored and about to be uploaded. The cover for chapter three is almost done and will likely be uploaded tonight. Both are the first of June's updates.

Page 11 is in the process of being colored. Finally I'm back to coloring the old grayscale pages. Here's to hoping they'll all be done soon.

Still getting settled in to the new computer. Hopefully I'll get to scan in Striped Hope's pages tomorrow.

While checking on the mirrors today I find the archive on ComicFury threw a house party and didn't clean up the mess. So now I'm off to find where the problem is in the coding and fix it. Silly mirrors. Unable to touch them for a few weeks and they start going wild. Like a yard. Or teenager.


May 8, 2010 Saturday

(Almost) Back in Business

Got a new desktop today and I intend to make it last at least five years. Now as soon as I can get my surge protector from home I can plug in my external and get back to work on Just Another Day, Striped Hope, and my MAX submissions. (And any other bonus pieces I need to do.)
Since I'm still proud of the little thing, here're it's stats:
500GB hard drive
3GB memory
Windows 7 Home Premium
(insert some long processor name)


Just Another Day
The fifth page of the third chapter is done. Now to color 39-45 and the splash. Ack, getting behind. When the heck did May get here? IKES, just realized I need to get a page done for Mother's Day. Huuu boy, much work to be done. On the upside, we're nearly halfway through the first volume. At least seven more to go! *faints*

Striped Hope
Six more pages scratched out. Since SH is an experimental project, I'll probably leave them raw and only add the lettering. Six more to go before I finish my end of Comic Dish's Unified Comic Making Day. Hopefully I wasn't the only one spreading it out over more than one day...

100 Theme Challenge
The first one is done. 99 to go! Argh... Must get back to work.

Script Frenzy
Completely forgot about doing that. Was supposed to churn out 100 pages of script in April. Give or take, I think I did that in my tiny script book for JAD.

Captain Ahole has a new layout! If you weren't reading it before, it's easier to read now so hop on over, eh?

Jack has also started a new webcomic. Jacked Up, which is his "slice of life" comic. Well, I'm assuming that's the appropriate term for it.


Other than Jack's two, I have not had time to read any of my usual webcomics. Shoot, I barely have time to go to ComicDish nowadays and you can forget finding time for ComicFury or my other nightly "hang outs". I'm having some hefty TWTYH, Dominic Deegan, and Phoenix Requiem cravings. (There's about fifty I bounce around to, but those are the main three.)

What was fun was logging into Facebook and finding I was two days late for posting the update on JAD's page. Oops.

My presence may be shaky, but I'm still here! To everybody's journals and comics, I swear I'll catch up when I can!


April 23, 2010 Friday

JAD Update: Half of June is Drawn

All that's left of June's updates are 44, 45, and 46. So... about halfway, then? 'Bout to go on a scan-fest anyway, I'll catch the last three on another batch.

To be scanned in this round:
Pages 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, and the Chapter Three splash.
Doodling of Shanku and her parents.
Sketch of the bull monster.
Random gryphon.
Random underwater scene with a huge octopus.
Montage of different mythical creatures in Just Another Day's world.
MAX April B submission.
...And a sort of sequel-comic-thing to my fox and one of her favorite two things to fireball.

In chapter three I'm going to try shading the Plains Kurach wings pre-scan. See how it goes. Finally used to their markings enough I think I can shade around them.

At least one new character introduced in chapter three.

Oh, Striped Hope has news! Got pages 2-13 sketched out. Annnnd then my pen died (sketching on the computer as part of ComicDish's 12 Hour Comic Day). So had to order a new one, which delayed work on Striped Hope. But I'll be back to work on it soon. I think after this batch it'll be about a quarter through the story?

With the return of the pen comes the soon finishing of the new Characters page. Hinto's profile picture is about half done, but reminds me of Baby Rockbiter from The Neverending Story 2. *shudder* Kadin's is my favorite on the page. Dunno why. But it is.
Now to get the rest of the references up. The only guaranteed links on that page are the "first appearance" ones. Argh... Much work to do.

Already planning for Halloween. Keeping my ears open for the creepiest, skin-crawlingest songs to put on the mp3 player. Mostly Marilyn Manson and Cradle of Filth, but it suits the mood. Hey, it's my favorite holiday! More so than Christmas. Christmas is only good for warm, fuzzy times with family. I get to dress strangely on Halloween and nobody thinks it's weird.

Good grief, I'm so tired. But very happy. I've kept myself moving almost constantly when I'm not working on the comics, so my muscles are sore and tired and keeping my mind off... stuff. Mostly working. Feet are pretty tender too from running around on the rocks and briars without shoes (but the pine needles feel soooo good). This spring air is gettin' to me. Just makes me want to stay outside all the time and romp. And travel. In four years, if I have no ties to this state and no more school, I'm gone. Off to see the world the best way I know how: find a job that moves ya around! Much to the displeasure of the one who can keep me here, but I've given 'em a heads up. We'll see if they can figure out how to keep me put. Emotie: ^_~
(Wouldn't take much. I'm easily bribed with food, after all.)

Finished reading Dracula the other night. That was well worth it. Nice and scary. Not a level of lameness reminiscent of GaiaOnline roleplayers dealing with puberty, and waaaaaaaaaaay better romance. Then again, I'm a sucker for 1800's novels. I highly prefer the writing style. Although the few others I talked to that tried to read it found it too boring. Eh? I don't mind, to each their own. Emotie: =P


April 15, 2010 Thursday


Most of the characters page has been redone and mostly put up. Halted on working on the comic pages 'til that's done.

Birthday request is done. Sketch and finished versions. Not bad for a "cheap greyscale" picture done by a "generic anime artist" eh?

The family it's going to likes it, but one of mine had crap to say.
"Where's the fence?"
Considering the request was for the GIRL AND HORSE not the FENCE, I highly doubt they want the fence superimposed over her like in the reference picture.
"Her face is too fat!"
Actually, it's thinner here because I work on copier paper and don't have room to really fix these kind of things. (With a really crappy eraser that smudges like crazy or wrinkles the page, so I have to let a lot of things go.)
"Where are the houses?"
I suck at buildings and the request was for the girl and horse. Background was just an extra for the colored version.

I despise nitpicking.

Bleh, I need to crawl in a hole for a few days. Bloody memories resurfacing of being told on a regular basis how females are so inferior, worthless, only good for sex, and are the root of all evil in this world. Memories of trying to make friends and being told they weren't interested in me so much as my bits. Memories of trying to learn martial arts and being lured to "training" because he wanted something else. Memories of minding my own business and just trying to buy some gas while some drunken arse wants to get laid and won't leave me alone. Is that really all I'm worth to people? Sex? Just sex and making a new wallpaper? I have no depth, no history, no feelings to consider? Just a cheap fuck to lay?
People like that are why my dreams are haunted by blood and gore. People like that are why my dreams are so violent and filled with death. People like that are why I'm convinced I'm going to Hell, if for no other reason than to make sure their stay there is as miserable as it can be.

