Captain John Morgan

Captain John Morgan
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
48 years old
Died on 05/12
Height & Build
6' 2"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Sandy Blond
Eyes: Light Brown
Class / Career
Ship Captain
Meriweather Crew

Owner and captain of the Meriweather. John Morgan served on the Meriweather as a lad and bought the ship from the previous owner when he fell into bad health. Captain Morgan takes his role seriously and leads the crew under a firm hand. He is a wise businessman and has brought much profit to the Meriweather and her sponsors to the point he is oft able to let them winter on land instead continuing to work on the sea. Several pirates have been taken captive by him and his crew, and the Meriweather has earned a reputation as a threat to pirates should any try to take her. Captain Morgan has not trusted Kurach since he lost some of his crew to a pair of seductive Islanders, who later ate the two crewman along with his faithful dog, Russell.

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Ashe's Notes

Yes, yes, named after rum. A delicious rum. Moving on.

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