Jackal, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
years old
Physical Coloration
Fur: White, Yellow, Black
Class / Career
High Mage, Shadow Mage, Assassin
Personality Type
Lawful Evil , ENTJ

Drake was once in training to become a High Mage, but was banished from the mage academy when caught practicing the Dark Arts. He has since become a cruel and sadistic assassin to fund his studies. Drake is also the head of a guild of assassins who are sympathetic to his cause and also help him find people to use in his experiments.

One of his victims had a young daughter that Drake felt would have great potential. He took her in and raised her in his image.

Adopted Daughter: Scirei
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Guest Artwork
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Ashe's Notes

He and his creations are the only real villains I have listed at the moment.