Dai Birchfield

Dai Birchfield
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
34 years old
Height & Build
6' 2"
Lightly Muscled
Physical Coloration
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Brown
Class / Career
Name Pronunciation
dī bĭrch-fēld

Herder from Wynfall city, husband of Zihna and father of Hinto and Bena. Dai is humble and mild-mannered. His grandfather was the first to breed the Urych and the herd has been passed down through the family. The first winter after his father passed away, he met Zihna while tending to a Urych injured by a rivercat. She helped him nurse it back to health and they grew fond of each other. After proving he was not one of the calloused soldiers of Wynfall who hunted Kurach for sport, he was allowed to marry Zihna. He changed the herd's migratory pattern to follow behind the Heyen so he could stay near his wife and often lets the clan have a Urych for fresh milk.

Wife: Zihna Birchfield
Children: Hinto Birchfield, Bena Birchfield
Mother: Iris Birchfield
Step-Father: Master Woodstock
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Ashe's Notes

Dai originally came from a browser-game and was Ryoichi's companion. He was the main character. I don't remember why I started drawing him and Ryoichi together with Shanku, but she was an adult in those first few pictures.

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