Zihna Birchfield

Zihna Birchfield
Kurach, Prairie, Red Wing, Heyen
Birthday and Age
32 years old
Height & Build
5' 4"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Golden
Fur: Brown and Light Brown
Wings: Cream, Tan, Brown, and Black
Name Pronunciation
zĭh-nă bĭrch-fēld

Sister to Anoki and Eru, and mother of Hinto and Bena. One year during her clan's migration from the plains to the forest for the winter, she came across Dai and helped him nurse one of his Urych back to health. There was resistance in the clan when she began to court him due to the problems his home city of Wynfall often gave the clan. When Dai was able to prove himself to them, he and Zihna were allowed to marry with blessings.

Most of her time spent with Dai she spends as a woman instead of a Kurach. She still wears open-backed dresses should she need her wings in an emergency, but only wears those tailored for tails if she expects to be in her Kurach form for long periods of time.

Mate: Dai
Cubs: Hinto, Bena
Brothers: Anoki, Eru
Nephew: Kadin
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Ashe's Notes

If ever I made a lady, she would be it. "Zihna" is a Hopi woman's name meaning "spins, to spin".

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