Kurach, Prairie, Red Wing, Heyen
Birthday and Age
37 years old
Height & Build
5' 8"
Slender and Athletic
Physical Coloration
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Reddish Grey and Grey
Claws / Talons: Black
Wings: White, Brown, Dark Brown, and Black
Teeth, Claws, Bow & Arrow
Name Pronunciation
Personality Type

Older brother of Zihna and Eru, and father to Kadin. His wife and parents were shot by soldiers one year when they passed too close to Wynfall on their annual migration. Anoki has harbored a bitterness against humans since then and only makes an exception for his wife's husband, Dai. He is the proud father of Kadin and is fiercely protective of his family. Although encouraged many times to take a new wife, Anoki has never been able to bring himself to it. He still plucks the largest of the three feathers on his shoulders to represent the greatest part of his life has been taken from him.

While it is normal for most of his clan to shapeshift to a human form, he has always struggled with it and now refuses to after the loss of his wife.

Cub: Kadin
Siblings: Zihna, Eru
Nephew and Niece: Hinto, Bena
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Ashe's Notes

In my mind, he's depressed. On paper, he's quite plucky. Weird how that works out. "Anoki" is a Native American boy's name meaning "actor". Maybe that's why he's not the same in my head as on paper.

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