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January 26, 2012, Thursday


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Zos and Junaid were able to establish their trade route and Junaid's sister recovered. The village now gets good medicine. Emotie: :)

Don't worry, the captain wouldn't dare let the cargo ride loose on a shelf like that in the second panel. I just felt like doing a bit of a still life scene. Although still life is a bit difficult to do well when you don't have the patience of a painter.

I'd realized at the start of this chapter that I had no clue what all the Meriweather traded in. So why not a little bit of everything? So the Meriweather carries foods, spices, alcohol, teas, coffees, dyes, cloths, perfumes, gems, and metals. (Lumber and livestock are traded either over ground or on ships specifically designed for them. Picky, yes, but I really don't want to draw livestock poop.)

Theoretically, the Meriweather also deals in medicine. Mostly herbal teas, a few herbs, anesthetic, and poultices.

Sorting out who deals what was kinda easy, kinda not. Most of the work went into L'aernth and Bhadarukia, oddly enough. Ya think I'd have spent more time on Mruha, since that's where the last five chapters have been.

Now we venture into the L'aernth section of how things have been the past few years. Whitten wasn't always a Grumpy Gus that liked to brood alone into some ale. More on that in a future short-story.

Templeton comes from a farm! All those crops developed his love of cooking, so off a voyagin' he went to cook.

Hunting is allowed in the Nyre quite openly. Gotta eat and do population control, after all. Sport hunting is what's frowned upon. Why kill unnecessarily?

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