Dark Koru

Dark Koru
Kurach, True
Height & Build
3' 4
Lightly Muscled
Physical Coloration
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Fur: Black and White
Claws / Talons: Black
Class / Career
Beta, Alpha
Teeth, Claws

Like Old Grey, Koru is not related to the others in his pack. He was a rogue wandering hungry through the forest when he happened across Nane. Nane took pity on him and allowed Koru to stay on his territory, eventually letting Koru join his pack as well.

Koru was harassed and agitated constantly by a goblin named Piktik. In a bid to find a way to get the goblin to leave him alone, he sought out the faefolk.

Mate: Pale Yiki
Character Artwork
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Guest Artwork
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Ashe's Notes

The father of the modern Kurach.

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