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June 28, 2012, Thursday

Price of War

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The Plains and Islander Kurach sought out ways to coexist. For the Plains, it meant avoiding conflict. For the Islanders, it meant threatening to burn you to a crisp if you didn't mind your manners. The Sylvans? Indulge in some rage, become scared of it, cover it up by banishing anything that reminds them of it, and reclusing from society. Not very healthy. Probably could use some therapy.

Turai is pretty discouraged. I think there's a way out of everything, it's just the difficulty of the matter and the determination involved.

Sorry this page is a couple of days late. Still have to fill out a lot of freakin' paperwork to prove the baby isn't a figment of my imagination and learning the hard way not to eat a lot of garlic when you have a nursing baby. Colic, fun stuff.

Also excited about possibly moving into a house and out of the apartment! My husband warns me that it's not isolated and we'll still have very close neighbors. Fine by me, so long as I can't hear my neighbors go to the bathroom like I do now. Awkwaaaard...

I've worked with two drug addicts before. One who liked to bake and sell, the other liked to buy. Both were good people and good workers, but both were still in shaky attempts to break out of the cycle when I last saw them. Financial stress threatened to get the better of both of them and usually made them start wandering back towards trouble. I still hold out hopes that they were able to find a better way to manage their stress, or whatever else they needed to be able to fully turn their lives around like they wanted.

Also knew an ex-gangster from Los Angelos. The lifestyle got to him at one point, he decided to abandon it, and it nearly he was nearly killed trying to get out of that mess. But he survived, and last I checked he was employed, engaged, and still chasing dreams of working in the music industry. I hope things continue to go well for him.

(I'm not a hopeless dreamer, I do know there are some that can never be helped. But I like to think about those who deserve a second chance.)

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