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November 3, 2011, Thursday

Ah-ha! The culprit! Wait...

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Return of Doctor Newbury! It's been a long time since we've seen him. Page 80 way back in chapter eight? Too bad I don't draw him more, he's my favorite character from this whole Tradeship Seafaring arc. He's also the only one I don't feel guilty about when drawing the comic purely in pencil. The only color you're missing out on is his skin! Heheh.

While Shanku's position would normally be a rather threatening position, she's still a cub and mostly in for dramatic effect. Quite possibly she was modeled after the "How Dar U" snowy owl. Possibly. Emotie: ;)

Kids sit in strange positions. Especially limber ones.

The original dialogue in that seventh panel was "Dawson and I are going out tonight." While adding speech to the page I realized "ashore" sounded so much better and a lot less creepy. Making the disjointed Speech Bubble Snowman was fun too.

A belated Happy Halloween and Samhain! And a sombre All Saints Day to those of you who celebrate it. Hope you all were safe last night. (And a Happy Beltane to those south of the Big Border!)

My night was spent dressed up as a kitty and visiting family. Normally I go Trick-or-Treating with a friend, but she has either finals or midterms this year. I'm not much for the candy since my body doesn't react properly to it. Emotie: XD

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