Doctor Newbury

Doctor Newbury
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
65 years old
Died on 05/12
Height & Build
5' 9"
Physical Coloration
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Class / Career
Medical Physician, Scholar
Meriweather Crew
Name Pronunciation

Born to an upperclass family and sent to medical school at a young age, his passion lays not with medicine, but with learning and exploring. Doctor Newbury worked hard to be accepted onto the Meriweather so he could pursue his dreams. He has never married, being too caught up in his studies to have an interest in taking a wife, and has instead devoted his time to documenting his discoveries. Doctor Newbury does dote on his brother's family when the ship is docked at his home port and he enjoys helping those who need it. Doctor Newbury has a few published books on various animals and cultures he has interacted with. He hopes that even if he is unable to teach people about new things, he can at least convince them that politeness and manners are the best way to encounter something new.

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Ashe's Notes

Another of my very favorites. I tried to give him a childlike fascination with the world, but I'm sure it probably comes across as rude and condescending since I'm not good at portraying stuff like that. Especially my own curiosity. Sooo many awkward conversations...

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