I'm not asking for critique again for a long time, not until this bout settles down. Too many echoes and memories stirring. And a late "reminder" to do something I already am doing really doesn't help right now. I started studying pencil art seriously five years ago, don't lecture me on damn reflected lighting like I don't know anything about it. Just because I didn't start trying to color seriously until recently doesn't mean I'm an artistic idiot.

Today is a very bad day for people to nitpick to me.


April 13, 2010 Tuesday

And now we prepare for June...

Page 40 and the chapter three splash are scanned in.
40 is in the process of being colored.

With the coming of June comes a new chapter, a few new faces, and hopefully a few more chuckles.

MAX submission for April A is done and up on dA. Early, I know. But I haven't submitted it to the MAX group on dA yet. But I can in two or three more days! Emotie: <3
(When I receive mine I'll try to remember to post a link to it here.)

Another picture is also coming on the 15th. The picture for another friend's birthday is done. When she gets it I can post it. Heheh, I'm turning into a greeting card! No complaints here, if it can bring a smile to their faces, it's worth doing.

Seriously need to work on the Wiki. Onami, Zihna, and Hinto need to be added. Anoki, Rajé, and Kadin need to be colored. Wiki is a bit difficult for me to edit, I'm not really used to the coding. (Don't like the coding either.) Not really wanting to go back to Yola, that was a dang difficult site to edit. I might use the extra space on Rookwolf Studios to host the characters.


April 7, 2010 Wednesday

Say what? o_o

Wow. Got mentioned in The Dish Podcast #107. Not comic related (thankfully, since my comic isn't much better grade than the one they reviewed), but on the pics I did for Jessie (first and second tries). Drax makes me blush a lot lately. It's good to impress people again. Emotie: <3

I've mentioned before I have a long history and phobia (fear and hate, not just fear) of critique/attention, and I'm trying to break that. ComicDish seems to be the best place to do so. When I'd posted that picture originally for review, they were quite helpful. I'm gonna try again soon with another birthday present. Hey, who knows, with a little determination and finally being around people who know HOW to give a good critique, I can actually become a normal artist (and not being skittish of plugging or advertising Just Another Day for once).

So to any artists looking for a community they can trust to really help them improve: ComicDish is the way to go!

Anywho, while I'm here I suppose I'll give an update. I'm in the process of coloring the last page for May and the others are uploaded.

I haven't begun my MAX submission this round since I have another birthday picture to do (this time by request). Both are due by April 15, so we'll see how well I multi-task. Woohoo! I love challenges. Emotie: :D


April 5, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: May is Scanned

All of May has been drawn and scanned in. Coloring is in process.

Last month of once a week updates, woot! If I can get these colored quickly, maybe I can finish June's updates before they get here too. June will have a total of eight pages posted, if all goes well. Better get to work...

Volume One should finish this year. If I can maintain two pages a week next year, Volume Two will be fully put out by the end of 2011.

Couple of new pictures in the Photography folder. New MAX submission is up and new one received. (Really need to remember to post the received ones...)

.... I just realized I didn't make a page for Easter. Oops. Well, I'll remedy that right quick. New Holiday page to be posted shortly!


March 30, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: April is finished!

Believe it or not, April is not only finished, but the first page of May is done too! Temporarily more than a month ahead of schedule! Which is a good thing, because I intend to hit the road several times before the year is out. (Shanku gets her wandering honestly.)

Since I seem to have neglected to mention in previous updates, here is a scripting update: Due to hours of spare time at work I've written a semi-detailed synopsis up to Volume 8 and I have the pages planned panel-by-panel for the remnant of chapter two, all of chapter three, and just beginning on chapter four. So if updates fail, it's not for lack of story. It's for lack of time spent actually making the pages.

Three new pictures up in the Annarrion folder on dA.

Anywho, shout out to Jack of Captain Ahole! I help him with HTML and he shows me cool little things like and other helpful sites on top of giving me regular ego boosts. Drop by his comic and show some love, eh?

Other than an ESP-related breakdown Sunday night, I have had a fantastic weekend! The week looks like it'll go just as well. Egg Hunt on Saturday followed by a movie night with a good friend. Sunday was pretty good, 'til night came on and bottled up stresses attacked me for a few hours. (Bottling up stuff is a bad idea.) Monday I had a nice lax day working with family and getting the two pages done. That night was spent at church with friends again. You'd think the poor dears would be sick of me after being stuck with me for three days straight. But I'm not complaining and so far neither are they! Emotie: <3
I may get to see everybody all week long. That hasn't happened for many summers. Kinda like the idea of hanging around everybody again. Ya never get over your first batch of peeps. Emotie: :)

Ah, I gush too much. But 'twas a beautiful weekend! Drawing was involved too, so it was topped off with that. Life ish good.

Current song stuck in my head: Call of Dagon (by Therion).
Previously it was: Carry the Blessed Home (by Blind Guardian).


March 25, 2010 Thursday

30 is up!

They say to always prepare your site for viewing under 800x600. Mine is mostly scaled to that, there may be a few pixels worth of side scrolling. I used to be worried that perhaps I was building under an out-dated courtesy system and it was time to amp up the resolution. But, according to my stat counter, there are still a few 800x600 users out there and some of them come to the comic every now and then. Outta respect for you few, I'm staying on the 800x600. Horizontal scroll bars annoy the crap out of me. Emotie: =P

Page 30 went up tonight. I really love the morning color scheme on this page. I still have much to learn about mood-shading, but with patience and a little practice perhaps someday I won't embarrass myself with it.

An "around the web" section was added on the links page, in case anybody wondered where all they could find Just Another Day. I really do need to find a way to make that available to the peeps on Drunk Duck. I don't think anybody ever goes to the links page, but in case they ever do, it's ready for them.

Page 34 is fully colored and uploaded. Sketches and lineart for 35 was started a few minutes ago.

It's extremely obscure, but there is a side strip I'm working on called Striped Hope. (Kinda hard to tell though, eh?) It's a short story that might not be more than twenty pages. Fifty at the most, I think. Upcoming on ComicDish is either a 12 or 24 hour comic day and I intend to spend my portion of it working on Striped Hope.


March 23, 2010 Tuesday

Happy post!

34 is well under way of being colored, although sadly I was a wee bit off in de head when I working on the coloring. (Accumulation of many stresses and worries hit all at once in the middle of the night. Not ideal working conditions.)

