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February 13, 2014, Thursday

New Friend

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Ever felt like you're being watched? Some reptiles have such agile bodies. I like this lizard's monkey tail. Lizard-dragon. Fairy-lizard-dragon. Fairy-lizard-dragon-lightningbug. It breathes tiny fireballs, it glows at night, and it can climb up virtually anything. Does it talk? Undecided.

I should have sent Shanku to the tundra a few winters ago. I put her in a colder climate and I finally get some snow! Alabama is not known for her snowfall. She is known for her residents contracting Chicken Little Syndrome when the sky begins to fall, running around in little panicked circles, and then buying every gallon of milk and loaf of bread in stores. Why people do that I do not know. If they would stock up on all the canned goods (ya know, the stuff that'll keep for longer than a week or two), I could understand it. But two of the more perishable items from the store? Makes no sense.

At the moment, there is 5 inches piled up on my porch and it's still softly drifting down. Looks like I may have some time off for a little while! This was my first year driving on ice. The winter before I married I got to drive in similar snowfall for the first time, but not ice. I may do some drawing, catch up on some artwork. Wanna know what I intend to do primarily? Break the kid in to snowball fights! We're gonna gang up on Daddy! And then call a truce to build snowmen. Maybe even an igloo if we can. It's the wet stuff this time and not that blasted razor powder. Emotie: :D

Naturally, there is a concern of power outage due to all the weight on the lines, and our lights do flicker from time to time. If you hear from me Tuesday, you can rest assured all is well down here. If not, well, I'll make contact when I have power and internet again. Probably next Thursday at the latest if it does get rough. I doubt this will turn out like the blizzard of March 1993, but even if it does, all will easily be back to normal within a month. Emotie: =P

If you never hear from me again... There are greater worries than if the comic will continue!

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