Arloda Shimmerstone

Arloda Shimmerstone
Dwarf, Mountain
Birthday and Age
26 years old
Height & Build
3' 8"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Arloda is a proud dwarven smith who works with silver and iron. Like most dwarves, she is a hard worker. Arloda sometimes allows criminals to work with her to repay their debt, but as she is much harsher than the local Kurach, most don't last long under her demands. There are much easier ways to be socially forgiven than to labor in the heat of a fire and to be barked at by a some hairy thing half the size of a Highland Kurach. She usually rewards those willing to stick it out to the end of their sentence with her. When the day is done, Arloda enjoys ales and meads brewed by her people.

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Ashe's Notes

She's a fairly typical fantasy dwarf. I'm not sure if she came from a D&D session or when I was playing WoW.

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