Anywho, picked up a new comic! Spinnerette! I like the drawing style. Still in chapter one but I like the story so far. In a sea of slice-of-life, douchebag, and fantasy/sci-fi webcomics, little super hero comics are pleasant finds so far.

Wouldn't give anything for my friends, 'specially the nerdy and musical ones. Other than a handful of webcomics, I don't really follow anything's updates. But one of my favorite pastimes is to sit down with a group and listen to the laugh and debate over upcoming story arcs of Marvel/DC, the Drizzt series, and a few other stories, or what's new in the movie and music world. Every now and then I prove useful by hearing of a special book or movie release ahead of time, but for the most part I'm the spare ear to gush to. No complaints here!

Oh, if any praying people are reading, please say a prayer for one of my buddies? Their family has had a death and that's always difficult to cope with.

But, yeah, my friends are true friends. There when I need somebody to vent to, cry to, and laugh with, and they seem to gladly let me return the favor. I owe them much, the poor dears let me guinea pig on them with gift art and the writers even let me do sketches of their worlds from time to time. Hrm, probably need to get back to that.

Ah life is good right now. And even better, things look like they can only go up from here. Emotie: :)


March 22, 2010 Monday


34 is in the process of being colored, although I'm making the mistake of working on it when I'm in a foul mood.

Gah, I'm pathetically strung out right now. I'm caught between wanting to be completely defensive and apologetic. I want to defend my decisions artistically right now from somebody who's never had many kind things to say about what I do and I want to apologize profusely to a very dear friend I fear I've offended, but my judgment is so emotionally clouded I'm not sure if I'm imagining hurt or not. One I've been fighting for years to stop being so negative and one I've had a crush on for over six years. On top of that, another relative is being irritatingly aggressive and hurtful, which really throws me out of whack from years of dealing with that behaviour too; and I'm about as religiously restless as I've ever been and feel like I'm on a really short leash.

So I have no idea if I'm making good judgment calls, bad ones, indifferent ones, totally out of my head or completely sane. I think I'm just going to crawl into a hole for a few days instead of battle it out. Battling it out in the past just lead to more problems.

I'm okay now. Raided old private journal entries to level out and calm down. This time of year is always trying. It's been a long time since something good happened in the spring. This is my worst season and I always get very high strung and anxious at the bat of an eye.

Now here's to hoping that I really didn't offend a friend yesterday. Man, if I could lock myself away when these bouts come I could save a lot of people a lot of heartache. I think he's pretty forgiving, so I'll just try extra hard to be careful and think of a special way to make it up to him.

Current favorite song: Carry the Blessed Home - Blind Guardian


March 20, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: Page 33

33 has been uploaded. Now to color 34 and do all of 35.

The comic also updated a moment ago and I forgot about it. Spring is here! What's sad is that on some days the Thursday update happens and I don't notice. Good thing for preloading, eh?

Still picking at the 100 Theme Challenge. Trying to make a semi-storyline for it. Why? I dunno, I'm crazy or something I guess. Heeeeeeeeeey, with Script Frenzy coming up... Woohoo! 100 pages in a month, eh? I think I've got a match!
(I'm "AsheSkyler" on Script Frenzy if you want to buddy me.)

My MAX submission for this round is done and uploaded. It'll be another ten days before I can post it on DeviantArt though.

There are very few female artists I like (musically) it seems unless they sing similar to Enya, Evanescence, Charlotte Church, Epica, and so forth like that.

Ah, Sunday cannot get here soon enough! Interview with Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell on DeviantArt! I will be off flirting and not able to listen to it, so everybody keep their ears out and enjoy it for me!


March 17, 2010 Wednesday

JAD: Page 32

Page 32 is colored and uploaded. Now to get to 33, 34, & 35. Ah, slowness.

ComicDish has the feature that lets you sync your comic account there with the one you have on DrunkDuck. I think I'm finally going to have to use that since the bug is still running rampant on the Duck. Poor Duck. Although, sadly, even then the pages don't show.

New pic up on my dA and my MAX submission is uploaded too. A few other pictures were uploaded to and I'm too lazy to link 'em all. Emotie: =P


March 16, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: April Uploaded, Partially Colored

Except for the last one, all of April is uploaded. One is fully colored, the second just needs to be toned, and the other two will hopefully be done by the end of the week.

The remaining two holiday pages for March are uploaded. Sorta. Poor Drunk Duck is having some bug issues, so I don't know how long it'll be before the readers on Drunk Duck get any updates. But Skoolmunkee the admin & crew are working on fixing everything, so it's just a waiting game. And as usual, as soon as the days the holiday pages are set to aire have passed they will be uploaded to Deviant Art. Sometimes I worry I'll earn the bad reputation of all filler and no story. But I'm not taking up the time allotted for story and just making extra pages... so hopefully I won't get that reputation. First page is kinda solemn, nothing too special. But I never see this holiday getting any respect, so a little can't hurt. The second one I made silly to balance out the first one.

We meet the shaman on page 31. I'm currently coloring 32. He takes a loooong time. Usually in the coloring process I set my brush to "behind" in Photoshop and then go in the order of: eyes, hair, outfit, skin, and then wings. Not with the shaman. Outfit last on him. Emotie: @_@
Eh, but despite my grumblings, you know I wouldn't be doing this story if I didn't enjoy it. The Red Wing and Long Ear tribes are based off the first Native American tribes I'd heard of and I don't really do them justice. (If you've watched Windwalker, you know which two.)

New submission up in the MAX gallery.

Been looking at pencil art and sketches lately. Ah, I know what to do, I just can't do it. Lack of discipline and focus. (And a fear of carpal tunnel and tendinitis.) Hey, it's the easiest way to determine an artist in a line up: Who has back and neck trouble, shooting pain in their dominate hand, eye strain, sleep deprivation or are completely nocturnal, and a little crazy if not insane. Heheh, not sure how much of that applies to all of them, but I have noticed that the more talented a person is the more health problems they have and the more accomplished/intelligent they are. (Until you get to xkcd. NASA = stick figures. Wtf? I kid further, the guy has some damn good sketches lying around on some pages.)

But, yeah. Really need to buckle down and get back to practicing the pencil shading. One thing I find very interesting is how much shading affects a person's opinion of a drawing. Simple line art is easily scoffed at and brushed aside. But take the same drawing and shade it just right somebody starts drooling over it. Interesting. (Maybe this is why I don't have many friends offline, they know I experiment on them like this...)


March 13, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update: March, April, Wiki

A holiday update for March is drawn and needs to be scanned in and colored. Now guess what it'll be about! (I doubt anybody can guess, honestly. Not exactly a *real* holiday, but I like it.)

Four of April's updates are drawn and scanned, one colored and uploaded. Fifth one is pending.

The Wiki has been more than a little neglected lately but I'm working on putting Zihna and Hinto in. No news on the other entries being colored anytime soon.

