Hinto Birchfield

Hinto Birchfield
Human / Kurach, Arnthian / Prairie, Red Wing, Heyen
Birthday and Age
12 years old
Height & Build
4' 7"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Class / Career
Name Pronunciation
hĕn'-tō bĭrch-fēld

Hinto began helping his father with the Urych herd when he was old enough. He appears fully human instead of Kurach because his mother remained human before he was born. So far the only manifestation of his Kurach blood comes in the shape of his sense of smell being sharper than what is normal for a human.

Parents: Dai, Zihna
Sibling: Bena
Grandmother: Iris Birchfield
Uncles: Anoki, Eru
Cousin: Kadin
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Ashe's Notes

The baby of the bunch! Although I guess some of the future additions to the cast took that title.

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