Firefox, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
02/28 years old
Height & Build
5' 8"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Fur: White, Red, and Black
Claws / Talons: Black
Class / Career
Fire Mage, Wind Mage, Earth Mage
Teeth, Claws
Magical: Dagger, Sword, Bow & Arrow, Spear, Blow Dart
Adopted Father: Syrinak
Character Artwork
Guest Artwork
none yet
Comic Appearances
none yet
Novel Appearances

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Short Story Appearances

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Ashe's Notes

Ashenflame is the only one originally from this world one of the few originally from this world and comes from an old forum RPG I was a part of. She was my main character. When Shanku needed an official home, I didn't feel like making a whole new world and chunked her and friends in with Ashenflame. There is a meta-rivaly between the two.