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Short Stories

Jakko's Debt Repaid

Shanku and Jakko are good friends, but they didn't start out that way! Read how Jakko got off on the wrong foot -- er, paw -- and gained Shanku's friendship.

PDF Size: 3.90 MB
Price: 50¢
Size: 5"x7.75"
Length: 8 pages
Price: $2.00
PDF: $0.99
How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet

Long ago, the Kurach were simple forest animals. Then one day, one of them sought the help of the faefolk and changed his people forever.

Written: 15/15
Drawn: 13/16
Colored: 2/16
Current Total Length: 36 pages
+ Covers


Download Chapter One
Chapter 01: Little Dreamer

A lone Kurach stumbles across a peaceful herd one day after losing her dinner to a frisky dog.

PDF Size: 15.24 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Two
Chapter 02: Dreamweaver

Dai returns to old friends to see what's to be done with his new companion.

PDF Size: 16.97 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Three
Chapter 03: Awakening

The children of the Heyen Clan are going to Shifting Class! Shanku must choose to either participate or go back to her clan's territory.

PDF Size: 17.01 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Four
Chapter 04: Nightmares

Shanku has returned to the Nyre to find that there is a threat in her homeland.

PDF Size: 19.33 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Five
Chapter 05: Sleeping with the Fishes

Guided by Wanderlust, Shanku stows away on a trade ship.

PDF Size: 21.55 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Six
Chapter 06: Sailing

Shanku gets to know the crew as they sail to the tropics.

PDF Size: 22.12 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Seven
Chapter 07: Ale

Doctor Newbury and Dawson take Shanku to market as the crew enjoy the market in their own way.

PDF Size: 22.22 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Eight
Chapter 08: Illness

The crew enjoyed their nightly fun a bit too much and now Shanku must cover their absence.

PDF Size: 21 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Nine
Chapter 09: Lightning

An electric meeting with a rabbit leads to new friends.

PDF Size: 24.59 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Ten
Chapter 10: Swimming

Kisona teaches Shanku how to swim.

PDF Size: 21.93 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Eleven
Chapter 11: Red Roger

The Meriweather encounters a pirate ship!

PDF Size: 24.64 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Twelve
Chapter 12: Revenge

A pirate must answer for his crime.

PDF Size: 22.86 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Thirteen
Chapter 13: Remembrance

Turai and Shanku reminisce on the past.

PDF Size: 22.4 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Fourteen
Chapter 14: Remorse

A pirate boy learns to be careful what he asks for.

PDF Size: 25.59 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Fifteen
Chapter 15: Run Away

The cat and Kurach seek a new home.

PDF Size: 27.86 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Sixteen
Chapter 16: Freedom Lost

Hungry and alone, Shanku finds other Kurach.

PDF Size: 25.13 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Seventeen
Chapter 17: Eager Student

Sigrid takes Shanku under her wing and teaches her self control.

PDF Size: 25.6 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Eighteen
Chapter 18: Roaring Cave

A terrible noise reveals its source to be not so frightening.

PDF Size: 21.4 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Nineteen
Chapter 19: Arloda Shimmerstone

A gruff dwarf takes Shanku as her apprentice in her forge.

PDF Size: 23.97 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Twenty
Chapter 20: Lost Child

The giants' ambassador has come to visit the Highland and his son becomes missing!

PDF Size: 26.3 MB
Price: 75¢
Download Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter 21: Travelling North

Far to the north lives an elusive kind of Kurach. Can Shanku find them?

PDF Size: 32.6 MB
Price: 75¢

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