Dragon, Glasscraft
Birthday and Age
251 years old
Height & Build
12' to shoulder
50' nose to tail
Physical Coloration
Eyes: Grey
Scales: ale Blue, Aquamarine, and Blue
Horn / Antlers: Brown
Wings: Pale Blue and Blue, Pink Membranes

Doane is a laid-back and playful dragon who creates glass items from faux gems to goblets and figurines. He often volunteers to let criminals work off their debt by helping him create the mixture for his glass creations. This provides him with endless amusement and sometimes he deliberately makes them remix his concoctions just to listen to them curse. Like most of his kind, he purposely sings off-key when he knows non-dragons are listening. He in fact possesses a lovely tenor voice and is one of many beloved singers at the glasscraft gatherings. Whether or not he possesses the ability to change forms like some dragons is unknown, for that would spoil too much of his fun if he revealed the answer.

Character Artwork
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Ashe's Notes

A quirky dragon with an Irish accent. And those are bloody difficult to portray in text! It's a bit more than pronunciation, there's choices of words I'm not familiar with.

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