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March 19, 2015, Thursday

Hunting the Hunter

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KATARI!! *squeak* Haven't seen him since the prologue! Er, granted, I released the prologue just recently back in October so it hasn't really been that long. But he's finally getting some proper screen time! "Screen time" is applicable here, right? He's on your computer screen... Oh, whatever, he's here! Emotie: XD

Is he scared? Is he worried? Is he just surprised? Hrm, hrm...

Technically, what she does is snap their necks. If not, they're dazed enough she can end it with her knife fairly quickly. I'm not sure what the success rate is of dropping 130lbs on a deer's neck from about 20' in the air. Or how Shanku hasn't broken an ankle yet. Sigrid and Hilael are right about it being a bit dangerous. Especially if she miscalculates targeting a buck. Oo, that'd be nasty...

I'm still giddy, I haven't had some of the old cast around since Dai or Ryoichi. It's nice to have a familiar face around. Er, other than Shanku.

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