, Tiger, Bhadarukian
Birthday and Age
years old
Height & Build
5' 5"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Blue Black
Eyes: Green
Fur: Green, Yellow, and Black
Claws / Talons: Black
Class / Career
Ice Mage, Assassin, Mercenary
Teeth, Claws, Dagger, Magic
Personality Type
Lawful Neutral , INTJ

Scirei was raised by the assassin who killed her parents. Cruel, calloused, and cold-hearted, her underlying sense of affection is subdued and buried, briefly glimpsed through her eyes on those she pities or cares for. Smiling is as rare for her as making friends, and she has no known lovers.

She feels nothing but disdain and contempt for the vast majority of authority figures she encounters, believing most to be bumbling fools making a mess that she has to clean up.

Adopted Father: Drake
Character Artwork
Guest Artwork
Comic Appearances
none yet
Novel Appearances
Short Story Appearances
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Ashe's Notes

She is also the nagging voice in my head always telling me to go to work. And she's not nice about it either.

After having had her for eleven years, I finally typed her. INTJ. Hrm. That certainly explains a lot. They are voted as best supervillain every year in a row!

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