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July 15, 2010, Thursday

Wynfall & Insecurities

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Wynfall may look like it's quite a ways off in the distance, but there are several people who stray this far out of the city walls.

Cobblestones are one of my weaknesses. But it was fun making this little glimpse into the city and designing the people. I suppose that on Earth's timeline Just Another Day is officially set in 1500 AD.

Mrs. Birchfield still lives in the agricultural section of the city limits so long as her son keeps up her husband's breeding business. The Birchfields come from a long line of cattle breeders. The Urych experiment is still rather new.

Had fun with the random busts in the background. They are some of the Birchfield ancestors. The painting is one of the matriachs on the maternal side of the family. Another background thing I've been trying to focus on is the shadows cast on the ground by the clouds. So in case you've been wondering about the mottled grass, now ya know.

Mrs. Birchfield isn't breaking any "child abuse" laws or anything here. Just teaching the kids some responsibility. Back in the days doing that was legal. Argh, modern people... Emotie: -_-;

Shanku's having fits with the dresses. She trips in them often from the hems dragging the ground and they are just generally in the way (like all dresses). Both cubs are having problems with clothes that have closed backs. Their instincts are loudly telling them something is wrong and they know should worse come to worse they can't fly away so long as they material has them "tethered". The lack of claws and reduced hearing is bothering them as well. While the Kurach's senses carry over to their human bodies, their hearing does not because the ear is reshaped. Zihna is spending a lot of time with them and coaching them through these new insecurities they wouldn't normally have.

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