Out of curiosity, I've added a statcounter to JAD on Comic Dish. Comic Fury and Drunk Duck already have some built in that works fairly well, but I have get 404 errors with the one on Comic Dish. No problemo, I like Stat Counter. Really cool depth on the stats there. I've been quite surprised with some of the results already. USA, no surprise. Canada and Australia are the next two countries I see represented most (where I float around anyway), so no surprise they're on the list. Although France and Dubai took me for surprise.
I have a mild idea who some of the people are that lurk around. But, anywho, thank you for reading whoever you all are! Emotie: <3

You know those times were you feel like you've been knocked into next week and find a few months have passed instead? Yeah, that's me right now. Where the heck is my time slipping off to??

Bah, I can't read DragonBall without breaking down in little girl giggles. (Hey, found my missing time. Emotie: x_x) Especially at Bulma's name origins. Bloomers. *snort*

Not much other news than this. Peace out, sleep tight if you're going to bed, have a beautiful day if you're just getting up, and if you're somewhere in between have a good meal. Emotie: :)


March 9, 2010 Tuesday

Pages and Manga

Half the updates for April are drawn. One more page and I'm set for another scanning round. Then it's to finish the final page and prep for May. Five updates for April, woot!

Laziness prevents me from drawing page two of the upcoming short anytime soon. I have one more bit of guest art to draw and then maybe I'll figure out fully how to draw the second page.

A few new pics up on my dA account.

Picked up reading another webcomic. Although I hear it's on hiatus, so, er... Hell, I'm posting it anyway. Crowfeathers is a shonen manga set in Western America c. 1800s. If you know much history, you know the standard warnings that apply. Extra warnings are blood, violence, and a few extra "mature" themes. That aside, this comic is so cool! Really diggin' the story line. Er, I never really know what to say without risking spoilers, so, er, go read! If you're not squeamish. For a shonen manga, it's a bit of a tear jerker. But maybe that's cause I'm at the "damn it I want to breed and raise a family and tend a husband and be a wife" stage.

My hair is getting annoyingly shaggy. Sometimes it looks pretty good at the length it is, but it's getting to where it just looks bad most of the time. Although, it is kinda nice having a little weight on my ears again. Argh, dilemma. Perhaps someday I'll grow it to my bum again.


March 6, 2010 Saturday

Om nom nom~

First two updates for April are scanned in.

First page for the new webcomic is scanned in. Need a name for the durn thing.

Need to get a crackin' on the buffer pages. I may be going off for a few weeks come summer.

It's way too soon, but I'm looking into future self-publishing Just Another Day. Lulu has a size in the "photo book" section that meets my size needs... But for volume one it'll be about thirty dollars or more. Ka-Blam would be around eight dollars but I'd have to completely redraw it. ComiXpress would be about thirteen dollars and I wouldn't have to redraw.

I wonder if Wal-Mart could...?

Scratch that, I know a printing company!


March 5, 2010 Friday

Archive Apologies

(To the best of my computer knowledge, the following story is true.)

Many months ago, in an attempt to be able to keep using the best scanner I've ever had, I installed it on my laptop only to find that there are coding irritants with Vista. On older Windows operating systems, many pieces of hardware were a "kernel mode" type. Not sure what that really means, but their drivers were blocked on Vista because rumor has it they caused system instability and several crashes on XP and the like. Although some can still slip through the cracks and install themselves on your computer.

I used to be a hardcore IE fan. Sad to say. It satisfied all my browser needs and I never had any complaints, beyond the usual lagging and crashing associated with biting off more kilobytes than you can process. With the arrival of IE7, that changed. Especially when IE8 would never, ever download but then downloaded itself randomly in a Windows Update and installed itself without my knowledge. IE8 also had one bitty flaw that annoyed the hell out of me: it decided to load a DLL file that had been installed during the kernel experience. Coding botulism. IE8 locked up and crashed incessantly. The damage report blamed that DLL file that wouldn't delete.

So there then did I live IE in its resting place and moved on to Flock, Firefox, and Safari. (All recommended. If you love Firefox and can't stay off of Facebook, use Flock instead. As far as I can tell, there's really no difference between the two beyond the built in chat bar. Also why I haven't installed it again.)

All seemed well. Recent computer problems called for just blanking the damn thing and starting over. And with this new start, the naughty DLL file was erased. IE has arisen from the grave! Still recovering, as I really don't like using it anymore.

One old rule of the Codemonkey Code of Conduct *snicker* is that you always cross-check your webpages. Although with IE in the infirmary, that was a little difficult. So tonight I finally load IE8, freshly installed and crash free, to check on how Just Another Day displays. (One good thing I will say about IE, it displays the scrollbar colors. No other browser I've tried does that. It reminded me why I loved IE so much way back when. Oh, and coolness about Safari, the innards of the tables have color instead of being white lines. One day I think I'll build a super-browser of all my favorite viewing traits.)
The archive page is a wreck in IE. Displayed perfectly in Firefox, Safari, and Flock. A disaster in IE.

So I apologize to my readers who use Internet Explorer to see Just Another Day on ComicDish. I had no idea it was so messed up in the archives, so I'm going to try and fix that ASAP.

If I can't fix it, might I convince people to never wander into the archives section? Emotie: ^v^;


March 2, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: March Pages Uploaded

All of March's updates are drawn, scanned, colored, uploaded, and set to update over the course of the month. I need to invest in a calender. Other than St. Patrick's Day, I have no idea what holidays are coming up this month. Bah.

With the conclusion of another MAX round there are two new pictures up in the gallery.

Nothing else new with the site, sadly. No progress on coloring the black & white parts of chapter one, no progress on the newest characters in the Wiki being colored, and no progress on the 100 Theme Challenge. I feel like a bum.

Oh yeah, go look at this pretty picture. I'm glad pretty things are a universal language. I'd be screwed otherwise. Perhaps there is a version of this site I can actually read, or read more than numbers and random titles. But it doesn't matter because anybody can appreciate a picture. Sooo many gorgeous sunsets and rises on that site. Judging from the URL mouseover there is still much to be seen.
I will say one thing for the ads, I prefer them very much over the other ads I see. At least these are cute.

The only thing I really have for you guys to look forward to is that March is going to be very colorful. Sunsets and sunrises all month long. (I wasn't being that lazy when I stumbled across the above link! Research, man. Research.)


February 28, 2010 Sunday

JAD Update: Pages

One more page to color and all of March's updates will be ready.

I need to prep for the summer buffer more than the spring buffer. Two updates a week returns in June. I'm actually pretty excited about that because the updates seem to drag on in.

In the meantime, I also started that 100 Theme challenge. After the gift art binge, I'm going at the challenge for a while.


