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Plots and Plans

Thorn Rose Castle
My very first website launched on GeoCities on April 25, 2005. This sparked a need to learn HTML, which was explored offline with Thorn Rose Castle on February 25, 2006, where a certain doodle became an animated GIF with several GIF friends. The character bios were stored in the Garden and stories were in the Library. The pink elephant in the corner was named Tutu.
Long ago, before the cataclysmic mage wars, L'aernth was teeming with magical energy and magical beings. Some were rather mundane, some wielded terrible powers. This is the story of the firefox Ashenflame and the friends she has met on the way of her quests.
Original JAD Webcomic
The first webcomic was launched on GeoCities on August 05, 2007, and was a cliché mess of tropes, monsters, and anime loosely continuing from Thorn Rose Castle, and had a touch of lingering chuunibyo from the RPG days of UnderRealm.
All the illustrations after JAD had to switch from a graphic novel to an illustrated novel.
Bonus Comics
Not everything makes it into the comics and sometimes non-JAD things are drawn. There are even some hand-lettered strips in there! May or may not be canon.
Bonus Stories
Canon short stories.
Extra character art and short stories set to the Inktober prompts.

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