Many of the intelligent species have over-lapping territories and scatter their settlements throughout the land they claim as theirs. Usually there is not much competition between them, some even cohabitate, but conflict can occur over resources or just plain territorialness.

Incomplete List of Intelligent Creatures

Incomplete List of Monsters

Sentient / Sentience: the readiness to perceive sensations; elementary or undifferential consciousness; state of elementary or undifferential consciousness; the faculty through which the external world is apprehended. Commonly used as "able to feel emotions", but usually just "able to feel things through physical senses" and extended to "able to physically feel and react to it" with the caveat of needing a central nervous system to do so. Plants are not considered sentient by science because they react to stimuli rather than a conscious, intentional action.

Sapient / Sapience: acutely insightful and wise; ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight. People often use "sentient" in place of "sapient" when referring to creatures that have relatively advanced reasoning skills and the ability to verbally communicate. "Sapient", no surprise, is derived from homo sapiens, the technical name for the current species of humans inhabiting Earth.

JAD is a fantasy setting where many sapient creatures exist with comparable skillsets and political power, a few of which evolved before humans. From that perspective, it would make little sense to have a human-derived term be the primary word for describing higher thinking. So, I use "intelligent" for lack of a better -ient word, and ignore the inner arguments about the definition of "intelligence" as the general understanding of animals like dolphins, elephants, apes, corvids, and other creatures advances.

Monster races are generally the creepy things that go bump in the night, usually paranormal parasites, but lack an organized society or proper survival desires, and may not be capable of sapient abilities other than speech.

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