February 23, 2010 Tuesday

Update: March

All of March's pages are scanned in and one has been uploaded.

Page 10 is recolored and up. 10 to go!

Links page added to the Comic Fury mirror.

Not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I've tallied up the pages for this year and planned the updates. We should see the end of Volume One by New Years (hopefully sooner) with 100 pages and 5 chapter splashes. Not counting holiday pages.
I've got plans for another webcomic to accompany this one since its main character eventually meets with Shanku and they go off on some mischief for a while. Eh, I may wait and do that comic as backstory later instead.

Four new entries will be coming to the gallery and dA account soon. In a few days the February B round will end and I can put up my submission without worrying the dude will get an early peak. Two adoptions are done and need to be scanned, possibly colored. A gift art is mostly shaded (I'm worn out for one night) and I'll try to have it done before the next round of scanning.
Most of my old range as a smooth-shader is coming back and I'm taking advantage of it with random gift art. Got a looong list and I'm hoping by the end of it I'll be back in full swing. Now if I can have a steady deal with the line art I'll be set!

The power cord to my external hard drive has an annoying short in it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. Some day I'm getting a new one (TB externals! Woohoo! TB flashdrives, here we come!) and using the old one as the main big portable drive. I don't keep anything on my computer unless it's just copies to look at when I don't have my external. I've been through nearly ten crashes since I first had access to a computer. Can't blame me for not trusting them.

I need to lay off the girly music for a while. These sweet lovey-dovey songs are getting my bummed. I've been single for way too damn long.


February 19, 2010 Friday

Uploading Done, with a Sprinkling of Tinkering

AWESOME! Now I know why Voltaire sounded so familiar! They did the "Brains" song on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy!

Anywho, a section has been added to the gallery for guest art and received MAX art.

Tinkering to the Wiki.

Mass uploading to dA is done, so browsing MAX entries and stuff is easier...?

I have a new mp3 player! Emotie: <3
2GB of memory. Not that much, but at least car trips won't be so boring. My car doesn't have a CD player, but a friend gave me this beautiful, beautiful little device. It pops into your cassette player and has a headphone jack. Booyah! The only reason why I bought the mp3 player. I have one from way back when but it only has 250MB of memory. Yeah, 500 songs versus 40 songs. Emotie: =P
Now some of ya may be sayin', "But who is on the road enough to need more than forty songs to get through the trip?" I drive a LOT. And I have a few road trips planned this summer. Georgia aquarium, Huntsville Botanical Gardens in Alabama, Callaway Gardens in Georgia, maybe a trip to Tennessee. Someday, probably in the far future, I'm going back to Tuscan, Arizona, and Moab, Utah, and the Grand Canyon. (All highly worth visiting, I can assure you.)
Now the question to ask is why the hell the scenery isn't better in Just Another Day. Emotie: XD


February 16, 2010 Tuesday

Random Updates

Okay, I've gotten Anoki, Kadin, and Rajé up on the Wiki. Their pictures are just the plain sketches. I'll color them when I can find time to, but at least the links on their pages lead to the colored premieres each character had.

The first round of February on MAX has finished. Swing by the Gallery and Dai or Jakko's pages to see the two new pics up. (And any other pictures I've put up that I've forgotten to mention.)

Page eight of the first chapter is colored and up. Twelve to go before the whole comic is in color.

There's finally a new incentive up on TopWebComics. I'll eventually incorporate the incentives into the gallery. But don't count on that being done anytime soon. Emotie: =P

To anybody that may have missed it, there was an update on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th in celebration of the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. I'm guessin' the update on the 13th got missed the most.

Only one new webcomic to report this time around. Extrinsic Squiggles, from the guy who did Tomb With a View. Extrinsic Squiggles has only two pages and one filler so far, but in enough time the archives should fill out nicely. It'll be very difficult for him to top the writing he had in Tomb With a View, but that doesn't mean I won't read his new one. He's still fairly new to the webcomic scene, I have high hopes for him. Emotie: :)


February 13, 2010 Saturday

JAD Update

Uploaded a few extra userpics onto LiveJournal to further categorize the journal posts. Yay?

Anywho, first two updates for March are ready for scanning.

Mild coding update to the Gallery is underway. I'm adding anchor points so when ya click on an image, you go the TOP of the page, not stay in the middle. 'Tis a shame it took me so long to figure out how.

New pics coming to the Gallery and some are already there. A round of applause to all the people at ComicDish who helped tackle the huge Adoption List on MAX! (Anybody wanna join MAX and get fanart? Link on the left!)

New characters coming soon to the Wiki. Anoki, Kadin, and Rajé. Just need to scan in their pictures and color them.

Ya know, I can feel a little sad for taking away the journal link from the comic. But, I swear like a damn sailor on a too often basis, and some of my younger friends want to read the comic. Not that I mind, the comic has surprisingly been clean so far. They probably could find the journal with a proper search in Yahoo (screw Google). But, hey, whatever, ya know? I could probably edit all the old posts, but, it's easier to hide the link. Besides, when they're older and possibly swearing on their own too, I'll add it back. Maybe. My future niece/nephew might be reading by then. I'll let his parents corrupt the kid. Emotie: ^_~


January 27, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update

February is uploaded and done. Which is good, because work is going nuts.

Recoloring chapter one is going rather slowly. I lost half a week in a mixed basket. More on that in a minute.

The wiki has a few new pages being prepped. Three new characters will be appearing soon.

I'll probably be removing the link to my Livejournal from the comic. Some of my younger friends are wanting to read the comic and I don't want them around any more foul language than they just have to be. Now to double check all the author comments on the pages of the comic itself. Huu boy...

Now, to gush about a new discovery in my life! Show choir. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure some of you bigger city folk know all about show choir. But that wasn't available at my school. Too small of an area, and too small of an interest range.
One of my friends is performing in show choir and invited me. Whoooohooohoohoo, those kids are damn good! Seriously. I can sit and remember how awesome that was but I'm not able to retell it. Several of the songs are still stuck in my head. The choreography was very good and I'm still completely impressed by the vocals. Just, damn. Those were kids?? Wow.


January 20, 2010 Wednesday

JAD Update: Tinkering, Pages, Color, Yeehaw!

Much tinkering has been done!

Universal to all three: Wiki! Just Another Day now has a little Wiki. Right now there are only the character pages on it. There are two new ones previously unreleased, Sage and the Plains Kurach. So if you like the horse or wonder what the Chapter Two Splash had on it, there ya go.

I'm considering moving the Links page to the wiki too. Time will tell.

The site on ComicFury has had adjustments to the layout. Again. I'll leave it alone someday, I swear!

The updates for February have been scanned in and just need to be colored, texted, and posted.

