Kurach, Arctic, Iceling, Imnek
Birthday and Age
25 years old
Height & Build
4' 8"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Fur: White
Wings: White and Black
Markings, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Black triangles and chevrons on his feathers.
  • Two stripes on either cheek to represent his ability to assume Feral and True form.
  • Two stripes on his chin to represent his maturity as an adult.
  • A chevron on either jaw to represent his accomplishment as a flyer.
  • A diamond on the bridge of his nose to show that he's married.
Class / Career
Scout, Hunter
Teeth, Claws

A young Kurach of the Imnek clan betrothed to Huata. His primary responsibilities in the clan are to scout for danger and good hunting game.

Mate: Huata
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Ashe's Notes

He was supposed to be the main person Shanku hung around up in the north. Then I remembered how I seem to keep her in company of males pretty often, so I switched her over to his fiancé.