Iris Birchfield

Iris Birchfield
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
63 years old
Height & Build
5' 5"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Greying Brown
Eyes: Brown
Name Pronunciation
ī-rĭs bĭrch-fēld

A resident of Wynfall, the widow of a cattle herder, and mother to Dai. While prejudiced against Kurach as those of Wynfall are, she accepts the fact Dai chose one as his wife but still prefers Zihna remain human when she's present. Mrs. Birchfield was very relieved her grandson looked normal when he was born, and is less than thrilled her granddaughter appears Kurach in every way. Still, she only gets to see her family in the winter when Dai comes in to oversee the other herders and freshen the bloodlines of the herd, and she lavishes her family with attention while they visit.

She remarried a few years after her husband's death to Master Woodstock, whom she keeps secret from that her son married into Kurach.

Husband: Master Woodstock
Son: Dai
Grandchildren: Hinto, Bena
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Ashe's Notes

She likes to dress fancy, that's for sure.

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