Chapter one is probably going to be redone. Nothing major, just adding color and changing the font.

One last thing to say before I log out for the day, whether or not it's important. I calculated up when I'd be able to go back to two-page-a-week updates. It'll be Summer, but I'll be able to keep the double update for the rest of the year. Which means the first volume will be done by New Years.
After that, I'll see if I can get two volumes done in 2011. Emotie: =P

Okay, that's said. I'm hungry and it's breakfast time!! Emotie: ^.^


January 12, 2010 Tuesday

JAD Update: Layouts and Rearrangements

Thank goodness for buffer, I haven't done a new comic page in a while. No worries though, I won't let the update go faster than me. Emotie: =P
But other things have been updated, so I log this as an update.

Some of the gallery has had a few entries taken off. The pencil sketches have been taken away and some put on my Elfwood profile, with accompanying note at the top of the page.

Links page has been partially redone. Layout on DrunkDuck has had some modifications to adjust for the fact I really don't have extra pages or anything interesting to link to on DrunkDuck.

Started reading Dinosaur Comics and MegaTokyo. I see the appeal of one and I'm trying to figure out the appeal of the other.

I'm trying to find the "I am BATMAN!" one of Dinosaur Comics just to see if it's legit or not. At 150 out of 1600+, I have a long way to go. Surprisingly, the pages aren't all the same! This amuses me. Plus there are tons of things to think on and wonder, so it keeps me busy. Long set ups, good pay offs. Emotie: :D

But for MegaTokyo, I may drop it. I stumbled across it once about five years ago but didn't stay long enough to read it. The art wasn't appealing. Too... soft? And I can't say that the story is very good either. The plot's a little bland and not very grabbing. Some of the content like the random underage school girls and constant "adult" references get old pretty quick. General joke composition isn't too grand either. Too obvious. Takes away from the punchline. How the hell did this turn into such a hit? Eh, I give it a three outta ten. Something I'd pick up when I don't have something better to read just out of sheer boredom and wanting to know if anything interesting ever happens. And the filler crap reminds me of Shadow Girls. You'd never know if the story is worth following because every time you turn around something not relevant is in the way. Emotie: -_-;

But, when reading XKCD and Dinosaur Comics, most anything else comes across as pretty mindless and pointless. "All is relevant" and such rot. Emotie: XD

So now of the "Top 4 Must Reads of the Webcomic World", I've glanced XKCD, Dinosaur Comics, and MegaTokyo. Now to drop by Penny Arcade. Maybe not. Gaming comics overall bore the crap outta me.


January 4, 2010 Monday

JAD Update: Chapter Two in sight!

Yes, surprisingly or not, Chapter Two will air before the month is out. There are enough pages uploaded to last until the end of January. And since there is a new chapter coming up this month, there will be an update on the Monday after the first chapter ends. I would say it's not much to look at, but that depends on your definition of that. It took me two days to do, so I'd say it's worth looking at.

There's already an unintentional teaser on the archive page. A little irresponsible coding on my part but I don't mind.

A vote incentive is up. Vote for Just Another Day on TopWebComics and ya can see it. I probably won't add any of the incentives to the gallery. Heheh. I haven't added the link on the ComicFury and DurnkDuck ones yet, but I may someday.

Right now my computer isn't loading the CSS file on ComicFury. No clue why. Probably need to reset my cache. My computer always makes it difficult to tell where the problem lies. Poor Hawk recently had fits with a file off my computer that kept showing as busted on the system, yet when the same file was uploaded to a separate part of the site it suddenly decided to work. I think it was my connection. It likes to mess with things and once it decides it doesn't want to load something it won't. I'm probably giving it more credit than should, but still. (Happy ending to this story, all worked out well.)

Been listening to a lot of Voltaire, The Cure, and Bauhaus. Dunno why. My anime styles are coming back in spurts too. Really shows here and an upcoming entry I still have to scan in.

Well, with this little update, I'm now off to bed. Goodnight and sleep well, whoever is reading this.


December 31, 2009 Thursday

JAD Update: January is Almost Set

The pages set to update through January are almost up. Just a little web-prepping concerning speech bubbles and they're good to go. So if the job gets crazy and hectic, at least the site won't.

I probably should set DrunkDuck to auto-update from ComicDish. If I forget to upload to a site, it's always DrunkDuck. Dunno why. But it'll update at 2:00 AM when synchronized, I know that. So now ComicFury is the early bird!

New stuff will be coming to the gallery come New Year. MAX submissions and whatnot.

Fun fact: the human body has 23,000 genes. The same amount as a chicken and less than an ear of corn. How special do you feel now? Emotie: XD


December 24, 2009 Thursday

Merry Christmas

Well, I did my first oekaki today. That was interesting. I especially liked the playback feature. Watching it was like having an outta-body experience or something. Whatever, it was cool. Emotie: :)

And I suppose the first oekaki also qualifies as my Season's Greetings.

Reindeer got run over by Shanku...

No real news, hence why this is just a rambling instead of an update. This round's MAX art is done. I uploaded the current buffer on DrunkDuck, so now all three are up to date. I was almost late for tonight's update. Shame, shame!
Although I find it so funny that ComicDish updates last. The update is always at 2AM, the other two at midnight. I haven't got the first bloody clue why. But I don't mind the quirk. Emotie: :)
So if you cannot wait two hours.... Emotie: XD

I gotta figure out what to do with random minor stuff on the individual layouts. The little "Navigation" section looks so silly on DrunkDuck. Yeah. "Most Recent Page" and "RSS". Real creative there, Ashe, real creative. Glad to know you have plenty of entertainment available. Drain yer brain on ComicDish, much? Heehee. I'll just lump 'em all under "Links" until I can give a little better content.

It's always surprising at how file sizes in Photoshop can bring down the whole computer. I'll be sitting here doing a simple brush stroke and it'll take about a second or so for it to show up. Makes for a fun light show sometimes.

Before I log out for the holiday, I leave you with Twisted Sister's Twelve Days of Christmas:

On my Heavy Metal Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Twelve Silver Crosses
Eleven Black Mascaras
Ten Pairs of Platforms
Nine Tattered T-Shirts
Eight Pentagrams
Seven Leather Jackets
Six Cans of Hairspray
Five Skull Earrings
Four Quarts of Jack
Three Studded Belts
Two Pairs of Spandex Pants
And a Tattoo of Ozzy

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY SOLSTICE! (Or whatever you celebrate.) GOODNIGHT! Emotie: ^.^


December 22, 2009 Tuesday

JAD Update: Comments

Comments are now set up on ComicFury. Took some fun play with the coding, but it's been managed. The only difficult part was figuring out why some basic stuff wasn't showing. Then I forgot I'd turned the comments off. Heehee. Being absent-minded makes ya think more, ne? Mea culpa! And I have a subscriber now! I feel special. Emotie: ^.^

Cool thing on ComicFury: Ya can see who all has subscribed. I like that, I may use that feature to send random art. Or something. (Maybe the other two sites can let you check too, I dunno. I'm too lazy to check for sure.)

