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Short Stories

Download Short Story Jakko's Debt Repaid Teaser
Jakko's Debt Repaid

Shanku and Jakko are good friends, but they didn't start out that way! Read how Jakko got off on the wrong foot -- er, paw -- and gained Shanku's friendship.

Size: 5"x7.75"
Length: 8 pages
Price: $2.00
PDF: $0.99
Price: 75¢
PDF Size: 3.90 MB
ePub Size: 1.57 MB
Download Short Story Jakko's Debt Repaid Teaser
Free Version
How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet

Long ago, the Kurach were simple forest animals. Then one day, one of them sought the help of the faefolk and changed his people forever.

Written: 15/15
Drawn: 13/16
Colored: 2/16 Current Total Length: 36 pages + Covers


Individual chapters are no longer available. Arcs coming soon!

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