Short Stories

These are the short stories (and flash fiction and novellettes) as they were originally written. Some were properly added in to the JAD novels, some weren't, some are canon, some are just brainstorming.

How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet
Long ago, the Kurach were simple little forest animals. Then one day, one of them sought the help of the faefolk and changed his people forever.
How the Kurach Came to Wear Clothes
Long ago, the Kurach were simple little naked forest animals. Then one day, they got tired of thorns in their bums.
The Nyre
Common Love
While taking a stroll one day, Zanzen notices a young huntress stalking a buck.
Consulting the Naiad
Nari seeks Danæ the naiad to learn what has become of her daughter.
Dwarven Encounter
Shortly after Shanku became exiled, she was still prone to wandering around in places and meeting things she shouldn't.
Kikeru's Descent
A minocentaur goes from quiet sire to vengeful warlock.
Fretful Parents
Nari and Zanzen worrying over their lost cub.
Rhett takes it upon himself to dutifully watch over the hunters in the Nyre to prevent another incident like the Port's Plague.
Hilael and Third Child
Muso has taken it upon himself to protect his older brother.
Hilael's pleasant spring afternoon is interrupted by a mischievous Shanku.
Lura Plains
Soldiers on the Plains
Travelling to the forest can be dangerous for the Heyen clan since they must pass close by to the human city, Wynfall.
How Zihna Met Dai
After finding a strange beast injured by a rivercat, Zihna is approached by a creature she knows all too well.
Jakko's Debt Repaid
Shanku and Jakko are good friends, but they didn't start out that way! Read how Jakko got off on the wrong foot — er, paw — and gained Shanku's friendship.
Eru has heard the call of the wind and answered.
Family Business
Hinto is growing up and being trained in the family business.
Kadin's First Horse
Kadin is soon to come of age and seeks his companion.
Shanku struggles to focus during a sparring match.
Dining with Dwarves
Students in a dining hall tell of their mistakes.
Morgan's Dog
Captain Morgan used to have a dog and he used to not mind Kurach so much.
Whitten's Wife
Whitten was married??
Cabin Boys
Before captaining a ship and peering through telescopes, Morgan and Dawson were running up and down the decks and shrouds.
Hopeful Merchants
Zos and Junaid leave Arbos and seek to establish a trade route.
The Madman
A letter Shanku wrote to Dai and Zihna.
Pirate Raid
The Brelland Seacat targets a familiar vessel.
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