Pale Yiki

Pale Yiki
Kurach, True
Height & Build
3' 1"
Lightly Muscled
Physical Coloration
Hair: Cream
Eyes: Green
Fur: Cream
Wings: Black
Class / Career
Beta, Alpha
Teeth, Claws

Yiki is the eldest of Nane and Syri's cubs that live with the pack. She had a soft spot for Koru and was the one who suggested he ask the faefolk for help with Piktik. She later eloped with him to start their own pack.

Mate: Dark Koru
Parents: Alpha Nane, Alpha Syri
Siblings: Red Tog, Tan Lok, Twin Molly, Twin Tolly, The Four Cubs
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Ashe's Notes

'Tis always us womenfolk who lead men astray, no?

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