ComicDish and ComicFury are both scheduled to update through to the end of Chapter One. I didn't have time to do that tonight on DrunkDuck, but I will tomorrow night.

There's still some minor updating to do on the About page on ComicDish, but I took some cold medicine an hour ago and I'm struggling to stay awake. So this post ends, like, now.

*flop* ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz....


December 18, 2009 Friday

JAD Update and MAX Update

Oo, first comment! Squee! Granted, only the DrunkDuck mirror is set to allow comments, but still. First comment! Squee! When I figure out the ComicFury coding enough, I'll enable it there too. As for ComicDish, I'm gonna keep the layout the same. I'm already demanding art out of them twice a month as it is, comments may be a bit much. Emotie: ^_~

Update is well on it's way and I'm trying to build a buffer up. I don't know what my work schedule will be like so this'll buy me some time in case stupid stuff comes up.

Nine new images up in the gallery, and one on three character pages. As usual, wander over there and oggle them please! Emotie: ^.^

This round in MAX went beautifully. I had to use the full two weeks for my submission, but it paid off. Modesty drew my name and made a very nice piece for me. Dai, Shanku, and what I'm assuming is a bull. It's hard to tell with cows, there's several skin flappy thingies hanging onto their underside.

Hey, if any of you guys want me to draw for you, come join me on MAX! If your name gets put in my hat, you get a piece. If not, hey, there's a bunch of other really talented artists. I don't think you'll be diappointed. I never am.


December 2, 2009 Wednesday

JAD Update and Cast Update

Update is being worked on and well on the way to being posted on time.

With the first page that goes up, I must wonder, at what point in time must I decide for sure to what extent I detail the characters? Pfft, short wondering. I'm probably gonna get accused of doing a standard "furry comic" enough 'cause of Shanku, I'm not gonna encourage it by trying to be realistic with the animals. Emotie: XP

There are some new entries in the Gallery. All the MAXes I get will be posted under the character it was made of. This fortnight goes to Jakko! By Roo! And it's a dang cute picture too. Go find it and see!

Also the remaining cast pictures are up. Albeit crappy ones. I didn't get a chance to shade Dai or put a background on him. I'll see if I can remedy that soon. I'm not going to have a shaded version on the animals. I'm not sure if that would confuse folks about their pelts or no. I had to put up a very vague picture for the Kurach listing. Oh well, they have the most detailed description on the pages, they can deal with it. Emotie: XD

Only site thing buggin' me right now is that for some reason the shortcut icon is displaying right in Firefox. Hrm. Maybe I just need to clear the cache.
Flock is basically a ripoff of Firefox, with a few more irritating adjustments and one fix of Firefox. Safari displays something differently than both that I wish Firefox and Flock did: coloring on table cell borders! In Flock and Firefox they're white, but in Safari they're red. Awesome! Safari also displays the fonts just a little bit more extremely, which is how I found out about a little size inconsistency I had up. Emotie: =P

But Safari bogs down my computer when I run it, so I don't use it often. Emotie: XP

In unrelated news, I've had a pretty good few weeks! And things are looking like they're just gonna keep getting better. Emotie: :)


November 25, 2009 Wednesday

JAD Update and Site Tweaking


I've been waiting for this damn page to load for twenty minutes so I could post an update. There's over 1000 lines of script that goes into this damn thing and some of which links to even more lines of script. Grrrrr...

Anywho, I redid a good bit of the site and tweaked minor things on each page. The Gallery and Characters pages are more compact and together, which is good, and I found a way to work in when people make MAX art for me.

Shanku and Jakko now have pictures on their "profiles", Dai's is still pending as is the critters' pictures.

Links page will possibly be tweaked in the near future. I want to see if I can get a little button from each of those webcomics to hang up on the Links page. Better advertising for 'em, ya know?

I haven't started on this week's update yet. I spent the weekend at my grandmother's. Between her and my little cousin, I got no time to concentrate. Whenever I would sneak off, one of them would track me down and mess up what I was doing. Emotie: -_-;

There's a new picture in the Gallery, and I took down Oceanus.

*sigh* Well, Happy Turkey Day to those of you who celebrate it.


November 17, 2009 Tuesday

JAD Update and MAX Update

Page nine is done and I'm halfway done with ten.

This round of MAX is done and I got a pic of Shanku! Hawk made it! Emotie: :)

Shanku by Hawk

And my MAX submission is done too.

Cowboy for raocow


November 14, 2009 Saturday

JAD Update

Figuring out what to use as a chapter splash page isn't always easy. I have only a vague idea what to do for chapter one. Emotie: -_-;

I'll be starting soon on Thursday's update, so it should be on time. Hopefully on Tuesday the splash will be up, too. Emotie: :)

A new webpage was added to the site. There is now an official archive page. Yay! One of the people in the forums, Laura Seabrook, figured out a mighty clever way of making the archives customizable and less bulky.


November 5, 2009 Thursday

JAD Update

Currently working on my MAX submission. This round has me assigned to good ol' raocow. I owe raocow for the awesome rendtion of Kenvixx, so I hope I can do ATXS's characters justice. The position on the car looked way cooler in my head. But I'm not good with cars (or cowboy hats), so it kinda sucks some. But I'm highly pleased with how the shading is coming out, so maybe that'll make up for it until I get some more familiarity in.

Tried to stay true to a more seperate style because I've only seen one person that was able to pull off a good version of raocow's highly unique style. Buuuuuut, raocow has a very influential style and some of the characters in the background don't really match the character in the foreground. Oopsie. I can at least maintain the same shading style. Most of the time. I've had two deviations in MAX, but they turned out fine. Or so the recepients say. Emotie: XD

I'm mostly fine at the moment with only two irritations: There is a damn gnat buzzing around my head that won't leave me alone, and, my left eye keeps drying out. Quite annoying on both fronts.

Been hanging around Ruth Thompson's site lately. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed her paintings. Especially of her dragons. Emotie: :)

Learned how to do two new coding tricks! The first is that cool little mouseover of a link and a tooltip pops up. I knew how to do them with images, but not with links. The second is I found out how to get that 16x16 px shortcut/favorite icon to show up in the brower.


Other News:

Just Another Day is back to being a comic again. This time we're going back to when Shanku was a kid and exploring her history some.
It's been easy so far, biggest problem has been with bleaching/contrast. My trusty scanner can't be used because the only computer that'll process it is down. *cry* So I'm on another scanner. And it greys out stuff every chance it gets without picking up on the subtleties like the old scanner. Oh well. Here's to trying, eh?

