How the Kurach Came to Wear Clothes


Many winters ago, when the world was still very wild, when the Kurach lived only in the forest and were still new to standing on only two feet, they walked around wearing nothing but what nature gave them. This was fine in the spring, when the leaves were tender and the weather was mild, but this was not so fine when the hard thorns came in the summer and the cold winds came in the winter.

As Koru finished his hunt, he thought and pondered over how to prevent the painful scratches all over his arms and legs. He took his game home to his mate, wondering the whole walk home as he carefully stepped around briars and thorns about how to protect himself.

So sat down Koru the Kurach one fine, breezy day before his hunt. He wondered and pondered what to do about all the scratches he was about to receive on his hunt. A long blade of grass leaned over and tickled his nose. Koru had an idea and became very excited. He gathered many of the nearby long grasses and carefully wove them together into mats and ropes. He tied the mats to his stomach, arms, and legs, and was very happy. Koru went on his hunt and was quite satisfied that he was not as scratched up as before. And even better, his prey didn't seem to notice him as much!

But the grasses didn't last long before they had to be replaced, and grass protective things that didn't last so long surely couldn't be used during the winter when it was so cold.

So sat down Koru again one fine day after a hunt. He watched his mate Yiki tan the hide of the deer he had caught as his pups wrestled over the tough shreds she didn't need. Koru then had an idea! What if instead of painting pretty things on the skins, he could make a new skin for himself? He bounded over to Yiki and told her his idea. Yiki was not keen on giving up her canvas, but as she did not like to see her mate suffer, she consented to help him make a few coverings, this time of skin and not of grass.

Properly fitted with new coverings, Koru boldly strode out on his hunt. To his great pleasure, not only did these last longer, but they worked even better! Satisfied, he began to regularly wear the leather coverings on his hunts, and advised other hunting Kurach how to make them as well.

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