And I'm abandoning the Yola website. For now. Their templates suck. Well, maybe not for people who haven't got the first damn idea of how to code a website, but for codemonkeys Yola is a technical nightmare. There is no way to make your own template, there is a huge limitation on what files you can upload, and you can't even make subdirectories. Blargh.
Hence, why Just Another Day as a site has been relocated to ComicDish. Someday, if I ever need to ever go to paid hosting, I'm using their host, DreamHost.

So the site has been fully revamped. It now has the correct layout it should have had from the start. The Gallery has a more functional design now along with new pictures in it, a characters page has been added to accommodate for the comic's need for one, the Links page also had an overhaul complete with mouseover texts on the links, and the About page has been narrowed to the story's origins. Some things are still a little messed up, like one link on the About page and the dropdown menu in the Archives, but it'll be okay. I don't think it's a huge problem, it doesn't really throw anything off. Just a mild unintentional overlay. ... Yeah, it's bugging the snot out of me. Emotie: XP
The Index/Home page has been taken down too. Kinda sad, but it was mostly useless. Especially since the comic pages allow miniature news posts below each one so there was really no need for a homepage.

Seeing as how this round in MAX will be the first time somebody draws one of my characters, the gallery isn't quite yet ready. I'll start a seperate page in the gallery to showcase what fellow MAXers do. Emotie: :) If by some long shot chance, like hell freezing over, I get fanart of the charas, you can bet another section will be added to the gallery too. { cute }

The next step in site designing may or may not be giving some of the pictures their own page when clicked upon. Right now I've got a pretty lazy system up with the stuff under "FanArt" and "Pencil". I 'unno. I like it how it is, but the codemonkey on my back is nagging in my ear. Stupid monkey.

Now if I can just finish the colored pictures for the characters the site'll be done. Emotie: XD

Someday, when I have time, I'm getting back to that JavaScript game. It uses some of the characters already present in the comic, so I won't feel bad about posting it.


Had a mild problem with the time the pages showed on ComicDish for a few days. Anybody wanna take a wild guess why?
If you guessed "Daylight Savings Time", you would be correct.
Because when I select the "synchronize with internet time" it always sets my clock an hour wrong and rarely where it needs to be. I keep it off and just set the time manually. Less fuss. Well, it was just after midnight on Monday before I could adjust for DST and didn't catch the dang day-of-the-week problem until this morning.
So, er, yeah. "Bad timing" pretty much sums that one up. Emotie: >_<

Anywho, I'm off to return to battling colors in my next MAX submission. Bye bye! Emotie: :)


October 22, 2009 Thursday

And so it begins...

Back to the drawing board, as they say.

I have two weeks to compile a cast, a new webpage on Just Another Day, and think of a storyline I wouldn't mind going public with. All so I can stay in MAX. Pleasing people is addictive. I like knowing I made somebody happy.

I have three ideas.
1st - Shanku's story from the start.
2nd - Bit and Sala's story.
3rd - Cheetah life cycle story.

I'd love to do the cheetah story, because it'd involve several animals all cycling through the circle of life. But I doubt it'd make a good webcomic because it wouldn't be "brutal" enough.

Shanku's story is just too premature right now.

And I have no idea where to start with Bit and Sala.

Arrrggghhhh.... Emotie: @_@

Oh well, I'll think of something...

Ya know, of all the people I've dealt with, only one has really taught me a lot about being nice, cheery, bright, and trying the hardest to be the best ya can be. And that was a bi-polar mother of two always down on her luck and suffering from several health problems from partying too hard all her life. But damn it all to hell and back again if she wasn't the nicest person I've ever met. If a bad situation came up, she didn't freak out, she'd levelly direct people the best she could through it and reassure them all was gonna be fine. And it was. Lotsa folks always forget everything'll be okay if you just put a little effort into it.

Ya couldn't help but love her either. She was always glad to see everybody and would treat ya like an old friend even if you'd only met her once.

Heehee, whenever the boss would do something stupid (like make up a rule where people couldn't enter the store if they were wearing black) we would fuss and laugh about it together for a while and still have a great night running the store, even if somebody came in wearing a black hoodie and broke the rules.

Oo, another favorite, we'd both clean as best we could. But, that was never enough, the boss would still complain every day even though she herself wouldn't clean on the nights she closed. (Slacker.) So in walks my friend and she's like "Alrighty then, let's see the boss complain after this!" And we vacuumed, scrubbed, dusted, and Windexed that damn store from top to bottom. But the boss didn't even notice the next day. Quite disappointing. But the store was clean! Emotie: XD

But then the boss got the brilliant idea to fire her because the boss believed she was driving away customers. The weekly income dropped severely after that. I don't think the boss ever realized it wasn't us minions who drove off people.


February 14, 2008 Thursday

Happy V-Day, y'all!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kindly ignore the scrawly handwriting and crappy lineart, this thing was done in about two hours. The rose and poem, however, took much longer than that to complete and was taken from the original version of this crazy idea.
May you get a laugh from this mess. Emotie: XD


Shanku: "Hi, Katari!"
Katari: "Hey, Shanku. 'Sup?"
Shanku: "Made ya sumfin'."
Katari: "You did?"
Shanku: "Sure did! Lemme get it."
Shanku rummages around.
Shanku: "Found it! It's a V-Day poem. Wanna hear it."
Katari: "Sure."

Every Petal is Like a Chapter in Your Life...

Some may be whole, some may be torn,
  Bright, dark, or a little worn.
No matter the condition or shape,
  It's all a part of you, love or hate.

Some who pass through the garden
  Won't mind any blemishes, others won't pardon.
Some flowers will grow close to you,
  others away
Some will spring up in you life later,
  and be there to stay.

Some are the Tiger Lily, fierce and proud.
  Some are the Daffodil, silly and loud.
Some are the little Violet, quiet and shy.
  Some are a Venus Fly Trap, snapping you up in a lie.

But you, you are a rose to me.
  Honest, bold, unique, even a mystery.
The thorns may scare the weak,
  but that merely protects something sweet.

Thorns can be painful, but waiting above,
  Is something I can't help but love.
Strong, complicated, dependable on the outer,
  Simple, tender, beautiful on the inner.

Yes, it's true,
  What I feel for you.
What I cannot deny.
  Oh no, for that would be a lie.

So without further ado,
  I know ask of you...
Will you be mine,
  Katari, my valentine??

Katari: "That was pretty sappy and kinda corny."
Shanku: "I'm a fighter, not a lover! That took hours!"

Does he accept? Does she beat him into a bloody pulp? Stay tuned and find out, I'm curious too!

Have a happy V-Day! Hope yours goes better than Shanku's did!

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